Monday, July 30, 2012

Friend Makin' Mondays - Goals

So, Saturday I went and saw Magic Mike . . . ummmm, it wasn't that great.  Remember my post Saturday saying how excited I was to see Joe Manganiello, he was barely in the movie.  I don't even remember him saying anything, just some "interesting" pictures of his man-parts (that were probably fake).  He's a good actor, he's got a co-starring role on True Blood, so I know he's a good actor.  Plus, Matthew McConnaughy just looked old and kinda sad, so that was a bummer.  I was super disappointed in how the movie ended.  I won't tell you how it ended, but if your thinking of going to see it, maybe you should wait till it comes out on HBO.  That's all I'm saying.  =)

Also, I ended up going for a run Saturday morning.  I was really excited, my leg hadn't been hurting for a couple days even during my 2 mile walks (one way) to and from work.  I figured it was all good, right?  Well, I got about a mile and a quarter and my leg started bothering me a little.  I thought it was okay and was only going to do a little over 2 miles.  I finished up the last mile and then the rest of the day paid for it.  My leg hurts again, pretty similar to how it hurt a few days after hurting it originally.  I really don't want to wait another week (or longer) to run again, but I probably should.  On a good note, after my run on Saturday I weighed in at 161.2.  =)  It didn't stick around, but it's a nice feeling.

For now, I'm just going to continue to walk to work and we'll see how it feels this weekend.  I am going to my parent's house this coming weekend, so I probably will not run while there anyway.  Hopefully by next week it will be good enough to run short (2 miles) distances. 

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Goals and More

1. Brag about some of your daily, healthy habits.  I drink a lot of water, and I drink a spinach green drink 5 days a week, I was running 5 days a week, but now am trying to do some sort of lower impact exercise until my leg gets better.
2. Do you track your daily food intake? If so, how? No, I probably should, but I don't.
3. What do you want to change most about your daily routine? I want to go running again, but I can't.  Other than that, I should change my eating.
4. How often do you exercise?  At least 5 days a week . . . well, I was before I hurt my leg, I am still trying to be as active as I can though, and I'm trying to do something every day.
5. How do you stay on track when you’re on the go? I don’t always do a good job of that.  I tend to forget to drink water when I'm not at work.  I do try to stay away from all fast food (sometimes Subway).
6. What’s one excuse you use that prevents you from reaching your goals?  I tell myself that since I exercised today I can go ahead and have that chocolate or that extra glass of wine.
7. What scares your most about your journey?  I'm not sure.  I'm thinking hurting myself is the scariest thing.  However I did hurt myself recently and it's not the end of the world. Another thing I'm scared about is black toenails.  =)  I really don't want them. 
8. What do you think will change most when you reach your goal? (If you have reached it, what’s different?)  I don't know.  I think I am going to continue what I am doing right now.  Just because I lost weight doesn't mean I should suddenly start eating junk and stop exercising. 
9. What motivates you to reach your goals?  Honestly? wearing smaller clothes.  Liking what I see in the mirror. 
10. Share a few of your goals. Allow my leg to heal so I can run again.  Get under 160 lbs.  Eat better, healthier.
Now it’s your turn to fill out this week’s questions.  Don’t forget to go to All the Weigh and post your link in the comments. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is it warm in here?

Melinda at Does This Scale Make Me Look Fat is hosting Stop by and Say Hi! (it was Stop by Saturdays, but she changed it).  She posts the question on Saturday (where the first name came from) and then you answer the question on your blog and add it to her blog hop.  The blog hop is kinda intimidating at first.  At least I was intimidated at first, but last week I just jumped in and did it, and it wasn't hard at all.  If you would like to join, you can join from my blog, or you can go visit Melinda and join from her blog.  =)  So this week's question is . . .

What is your favorite event to watch during the summer Olympics?

I like gymnastics.  I miss them in the winter Olympics and get mad if I miss them when they actually air.  Damian has been doing gymnastics for 4 years and loves it, but I loved watching gymnastics even before Damian started doing it. 

I was trying to remember what other sports were on the Summer Olympics, so I went to Wikipedia and found a list of past and present games played.  The one I liked the most? Tug of War, only played from 1900-1920.  haha!
1904 Olympics tug of war

Today I'm going to lunch with an old coworker and I'm hoping to go see Magic Mike late this afternoon.  I'm going by myself because Chris refuses and I don't have many girlfriends in the area to go with me.  I am okay going alone though.  =) 

Afterall, I'll have Alex, Channing, Joe, and Matthew to keep me company.  =)  I don't know who Alex Pettyfer is, but he's hot.
He looks like a baby.
 I have had a long time movie star crush on Matthew McConaughy for a long time.

Seriously who could not have a crush on him?
 And I think Channing Tatum is pretty hot too, however, he just looks a bit young to me. 

