Friday, May 30, 2014

Serious runners

Yesterday I was looking again at my friends myfitnesspal's food diary, and then looked at mine.  Who am I to judge if she has a Mountain Dew for breakfast?  I have 2 cups of coffee every morning for breakfast (the accepted way to take caffeine in the morning) but my creamer comes out to 140 calories, 20g of sugar, and  (surprisingly) 60g of sodium.  Her Mt. Dew comes out to 110 calories, 31g of sugar, and 40g of sodium.  I even get the added bonus of 6g of fat and she has none.  They are really not that much different, I beat her in the calories, and she beats me in the sugar.  Anyway, I'm sorry for ranting about it on Wednesday.  It wasn't my place.  I only have to worry about me, not her.  I have definitely had pizza for lunch and/or dinner, and Wednesday night I even had Chinese (yum! it's been a long time).

Wednesday after work I had to do a fast 5 miles.  I forgot that Maddox had an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting for is speech therapy and Damian had a baseball game.  I decided I was tired of my regular route, so decided to do a trail I don't do very often.  The trail is 4 miles out and back and then it is 0.43 miles from my house, so that totals only 4.86 miles, I was trying to think of where to tack on the extra 0.14 miles and thought I had a good idea, but when I got home the total was only 4.91 miles.  Normally I'll just run up past my house a little ways to get to my desired number, but I was in a hurry, so I didn't do that.

Yesterday, because of the Chinese food I had eaten on Wednesday night, I was a little worried about my weight.  I didn't feel any more bloated than normal, but I was psyching myself up to see 147 (remember when I talked about bracing to see 150, now I'm doing it for 147).  Well, I was only 144.6 this morning, which is actually what I was on Tuesday morning, so I think I'm okay with that.  Chinese food has so much sodium and other stuff, that I'm happy that is all it was.  And today I was 144.0, which is a total win in my book.

Yesterday I added a little to my run to make sure I made up for the just-under-5-miles on Wednesday.  And this morning I got up and did a quick 4 miles, and that puts me at 100.87 miles ran for May.  =)  Perfect.  After I hit "publish" on this, I'm headed out to go to eastern WA for the weekend and won't be running at all this weekend.

When I'm running I see lots of bikers.  It's obvious which ones are the "serious" bikers, the ones that do a million miles a week and are really into it.  They are the ones that have the fancy bike outfit on, they're always wearing a helmet, and usually have some sort of pack on their back for water.  They ride in the bike lane or on the road and they barely look at me, some lowly runner.  Then there are the leisurely bike riders, they're not usually wearing a helmet, they sometimes have jeans on, and they are riding a bike (like mine) that is obviously not a "fancy-schmancy" bike.  (I don't have any problem with either of these types, I just notice the difference.) 

Last Sunday on my long run, I was thinking about the bikers I pass.  And I realized that I feel like the second group, the "leisurely" bikers, when I run, especially long runs.  An "imposter" that is only playing at being a "serious" runner.  I often wonder what other people think as they pass me, people in a car, walking, running, biking.  Do they see a "serious" runner, someone who's ran 2 half marathons and several other smaller runs?  Or do they just see some lady out for a "jog?"  Honestly, it doesn't bother me, I run.  I know how much I run and I know what I can do and what my goals are.  But I do wonder is it as obvious as the bikers?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A long rant that pretty much ends with . . . I lost weight. =)

Chris took a couple pictures of me yesterday while I was on my lunch break, and I really like them, so I'm being vain and sharing.  =)

I struggle quite a lot in my head with being happy with how I look right now (and 7lbs ago) (meaning I am happy with how I look) and wondering how much more weight I can lose.  I am happy I've lost 7 lbs in 2 months, I was pretty happy at 150lbs, I'm ecstatic to be down to 143.8 (this morning).  I wonder if I can get down into the 130's, a thought that 10lbs ago I never would have had.  I also wonder, however, how much people reading this really care. 

I find it interesting that at 177 I felt fat and always wanted to cover my stomach with a blanket or a pillow and now in the mid-140's I still feel that way at times.  Especially on the weekend.  How can I feel just as fat as I felt when I was 30 lbs heavier?  It's odd.  Lately, I lay in bed in the morning before I go to the bathroom (if I can wait) and try to decide if I feel fat today or not.  Do I feel bloated and heavier than normal, or do I feel skinny?  Trying to assess what the scale will say this morning, will it be up, or will it be down?  Today I couldn't decide.  Yesterday I felt bloated, but the scale said I was not.  Today the scale again said I was not.

That being said, I lost weight this week, happily.  I have added a few sugars (chocolate) back in my diet and a few wheat items, not many of either, but enough that I don't feel like I'm going to go attack a donut shop and eat all the donuts.  =)  I have not had any candy at work, so that is a success. 

I am friends with several people on Myfitnesspal that I know personally.  (My name is cathyjanew, if you want to "friend" me.)  They post that they have completed their diary for the day and are "under their calorie goal" and then they post that they have lost Xlbs "since their last weigh in" and I get so frustrated.  It is hard for me to see other people who I feel haven't worked as long as me, post that they have lost so much weight in such a short time, 15, 20, and 32 lbs.  It's frustrating to me that it has taken me over 2 years to lose 30 lbs.

It's easy to forget that people lose weight different ways.  I was never as heavy as those three friends that have lost so much in such a short time.  It's easy for me to look at my stats and think that I suck at this because it's taken so long.  (I also get frustrated that one friend has logged in for 75 days in a row, when my feed says only 45, but I did log in one day and MFP didn't recognize it so the next day set me back to 0, I should be at around 85 or 90 days.)  (Oh the little things I obsess about.)

