Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fine line between being an inspiration and being an a**

When I was growing up there was a foster home very close to where I lived.  If you remember I grew up in the middle of nowhere, eastern WA.  But there was a "town" about 3 miles away called Cunningham, this "town" had only about 5 people living in it, and when I was in Jr. High, a foster home moved to this town.  They bought or rented 4 separated houses and took over the "town."  Many of my friends from high school and a couple of my boyfriends (3)(I was a sucker for "bad boys") came from this foster home (which was more like a group home than a foster home). 
That little cluster of buildings is Cunningham.  My parents'
house is on the horizon, which you can't see here.
I was pretty close to several girls there, and heard some very, very bad things about how they did things at this foster home.  This foster home was the reason I went into social work as a brand new college student.  I was going to (single handedly) change the foster care system and make it better. 

Recently someone that lived there for a short period of time, that I was friends with (and Chris dated for about half a minute) contacted me on Facebook.  I friended her and we've talked a little recently.  Anyway, the other day she told me she wanted to lose weight and thought that running was the way for her to do it.  She asked me for any advise I could give her and told me that I was her "coach."  This is not the first time someone has asked for my advice, and I don't really know what to say to people who ask. I wrote her a long facebook msg:

I can tell you what I did, but ultimately, you have to do your own thing, Everyone is different.
I "only" had 40-50 lbs to lose and it took me 2 years to lose 30 of those lbs. I tell you that, because losing weight is a long term process. Granted, people with more weight than me to lose, can lose faster than me. Also, I started running because I have always liked it. I enjoyed it in grade school and would run a little at times as an adult, but never kept with it long.
Two years ago I was on Pinterest and there was a lot of fitness stuff, and I started to feel like I wanted to start running again. One of the pins I saw was a link to a blog "Runs for Cookies" ( and I started reading that one and several other running blogs which really kept me motivated to run every day. I was so scared that if I didn't go running for one day, one day would turn to two, two to three, three to a week, and on. I had to force my self to take one day off because it's good for your body to heal. I also made sure that I continued looking at the things on Pinterest and the blogs I read to keep me motivated. And on days I REALLY didn't want to go, I (still) just put on my running clothes and shoes and then it makes me feel like I have to go.
I went into it with the thought that I love to run, and if I lost weight at the same time, cool, but if not, at least I'm getting into shape. Once I started running and losing a little weight I decided to change up my eating. I bought a food scale and started really measuring out my portions. I didn't change what I ate at first, just ate less of it. Only one true serving (that was measured out) instead of what I "thought" was serving (or two or three).
I would lose some weight and then plateau out. If I wanted to lose more, I had to change up my eating some more. I started looking for healthier recipes and eating less snacks and other "bad" stuff. And then I'd plateau again and I'd have to change something up again.
So, what am I getting at here? I'm saying that it takes time. You have to start with small changes. And you have to find something that will keep you motivated. You also have to remember that you have to do what you like. I like running, and I think there are tons of benefits to it, but some people hate it. If you hate the exercise you decide to do, you most likely won't stick with it very long.
I also feel like you have to change your eating slowly. At first, just eat less of what you are currently eating. And change it up when you're ready or when you notice you're not losing more weight. Read up on different ways to eat, and don't think of it as a diet, but as a permanent way of eating. If it's permanent, then you also have to make sure what you eat and how much you eat is something you enjoy. If you lose weight and then go back to eating the same things you did before you lost weight, then you will gain it back. I've heard that maintenance is a lot harder than losing weight.
Right now I've been on a plateau for 2 months, but I'm not sure I want to change my eating more, so I'm happy to stay where I'm at for now, and maybe in the future I'll lose some more weight, or not. I'm okay with that. I tend to lose a large amount in about a month and then plateau for a long time (2 months isn't nearly as long as my last plateaus).
You also have to be okay with putting yourself first. There have been times when Chris has gotten mad at me because I would come home for work and immediately go for a run. But this is for my health, and my well-being, I'm going to be selfish sometimes. I also have had times when I won't eat what he made for dinner, I make my chicken breast and he gets mad at that too. But I have told him that I'm not hurting anyone by not eating his food, and didn't ask him to make me something special.
Also, log your food. I have used a couple different apps/websites for it. The first one I used was and the one I currently use is I also use while I run (on my phone) to track my mileage.
Well, that's a lot more than you probably asked for. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.

Anyway, I heard back from her that day, but nothing since.  I just don't know if I should say anything to her or not.  I am so uncomfortable "pushing" my stuff on others, I don't want to sound superior or cocky.  The girl that asked me over a year and a half ago for advice pretty much quit talking to me except when I go to the dentist. 

