Tuesday, October 27, 2015

26.2 miles . . .

Oh where to start? 

I guess I'll just start with my weekend . . . this may be a long post, sorry! 

We didn't get to my parents' house until close to 9:30 on Friday night.  I only had to wait a half hour or so after I got off work for Chris to come and get me.  (I had to wait for him to finish work and then drive down to Everett, thankfully, he got off at a decent time, and not too late.) 

Saturday morning we all got up and went to a nearby town where my aunt, who died in April, lived.  My Mom was having a yard sale and we were expected to go help her.  She had it scheduled from 9am to 6pm (which I was unhappy about being so late). Anyway, it was pretty busy from 8am on, we didn't even get everything out before people were there going through things.  We were just trying to get things out of the house, so we were bringing boxes outside and setting them down to let my Mom put on tables.  People showed up and were going through the boxes on the ground, but my Mom was happy to accept any money, so it was okay.  :-) 
I rode in with my dad.
Damian and I relaxing inside, it was cold!
Just some of the stuff inside, most of it was outside.
It started sprinkling rain around 1pm and things slowed down considerably, so my mom decided to pull the plug on the yard sale around 3.  I had been planning to leave a little before that to get my marathon packet, but I decided to wait to help her pack up. 

Packet pickup for the marathon started at 4pm, and my sisters and I were going to go check out the course to find good spots for them to cheer me on. We were going to go early, but with the yard sale and packing up, we ended up getting there a little after 4 so we went to do that first and then went to check out the course.  There was a park about 4 miles into, and since it was a (mostly) out and back course, the park was also 22 miles into the race.  There was another park 2 miles past, but I told my sisters they didn't need to be there at 6 miles, but it'd be nice to have them there at 20 miles.  The next park was at the halfway point and I definitely wanted someone there to refill my water bottle wit Nuun.  We looked at other spots, but I didn't think it was all that important to have them meet me elsewhere.  We headed back to my parents' after that.
The park at 4 miles, it was so pretty, especially at sunset, which
is when we were looking.
Dinner was later than I wanted it to be.  Chris started the briquettes around 5:15, but they were old, really old, like from my aunt's house old, maybe 20 years old, so it took forever for them to start and warm up.  When it was finally ready I ate a ton.  Chris made steaks and baked potatoes, and I burned green beans (which became a joke, my Mom is notorious for burning food, which is why Chris and I volunteered to cook).  And then a little bit later I ate some pasta that I had brought from home for "just in case" in the car on Friday. 

Saturday, while I was waiting for dinner I was running around trying to get everything in one spot for the morning.  I thought that I was going to cry a couple times because I couldn't find things.  Each one was just as important as the last.  At first it was my water bottle, then it was my armband, then, even though I had it at first, I misplaced the extra battery for my phone.  I found each thing, and put it all together. 
I got things ready for my family to bring to the marathon, extra Nuun, eggs, peanut butter, and my clothes for afterwards. I also had gotten some snickers bars for some sugar at the end, and those were there as well.  I put it all in a spot together and my sister said she would bring it all.

When I woke up on Sunday morning (at 5am) I was still full from dinner, but I forced myself to eat another steak and a couple eggs. I had made a big deal about someone making orange juice for me the night before, so I forced myself to drink some of that.  I was so full, I felt like I might end up rolling down the course at the beginning.  I drank a bunch of water, on top of my normal coffee.  I kept telling myself I needed to eat, I couldn't start a marathon with just dinner from the night before in my stomach.  I couldn't even enjoy my steak and eggs, seriously, I forced it down my throat. 

My dad and I left at 6:30am to get to the race on time.  We were there plenty early, but I had to use the bathroom.  I will say, I didn't like their set up at the start at all.  It started and finished at the Shilo Inn in Richland, WA. They had no signs, except for one small one at the entrance to the hotel, however, the gathering point was on the side of the hotel and the start to the race was on the road.  They had no porta-potties, just the hotel bathrooms to use.  Which I suppose is nice to use an actual bathroom rather than a porta-potty, but there were no signs, or anything, and they had 2 stalls in the bathroom and that was all. 