I was looking at one friend's food diary (hers is public) and yesterday she had a Mt. Dew for breakfast, pizza and breadsticks and 2 20 oz Root Beers for lunch, and then another Mt. Dew as a snack and she's still losing weight.  I need to stop obsessing about MFP.  I think it could become toxic.  I log my food and I should not pay attention to what others log, it only frustrates me. 

With that rant aside, I am super happy I lost some more weight.  I am actually under 145, and that is amazing to me.  My "unattainable" goal of 140 is actually only 3.8 lbs away.  =)  I also decided to take measurements today and I lost another inch in my waist and an inch in my thighs.  So, now my goal is to be around 144 next Monday, and lose some more weight on Wednesday.  It may be trickier this weekend because I'm going to eastern WA.  We will most likely have fast food for lunch on Friday, then Saturday is my cousin's son's graduation party, and Sunday is my uncle's 70th birthday party.  I always drink less water when I go over there because it's annoying to have to stop every half hour to use the bathroom. 

Well, I think I've rambled enough about a lot of nothing.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more to say.  =) 

I'm curious what others think.
Do you find yourself obsessing over silly little things?
Do you think that all these weight loss apps and websites can become more toxic than good?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Potty training

I hope you all (Americans) had a great 3 day weekend.  Mine was very relaxing.  I read 2 and a 1/2 books, and did a lot of nothing.  Yesterday I did some cleaning, mostly Maddox's room and the living room, but that's about as productive as I got.  I cooked dinner all three nights, but that was easy.

The one thing I did that was the most productive, although I didn't do much, was start potty training Maddox.  =)  I've been waiting for a 3 day weekend so that I could start, that gives him 6 full days of full on training, without having to worry about daycare.  (Chris has Tues-Thurs off.)  I have to say, I think he was ready.  We had 3 accidents the first two days, and they were the first and second pee of the day on Saturday, and then the first pee of the day on Sunday.  He got the hang of it very quickly . . . as long as he was running around with no pants on.  Monday I put underwear on him, and I think he would forget that it wasn't diapers, and he would start to go, and then stop and run to the potty.  And then I put pants on him for no more than 15 min (probably less) and he had a full out mess . . . 2 times, the second even soaking his shoes (yuck).  (At least there was no poop.)

Today Chris has him, and I haven't heard about any accidents, but I do know he pooped in the potty chair for the first time. (This is exciting for me)(I didn't have to clean it up.)  All of this will be tested this weekend when we go to eastern WA.  I'm thinking a diaper in the car for the ride over, and then we'll see how it goes while we're there.  Definitely going to bring diapers though.  Plus, he's still using them for his naps and bedtime.

You know, I was a lazy mother with Damian.  I actually didn't potty train him.  I think the daycare did it all.  He was 4, and suddenly he was going to the bathroom.  (Not really my proudest moment as a parent) This means I have no real experience potty training.  I was a little worried about it, but I think Maddox is ready and he's doing great so far.  This is way better than the attempt last fall.  That failed miserably. 

I managed to get in all my scheduled runs this weekend.  Friday I ran the 6 miles I meant to run on Thursday, 5 miles on Saturday, 8 and a half miles on Sunday, and another 5 miles yesterday.  That leaves me with 13 and a half miles left to get 100 miles for May.  Totally doable.  I'm taking today off as a rest day, then planning on running 5 miles Wed-Fri and Saturday off.  That should put me at 101.5 miles for the month.  =)  I may only run 4 on Friday, and I'll still be at goal.  I'm going to eastern WA Friday morning, so a short run might be better. 

I was planning on running in eastern WA, but one of the biggest reasons we (my sister Nancy and I) are going over there is to get our family tattoos touched up.  We are the only ones that need them touched up.  Mine is so faint, you'd think it had been exposed to years and years of sun, but it hasn't.  I don't think the sun has seen it at all, and I'm good at putting sunscreen on it anyway.  I think the scab just wore off too soon because of where it is.  =(  Anyway, because of where it is, under arm on my bicep, I don't think I'll be able to run on Saturday, and maybe not Sunday either.  I don't remember how long I took off after I did it the first time, I know I took longer on my foot because I couldn't wear socks.

The weather got cooler here this weekend.  It even rained some.  On Friday I was really looking forward to running in the rain, but by the time I got home, it was done raining.  =(  I've been so discouraged about my slow runs that on Saturday I decided to run hard and try to get every mile in the 8.xx min/mile range.  It was a 5 mile run, and luckily it wasn't hot out.  It was overcast and in the low 60's.  I did it, but just barely.  I was pretty tired after mile 3, so I slowed down, and mile 4 was just barely in the 8.xx range.  I kinda wish I had sped up just a little for the 4th mile, because then I would have had negative splits for the whole run.  Oh well.  =)  I felt awesome after the run, even though it felt hard while I was running.
Sunday I managed 8 and a half miles.  I was going to rest on Monday, but a friend sent me a link on Facebook to run for Memorial Day (I, of course, can't find the exact spot now) but it asked you to pledge your miles on Monday to fallen service members, so I did.  I pledged 5 miles and then ran it.

Maddox discovered the camera on my phone this weekend.  He spent a lot of time taking "selfies" and then scrolling through my pictures.  The ones below aren't even half of what he took.  A lot of them were just his hair, but they are cute nonetheless. =)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Welcome rain????

It's raining this morning.  I am a little scared about it.  You want to know why?  Because I actually looked out the window and saw the rain and was happy it was raining.  That is western WA mentality and I pride myself on being an eastern Washingtonian.  I hate the rain.  However, we have had quite a bit of a dry spell (for here) and the mugginess was driving me crazy.  I don't mind running in the rain, and am actually looking forward to this afternoon's run (if it continues). 

Yesterday was another humid run.  I think it's the humidity that's killing me, not necessarily the heat.  It's not that hot out.  Some days high 60's and others low 70's, that's not that hot.  I realized today when I saw the rain that it's the humidity.  I hate it.  It may be why I feel like I'm slugging through mud when I run. 