I really need to see the movie The Vow!
 But uuuummmmmmm . . . have you ever watched True Blood?  Have you seen Alcide on there??  Joe Manganiello has to be the HOTTEST guy in the world.  He is my new super crush.  He is going to go far!  Somehow his billing on Magic Mike is under Alex Pettyfer (who is that again?).  I did not realize this but Joe Manganiello is in the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting,"  I wanted to see it before, but now I may just go buy it.  =)
Uuuuhhhhhh, look at those abs!  He is HOT!
(Did the temperature in the room just go up? Suddenly I'm very warm . . .) =)

I almost forgot, I'm going to go for a run today.  In fact, I think I'm going to leave as soon as I post this.  I'll let you know how it goes and how my leg holds up.  I think it'll be fine.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Comfortable weight

Remember here when I said that 170 was my body's comfortable weight.  I couldn't get past that damn number.  That was April 5th, then here I weighed 168.8.  I haven't seen 170 on the scale since April 13th.  Well, I think I have reached a new comfortable body weight.  I haven't seen much of a loss for a while.  On May 11th I reached 165.6, and then fluctuated for a few weeks before seeing 163 on June 8th.  And now I'm going up and down between 165 and 163.  I (amazingly) saw 161 on June 1st, but I think that was a fluke.  I realize it's my bad choices that is making me go up and down so much.  A 2.6 lb gain on June 22nd, taking me back up to 164 and then my disastrous gain last week of 3.6 going all the way back to 165.6 (last time I weighed that much was May 11th).  Anyway, all these numbers and dates are just for me to say I suck at this weight loss thing I need to get back on track and be super good about eating and exercise.  My body may have found another "comfortable" zone, somewhere between 163 and 164, but I won't let it stop there.  I want my comfortable zone to be in the 140's or (dare I say it?) even lower. 

Today I weighed in at a nice 163.4.  I am very happy to see such a drop from last week.  I wish it was lower, I wish I could say I am finally out of the 160's.  On April 23rd I talked about seeing 162 for the first time and was so excited and commented that i couldn't wait to see 15- . . .  I still haven't seen that number.  There is nothing I can do to change what has happened, all I can do is change what will happen.  I can work harder at eating better and get the scale to drop more.

I just had a thought, I wonder if the scale stopped dropping about the time I cut way back on breast feeding Maddox.  I am still nursing him a little, but only in the morning when he wakes up and in the evening before bed.  I actually am supposed to be stopping altogether, I'm going on a weekend trip with my sister the beginning of September and I won't have Maddox at all. 

I walked again to work today.  Yesterday after walking in the morning I was so energized and felt so great.  It was a great walk to work and felt like it took no time at all.  The afternoon walk home wasn't so great, mostly because it was hot, but I still decided to walk this morning.  I chose different music to listen to this morning, thought I'd listen to Christian music on Pandora, and it was definitely a slower walk today.  Also, the sun was not shining, it was foggy and started to mist while I was walking.  Normally the mist doesn't bother me too much, but today I decided to straighten my hair, when I got to work my hair was a fuzz ball.  It was sad, luckily I had a ponytail holder with me so I just threw it back.  I'm wasn't looking forward to the walk home, but I listened to some upbeat music and it wasn't bad.  Not as hot as yesterday and felt quicker than this morning.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I still have not be able to go running.  Yesterday we went to a lake north of us, Lake Padden.  It has a 2 1/2 mile trail around the lake that we walked.  My leg was a bit sore this morning, but not too bad.  I woke up this morning wishing I could go for a run.  Instead I decided to walk to work.  It's not that far, takes me about 5 min from my house.  I decided to go about 5 min before I normally leave for work.  I always leave a half hour before work starts because I like to be there early to get settled for the day. 

I left at my normal time and walked at a fairly fast walk, all downhill.  I got to work and felt fabulous.  I wasn't tired, I was energized and the day went really fast.  Chris had told me in the morning that if I wanted him to, he would come pick me up at the end of the day.  I was feeling good, so decided to go ahead and walk home . . . yeah, remember a few sentences where I said it was all downhill . . . well, going home was all uphill.  It was very warm and I was definitely sweating by the time I got home.  But again, I felt like I had accomplished something.  I really wanted to go for a run this evening.  I think I'll walk again tomorrow.  =)

After dinner tonight I decided to do some cardio type things while watching tv.  I did some running in place, and jumping jacks.  It was interesting that I was able to do that but I can't run outside.  I think I'm going to try to run around the block tomorrow and see how my leg holds up.  That will have been a week since I hurt it.

Yesterday while reading some blogs I found these quotes and I really liked them so I thought I would share them with you.

When someone asks you how it's going, you reply "Forward!"
Because that's the truth.
Mary's blog
“Everything after ‘but’ is bullshit.”
Kenlie's blog

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stop by Saturday - even though it's Tuesday

I am dying to go running.  I was able to wear ridiculously high heels to work yesterday, in fact, they didn't hurt my calf at all to walk in, but as soon as I took them off and was walking flat footed my calf hurt.  And today I am wearing flats and my calf twinges (hurt is too strong of a word) more than it did yesterday.  The only way I can think that it is like that is because when I'm wearing heels my calf doesn't really move much, it's already flexed.  But when I wear flats my calf has to work to walk.  It definitely makes me want to just head out for a run because it feels so good.  However, Sunday taught me a lesson, I need to let my calf heal.

