Monday, December 30, 2013

Last week in pictures

Christmas Eve morning we decorated cookies

 And ate cookies.
 And smeared frosting on noses.
 Christmas eve night we had friends over for dinner.  We opened gifts.

And we played Apples to Apples.
Christmas morning, Maddox and I were the first up.  Maddox got his Santa present.
And his candy.
We had to go wake up Damian, who finally found his popcorn maker from Santa.
We posed for pictures. . .
And the opening frenzy began.

Even Addie found a present she liked.
Then we went outside and let Maddox play on his new 4-wheeler.  =)
Saturday I went and got new shoes.  They are beautiful.  =)  They are a more minimalist style and I LOVED them. So of course I had to go for a run on Sunday.  They really helped with my calf soreness. 
 And then last night . . . well, Maddox woke up at 245am.  Then just as I was falling asleep at 330am, Addie decided to start playing with boxes and bags in my bedroom.  And then, as I was falling asleep at 4am, Pandora jumped on my face and scratched my nose really bad.  I had to bandaid it because it was bleeding and I fell back asleep.
Oh and I think I forgot to mention that I made my December goal!!  80.34 miles.  =)  Yay me!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

My life has been so busy the last week or so.  Work last week was fairly busy, and then I go home and am running around crazy all evening.  It just seems that there was less time this year to get ready for Christmas.  As of last Thursday I had 2 Christmas gifts bought . . . 2 . . . that's it.

We got our family pictures yesterday.  I put together these collages for facebook but there are so many other cute pictures, which I don't have on this computer.  The middle one in the bottom set of 3 is my favorite.  =)

Friday I was home with a sick child and I made fudge and then Friday evening grocery shopping.  Then Saturday I spent 7 hours Christmas shopping.  It was ridiculous.  I went out in the morning/afternoon with Damian and Maddox to get stuff for Chris, and then when Chris got home from work (about 10 min after the kids and I got home) Chris and I went shopping for Damian and Maddox.   Yesterday I spent the entire day making fudge and other things.  At one point I was baking a pecan pie, simmering chicken soup (for dinner), and stirring fudge . . . yeah, it was a lot and my back is killing me.

When I get home today I have to make an apple pie, peanut brittle, hopefully D will have made cookies like I asked him too, but then we have to decorate them, wrap presents, and hopefully take Maddox to see Santa.  I can't believe we have not taken him yet to see Santa.  I'm really disappointed that I've kept everything to the last minute.  In my defense, I have been crazy busy though.  =(

Thursday I went to my second physical therapy session.  She had me run on a treadmill while she recorded it so she could slow it down and watch it.  I have a mild heel strike stride, she said it's not bad, but since I'm having issues, I should work on changing it to a forefoot strike.  She gave me some "exercises" to do at home to teach my body how to run differently.  She also told me that my shoes are too rigid, really rigid shoes almost force your stride to be a heel strike one, and it doesn't strengthen your foot.  She's given me exercises to work on strengthening the arch of my foot as well.  She showed me how I should run, and told me that changing the way I run will work different muscles and I will have some very sore calves.

Friday we got our very first snow of the year.  It was supposed to warm up (and it did) but I expected it to be gone by the afternoon so I could go run.  When Damian got home at 2:30, it still looked like we had an inch or more of snow.  But I needed to go for a run.  Damian walks to and from school, and he said that sidewalks were pretty slick, so I thought I'd walk down to a trail where I thought there would be less foot traffic making it slick and also some tree coverage so less snow.  Ha!! The sidewalk was slick, but the trail was about 2 inches of slush.  It's a 2 mile (total) trail, but my road intersects it at one mile, so I run one way out and back and then the other way out and back, making 4 miles.  I don't know if you've ever run 4 miles in 2 inches of slush, but I would imagine it's a lot like running in a puddle, only colder, and nonstop.  My feet were FROZEN after about 5 steps.  I don't know how many times I thought about just doing the first 2 mile out and back and then heading home, but by the time I got back to my road my feet were numb used to it and I decided to go on.  Well, the other half of the trail has less trees (I forgot) so there was more slush, deeper slush and no breaks at all (because of no trees sheltering the path). 