11 miles ran so far this week, and even though I was planning 5 miles today, I don't know if I'll have the opportunity.  Damian has a football scrimmage so I don't know if I'll be able to get out of the house for a run.

Oh and that whole plantar faciitis thing?  Well, I tend to get lazy with rolling and icing when my feet feel better and I hadn't rolled them consistently for almost a week.  Yesterday my feet hurt, so I rolled them, 10 min each and wow, what a difference it makes.  *Note to self: roll your feet every day whether they hurt or not. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Not much going on here

Maybe I should update this sometimes.  I just feel like I have nothing at all interesting to say.  I think I mentioned I had a job interview and I really wanted the job?  Well, I didn't get it.  I just don't know what to do anymore.  It's very frustrating.  And it tends to turn into anger about my old job, not at the company, but at the county who gave the contract to another company.

I am still running only ever other day, barely making 15 miles a week.  =(  Very sad.  But it seems to be helping.  My feet don't bother me as much as they did a month ago.  I'm glad because I was starting to think I'd have to stop running for awhile, which I still may have to, but so far I'm okay (sorta) with the decreased running. 

My weight has maintained.  I do fluctuate a little, up to 148, (and of course, never below 145), but I am very happy with the maintaining since I'm not running as much and not as good as I have been about my eating. 

Damian started football last week.  This is the first time he's ever played football, but he's loving it.  School here starts next week after Labor Day.

We did make it to the park yesterday and Maddox had fun.

And that's all I've got.  I haven't done anything since we went to eastern WA, but we did have a fairly busy summer, so I feel like it was a success.  Although we didn't make it to Mt. St. Helen's and I really wanted to go, but oh well.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to go to San Juan Island.  I really, really missed camping there this year, so I'm hoping to do a day trip over there.  Although, the ferry ticket is kinda expensive, but still . . . I'm looking forward to it.  
Last year's camping trip at San Juan.  This was the view
from our campsite

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Low mileage, yoga, and a job possibility

Cutest marshmallow face ever!
This month is looking like it might be the lowest mileage month I've had this year.  It is so tempting to increase my mileage so I have more miles this month.  Last week I only ran 15.9 miles.  *Sigh*  And since I'm not planning on increasing my miles (much, I may increase my daily miles to 4 and my "long" run to 5), I'm scheduled to only run another 15 or so miles this week and next, that puts me at a whopping 45(ish) miles for the month of August.   It is soooo hard to see those numbers.  I don't want to have run so little this month.  Like I said I am very, very tempted to increase my mileage, or at least the number of days I run.  (I'm only running every other day.)

However, I know that after my run my feet hurt, quite a bit, the rest of the day.  My day off I have very little issues with them, other than when I first stand up after sitting or laying down for awhile.  How long would I have to give up running for this to completely heal?  A year ago I took a full month off, and my foot definitely got better, but it never got back to 100%.  And now both feet are hurt and I'm frustrated with it.  I'm so done with plantar faciitis.

I have started doing yoga on the days that I don't run.  I found a 20 min beginner yoga for runners and I've done that 4 days now.  Today I added another 25 min yoga for runners (total 45 min).  I like the first lady a lot, but found the second one a bit harder to follow.  I hope after I've done the second one a few times I'll be able to follow it better.  I like both of their moves though because they really focus on the hips, which is sorta what I need.  I also like how I feel after doing it.  It's not the same feeling as after a run, which is more of an exhausted, I can't believe I just ran 10 miles, fantastic feel.  It's more of a loose, but strong and energized feeling. 

I had an interview a week ago on Friday.  I thought it went great, in fact, I thought she was going to offer me the job while I was there.  However, in the last 5-10 min she mentioned I would have to come back on Monday for a 2nd interview.  She gave me the impression that the 2nd interview was more of a formality, I just needed to meet with the "bosses."  She talked salary (a big pay raise), vacation, benefits, job duties, everything.  (The job I was interviewing for was different than the job I applied for, it was full time, and had A LOT of responsibility, most of which I don't remember now because she kinda just threw it all out there all at once.) She said she would call me later that evening to set up the 2nd interview.

Anyway, that afternoon I was checking my email and had one from her saying they had someone interview that had better experience than me, and would I still be interested if it fell through.  I said I would and that was that.  No job.  I was really disappointed, especially after the impression she gave me.
Then on Tuesday I was again on my email (which seems to be her preferred method of communication) and she had emailed and asked if I was interested in a part time case manager/case aid position.  I said yes, asked how many hours.  She said 30 hours and would I be able to start last week since the person that would train me is leaving soon.  I said yes.  Then she said that I would have to interview with the owners.  And THEN she said that it actually wasn't an open job yet, she needed to talk to the bosses about it.  (I have come to realize that she tends to get ahead of herself and is very bad at acting like I have a job when in fact it's still up in the air.)