I was going to run 6 miles yesterday and in my head I mapped out an add-on to my 4 mile run that I was sure would get me to 6 miles.  I wanted to do the 4 mile route because I wasn't sure how I would feel while I was running.  I lost my voice yesterday and sound like a 70 yr smoker if I can get sound out.  I haven't been feeling badly, just my throat the last several days and yesterday my voice.  Anyway, I wanted to make sure that I could abort my run if I needed to early (I guess I could have turned around on any route and "aborted").  I felt fine while I was running, and actually didn't have much pain with my throat while breathing through my mouth, so I decided to do that add-on.  I calculated wrong in my head though and only got (almost) 5.5 (5.43) miles.  Normally I would run past my house and end on 5.5 or more, but with the humidity, I just stopped. 

I have gone all week with no sugar.  I've been sooooo tempted, several times, but I have managed it.   I've also gone 2 weeks with no wheat, other than last weekend with the tortilla on the chicken enchilada and the flour and bread crumbs in the meatballs.  Then this morning I had half a donut.  Honestly though, I'm kinda okay with that.  I was thinking about it, and I don't eat much wheat anymore.  Only the occasional tortilla and occasional donut or pastry, every once in a blue moon a piece of bread.  It's easy to turn down spaghetti (Chris makes it regularly) because I don't like it, but sometimes I'll have a little pasta in some dish or other.  None of those things are regulars in my diets (not even the donuts, those are special treats).  The sugar/chocolate is where I was getting out of hand but I'm not ready to give up all chocolate/sugar completely.  I'm just not.  I think, as long as I stay away from the candy in the office (and that will be a non-issue in a few weeks anyway) I will be okay with the occasional piece at home.  (As long as it doesn't all bombard my house all at once like the last month.)
My very favorite donut!
This week my weight has been all over the place.  I've been good, no breads, no sugars and one day I was 147 and the very next day down to 144.2.  I don't know what caused the spike (and how interesting that I'm disappointed in a 147 when a few weeks ago that was an exciting number to me).  This morning I was 143.2 (jump up and down excited!). 

I now need a new belt, and the pants I just bought this winter with my mom and sister (I think they might be an 8) I can pull off without unbuttoning.  I don't think I'm an size 8 because I still have several pants that are a 10 that I wear all the time and I can't do that with, but I always need a belt with those pants.  I'd really like to go shopping and try on some other pants and see what size I am.  I MUST be an 8 now, right?

I am going to continue with my no wheat and no sugars for the most part.  But I am going to allow myself to have something here and there.  Tomorrow morning, I'm going to have a full donut.  (I bought them for a group at work, and then no one showed up to the group.)  My sons will devour the rest, but I am going to eat the one I'm saving for myself.  And I will allow myself one chocolate in the evening (probably not every evening) with my wine.  I guess if I start gaining again I'll reevaluate this.

My sister and I were talking about chocolate the other day.  She has never been a chocolate lover. She works at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) managing the travel arrangements for all the scientists.  Those scientists often bring her back European chocolate, and she said that stuff is amazing.  She said that one guy she works with is crazy about chocolate and won't leave it alone, his dr told him to eat European chocolate because it's healthier and satisfies you better.  I think I believe her because I bought a box of Belgian chocolates right after Valentine's Day in Costco and they are honestly the best chocolates I've ever had.  And it's very easy to eat just one.  In fact, I still have 5 or 6 pieces left, and that's unheard of for me.  So that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to splurge on more expensive chocolate (it will last longer, so it probably will be cheaper in the long run) and eat it conservatively.  =)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Slowing down (not on purpose)

Maddox playing in the water spray from the leak in the hose.
My finished garden (there are plants, they are just hard to see).
Yesterday my post was long enough so I didn't want to add more, but I did a full week without wheat.  It wasn't very hard for me, to be honest.  There was a time when it would have been almost impossible, but I've cut back so much on it, that I didn't even notice it much.  On Saturday though I did make chicken enchiladas for dinner, and that had tortillas.  I ate one of those, then Sunday I made meatballs, and that required breadcrumbs and some flour for the gravy, and I ate those.  Monday Papa Murphy's (a take and bake pizza place) was donating $2 per pizza to the Oso Relief Fund, so we got 2 pizzas.  I ate 2 pieces of pizza. 

As of Saturday (I think)  I've been sugar free, other than what is in my creamer for my coffee (which admittedly is a lot).  Maybe some day I'll wean myself off of that creamer and only use half and half or real cream, but that won't happen soon.  Chris likes his coffee way too strong and we don't have the luxury of separate coffeemakers (or a Keurig, which I would LOVE).  Work is the hardest for me to stay away from the candy, so it's good that I started over the weekend.  However, this week one of my groups is having donuts, and I don't know if I'll be able to resist them, especially since I'm buying them.  =/

I have noticed that I'm getting slower when I run.  I don't know why.  I'm not doing anything different.  In April I started doing intervals, but I only did them 3 times, and I was already faster than I am now before I started doing the intervals.  In April I had only a handful of 9+ min/mile runs, and in May I've only had 3 under 9+ min/mile runs.  Yesterday I pulled out a 8:57min/mile, but only because I ran an 8:24 on my last mile, the rest were all above 9 min.  I'm frustrated by this.  I'm not looking forward to my runs at all, they feel harder than they have in the past and I feel like one of those sayings that is all over Facebook and Pinterest. 
I know, I'm still running, but I was really enjoying my mid-8 min/mile times.  Other than Saturday and yesterday when I ran with this sore throat (and Saturday I had a lot of pressure in my head) there is no difference at all from April in my running.  Maybe it's the temperatures?  It has been a fairly warm May here, not a ton of rain, and many sunny days. 