It was the coldest, hardest run I've ever done.  I was trying to run on my forefeet, and really found it easier to run in the slush that way, but my legs got so tired.  Plus, by mile 3 my pants were soaked (not to mention my shoes and socks, which were actually soaked about 2 steps into my run) which added probably 10 lbs to my legs. 

Saturday I was going to run between shopping trips, but because Chris got off earlier than expected and Damian and I were longer than expected, I didn't have time to run.  Actually, I could have made the time, but I didn't want an angry husband while shopping, so I didn't even ask.

Yesterday the slush snow was gone, so I went for a run in the late morning.  I ran 6.5 miles, trying to run on my forefeet more often than not.  I found it's pretty easy in the beginning of the run when I'm fresh, but after about 3 miles, my calves started burning a little.  I didn't run as much on my forefoot at the end of the run, but I tried to as much as possible.  When I got home I stretched and rolled my foot (my physical therapist told me to do it right after running).  When I stood up to take a shower, I almost fell over my calves hurt so bad.  I've never been that sore so immediately after a run.  Thankfully they loosened up and didn't bother me much after my shower.  However, today they are very sore. 

One of the reasons shopping on Saturday took so long with Damian was because we wandered around quite a bit looking for Christmas ideas for ourselves.  =)  I took pictures of a few things I wanted so I wouldn't have to remember everything, and wouldn't you know it, several of my wish list items are running related. =)

 That's a fairly decent price for a Garmin, but it's also not the one I want.  I'm going to save up to get the one I do want, but if I get this one, it'll tide me over till I can afford the other.  =)
Just a super cute picture of Maddox and Chris laying with our cat.
Tomorrow is promising to be a very busy day.  We are having Christmas Eve dinner with a few friends, so we have to cook.  Plus, we have wrapping and stuff to do, so I doubt I will be on here again before Christmas.  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Treadmill vs. outside

Last Friday I had my very first physical therapy session for my foot.  Mostly it was just getting the history of why my foot hurts and when it started, she measured the strength in my legs and hips (my hips are very weak) and measured the flexibility (I think) of my ankles and feet.  She gave me minimal stretches and then an assistant did about 15 min of an ultrasound on my plantar faciitis.  I guess the ultrasound sends waves into the affected area and "tells" your body to send healing goodness to that area (at least that is what the assistant said).  I didn't feel anything.  They said it would be warm, I didn't notice any warmth.  They said it may ache a little, I didn't notice any ache. 

Last week was an extremely busy week.  After work every day except Monday we had something going on.  Tuesday we went tree shopping (which you read about here), Wednesday I had a hair appt and then we decorated the tree, Thursday we went south to Lynnwood to get our family pictures taken  (my sister, who lives in Lynnwood, has Groupon, and around this time of year they have decent picture deals, although this year wasn't nearly as good as last year's, not sure if it was the deal, or because last year was Sear's and this year was JC Penney), and then Friday was my physical therapy.  Because of the busy-ness of the week, I didn't run Tues-Thurs. 

Friday I ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill after my PT.  I seriously hate the treadmill now.  I can't believe I ever loved it.  I wonder if it's because I moved it inside and I liked the fresh air and watching the cars and people, or if it's because I moved it inside and it's now level and doesn't slope so I'm not perpetually running downhill even on an incline of 1?   I think it's both.  I've been debating about moving it back out to my carport, but making sure that I am running on at least an incline of a 2 so it isn't downhill. 

Saturday I ran outside for 5 and a half miles and it was very, very nice.  I can see why I never pushed myself running when I was going to the gym 4 or 5 years ago.  On a treadmill I'd say "I'm going to run for 30 min," I put it on a fairly easy pace and run, at the beginning I may have run 1 min, walk 5 min, but I never really pushed it farther than running for a full 30 min.  When I run outside, I want to push myself, I run for distance, never time.  I decide on how far I'm going to go and then I run it.  I run hills.  I run in the wind.  I run in the rain.  I run when it's hot.  I run when it's cold.  I hear my mapmyrun app tell me I'm running at a 9 and a half min/mile pace and I know that's too slow for me so I push myself to run faster.  I have options of where I want to go and I can cut the run short or I can go farther than I intended (I rarely cut my designated distance short).  If I get tired of one route, I can find another.  I'm not looking at the same walls, or TV all the time. 