Instead I did the stepper again for 45 min yesterday.  I just don't feel like I get that much of a workout when I use that thing.  I don't know why, I am still sweating, and I still have to force myself to finish the last 10-15 min, but it just feels different.  After the stepper I did 100 sit ups and 45 push ups (not at once, 3 sets of 15 is all I could manage and they had to be the "girl" kind, I normally try to do a few of the regular kind but with my calf I can't right now) and then spent a lot of time stretching.  I felt really good afterwards, but it still wasn't the same as running. (Have I mentioned I miss running?) =)

Chris started a new exercise plan yesterday with a friend of his.  His friend, Anthony, is really into thrift stores.  He goes to them all the time, he's bought several used exercise machines and has made a make-shift gym in his garage, that 95% of the time collects dust and clothes.  Well, Anthony cleaned his garage and rearranged his gym (again) to use the equipment and invited Chris over.  Chris went over yesterday and said he felt good afterwards.

I really want Chris to lose some weight, not because of his appearance but because of his health, but how annoying is it that I have been active and "healthy" for almost 5 months and have only lost 15 lbs (and now have gained 3 of them back) and Chris keeps weighing himself everyday since coming back from vacation and telling me he's lost "another lb."  I'm happy for him, but really? you have to tell me every day you've lost weight.  I guess what bothers me is how fast he seems to be losing.  Guys suck!  I wish they had to struggle more to lose.

Today Chris went for a walk with me.  It was a little over 2.5 miles, so a decent walk.  When we got home I started to do the stepper and noticed something funny.  I looked down and one of the steps was completely bent.  I do not know how that happened, but I can't use it.  So I decided to do a work out with a "game" we bought when we got our xbox kinnect, YourShape.  I do not like the work out on it..  If my heart rate even got up, it went right back down when it pause for 20 secs to go to the next move.  It was really terrible.  I guess I will try OnDemand's exercise videos tomorrow.

A fellow blogger, Melinda, started "Stop By Saturday's."  I haven't participated just yet because, well, I just haven't.  But I have wanted to, so even though this isn't Saturday, I thought I would participate in this last week's post. 

The question this week is:

What is your exercise of choice?

If anyone has read any part of my blog since I started (see above) =), then they know that I love running.  I love the feeling after a great run, and I actually love most of the time I spend running.  As I said above, I haven't ran for a little while, and I really miss it.  I am a better person when I get a run in. 

I almost forgot . . . today is National Tequila Day.  I need a margarita!  :-)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Friend Makin' Monday : Seven

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. (The same rules apply today!)  If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: All The Weigh so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!
Friend Makin’ Mondays
  1. What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Growing up we would get home from church and have grilled cheese sandwiches and everyone would take a nap, then we'd go back to church in the evenings.  I guess now I don't nap (I don't like naps much because I always wake up grumpy and have a hard time falling asleep at night) but I guess I still enjoy just relaxing.  I don't go to evening church anymore, my church doesn't offer it (does any church have it now?).  I guess now, I go for a run and watch TV and play on the computer or read.  I actually tend to clean my house and make dinner, but I don't like to do that.  :-)
  2. What is your favorite color? I used to like blue, now I think I like pink and purple more.  I still like blue though. 
  3. Have you ever been to Europe? No, I would LOVE to go though.
  4. Do you wear glasses or contacts? neither :-)
  5. How often do you brush your teeth? 2 times a day, after breakfast and before bed.
  6. Share a guilty pleasure. All Real Housewives shows on Bravo.  I realize they are stupid and not really "real" but I love them.  I especially like Orange County and Beverly Hills.  Such a stupid thing to enjoy.  I think I just watch them and wish I had all the money they have.  I would totally do botox and a boob lift (probably not fake boobs, just lift them) and all that makes those women so beautiful (on the outside).
  7. What are you most proud of accomplishing this week? Well, as it is Monday morning, I think I'm most proud of getting to work on time.  I haven't done any work since getting here though.  :-)
Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions. Don’t forget to link up in the comments. Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Still hurt

My leg has felt really good yesterday and today.  I have been happy that it felt so good.  It felt so good today that I thought I would head out on a run and see how it goes.  I went about half a block and knew I couldn't got for a run.  Instead of just turning around and heading home I decided to go around the block.  Not my smartest move, and all because I didn't want the neighbors to see me turn around right away. 
I got home and did another 45 min on my stepper.  I break a sweat on that thing, but it's nothing like running, I almost feel like I didn't get a workout in at all.  It's low impact though and that is all I can do right now.  After doing the stepper and sitting for a few min my leg stiffened up and once again I could hardly walk.  I know it wasn't the stepper that made it stiff, it was the damn run.  0.45 miles and I was barely able to do that.