So I did go for a 4 mile run yesterday, and my head didn't bother me, but man, my throat hurt.  I started spitting a lot so I didn't have to swallow the saliva because breathing through my mouth made my throat feel like it was on fire.  I'd like to go for a longer run today, was even thinking about 6 miles, but I feel about the same today, so I don't know if I can handle that far. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ode to pants

On Friday Chris was helping a friend pickup his RV at a shop and he noticed the check engine light come on (again).  So when they got to the shop, they very nicely did their check engine light diagnosis thing and it turns out we had a major problem with the turbo engine (we have a Dodge Neon SRT4, which is kinda a racing car, which we have never raced).  Anyway, he was told to not accelerate too fast or it could "blow the engine" and not to drive it too much, just home and then to the Dodge shop to get it repaired.  So I was stuck on Saturday in my old 1989 Toyota.  I tell you, that car will last forever.  However, we don't drive it much, and their is something wrong with the taillights.  The wiring is messed up and there are no brake lights (I know, very bad), we keep talking about getting it fixed, but we usually only think about it when the Dodge is out of commission and we are forced to drive the Toyota, so it doesn't get done.  It really needs to be done, especially since that is the car Damian will be driving when he gets his license this fall.

On Saturday I got sick.  =(  I ran for 5 miles on Saturday and felt like my head was going to explode.  I seriously could only think about getting home, eating an apple, and laying down.  I felt terrible.  When I got home I grabbed an apple (I don't know why that sounded so good) and took a shower.  It's the first time I've ever eaten an apple in the shower.  =)  I've had water, wine, milk in the shower, but never food. 

Anyway, after my shower (and some ibuprofen) I felt better and did some stuff around the house, well, actually outside the house.  Damian and I had some errands to do, get tabs for both cars, drop some stuff off at Goodwill, get some food for Damian's baseball double header on Sunday (which was 2 hours away), and get his hair cut.  I wanted to go to the library but I thought the little driving I did do, was pushing my luck, so I didn't go.  (And I forgot the books at home today which is frustrating because I work right across the street from the library.)  When Chris got home we moved dirt.  We had 3 planter boxes, one was made from old wood I found in our falling down shed, and with our car problems we decided to save a little money and just consolidate the dirt we had into 2 boxes and not use the third.

Sunday I felt AWFUL so I mostly just laid on the couch all day.  However, my poor plants needed to be planted, so I did go outside for a little while and plant my vegetables.  =)  I am excited about it, and a little worried that we don't have enough space for everything to grow.  I may have to take out some plants so there is enough room.  It was so hard to throw out some of the little shoots that I had grown that I didn't have room for.  It's like they finally get their shot and I threw them away.  (Yes, I put human emotions on plants.) (Don't judge, I do it to everything.)  (especially stuffed animals)  Anyway, the garden looks awesome and I can't wait for the plants to get bigger.  =)  I've only ever had flower gardens, so this is exciting to me. (Yes, I grew up on a farm, no my mom (she was raised a city girl) did not plant anything, ever, and my dad was too busy, you know, farming.)

I didn't run Sunday or yesterday.  I stayed home from work yesterday (actually sick).  I'm feeling better today, so I'm planning on running this afternoon.

When I was grabbing clothes to take to Goodwill I came across several pairs of pants that had sentimental value to me.  Honestly, if I let myself I could totally become a hoarder.  It was really hard to part with these pants (human emotions attached to pants + sentimental value = hoarder) 

So I have an Ode to Pants for you.  Since I can't write poetry (and you wouldn't want to read it anyway) you're stuck with pictures.  =)  (Damian took these pictures, they aren't the best quality, nor, as you can see, do I completely look my best.)  =)

 These black pants . . . wow, they were the hardest to let go.  They look like they fit here, and really, they probably do, but they are stretchy.  I wore these pants for years and years and years.  I don't even remember when I bought them.  They were my "go to" nice pants when I gained weight.  I didn't want to buy new ones because I didn't want to admit I had gained weight.  Instead I wore these.  I even wore them while I was pregnant . . . a lot.  When I got too big for them to fit around my tummy (while pregnant), I rolled them under my tummy.  They never got "too" tight, even though they were probably skin tight at my heaviest.  They were starting to wear in the thigh area, but they never wore through, which is really surprising because I had jeans that I wore through in the thigh area (many pairs) but these pants stayed tough.  I'm not kidding, I was very sad to let them go . . . but I did. I almost kept them . . . but I didn't.
 Nancy and I shop together and these were a pair that we both bought.  I liked them because the pant leg folded up and also could be worn as capri style pants.  These were my "big" pants, I counted on them to be my comfortable summer pants.  They were comfy and light and I started to outgrow them.  They had got so tight that I had to quit wearing them because the button kept popping open.  In fact, I thought maybe it was because of how old they were, the button must not hold as well anymore.  Nope!  I had just gotten too big for them. 
These pants were sooooo soft.  I wore these a lot.  I probably had them over 10 years, I'd say close to 15 years.  I definitely had them when I worked at the group home for foster kids in my early to mid-20's.  I loved the pocket on the side, we were required to carry a walkie talkie and it fit perfectly in that pocket.  I wore these pants a lot for that job.  The button in the back came off early on in the pant's life and I kept that button forever, always meaning to sew it back on, but never getting around to it.  In fact, I could probably find it now if I wanted to waste some time looking for it.  These pants also got too tight.  In fact, I started getting a "camel toe" in these pants, so I quit wearing them.  I never started wearing them again after I lost weight, and now they are too big. 