Sunday I ran for 6 and a half miles.  Something with my mapmyrun app was screwed up and it didn't tell me miles, or split times, which I found annoying at first, but then decided to just run.  I went a little bit of a different way at the beginning, but I was going to end on my familiar route, so I knew where I needed to be in my mileage at the end to get to 6 miles (my intended distance).  I just had to look at my phone at the point where I knew I was a mile away from home to determine if I needed to tack on a little extra distance.  I didn't, I was ahead by half a mile, so that was nice. 

Even though it was annoying at first, after getting over not hearing the mileage and split times, I decided to just run comfortably.  I was happy to see that my "comfortable" pace is a 9 min/mile.  I'd like it be a little faster, but I guess I have to actually work on speed in order to speed up.  =)

At my PT appt on Friday my PT therapist asked how many miles I am currently running, I told her the week before I had run 18 miles and she said that I should not increase my mileage at this time.  However, my goal is to run 80 miles in Dec, and that really means I should be running 20 miles a week, so I may defy her and just do the 20 miles.  Last week, because I was so busy, I only ran 18.9 miles, so I now need to catch up with a little over 3 miles on top of the 37 I still need for the rest of the month.  It really is doable.  Today I'm going to run 4 on the treadmill (ugh!!)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Let me tell you about my . . .

Christmas tree.

So, we went to get a Christmas tree on Tuesday. We have started going to a Tree Farm not very far away and went there again this year. I think that their selection is getting kinda thin, because we had a really hard time finding a tree this year. They plant new ones to replace the old, but I think that they are not growing as fast as they are selling. Anyway, Damian found a tree that we all were okay with (not the best, a little sparse on one side) but we cut it down. When they measured it, it was over 8 feet tall! We can cut it down once we get home, but when we tried to put it in the car . . . it didn't fit. (Biggest tree we've ever gotten.) Anyway, we had to call a friend with a bigger car to come bail us out, but Damian needed to get to gymnastics, so Chris left me with the tree at the farm while I waited for him. The place closes at 4:30 and I was getting very worried that they would close while I was standing there waiting. But they didn't. :-)

Anyway, we got it home and decided to put it up and decorate on Wednesday. Sooooo . . . Wednesday, we found our old Christmas tree stand (one of those metal ones, ours is about 15 years old) and Chris cut down the tree so it would fit in the house. We got it in the house, got it in the stand and as soon as I twisted it so the sparse side was not facing out, the tree promptly leaned to one side and almost fell over. So we rearranged the screw things and the tree about fell over.

We discovered that one of the tree screws in the stand wasn't working right, so Chris got some real screws and screwed the stand to the tree.  When that worked, he decided he was going to screw the stand to the floor. (I was unhappy about that, but I was so done with the tree by that time.)  However, the stupid thing still wouldn't stand, even with all the screws, it kept falling over. I'm not kidding when I say that we worked on that stupid tree from 6pm to 7:45 when I finally decided to run to Walmart to get a new stand.

I got home and we finally got the stupid tree standing. We decorated it and prayed the cat would leave it alone.

That brings us to yesterday morning. I woke up and found the tree still standing, however, the cat was batting at all sorts of ornaments. I swatted her a couple times and got ready. I was sitting down drinking my coffee and cuddling with Maddox and the cat is now climbing up the tree . . . I threw her, Damian locked her in my room, and I went back to coffee and cuddling.

And then the whole damn tree fell down.  I screamed at Chris to get up, told Damian to hold the tree up, and we tried to get it upright again. It wouldn't stay up. No matter what we did. So, Chris (who still hasn't had his coffee or morning poop {I swear he's like clockwork}) starts tying the tree to the curtain rods. And the stupid thing still leans and won't stay up. We finally got it finagled (how do you spell that?) and it is standing. I was late to work, Damian just barely made it to school on time (I had to drive him). And the cat is locked up in the room until New Year's. =)

Hopefully if you click on the
picture, you can see the (pink) rope
tying the tree to the curtain rod.
As of this morning, the tree is still standing.  There was one more broken ornament found (damn cat!). 

Merry Christmas.

P.S.  I'm the worst blogger ever, I should have gotten pictures of the the screws in the tree, the tree on the ground, how far it leaned, all the glass on the floor, and all of that, but you'll just have to make do with what I did get.