Anyway, she must have been successful in talking the "bosses" into opening up the job, because Thursday morning she emailed me and asked if I was available to meet the bosses at Bob's Burger and Brew (a local restaurant...interesting place for an interview) for coffee on Friday.  Anyway, it's part time, no benefits (which sucks because Chris's benefits suck and are expensive for me to get on them) but it has the possibility of going to full time.  BUT I have to get through the interview with the "bosses" first.

So on Friday I went to Bob's Burger and Brew and was waiting for the guys (I was told it would be brothers interviewing me).  5 min after I was supposed to meet the guys, I got a call.  It was from one of them asking where I was.  I told him I was waiting at Bob's, he said he was too.  Turns out he was at the Bob's farther south, and I was at the one that is in town.  Anyway, we agreed to find a place in the middle and we would touch base when one of us found something.  Luckily he called me first and said he was headed to a rest area about half way between where he was and where I was. 

This felt much more like an interview.  I told him how I was qualified for the job and he told me what the job entailed.  He did mention that the job I was interviewing for would most likely go to full time eventually, which is good.  We talked salary and he said he would email me on Monday to let me know.  So now I wait.  I am very hopeful about this job.  It is in the field I want to be in, and part time is actually preferable to me, my last job was 30 hours as well, so it would be good to "transition" back to work with the same hours as before, before going to full time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Busy, busy, busy

July 24th.  That was my last post.  Today is August 13th.  That's the longest I've gone without posting.  I'm sorry.  However, if you all are like me and read a million different blogs, you probably didn't miss my postings at all, and didn't realize it had been so long.  =)

I was at my parent's house until Saturday, came home and went right back to eastern WA on Thursday.  Chris's brother got married on Saturday in eastern WA, so I had to come get him, and then after the wedding we went camping for 3 days. 
Maddox was the ring bearer.

Camping in eastern WA kinda sucks.  It was HOTTT!  The temperatures were in the high 90's all week, with a burn ban.  Which meant that we weren't allowed to have a campfire.  What is camping if you don't have a camp fire??  We got an "economy" site, which meant it was cheap, but also meant it was completely covered in dirt and sand, no grass at all. 

My parents came to the park on Wednesday and took us out in their boat.  It was the first time Chris had been on my parents' boat, and they've had it for about 5 years. 

Chris and Damian chilling in the water.

Damian riding with Maddox.
We were camped close to a river (that dumped into a lake), we were unsure how fast the water was running so we weren't too comfortable letting Maddox play in the river.  But it was pretty.

Overall, it was a good trip.  I will not be camping in eastern WA again.  I may have grown up over there, but I had never been camping there.  My parents always camped in Oregon on the coast, and Chris and I have always camped close(r) to home.  It was just too hot for camping.  I like the heat and the sun, but when I'm over there, I also like to retreat to airconditioned houses.  ; )

So I did not make 100 miles in July.  When I went to my parent's house the first time, I planned on running, I didn't plan on it being 70 degrees at 6am and 80 or above by 10.  When it's sunny, 70 degrees is about as hot as I like to run in, however, I HATE running in the early morning.  I ran one day outside at 8:30am, and it was hot.  Luckily my parents have a treadmill, unluckily, their air conditioning sucks.  I did move their treadmill into the living room where the air conditioner was, so it was almost bearable.  However, I still only managed 17 miles that week.   

At the beginning of all my trips to eastern WA, I was still on board for running a marathon in October.  After being there several days and not running very much I sorta decided to back off on the marathon for now and let my feet heal.  After running a total of 23 miles in 3 weeks (most of those in the first week at my parent's house) and realizing how nice it was for my feet to not hurt, I decided to cut back on running and let my feet heal.

It was the right decision because since I've been back I've run 10 miles (3 on Friday, 4 on Sunday, and 3 on Tuesday) and my feet hurt soooo bad on the days that I've run.  So I'm going to continue with 3 miles every other day, and possibly a "long" run of 4 or 5 miles once a week.  No more than that for awhile.  I'm super sad about it, but at the same time I know I need to cut back and take care of my feet.  I hope I don't have to stop completely. 

I have held constant at 145lbs this entire time.  I'm super happy with that.  =)

Also, I'm about 150 posts behind in all my blog reading.  I really dislike skipping ahead, because I feel like I miss so much when I do that, so I'm trying to read them.  The problem is, everyone keeps posting, so I get the number down, and then the next day, it's back up to 100 posts not read.  Anyway, I'm working on it.