I definitely get sentimental over clothes.  Especially ones that I wore a lot, or liked a lot.  I once kept a size 8 pair of pants with the tag still on them because I was determined to fit into them.  I had bought a pair of slacks that I loved, but there was something wrong with them and I took them back to the store.  They were out of the specific ones I wanted, so I got a different pair, however, if you've ever been shopping you know how much sizes differ between brands, so the size 8 pair I got didn't fit like the size 8 pair I had returned.  I had just lost a bunch of weight after having Damian so I was sure I would get small enough to wear the new pair.  I didn't.  Instead, I stayed the same weight for awhile and then started gaining again.  I probably had those pants for 5 years, at least, very likely more, before finally donating them to Goodwill . . . with the tag still attached.  I wonder if they'd fit now . . . ; )

I also gave away all my maternity clothes.  I had hoped to have another baby after Maddox, but I'm getting older and I'm not sure I want to go through baby-hood and then toddler-hood again.  I guess it's probably time that I clean out Maddox's clothes.  I kept a small amount of his clothes (my very favorite outfits) for "just in case."  I kept toys that were Damian's until he was 10, when I finally had a yard sale and sold them all off.  I then got pregnant 2 years later, and wished I hadn't sold all the cool stuff (like the outdoor play thing).  Oh well.  ; )  In my old age I'm going to be a hoarder, I can see it.  It scares me, I force myself to throw things out because I don't want to be a hoarder, but often it's hard.  (It also runs in my family.  My mom has toys in their original box that I played with as a kid, but she's not bad, no my aunts are horrible hoarders.)

Friday, May 16, 2014

A project, my weight today and some selfies

On Wednesday I stayed home from work.  It was kind of a planned sick day, but then my son really did get sick.  Go figure.  I thought maybe it was allergies, but my sister suggested maybe a sinus infection so yesterday he went to the dr and he has a pretty bad ear infection.  Poor guy.  =(

On my "sick" day Chris and I went to Lowe's and bought some wood and then proceeded to make planter boxes.  (I realize that the middle of May is kinda late to be doing this, but I'm just happy it got done, I've wanted a garden for many, many years.)  Anyway, we worked out in the sun (it got up to 76 degrees) and I drank lots of water.  Our planter boxes look really great and I can't wait to get the dirt.  I have dying seedlings that need more room for their little roots to grow!

We also noticed a really bad caterpillar problem in one of our trees.  While we were at Lowe's getting wood, we also bought "pest spray."  I really like catepillars, I think they are very cool looking and I love butterflies, but they were literally tearing up our tree.  I noticed them last weekend, there were at least 5, possibly more, nests of them in the one tree.  The first picture is one of the nests Chris cut down, not even the biggest one.  And the second one is all the catepillars on the ground after we sprayed.  

While we were working I had some Malibu and mango juice and for dinner, a glass of wine.  I was a little worried about weighing in yesterday morning.  I didn't go all out and eat and drink a ton, but definitely more alcohol than I've had since last Friday.  Anyway, my weight was up to 145.6, which I will gladly accept.  Usually I eat pretty poorly (more than I should) on Wednesday nights. 

I tend to get into a thought process of, "wow! my hard work really paid off this week.  Now that my official weigh in is over, I can relax a little for several days."  I'm trying not to allow myself to think that way this time. 

Yesterday when I got home Chris asked our neighbor (the creepy one, which you can read about here, here, and here) if he would be willing to drive him to get some dirt from a nursery.  (He asked the neighbor because we don't know anyone else with a truck.)  Anyway, they got one yard yesterday and put it in the planter boxes.  Hopefully today we can get the rest and finish up the project.  =)

So today my weight is 145.0.  =)  Lowest number I've seen along this 2+ year journey.  =)  So now I guess my goal is to BE GOOD this weekend and keep it low.  I have a problem with "being good" food and drink wise over the weekend. I want to be 145 on Monday (or lower) and get even lower on my official weigh in on Wednesday. 

I just looked at my license and noticed something.  I am official the same weight as what it says, 145.  =)  Awesome!

Wednesday morning I went for a run early.  I knew that if I waited I either wouldn't do it, or it would be too hot.  And if I didn't do it Wednesday, I would have to do it Thursday and it was predicted to be even warmer Thursday.  Chris wanted to get started on our gardening adventure early, so I had to go out the door by 9am.  I did my run, but I still felt sluggish.  It was about 65 degrees when I ran, which is still kinda warm to run in.  However, it usually doesn't feel as hot as I did yesterday, so I don't know.  Yesterday was a rest day.  The forecast had said Thursday was going to be the hottest day of the week, so I definitely didn't want to run then.  I'm glad I didn't because the temperature when I got off work was 74.

We also bought a barely used air conditioner a few months ago and installed it in Maddox's room yesterday.  It was so nice to go into the house and actually have it be cooler than outside.  We have to have fans set up to blow the air into the living room, but I think it worked great.  I'm excited to have air conditioning again.  Western Washingtonians think that they don't need air conditioning because it only gets really hot for about one month, however, that one month is usually unbearable inside. 

After we were home and done with everything (Damian had a really late baseball game) D and I were sitting on the couch together and I decided to take some pictures.  =)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weigh in and gadgets

Today I took some time off work.  I need to use my sick time before my job ends and so I am.  I am going to enjoy the sun and work on my garden, that needs to be worked on desperately.  We have seedlings sprouting with no where to put them. 

So Monday I told you I weighed in at 148.4 (right?).  I have been eating extremely healthy, except for the 3-4 small sized chocolate pieces I've had daily.  Yesterday I weighed in at 146.2.  Seriously?  I was super excited but didn't allow myself to get to hyped up as today is my official weigh in.  So what is my weight today? ...........145.2!!!  Woohoo!  That's 2.4 lbs just since Monday!  How exciting. 