Monday, December 9, 2013


My weekend was okay.  It was actually more restful that I originally thought it would be.  Damian is in gymnastics, and he competes in meets.  Since he started competing, the meets have started in January, however, this year we were told there was one in December, this last weekend, in fact.  Well, I have to drive him to all his meets, and they are usually an hour or more away.  I try to rope family members to go with me because it's a pain in the neck to go alone, and luckily my parents had been planning a visit to my sister's house in Lynnwood, so they said they would go with me.  (Lynnwood is about 45 min south of me and the meet was about 30-45 min past that.)  I was really dreading going because I would have to take Maddox, but I was looking forward to spending the day with my parents.

Well, Friday night, Chris went to pick up Damian from gymnastics and we were told that Damian wasn't competing in this meet.  This particular meet is for "newbies" and D is definitely not a newbie.  So I had a completely free day on Saturday instead.  You know what I choose to do?  Absolutely nothing.  I put on an audio book and listened to that most of the morning and early afternoon and then I took Damian coat shopping. (I'm a terrible mom, he had a nice Northface jacket that he's been wearing, but the temperatures have been 20-30 degrees and that jacket was way too thin for those temps.  Of course, now that he's got a nice wool coat, the temperatures are rising back to our customary 40 degrees this week.)

Friday I went for a 4 mile run.  I was planning on doing a longer run on Saturday, but my foot really bothered me, so I skipped it.  I did do a 6 mile run yesterday, which was really nice.  Even though it is really cold, it has been really sunny.  I guess that's how it is in the Pacific Northwest, it only gets super cold if there are no clouds.  I swear my bird bath has been frozen for a week or longer.  (I've been a little worried that it would crack, but it hasn't, knock on wood.) 

Running on cold, sunny days is not bad.  I just wish I had better cold gear, but for the most part, what I have used has been okay.  I'm cold at the beginning but I warm up.  Yesterday my legs were cold even after I had run for awhile, but I finished it okay.  My showers feel fabulous though.  =) 

Yesterday's cold weather running outfit.  =)
Maddox LOVES the movie Brave.   I don't exactly know why he loves it so much, but as soon as we put it on, he runs to the living room and sits down and watches it.  He used to sit through the whole thing and watch it, now he gets up any time there's a fight and "fights" with them.  We watch it a lot.  However, I draw the line at watching it twice in a row.  Yesterday we were at the end of the show on cable, and Maddox found the Brave DVD, took it out of the case and put it in the xbox to watch again, we hadn't even gotten to the credits yet on the cable.  I had to take a picture.  He must have pulled out Forgetting Sarah Marshal before finding Brave, cause that is under the Brave DVD, and you can see the actual DVD in the xbox behind him.  =)  (Don't mind the toilet paper, he was using that as a horse while watching Brave.)  =)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Random thoughts

I had a really bad day Wednesday.  I was extremely sad and depressed.  I don't exactly know why.  I had some sad dreams the night before and just couldn't seem to shake the feelings.  I cried several times for no reason at all.  Depression runs in my family so I was worried that for some reason I was going to be clinically depressed for awhile. 

When I was young, my Mom got very, very depressed, and I just remember her laying on the couch all day crying and watching TV, not moving at all.  I don't know how long it lasted, and I don't remember it very well, so I don't think it was very long.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling much better, thankfully.  I didn't run, but that was a planned rest day, although running may have helped my mood.  I don't know.  I'm just thankful it was a one day thing and I was back to normal yesterday.  Depression is nothing to joke about. 

You may have noticed a new thing on my blog.  I added a ticker at the top of my page showing my mileage.  I want to run 80 miles in December.  It's completely doable since I was running close to 100 a few months ago.  I figured with my foot issues and not having run a whole lot the last several months starting out slow is a good thing. 

I went to the doctor a month or so ago and got a referral for physical therapy for my foot.  However, my foot hasn't been too bad, so I haven't called them.  This week my foot has been bothering me more than in the past, so I decided to give them a call.  I have an appointment for next week.  I'm glad I called, it's a good idea to learn what I should be doing for it. 