I told Chris what I did and he yelled at me.  He told me I should listen to him and keep off my "damn leg" so it will heal.  I hate it when he's right.  He's often right.

So I've been thinking about how I was on a pretty steady losing streak for several weeks.  I wasn't losing much weekly, but I was losing consistently.  Here is what I did then . . .
  • ran 3-4 miles 5 days a week
  • Zumba 2 times a week
  • green drink every work day (my favorite recipe is spinach, vanilla almond milk, blueberries and cinnamon mixed in a blender)
  • 1-minute muffins topped with Nutella
  • kept my alcohol intake down to 1 (sometimes 2) glasses of wine every other night
  • For 2 weeks I did 100 sit-ups everyday and for about a week I did push ups every day
So I guess I need to go back to doing these 5 things, plus watch what I eat better.  I noticed that the last time I weighed 165.6 was May 11th.  It took me that long to lose the 3.6 lbs, and one week to put it back on.  I was hoping getting back into my routine would cause it to fall fast, but I have been pretty steady at 165.6 for the last 3 days.  I guess I really haven't been back into my routine because I haven't been able to run, and it's the weekend.  I'm not as good at what I eat on the weekends. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

100 posts!

Yesterday I talked about how I hurt my leg on my first run after my vacation.  I was seriously worried I tore something, muscle, tendon, ligament . . . something that would take forever to heal.  There was a period of time last night that I couldn't even put weight on my leg.  I iced it all evening and went to bed completely expecting not to be able to walk this morning.  Instead I woke up and it was stiff and sore, but definitely not bad. I can walk and I can move, I don't think I can run, but I didn't try. 

Last night I was feeling very dejected about not being able to run.  I seriously thought I would not be able to run for a week or longer.  I knew if I wanted to get rid of the weight I gained on vacation I would have to be careful with what I eat, which is not my strong point.  Run 3-4 miles every day . . . easy . . . eat under 1800 calories a day (healthily) . . . practically impossible.  So, knowing this, I decided to drink . . . a lot quite a bit.

 When I woke up this morning I decided I needed to do something. Before I started running I got a small stepper that I used a lot, until a bar on it broke.  That is when I started running again.  A friend of Chris's (Chris is not very "handy") replaced the bar and it works fine now, but since I rediscovered running I have not used it at all.  Today I thought I would try it since I don't lift my foot off the step and don't flex my calf that much.  I was very happy that it worked and I wasn't in much pain.  I did it for about 45 min.  Actually I'm not exactly sure how long because I noticed in the last 15 min that the timer and step counter wasn't registering steps (after 15 min it said I had only been on it for 1 and a half min), so I had to keep track of the time on the clock.  I have a feeling I was on it for closer to an hour, but I know I got off several times to get Maddox. 
Maddox was really wanting to try it out.

Going on vacation really put me behind on my blog reading.  I got back and I have 70 posts to catch up on.  I realize that may not be as many as some, but it is plenty!  I have been trying to read them here and there the last 2 days and I am still not caught up and everyone keeps writing.  Quit writing so I can catch up!  ;-) lol

This is my 100th post.  I wish I had something special to say or do or something, but I don't.  It's just another boring post.  Not even about running. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

A really long post with a short update on camping

Our camping trip to San Juan Island was nice. My friend Matt went with Damian, Maddox and me on Friday.  We had a pretty spectacular lightning show that night, it was very amazing. Then Saturday Chris and our friend Kyle joined us.  Monday Matt went home because he had to work on Tuesday.   My friend, Matt, stayed up with Damian every night he was here to look at the stars, which was nice because I went to bed fairly early because of Maddox's early mornings.

We went to Friday Harbor on Sunday, but didn't really do much. We went kinda late in the day and a lot of the shops closed. Plus, Chris and I have been there 2 times before, so we had really seen everything before.  Tuesday we went to Roche Harbor, which is the rich port of San Juan Island, and again, didn't really do much. We took showers because the campground doesn't have shower facilities, not even the pay kind. But both Roche Harbor and Friday Harbor have them. Anyway, after leaving Roche Harbor, we went to the English camp, which I'll tell you about in a min.

The San Juan Islands were disputed about "ownership" when America was being formed. The Oregon Territory agreement (whatever that was called) was signed, but it wasn't clear where the boundary was in the water. The agreement said through the "strait" but there are 2 straits between WA and Canada, so England claimed one strait on one side of the islands, and America claimed the other on the other side of the islands. The British had a camp on San Juan Island and the Americans had a camp there as well. It was considered a "war" but no shots were fired and no one was ever injured. (There's also a story about a pig and how it got started, the pig was the only casualty of the war, but I don't remember it completely so am not going to try to write it down.) It was finally settled by arbitration by some German guy. :-) We've visited the American camp, but never the English camp.
The snooty Commander's wife took the enlisted men's vegetable garden
and created a flower garden that could be seen from her house on top of a hill.