The weather has been really fantastic this week.  But I am getting tan lines.  I dislike tan lines, specifically sock lines and capri lines.  Last year, about this time, I started going to a tanning bed to avoid them, which I may end up doing again, but I'm not ready to yet.  I feel like that completely defeats the purpose of sunscreen.  I put it on before I run, but I tan really, really easily and I'm already noticing faint sock lines.  The other line I'm noticing is in my elbow crease.  I have a nice little triangle in my elbow crease (or is it elbow pit?) and I hate it.  I've thought about using some self tanner just in the spots that are white, but I've seen horrible self tanner stories, in person and on TV (too orange or one lady in Walmart that I saw personally had awesome handprints on the back of her legs). 
Or I could look like an oompa loompa
I use a phone case that goes on my upper arm, but I'm worried about having a white stripe there too, so far I haven't noticed it, and I started switching arms halfway through my runs, but it's really annoying on my right arm because I'm so used to it on my left one.  Anyway, I'm thinking of buying one of these
But they're a little expensive and I'm worried that it will slip or be too bulky. 

This summer I will have to figure out carrying water, which that won't work for, but I'll have to do something if I'm going to start training for a full marathon.  I could just wait to see what I buy for hydration and see if I can get something that will also hold my phone. 

Speaking of marathon training, I also want to get a Garmin watch.  I'd really like the newest, fanciest one, but then I was thinking last week that maybe it'd be silly to get the newest model, and why not just get a basic one as my first one. Plus, they're much cheaper. 
$179.99 (and look at the fun colors!)

I think I could afford the $180 one much easier than the $400 one.  ; )  (That is totally going to give me a new tan line.)

Yesterday I went for a run after work.  The weather here has been in the 70's, which I'm loving, but not so much while I run.  Yesterday the temperature was around 74 while I was running and I was boiling.  I realize that lots of people run in much warmer temps, but for me that is hot for a run.  I felt drained after my run, my legs were heavy and I just wanted to sit and do nothing.  Today I'm running in the morning before it gets too warm.  =)  (This was written early, by the time it posts, I'll have finished my run and will be working outside.) 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Wheat free-for now

Well, after a crappy feeling week last week, mostly because of what I ate (and drank), I decided to try to go wheat free for the next week, maybe longer and see what happens.  Last Wednesday I weighed in at 147.8, but by Friday I was back up to 150.X. I started doing the wheat free "thing" Friday, but we had a friend come over and I ended up drinking too much.  I did much better the rest of the weekend and this morning I was back down to 148.4, this is a nice change from the last several months where I've gained weight over the weekend and then am trying to get back to the previous weeks weight (not even focusing on losing more).  I know that eating well, and not drinking "too much" really helps my weight, so it just might be that.
I have noticed that I am not that attached to wheat.  Over the last year I have drastically cut back on all wheat products, and most other grains as well (I eat corn about once a week), so I've noticed the last 3 days that I don't really crave it.  When I do eat it, it's often because it's so handy.  Afternoon snack?  I'll have a couple crackers.  Feeding Maddox? I'll have a bite or two of his noodles.  Hungry?  I'll make a quick sandwich (although I don't do that hardly at all anymore). 
What I have noticed that I crave is sugar.  I have not committed to going sugar-free yet, and I doubt I will be 100% sugar free, ever.  It's been especially hard because I like a little chocolate with a glass of wine in the evening so I usually have that in my house.  We just saw Chris's Mom since before Christmas a week ago, and she gave us our Christmas gift which was a couple bags of chocolates.  So I notice that I want sugar, regularly.  That one will be a hard one to give up, much harder than the wheat.  And really, my love for donuts falls into the sugar category way more than the wheat category.  (Tomorrow is another "drug breakfast" so I will face the biggest wheat-free challenge then, with bagels, donuts or whatever they bring.)
So, my plan is to go a week, maybe 2, without wheat/grains.  Then maybe next week to take out (most) sugar.  And then I can see where I am from there.  I will admit my biggest motivation is to lose the last 10+ lbs I have hanging on.  So I don't know if this will be a forever thing.  I guess time will tell.
I have also been fighting a lack of motivation to go running.  I totally skipped my run on Friday (intervals on the treadmill) and then almost skipped my run Saturday.  In fact, I had decided to skip it, but got dressed anyway and ended up doing it. 
Yesterday was Mother's Day here, and Damian made me breakfast.  I needed to clean the kitchen, so I did that, and then went outside to do some yardwork and let Maddox play before his nap.  When I came inside I fell asleep for about 30 min on the couch.  I woke up and decided to skip my run, I was planning 9 miles, but then I got up and got dressed for a run.  I decided to do only 5-6 miles, but the run felt so good that I decided to do 7 (actually, that's a lie, I was aiming for 6.5 and ended up with 7).  =)  After my run Chris was home for work so he took the boys to go shopping (he's the king of procrastination) and I was left with the house to myself.  I grabbed my book and went outside, because the day was gorgeous! and sat outside reading.
When they came home they went in to cook dinner and I stayed outside with Maddox.  I lit a fire in my fire pit and enjoyed the evening.  It was a great day. =)

The flowers are from my yard and they smell fabulous!  =)

The first picture is cute of Maddox, but I LOVE the face on Ari (the cat) in the second one.  He looks pissed!  But he's soooo good with Maddox, hardly ever scratching him, and lets Maddox manhandle him all the time.  =)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crappy food = overly tired = bad decision making

I found a new blog . . . I keep adding blogs to read and then I get way behind because I have so many and I don't have enough time in the day to read them all.  I got caught up yesterday, but everyone posts, so now I have 8 more posts to read.  =)  #firstworldproblems (cuz everyone loves hashtags)

Anyway, the new blog I started reading is An Evolution in Body, Mind and Spirit written by Anna Down Under.  I really like reading from the beginning of weight loss blogs, seeing their story and how they got where they are now, so I started hers from the beginning.  She is doing the "Dr. Poon diet" that I've read about in Leigh's blog and having great results.  It's another low carb, no grains diet (lifestyle).  I have been half-heartedly attempting no grains but have allowed them to stay in my diet to a small extent. 