Anyway, yesterday I wanted to get off early and go Christmas tree shopping.  However, Chris reminded me that Maddox has his speech therapy in the afternoon, so we were unable to go before dark.  I decided that I was still going to get off early though, but I was going to drink some coffee at Starbucks and read a book for an hour before going home. 

I was waiting for 3pm (the time I was going to leave) to roll around so I was wasting time reading some of my blogs (I got really, really behind last week) and then went and used the bathroom to leave.  As I was going back to my office space I suddenly thought about it and realized that I didn't want to waste all the good things I've put in my body the last 3 days for a splurge on Starbucks.  I'm not saying that I won't ever have Starbucks again, but not today.  I don't need it.  Maybe on a long run day where I have a little extra cushioning to eat something extra. 

This is one of the reasons I read so many blogs.  I started out reading mostly running blogs, some of those have changed into not really talking about running anymore, but that's okay.  I still have plenty of running blogs I read.  Recently I've added a couple that focus on healthy eating and that has really changed my focus on my eating habits.  These different blogs keep me very motivated and focused on what I am doing.  I honestly think that if I hadn't started this blog, or started reading so many others, my running would not be a serious thing.  I may (probably not) still be running after a year and 8 months, but I would never, ever have contemplated a half marathon (or any race) and I've now run 2 halfs and am thinking of running a full one next year. 

I wonder what 2014 holds in store for me.  Where will the healthy eating blogs take me?  I am so much "cleaner" than I was even 6 months ago.  Maybe reading these new-to-me blogs will motivate me even more to eat better. 

I'm pretty comfortable with my weight, but who doesn't want to lose more?  And I know I'm not as skinny as I could be.  I may not be able to get down to my low of 125 (from high school) but I'd love to get down to 140 or dare I say it? 135. 

I was just looking at my Scale Obsession page and noticed that this time last year I weighed 10 lbs heavier.  And I was having the same problem as I am now, getting rid of the 16- number, although now it's 15-. 

Yesterday I ran 4.43 miles.  I wish I had looked at the mileage before stopping, I hate stopping so close to 4 and a half miles.  Oh well, I only meant to go 4 miles.  =) 

It is getting COLD!!  Last winter was the first winter I ran and it wasn't that cold.  This week it's been in the 20's and 30's and often  by the time I am running it's around 25-27 degrees.  I realize there are other places that are colder but this girl is not used to such cold weather.  I think this winter is going to be really cold, and I'm going to need to buy some cold weather running gear. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Well, my week has been rather slow.  I have a whole lot of nothing to talk about today. 

Monday I went for a 5 mile run.  I started out thinking I'd do 5 miles, but when the time came to decide on 4 or 5, I decided on 4, and then halfway through the last mile I decided to do 5 after all, so I had to do some weaving around in the neighborhood behind my house to get to 5 miles.  =)  It turned out good.

I got home and we watched some Monday Night Football.  We are big Seahawks fans here, and not just cause they are winning this year.  I haven't always been a football fan but in the last 5 or 6 years I've started watching it more and more, and this year that's what's on the TV on Sunday (even though Chris works).  It also is something Maddox LOVES to watch.  He even plays football.

A couple weeks ago when we worked on Damian's closet we found an old Seahawks helmet that Chris had gotten him when he was 7 or 8, and now Maddox wears it all the time.  As soon as football comes on the TV, he goes and gets it and a ball and he's "hut, hut, hiking" all over the living room.  =)

Yesterday I did 4 miles, and man it got dark and cold fast!  I was able to leave my house by 4:15, but by 4:45 (about the time I was finishing) it was already almost dark and really cold.  Last year I bought a reflector vest thinking I'd use it a lot in the winter (I've only used it once because I also bought a treadmill) and I was wishing I had put it on when I left home.  I think if I run outside tomorrow (today is a rest day) I will wear it if I leave after 4 again.

I have cut out carbs again in my diet.  I felt really bloated and yucky after Thanksgiving, I think it had a lot to do with not drinking enough water.  My father-in-law has terrible water and I had a hard time drinking it. 

I was reading Gwen's blog and decided to eat more nuts.  I actually love nuts but you know, they're "supposed" to be fattening.  Anyway, with this new way of eating (less carbs more protein) I have a hard time remembering to add my food into Myfitnesspal.  I don't know if I should still count calories, or not.  When I do remember, my protein is always way above the "allotted" amount, and some days, even when I eat only veggies, fruit, and chicken, I am over my calorie limit.  So I just don't know.