Anyway, Tuesday we decided to stop there on our way back to the campground. We parked and Chris said he thought the Camp was one direction and I thought it was the other, we ended up going Chris's direction. :-) That ended up to be the way to the "cemetery" (6 whole graves, all of who drowned accidentally) and up a trail. When I say "up" I mean straight up a small mountain. :-) So we ended up hiking up Young Hill, which was a great view, but it was quite a hike. A mile straight uphill, in flip flops, with Maddox strapped to my back . . . :-)
Chris said this picture really shows
how much weight I've lost.

the view from the top of Young Hill
Wednesday we went back to the English camp and actually toured it. And then we went on a 2 mile hike, which was flat, and we were prepared for. :-)

The weather was really nice. Just the thunder storm Friday night and drizzle most of Sunday, but the rest of the week was pretty sunny and warm. The whales weren't as impressive this year. The last time we went we saw them twice a day from our campsite, but this year I think we saw them 3 or 4 times total from our campsite. Don't get me wrong, it's still amazing, just not as amazing. ;-)
Friday night beginning of the thunderstorm
There are small dots out there that are whales :-)

Maddox seemed to have fun. He wanted into everything. We couldn't keep him still. He was super good about the fire, and only once tried to burn himself which he didn't succeed at. 
We had to contain him in the tent sometimes.

Yesterday when we got home none of us wanted to even turn on the tv. We all sat in the living room, Chris and I reading, and Damian playing cards. . . .

All-in-all it was a great trip.  :-)

Oh, speaking of Damian. His team lost at the Little League baseball state tournament. His first game was Monday (which he missed) and they lost. So they played Wednesday (which he also missed) and they lost again, which means they are out. Damian was pretty bummed that he didn't get to play any of the games and was saying he wished he had skipped camping. But I bet if he had gone to the games and lost, he would have said he should have gone camping. :-) Anyway, I am relieved I don't have to drive down to Port Orchard today (at least a 2+ hour drive where the game would have been if they won on Wednesday) but am sad for Damian that he didn't get to play at all in the state tourney. I did tell him that may happen though. Oh well. At least he can say he's been on a state all-star team. :-)

Today I was so excited to do my first run after being gone for a week.  I didn't actually get to run while there.  The roads were super narrow and there were a lot of hills, so I was kinda scared to try.  Anyway, when I got off work (whoever, the idiot was that scheduled me to work on Friday after vacation {me} needs to be shot!) today I went for a run.  While I was running a guy said something to me about cooling me off with the hose he was using to water his sidewalk, I turned and laughed and said no, and when I turned back, I felt a pop in my calf region and then couldn't put weight on my leg.  I had to call a friend to come get me (Chris was still working).  For a little while tonight I couldn't even put my weight on it, I've been icing it all night, and it feels better now, but I think I may not be able to run for a few days.  I am extremely bummed.  I had been looking forward to my run today sooooo much, and then I hurt myself.  Ugh!!!!

Not surprisingly, my weight went up on my trip.  I did no runs and I ate like crap.  This morning I weighed 165.6.  *sigh*  And now I can't even run to get it back down.  ugh!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

We made it!

I haven't made time to run, the roads are narrow with a lot of hills, so I haven't wanted to dare. The first night we had awesome thunder and lightening storms, it was pretty amazing. For now, just a montage of pictures.

Friday, July 13, 2012

We're off!

I forgot to try to post while I was still working.  I was actually probably too busy to get one written though.  My car is packed to the gills, and we are just waiting for my friend to get here.

I woke up at 5:20 this morning and went for a run.  :-)  It was nice.  I feel like I have more energy, but it might be all the adrenaline from excitement about leaving for camping.  :-) 

I weighed myself this morning after my run and I was not much down from last week.  I didn't run as much as I wanted to this week.  I'm a little afraid I've reached a plateau.  I haven't moved down very much for several weeks.  Today I was 162.0.  Which is still down, but I saw mostly all 163's this week, which has been a common theme for the last several weeks, well, 163 or 164. 

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend! I will try to post while I'm camping, but can't guarantee it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

a PACKED car!

Car is packed!  Just 1 night of sleep, 30 min jog, 1 1/2 hours of getting ready, and 4 hours of work, and we are off!  I am getting excited . . . well I would be, if I wasn't so tired!  It's been a long, busy day. 

Nothing else will fit!
I don't know how much cell service there is on San Juan Island, I do know I won't have my computer.  But I can post from my phone . . . as long as there is service.  I will try to post at least every other day (fingers crossed) from my camping trip.  I know all 7 of you will be dying to know if I was able to find somewhere to run, and even more curious to know if I found showers, or if my family died from my stink.  :-)  I may just post montages of photos, but when I load them from my phone, they tend to be a bit grainy.  As evidenced by my post of the other day.

Tomorrow is my weigh in.  The other day I saw 161 again, but today it's been 164 and 163 . . . so I don't have my hopes up.  Next week will be terrible, I'm sure.  I guess I'll do the best I can and see what happens.