Anyway, I used the bathroom and then made my way over to where everyone was gathering with my Dad.  They had some people talk before hand, and then played the national anthem.  We all went over to the start and they had a couple wheelchairs start and then it officially started. 

I felt good starting out, although at mile 2 I needed to use the bathroom again.  I knew the park my family was going to be at mile 4 had restrooms so I thought I could wait till then.  In the Tri-Cities there are 3 bridges that cross the Columbia river, and the course crossed all three bridges (on footpaths).  The first bridge (and the last) at mile 2 had a very steep trail going up to the bridge, as I was going down the steep hill after the bridge I thought there was no way I would be able to run up that hill after running 24 miles. 

I got behind some people early that I thought was going a good pace for me, but when mapmyrun app told me how fast I was going at a half mile, I realized I was going a little fast, so I slowed down.  A guy passed me and I thought I'll follow him for a while and see.  When a mile came around and mapmyrun told me my split pace (currently I have it set up to tell me every half mile) it was perfect, right around a 10min/mile.  So I decided I would stick with that guy. 

When I got to the park I was pleasantly surprised to see my family there with signs.  I didn't think they had made any because my mom said they were going to make them Saturday night and they didn't.  I thought maybe they made them after I went to bed.  Anyway, I waved at them and hugged Maddox and then made a beeline for the bathroom. 

(hopefully those videos work)

I wanted to stay with the guy that was going my "perfect" pace, so I decided to run faster to catch up with him and hope it didn't cause problems later.  Mile 5 was my fastest mile, a 9.17 min/mile, but I caught up with him and slowed down again. 

My family ended up at the park at 6 miles, which I wasn't expecting.  They were a large group, 10 of them, with signs and all yelling at me.  It really was awesome.  I wish I had pictures of them, they were fantastic!  But I didn't want to stop and take a picture.  I wish I had asked one of them to take a picture.

I decided to change my fueling back to what I was doing early in my training because it seemed to work so well.  And the way I did it at the end of my training I didn't think worked as well, but I was so worried about gastrointestinal problems.  So I ate 2 or 3 honey stinger gummies every 2 miles starting at mile 7, and I drank Nuun at every mile.  I think this worked perfectly.  Of course I got tired, but I could definitely feel the difference in the increase in energy versus one gummy every mile. 

I was worried just before halfway, because I was thinking I was more tired than normal, but I kept going.  The park at halfway was a longer out and back, all the way through the park.  I think the park started at mile 9 and went all the way through mile 14.  Anyway, my family split up at that point, one group was at the beginning cheering me one and another group was at the turn around point, with my Nuun.  ; ) 

Since I started running almost 4 years ago, my Dad has mentioned several times that he thought it would be cool for me to run the Boston Marathon.  I keep telling him I have to qualify for it, and be much faster than I am, but he keeps bringing it up.  In fact, he told me the solution to qualify for it is to "run faster."  =)  Well, when I passed him in the park he had a sign he had made, it was by far my favorite, again, I wish I had a picture.  It said "Think Boston."  It definitely made me laugh. 

At the turn around Chris and my sister, Nancy, refilled my water bottle with Nuun, and I quickly went on, had to keep up with my pace guy.

Around mile 5 I caught up with some wheelchairs.  They were being pushed by people running, but I noticed that the people pushing them were changing.  I played leapfrog with them for quite a while.  While in the park I talked to a couple of the people pushing the wheelchairs and it turns out they were volunteers just doing small sections of the race.  Around mile 15 the wheelchairs got some really fast people pushing them and I didn't see them again. 

After the halfway park, Nancy and Chris veered off to go get food at Chris's favorite restaurant in the Tri-Cities and I didn't see them again until the last park at mile 22.  My other sister, Barbara, her kids, and my parents all leapfrogged me the entire second half.  Every couple miles there they were, cheering me on.  The second half of the marathon I don't think I went more than 3 or 4 miles (and that was only once) without seeing them.  Everytime a road came up to the trail I was on, there they were.  They would drive by me honking and yelling and then I'd see them up ahead.  It was really awesome. 