Well, that's all I have for today.  I had bad dreams all night, and they really affected my mood and mind today.  =/

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving week post

I only blogged 8 times in November.  Hmmmmm, that's the lowest I've blogged since last December, which was only 6 times. 

Anyway, when I left you all almost 2 weeks ago, I hadn't run for 6 days because of my tattoo.  :-)  I ended that on Sunday the 24th (a day earlier than I was supposed to).  I went for a nice 4 mile run.  Then, because I was lazy, I didn't run on Monday and Tuesday we left for eastern WA for Thanksgiving.  I did go for a run at my parents' house on Wednesday.  It was COLD there!  I was cold here before we left with our 40 degree weather, but it was 20 degrees colder there.  Brrrr!  I didn't take my cold running pants (really, they're too big, but I probably could have figured it out).  In fact, I only took capri running pants, thinking I would only run on my parents' treadmill.  However, I didn't want to run on the treadmill, so I layered up and figured my shins would be warm enough once I got going.  (I was right).  I went to the flattest road my dad could think of in the area and went for a really, really nice 4 mile run.  It was so peaceful.  =)
 We had Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday evening at my parents' house and then Thursday morning went on to Chris's Dad's house. 

Thursday I didn't run, I just really didn't have time.  I wanted to go before we left my parents' house, but it was sooooo cold in the morning, I put it off and then Chris wanted to go RIGHT NOW.  When we got to his dad's, his family was already there, so there was no time to go then either.  I just decided to take another rest day (that made 3).  =/ 

We had a good dinner with his family.  It wasn't all his family this year, only one cousin, wife and kids included, his sister, who has cerebral palsy, and his grandparents.  If all of Chris's family (on his dad's side) get together, it's 32 people (or more).  It was nice to only have a small group this time, I talked to Chris's cousin's wife for the first time ever, even though I've met her many times.  It was very nice.

Most of Chris's dad's side of the family are hardcore conservatives, and some have even gotten into "prepping."  Chris's Dad is pretty serious about it.  He said he has 10 months worth of supplies for himself and is working on more.  Plus the guns . . . oh the guns.  They have a lot.  I won't go into the politics behind it all, but wow, I did not realize they had gotten sooo into it all.  It is interesting to listen to them, and I agree that it's safe to have supplies, but I don't think the world is going to come to an end just yet. 

Anyway, I was able to go for a 4 and a half mile run on Friday.  It was cold!  I think it was 27 degrees.  But it was (again) a very peaceful and quiet run. 
 And another 4 miles on Saturday.  However, it was the same 4 miles as on Friday, but the fog hung around all day, which made the day seem colder, even though it was a balmy 30 degrees.  The frost didn't really go away and it threatened to snow. 
 I really wished I had brought my nice warm "will run for wine" headband instead of my summery "will run for margaritas" one.  But at least I had that. 
 On Friday I had on Chris's hat (over my headband) and an underarmor type shirt.  I layered my leggings (that I wear to work) under my capris and had a wool long sleeved running shirt and my running jacket and new running gloves I hadn't tried out yet (they were nice!).  I was almost too warm so on Saturday I didn't put on Chris's hat or under shirt.  It was colder, but by the time I was done I didn't really feel it anymore.  =) 

Chris and Damian and Chris's dad pretty much played pool all weekend.  I found this picture on my phone this morning, and I don't remember taking it.  It must have been all the wine I was trying to drink to get rid of before we left on Sunday.  =)

We drove back home on Sunday, and hit some traffic over the mountains, which made for a very long drive. 

I only hit 52 miles in the month of November.  It's better than the 29 in October, but I did exercise more in October than I did in November.  In December of last year I only ran 55 miles, so this year I need to do better.  My foot still bothers me some, and I'm a little scared about upping my mileage, but I'm tired of such low numbers.  =/  December I'm going to slowly start upping my mileage.  52 miles is just too low for my liking. 

Oh . . . and to top it off, my size 8 pants are starting to feel too tight.  I haven't gained weight, but not running, I think, has made me not as slim.  =/ 

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Next up, Christmas!  =)