A botched haircut

Yesterday I was so busy I didn't have time to run before dark.  I am so sad that I didn't get a run in.  I wanted to run every day this week because I'm still not sure how I'm going to run while I'm camping . . . especially without a shower at the campground.  But we are so busy trying to get everything together before our trip, we didn't even get home until almost 9pm.  And then I had to put Maddox down for the night.

And I decided to try to "trim" Gizmo's hair.  Let me tell you, it is not easy.  The clippers we borrowed from a friend, they worked wonderful without a guard on them, but without the guard, it was uneven, unless I was up to his skin and then he was just bald.  HAHA! I shaved his belly bald and then put the guard back on, and ugh, it looked TERRIBLE. So Chris took over for a while and he did a much better job.  But it took him at least 30 minutes to do just one side (I had already worked on him for 30 min the night before and then another 30 min before Chris started).  Chris wants to give him a mohawk, so I figure if Chris is going to do the shaving, he can do whatever he wants, even though I don't want the mohawk.  Tonight we have to finish his "haircut" or he is going to look like one SILLY dog.  :-)

Today I am going to run.  I don't care what needs to be done, I am going to run.  And I am going to try to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow and run.  I won't have time after work because I am trying to get out of here early enough to catch the 2pm ferry, which is at least 30 min away.  I hope, (I really, really hope) I can get there on time, and it's not too full.  The next ferry doesn't leave until 4:45.  :-(  That one will be SUPER busy with weekend traffic and everyone trying to flee before 5.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camping and Clippers

Last evening after my run I weighed myself . . . like I always do.  (I have found that I often weigh significantly less after my runs than anyother time, including the morning.)  Anyway, I weighed in at 161.2.  That is the first time I've seen 161 since my weigh-in on 6/19, and then I skyrocketed 2.5 lbs the next week.  Anyway, I didn't think much of it because, like I said, I always weigh quite a bit less after my runs.  However, I got on the scale this morning (after I pee'd, like I always do) and I was pleasantly surprised to see 161.8.  I realize this is not my weigh in day, and I have pretty much an entire week before my official weigh-in, but it is nice to see those numbers.

However, I am leaving to go camping on Friday afternoon.  I will be gone for a week.  So that's a week of camp food, alcohol, and s'mores . . . so I'm sure next Friday I will be right back up to 164 again.  I would really like to run while I am camping, but after researching the campgrounds, I noticed there are no showers, not even ones I can pay for.  So a week of no showers, and then if I want to run . . . that is one sweaty, stinky mess I would be.  So I don't know. . . I'm taking my running clothes just in case, and maybe there's somewhere I can hose off.  ;-)  I'll bring soap just in case.

Today I ran 2.93 miles. I'm always annoyed when I get home and see I've run less than 3 miles. Other than being almost completely uphill one way, it was a nice run. Or maybe I think that because the last half was almost completely downhill so it felt good. :-) Who knows, I just know I felt great when I got home, which is always a good feeling. haha

A friend let us borrow some hair clippers so I can groom our dog, Gizmo.  We usually take him to a groomers in the summer, but it's so expensive.  I wanted to get him groomed before our trip.  Anyway, I tried out the clippers tonight and he was laid back, acted like he was getting petted. It was so easy, I was surprised.  Now we're going to have to buy some clippers. I bet 1 or 2 uses would pay for them.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Friend Makin' Mondays

My weekend was nice.  I came home yesterday, just in time, my Mom said the temperature got up to 104.  I am back at work and enjoying the 70* weather (hopefully it'll get hotter) but not enjoying the 1000% humidity (no, not really, but it sucks).  One week of work and then I am going camping!  Yay!  I'm excited.  :-)
We will have 4 adults and 2 kids at all times, although the people will change.  :-)  It's kinda crazy trying to figure out the costs and what everyone owes, and what everyone is going to bring, and the food and stuff.  One of my friends is going with me on Friday and then Chris and another friend is coming Saturday night or Sunday morning.  And then my friend (the original one) is leaving Monday and we may have another friend joining us Tuesday.  :-)  It'll work out.  I'm excited about it.  It is Maddox's first camping trip.

Well, it's Monday and I started doing Friend Makin' Monday's last week.  So here's my installment. 

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: All The Weigh so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!


1. What is your favorite thing about Summer? I love the sun! I love swimming and doing fun things outside, I love camping and bbq's and swimming and boating and the sun and the warmth . . . did I mention swimming and the sun?  :-)

2. What is your favorite outdoor activity? Swimming . . . Unfortunately I don't do it very often because in western WA there are no outdoor pools, at least not where I am.  I will swim in a lake, but I was raised swimming in a pool (my parents had one in their backyard) so the lake bottoms and seaweed and the thought of fish nibbling at my toes kinda freaks me out.

3. If you had to choose, would you prefer to be too hot or too cold? I would rather be too cold, you can always put clothes on, or wrap up in a blanket.

4. Does your appetite increase or decrease during warmer months? I don't think it changes.  I have never noticed a decrease or an increase . . .