At the last (or the first, depending on perspective) park, my son, Damian joined me for the last 4 miles.  By that time my pace, and the guy in front of me, had slowed down to around a 11min/mile.  The guy in front of me had gained some distance and I wasn't as close to him.  When Damian joined me, I said, "see that guy up there in the green, I need to stay with him."  But I couldn't speed up to get closer, so I decided to just keep the same distance between us.  However, in mile 23 he started walking quite a bit.  It didn't seem like I was gaining on him though, but I did end up passing him just before the mile 24 marker.

When Damian joined me, I told him I was moving pretty slow and couldn't speed up.  I let him know I just needed him to keep me going and keep my mind off of running and I didn't want him to push me.  He said he was "pumped up" and looking forward to it.  He said he was going to push me a little, I told him he needed to let me do my thing.  I also warned him about the hill at mile 24, and that it was steep and I would most likely be walking up it.  He said "okay" and let it go. 
This is the only picture I have of the two of us and Damian
hates it so won't let me share, don't tell him it's here!
When we were approaching the hill I pointed it out to him (or at least where it was because it was around a corner) and he said, "okay, Mom, you got this, you can run up it."  I did not believe him, but he said you can do it, I know you can."  And I ran up that hill.  He was soooo encouraging and so fantastic, I can't tell you how much it meant to have him running with me.  I asked him to take a picture of the water over the bridge because it was so pretty and I hadn't been able to take a picture at all. 
We got off the bridge and it wasn't very far to the finish line.  Damian kept asking if I could speed up, and I said not yet.  When we hit 26 miles I sped up (instead of 11.22 min/mile, it was 10.50 min/mile lol).  Damian veered off and I finished on my own. 

They had free massages by physical therapists, so I got one of those (it was short but nice).

All 3 of the above were at mile 4.  The guy in the green is the guy I ran behind the entire race . . . well, until I passed him at mile 23.  =)
Sometime between mile 4 and mile 6


Finish line!
I will have more pictures, Chris took some good ones but when I sent them to me yesterday, they apparently didn't send.  My Mom also took some on her camera, but who knows when or if I'll see those.  She's not good at getting pictures of her camera and worse and getting them sent to people.

 My app got a half mile ahead of me, not sure how, but by the end it was telling me I was ahead of what I actually was.  My "official time" was actually 4.38.04

 Oh, and did I mention that I got 3rd in my age group??  When I saw that Sunday evening I was bummed we didn't stick around for the awards ceremony.  Chris called the race director and they may put my award, a commemorative glass, on hold at the running store in Tri-Cities and my parents can pick it up.  =)

Friday, October 23, 2015


2 days.

2 days until my marathon. 

Thankfully my head has calmed down a bit.  Or it just may be exhaustion from my body refusing to get enough sleep.  At first it was not being able to fall asleep at a decent time, and it has evolved to waking up at 4am and not being able to fall back asleep.  The circles under my eyes are horrible.  I will say that writing my last post did help calm all the lists going through my head, however, now I'm worried that since I'm not constantly list making I'm going to forget something.

At this time, I am packed, and at work, not going back home, so if I forgot something, it's forgotten.  But I'm pretty sure that I have my running gear, and that is all that is really important. 

I rode the bus this morning, so on top of my nerves about running 26.2 miles in 2 days, I was nervous about riding the bus for the first time in 7 years.  Thankfully it went smooth and I got to work, where I'm stuck until 4:30pm (ironically 12 hours after I woke up this morning). 

Yesterday Chris woke up and told me he had a sore throat, so I went immediately and bought some Airborne and was drinking it like water.  I went to have some this morning when I got to work, and I had packed it, so it is nice and safe in my car . . . at home.  =( 

They finally posted the results from the Everyday Superheroes 5k I did a couple weeks ago. 