Last night Chris was going to cook a pork dish (that I love) but then he decided to instead go get junk food from the store and make that.  Chicken wings (which aren't that bad), mozzarella sticks, pizza bread, chicken strips (which I didn't eat) and then I made popcorn.  I ate all of it, except the chicken strips, and a lot of wine.  I slept terribly last night, and I was super tired this morning.  So tired, that when I realized we had a drug rep bringing breakfast I ended up getting half a donut and half a cinnamon roll.  (My defenses are always horrible when I'm tired and we all know that donuts are my downfall.)  Oh, and I forgot, I had a piece of toast with my eggs this morning.  (In my defense, my hard boiled eggs weren't "hard boiled" but more like extremely runny [think overeasy] and I just couldn't stomach the eggs without something to soak up the yolk.  I'm running out of eggs and not going shopping for a few days so I didn't want to waste them.)

Anyway, I was reading Anna's blog and thinking how crappy I felt when I started thinking maybe it was the crappy food I ate.  Gwen would say absolutely.  And honestly, I kinda think she's right.  When I don't eat grains, I feel much better than when I do eat them.  Today is living proof. 

So, even with this "proof" that I feel crappy after that type of food, am I ready to 100% commit?  No, not really.  I realize those that follow this lifestyle would tell me that I am thinking with the addiction to grains still telling me I need them, and maybe they are right, but . . . I'm not ready to give up donuts . . . or chocolate (not that I actually eat donuts very often, not even once a month usually, however, I have several times this week, but that is unusual). 

Anyway, yesterday I ran 4 miles.  It was a really hard run for me.  I was overly tired and my legs felt heavy.  My foot hurt (from the plantar faciitis I still struggle with) and my shin splints were really bad.  It was just not a good run.  (This was before all the bad food, by the way.)  After my run we went outside and sat in our new sitting area (I did it a few weeks ago and we haven't had a lot of sun to utilize it as much as I'd like).  Here are a few pictures from my small garden that I took last evening.  =)

Today I'm taking a rest day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Picture post

Not much to talk about today, but I have some pictures from my last week or so that I've finally been able to get on my computer so I can post here.  So here are the "missing photos" of the past week or so.  =)

The hike on 5/1

After Maddox jumped in the lake.

My cousin's son, he's 17, and until this trip
 I had never really talked to him.  He's super
smart and super funny.**

My mom
Damian and my cousin's other son, he's 18 and about to graduate,
and very gay.  He's simply fabulous!  =) **
Pictures my aunt took.
The finisher tshirt (my aunt took this for a friend)
Damian and Maddox.  I have a picture of D at about Maddox's
age on my dad's lap on the lawn mower.
Bedtime stories

**I don't care for my cousin very much, in fact, I really can't stand him and have zero respect for him.  But after hanging out with 2 of his 4 kids (he's got a 20 year old daughter with 2 kids and another on the way and a 14 year old son), I think the 2 boys I hung out with this weekend were really kinda great kids, despite their upbringing and complete and utter lack of parenting.  (I don't hold out much hope for the daughter, I think she's too far gone, but maybe the 3rd son will turn out okay.)

Yesterday I ran 5 miles.  I really didn't want to, but the sun made an appearance, so I try to maximize all sunny days, so I ran.  Today is supposed to be a rest day, but again, the sun is out, so I may run.  I will have to talk to Chris and see if he is planning on going to metal detect.  (Wednesday is his designated day).

I think I forgot to mention that I made my 100 mile goal for April.  104 miles to be exact.  =) 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I see a pattern emerging.  I do really well with my eating over the week and on the weekend it all goes downhill so I start my week at 149 (ish) and then work hard to get back to 147(ish) by Wednesday (my weigh in) and then Friday it starts all over again.  In my defense, my weekends have been really busy lately.  There's only been a handful of them that I haven't done something the last few months. 

This weekend was no different.  This weekend was Bloomsday!  However, I don't feel like I ate off the walls this particular weekend.  In fact, I think I ate fairly decent (except the 3 donuts and handful of licorice . . . ), only one meal out and that was at Subway.  However, Sunday I did not drink enough water on Monday (drove home). 

Friday I went to my parents' house and stayed the night.  Earlier in the week my dad went to the hospital because of chest pains and was there for several days, so it was really nice to go visit with him for a little while (he's doing okay, just tired and some adjustments to his meds and an admonishment to lose some weight).  Saturday morning I went for a run.  I was planning on doing 5 miles on a fairly flat gravel road a little ways from my parents' house.  Once I got out there I noticed the wind was HORRIBLE and of course, I decided to run with the wind on the way out, so I was running against the wind on the way back to my car.  Not very good planning.  I ended up only running a little more than 2 miles away from my car, to equal 4.34 miles total.  When I turned around I could no longer hear my audiobook, so I stopped to put music on instead.  I figured even if I couldn't hear it very well, I'd still have a little sound to listen to other than the whistling of the wind.  I was stopped, looking at my phone when I looked down at my feet and saw this:
It was only a bullsnake, which, I hear, are very good for keeping mice away, but it definitely startled me and I jumped away.  Then I thought, I have to take a picture.  =)  I left him sunning himself on the rocks and ran back to my car in the horrendous wind.  (Seriously, it was bad.)

Saturday afternoon I went with my sister Barbara, who lives close to my parents, to Spokane to my aunt's house.  I left my kids with my Mom overnight, and Barbara left her daughter with her ex-husband and her son with my Mom, so we were kidless.  =)  We didn't do anything, just hung out with my 2 aunts that live there and they had my cousin's kids there, so we visited with them for a little while. 