5. What is your favorite seasonal Summer fruit? Probably watermelon, although we never buy it.  :-(

6. Would you prefer to spend a hot summer day at the mall or at a swimming pool? A pool of course!  Around here though, I have to settle for a lake. :-)

7. Are you more likely to tan or sunburn? Suntan.  My mom used to call us (my sisters and me) her little Indians (maybe not the most politically correct thing, but my Mom will never be politically correct) in the summer.  Unfortunately, living where I do now, I tend to be very, very white most of the year.  :-(  Clouds and rain don't really create a suntan. . .

8. How does your routine change when Summer begins? It doesn't change much, I still have to work.  I always take at least one week off though because I take my nephew for a week to do fun things.  This year I am probably going to take 2 weeks off, we're going camping next week and then when my nephew comes over.

9. What is the temperature outside where you are today? Right now it's only 55*, it's supposed to get up to 77 though.  A big change from the 100* weather I came from in eastern WA over the weekend.

10.  What is your favorite Summer holiday? I didn't realize there was more than one summer holiday . . . 4th of July, I guess is my favorite.

Now it’s your turn.  Don’t forget to post the answers on your own blog, then go back  to All The Weigh and link up in the comments!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Treadmill . . .

I ran on my parent's treadmill today.  And I have to tell you, it was hard.  It was only 3.5 miles, and it was a "slow" pace, 10min/mile but just having that stupid screen in front of me telling me how far I'd gone (thinking how far I needed to still go) and how many min I had been up there, just made it harder for me.  I would look at the distance and try to picture myself along my normal trail at about that same distance, but it just isn't the same.  I even set up my computer to one of my all time favorite movies "Snowball Express" but it still seemed to drag.  Maybe if I did it more often it wouldn't be so bad, but wow!  I sure do love my outside runs.

It is interesting though that I hate it so much.  I had a gym membership for almost 1.5 years about 3 years ago and the treadmill was my machine of choice.  I went faithfully to the gym for about a year, I loved it, but I really think that relying on the speed that I was going, rather than the distance hampered me from increasing my time.  I was able to put the treadmill on a 10min/mile pace today, which equaled to a level 6.  Before I think I was running at a 4 or 5 and thought that was fast.  Today, a 10 min/mile is pretty easy for me. 
Western WA may have a lot of rain, but when it is sunny, everyone is outside.  That is something I love about that area.  Everyone knows that you have to enjoy the sun while it's there, you may only have one day of it.  Eastern WA has a lot of sun, and it gets really hot, so people stay inside and don't go out and make the most of the day.  They know tomorrow will be another sunny day. 

So, guess where I'm sitting on this really, really beautiful, hot eastern WA day?  Inside.  I long to get out and enjoy this sun.  I NEED to get out and enjoy this sun.  Problem is, my dad is no where to be found.  My mom talked to him about going to a lake for a picnic this afternoon.  I realize he can't go on the boat, he's not feeling well enough, but we can go to a lake and play in water and just enjoy the day.  But it's 11:20 and he's MIA.  Ugh! 

Happily, my dad came home and we were able to go to a state park not very far from their house, Potholes State Park.  Seriously, that's the name.  It's a man-made lake (as most are in this part of the state).  The water was pretty nasty, but Damian really wanted to swim, so I went with him.  I had a blast.  Reminded me of when Damian was little.  Maddox got in the water with me as well, which loved.  My mom came and let him wade in the shallow water with her while I played in the deeper part with D.  It was a really great day.  :-)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday weigh in

I am headed to my parent's house as soon as I can get out of this house.  I have to wait till Chris goes to the bank to deposit his check though. He FINALLY set up direct deposit a month ago (I've been bugging him for a while about it) and wouldn't you know, as soon as he's supposed to start it, they start having problems with their bank and no one is getting direct deposited.  ugh!  :-(  I thought I'd do a short post while I wait since I don't know if I'll be able to tonight when I get to their house.

I was extremely pleased!! to see 162.4 on the scale this morning.  That is super, super exciting!!  Last night after my late run, I actually saw 162.0.  I realize this is still a little up from a few weeks ago, but honestly, that 161.something was a huge drop and I don't drop that much week to week.  I am happy that I am down from last week though.  :-) 
The sun has arrived!  It is 72 degrees right now!  I realize that's cool for the majority of the nation, but it's a million times better than the 57 degree weather we've been having.  This weekend is supposed to beautiful.  If it rains at my parent's house, I think I'm turning around and coming home.  I am going over there . . . not to visit or anything . . . but to get some SUN!!
I will try to post again this weekend, but who knows if I'll have the time or inclination.  :-)  I have to figure out if I'll be able to run tonight, or take my 3rd day off this week.  I really don't want to. . .

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Got a light, ma'am?