I'm thinking there's something wrong there . . .  They did say that they were having difficulties and that there were some "serious issues."  So I won't know my official time, which I'm really, really bummed about.  I know I wasn't last, nor did it take me an hour and 12 min to finish, but I also didn't think I was under 23 min.  My mapmyrun app had me at 26.12 min, but I was looking at it today and my 0.1 (at the end of the 5k) was 1 min and 21 sec, which I also know isn't correct.  So if you take away 1 min, that still puts me at 25.12 min, but I also know I was very close to the beginning, I just don't know how close.  According to this, I was 2nd overall female, and first in my age group (which I expected).  If I finished at 25.12 min, then I'm 4th overall female, and second in my age group (30-39). 

There were some decent pictures of me though . . . even with the face that I make while I run.  I did not see anyone with cameras, at all.  I did see one lady taking pictures with her phone, when I passed her she said it was for the costume contest.  She was the only one I smiled for . . . because she was the only one I saw . . . and her pictures aren't on the website.  =)

The girl in front of me with the nurses scrubs, cape, and mask tried to prevent me from passing her.  I followed her for most of the first mile, passed her once and she sped up, but then she slowed down and I slowed with her, but thought that was silly, so sped up and passed her.  She was a good 5-10 min after me crossing the finish line.  The guy behind me with the green sunshine looking tshirt also wanted to pass me.  I don't remember exactly when I passed him, but when he crossed the finish line he came to me and shook my hand and said good job.  =)  My favorite one of me is the one in the middle with my ponytail flying.  =)  And look at my foot in the top picture, it is totally sideways.  That is exactly how I run, except I've never actually seen a picture of it, but the outside edges of my shoes are always worn more than anywhere else. 

This will be my last post before my marathon . . . let the nerves go crazy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Obsessive and crazy

5 days. 

5 days.

Five days.

That's all that is left before my marathon.  5 days. 

I am a wreck. 

I am not sleeping well. 

I need to figure this out because it's only Tuesday and I am soooo tired.  Sunday night I went to bed at 9pm (normal time for me) and was still awake an hour and half later in my room. 

I have a lists constantly going through my head.

Things I can't forget to take to my parents' house
  • Honey Stingers.
  • Waterbottle
  • Nuun
  • Running clothes, which ones am I going to wear? Should I take long pants, or just stick with my capri's?  Which shirt do I want to wear?  Do I want to wear the "Will Run for Wine" shirt or just stick with my favorite race shirt?  Don't forget the right undies!  Oh and a sports bra!  Oh and don't forget the right socks!! 
  • Socks! Don't forget shoes!
  • Headband, don't forget the headband
  • Armband!  Have to have the armband!
  • Magnets!  I got my magnets, have to remember those!  I want to put them on my car
    immediately afterwards!
  • Hat, just in case it rains. 
  • I'm forgetting something, what am I forgetting??!!
The list of things I have to take to the actual marathon
  • all of the above
  • Food, what do I want my parents to bring food wise.
  • Don't forget the extra Nuun for my parents to refill my waterbottle.
  • Extra shoes and socks, oh and undies, and a bra. 
  • Should I bring a washcloth to do a spongebath in a restaurant bathroom?  Soap?
  • Ice bottle to ice my feet? It'll probably melt, so probably not.
  • Clothes to change into
The list of things my family needs to have when they meet me while I'm running
  • Food, what do I want them to bring?
  • Nuun, should they have 2 bottles?
  • Food??  Should I have them bring a banana?  Peanut butter?  banana and peanut butter?  how about a candy bar?  Should they bring more Honey stingers? 
  • hard boiled eggs?
  • Water?
  • Signs!  I want them to be creative with the signs, should I help them come up with things to say?  It'd be nice if they surprised me, but they won't be creative.
The list of things to eat this week
  • Should I eat carb heavy all week?
  • Should I quit eating carb heavy on Saturday?
  • Leigh (from Poonapalooza) doesn't eat carbs at all, would I be okay with my protein heavy diet?
  • Oatmeal for breakfast all week (goodbye eggs, I'll miss you)
  • eggs on Sunday!
  • Can I talk my mom into making an extra steak on Saturday night so I can eat that as well Sunday morning?
  • No, Mom, I don't want French toast Sunday morning, thank you though!
  • Spaghetti?  I don't like spaghetti, Chris is going to make spaghetti, it's probably a good idea to have it.  =/
  • Oooohhh!  I do like my mom's fake goulash!  That would be good Thursday or Friday!
  • Are potatoes a good carb?  I like mashed potatoes . . .
  • No wine Saturday!! =(
Not to mention the stuff my sister has brought up, like a GPS tracking app on my phone so they can find me.  She also mentioned she was thinking of meeting me in multiple spots. My Mom had originally just planned to meet at the halfway point, but Nancy is thinking of following me . . . or rather jumping ahead of me to meet me at different places. 