Sunday morning was Bloomsday and I had to wait on my own this year.  Last year my sister, Nancy, and I got there really early and waited for over an hour to start.  This year, since I was by myself and I'm not as concerned with being on time (or early) as Nancy is, I was there only 15 min before the race started, but because they do a stagger start, I still had to wait another 40 min after the official start time.  When you register for the race you have to put your estimated finish time and then they say they will put you in the appropriate color group for that time.  However, because I walked it last year, they didn't accept that I would finish in an hour and fifteen min (what I put as my estimated time), so they still stuck me in color Blue, which is the 6th group out of 8 (only walkers and strollers behind me, although I think Blue was also considered a walking group).  I could have mailed in proof of another race that showed I could do 7.46 miles in my estimated time, but I was lazy and didn't bother.
The crowd while I waited.

Obligatory selfie
We started moving around 9:40, I have no idea how long it took me to get to the start line.  I didn't look at my phone when we got close.  I was up front in the group, right at the rope that we had to walk behind to the start line.  Last year Nancy and I were right smack in the middle of the group we were assigned (Lilac, the group behind Blue) so I didn't realize that they stop your group at the start line for a few minutes to let the group in front of you get a little distance.  When they started my group, I had a glorious half block of open road before I caught up with the Orange group walkers (seriously, how did they get walkers in the Orange group and make me be in the Blue group?) 
You can barely see the start line here, but I didn't want to wait
to take the picture because I wanted to get my phone set up for
the run.

I had been really nervous about the hills.  They talk about Doomsday, but there are a couple really steep hills before Doomsday.  They are shorter, but still steep.  I told myself that it was okay if I had to walk up any of the hills, but specifically Doomsday. I finally admitted to myself at the beginning of the race that I REALLY wanted to not stop and walk, but I didn't pressure myself, just a goal that if I failed I would not beat myself up about.
 I think the hardest part of the whole thing was weaving in and out of all the people.  Seriously, you never break free from the crowd.  And the worst thing about the hills was the people that I had been following that were running, would suddenly stop in front me and start walking, not thinking about the people behind that were running.  They had signs all over saying walkers to the right and runners to the left, but people definitely didn't follow those signs well.
A lot of runners moved over to the sidewalks, which they said we weren't supposed to do, but if I had to run on the road, I would have been walking the whole thing, or running  double the amount of miles because of all the weaving.  Although, I still came up on walkers on the sidewalks (very annoying) and the first hills had no sidewalks and Doomsday had lots of spectators on the sidewalk. 
I was leapfrogging a guy most of the beginning of the race.  He was behind me for awhile and passed me, and then I would pass him and so on.  When we approached Doomsday, I was behind him.  He slowed way down, but I thought that was okay because I didn't want to go too fast.  However, he slowed down too much for me, so I passed him.  Then the whole way up I was thinking that I couldn't stop because I passed him and I didn't want him to see me have to walk.  =)  I think that was the only thought that kept me running up the entire hill.  You read that right, I ran up the entire hill.  =)  I didn't see that guy again, so I must have lost him somewhere on the hill.
I forgot to mention that I needed to go to the bathroom at the very start, but the lines were so long and I was so worried that I would miss the start that I didn't go.  I thought once we started the port-a-potties on the course wouldn't be so busy. I was wrong.  Long, long lines at every port-a-potty I passed.  I didn't have to go too bad, so I just kept going.  After I got up Doomsday hill I passed mile 6 and saw a port-a-potty with no line, so I decided to run by the door and see if it was available, it was, so I jumped in and used it.  As I left it, I started running immediately and a guy passing saw me and said "way to go, use the bathroom and don't lose anytime leaving."  I didn't realize that was an unusual way to exit a port-a-potty during a race.  =)
My Mom, aunt, sister, cousin's kid, and Maddox were all waiting not long after that along the course for me to go by.  I stopped and said a quick hi and hugged Maddox, who was shooting a helicopter with a water gun, and went on.  My aunt took a video of it, but of course, I can't get it on here.  =(
I finished the race with the official time of 1:10:15. 
After finishing, looking back at the finish line.

The finish line obligatory selfie,
with the finish line in the background.
The way the race is set up, you finish and then have to walk across a bridge and down a ways to a park where you pick up your free finisher's tshirt.  They say that you can't get a tshirt unless you finish, but if you have your tag and just hand it to them, I don't understand how they would know you didn't finish, but whatever.  As I was walking to the tshirt pickup, I saw this and had to take a picture.
The finish line is camouflaged in the trees at the other end of
This year they decided to make all the race photos free.  I was excited about that.  Not to mention that I have never had a race photo of me because I've never had a friend or family member at a race to take a photo.  And any race I've done that has had a photographer, for some reason never has a picture of me, or they didn't offer them for the race I did (even though every other year they've had pictures).  Soooo, here are my race photos, which I am excited about even though they are not great photos, I obviously make a funny face while I run.

Where am I?

Under the arrow, of course. =)
We went back to my aunt's house for lunch and I visited for a little while, then drove back to my parents' house Sunday afternoon.  I visited with my dad for a little while, he didn't go to Spokane because of his recent hospital stay, so I told him about the race and we messed around online to see if we could find video of me.  One of the local stations said they had 10 min increments of the finish line, but when I went to the time I crossed the finish line (10:47ish), which should have been in the 1040-1050 increment video (of course) the video starts at 1049, and we couldn't find any video that started with 1040 or so, just the before and after that particular 10 min.  I shouldn't be surprised by this, it happens to me all the time.  What I should be surprised about is that they had not 1 but 2 full on pictures of me, that is the really surprising news.  =) 

I had to come back to Mt. Vernon early enough to go to court (for work) on Monday, so we left at about 830am, and drove nonstop.