Earlier today I didn't talk about my run.  Yesterday I had what felt like an easy 3.86 mile run.  I felt good the whole way, didn't feel too tired.  When I got home and looked at my MapMyFitness app. my time was 9:04min/mile.  That's fast!  I don't know how I wasn't dying at the end of that.  Today I ran 3.74 miles and was much slower than yesterday, 10:12min/mile.  I waited till about 8pm to avoid the 70 degree weather.  (I know, most of you are struggling through 100 degree weather, I'm a wimp.)

Today while I was running I passed a couple guys going out.  As I passed I got a strong whiff of alcohol, it about knocked me over.  When I was running back one of the guys said "got a light, ma'am?"  I am running.  I am wearing shorts and a tank top, does it look like I am carrying a lighter? Where would I even put it? lol!!

Tomorrow I am going to my parent's house in eastern WA.  The last time I was there was the end of March.  I like going over there more often, but with all of Damian's activities it just isn't possible.  When I was there in March my sister and I walked to my Grandma's house, which is 2 miles one way.  I don't know if I would be able to run that.  We noticed when we were walking that the going back is a lot of uphill.  I may run a different way instead.  To the highway is 1 mile, so I could run that way and back and then to the half mile mark the opposite way from the highway.  However, my parents live at the top of a hill, so no matter where I go, I will be finishing my run going uphill.  I hate finishing my run going uphill.

You know (light bulb!) my dad has a treadmill . . . maybe I'll run on that.  No hills and no heat!  That sounds like a great plan.  :-)  It's been a long time since I ran on a treadmill.  I don't know how it will be.

Next week (Friday) we are going camping.  I am soooo excited for it!  I get a whole 4 days off of work (Mon-Thurs).  I did that because I always take my nephew for a week in the summer and I'm trying to save vacation hours for that week as well.  2 weeks off in the middle of the summer??  That is unheard of!  :-)  I am going to have to plan my running schedule while we are camping.  And I read yesterday on the campground's website they don't have showers . . . that is going to be BAD!  We will have to find some sort of water to wash my stinking self off! 

I think summer has finally arrived here.  Yesterday was a decent day.  A little windy at times and cloudy in the morning, but overall okay.  Today there isn't a cloud in the sky and the forecast for the next week is looking B.E.A.utiful!!  :-)  I almost want to cancel my trip to eastern WA so I can enjoy the sun here.  But I know my parents are looking forward to me coming over with my kids, so I guess I will suck it up and head over there for their sunny (and hot) weather. 

I am really, really hoping my dad feels good enough to get his boat out.  I didn't get to go on it at all last year because I was pregnant the first part of summer and then had a newborn the rest of summer.  However, he hasn't been feeling well, and on top of that he has had some pretty bad dental pain, so I don't know if we'll get to go on the water.  I'm taking my swimsuit just in case though.  ;-)  Maybe even if we don't get to go on the boat, we can go to some water somewhere.

Happy (late) 4th of July

I fully intended to write yesterday, even if it was just a short post.  However, I didn't (obviously).  We went to a small(er) town close by for their logging rodeo.  It was pretty fun.  We went with some friends of ours, they have 4 small kids, so we waited at their house for a while for them to get rounded up.  We ended up missing the chainsaw carving event, which I was really looking forward to.  We did make it to the actual logging show.  Chris really enjoyed it, but I thought it got a little long and boring. 

After the logging show we made our way to the carnival.  When did carnivals get so expensive?  $30 for 10 tickets . . . you can get a unlimited pass for $25, although, only one person can use an unlimited pass, but still.  We ended up not doing any rides.  I get sick on rides now, I didn't use to, but I guess somewhere along the way I got old.  We ate and stood wandered around a lot.  Finally we saw a park that was right behind the carnival, so we took Maddox over there and let him play on the swings and the slide.  (Completely free carnival for Maddox, what a novel idea!)  Damian took a friend with him and we let them wander around the carnival on their own.  Sadly, we didn't have a lot of money to give him, so he only got to ride one or two rides, but he said he had a good day. 

He loved the slide . . .

and the swing

but wasn't sure about her pushing him.
We went home before the fireworks show and fed Maddox, let him take a short nap.  That kid is stubborn!  He didn't fall asleep at all while we were out.  When D was a baby he would fall asleep the second he was in a moving object (car, stroller, etc) but not Maddox.  I guess there was just too much going on. 

We ended up going to the Mt. Vernon fireworks show.  We heard it was better than the other town's, but it seemed so short to me.  I don't know if Maddox enjoyed it or not.  When the fireworks started, he made a couple sounds that sounded a little like crying, but when I looked at him he had a smile.  After a few "booms" he definitely whimpered a little, but then he would clap his hands.  Whatever he thought of it, he was glued to the sky.  :-)

We went straight home after the fireworks and I went to bed.  I work this morning.  D stayed up and lit off some leftover fireworks from last year (we didn't buy any this year) and watched the neighbor's fireworks, along with the rest of the town's displays.  I was worried about all the "booms" keeping Maddox awake, but he fell right asleep.  I, too, didn't hear any booms after my head hit the pillow.  It was a busy day!

I hope everyone else had a safe and fun 4th of July!