My head is full!  And that's just the lists of things I want to have/bring/eat.  I haven't even touched on the things I obsess about, like
  • will I finish in 5 hours?   
  • Should I request an early start time?
  • Can I actually finish a full 26.2 miles?
  • How will I be able to walk afterwards, we are supposed to go out to eat at Chris's and my old favorite restaurant (from when we lived there 13 years ago).
  • Am I ever going to get sleep again?
  • I'm tired.
  • Food!  What should I eat?
My family has been extremely supportive.  They are putting up with my crazy emails and phone calls, and obsessions.  My Mom offered to take their 5th wheel to the Tri-Cities to let me sleep in that so that I can get a little extra sleep.  But I don't think it's a good idea. I won't have the ability to eat what I want and drink coffee and lots of water
  • Oh! don't forget to drink lot of water on Saturday!!
Do you see how crazy my head is right now?  Lots and lots of thoughts.  I did not get this crazy for my first half marathon.  I don't know why I'm so crazy this time.  Maybe because 26 miles is a big deal, and even though 13 miles (at the time) was a big deal then, 26 miles seems so much worse.

So right now my plan is to leave from work on Friday.  I'm going to take the bus to Everett (where I work) and a coworker will pick me up from the transit center. That way Chris, Damian and Maddox will have the car in Mt. Vernon so they can come get me without me having to go all the way back to M.V. just to turn around and go back through Everett on the way to my parents house. 

Saturday my Mom is having a yard sale at my aunt's house (she died in May and they are cleaning out her house) and we are expected to help (which annoys me).  In the afternoon I'm going into the Tri-Cities to pick up the race packet and my sister talked about going with me to check out the course and to find good spots to meet me while I run.  Then a good dinner, and early bed . . . where I won't sleep at all.

Sunday I'm waking up at 5, maybe 430, to eat, drink coffee and water.  And get really, really nervous and use the bathroom a million times.  I was planning on going to the starting line alone, but my Dad said he wanted to go with me to be there when I started, so that's cool.  I will have to leave my parents' house by 6:30am.  The run starts at 8am and I'll be running for around 5 hours.  Afterwards I'll either collapse and they'll drag me to the car and back to my parents' house, or we'll go out to eat. 

Oh, and one last detail, that I'm excited about, but am also obsessing about.  When I was looking at the course map, I saw that there is a park that is about 4 miles from the finish line.  My longest run was 22 miles, and I thought I was going to die.  So I asked Damian if he would meet me at that park and run the last 4 miles with me.  He said he would.  I think he will be a GREAT support at that point.  But now I'm obsessing over whether or not he can run 4 miles.  I don't think he's ever done it, but I will be moving pretty slow by then, and he's a very fit kid. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Everyday Superheroes

Last week was my birthday.  I turned 39.  I did nothing special for my birthday and actually was a little depressed (for no real reason).  I had to work because I had court, I don't normally work on my birthday, so I was pretty bummed. 

I was going to run on my birthday, it was a regularly scheduled run, but when I got home no one was there, so no one to watch Maddox.  So I didn't.  Chris didn't get home that evening till almost 8pm, I took a bath and went to bed.

Next year I'm turning 40.  I've been thinking about if I should do some sort of running type goal, but haven't been sure what to do.  I thought about doing a 40K race, but that is only a mile and change less than a marathon (24.85 miles), so I was thinking 40 races, but that's close to a race every week, and I don't want to do that.  So I don't think I'll work "40" into my goal, but I think I'm going to do one race (or more) a month for my 40th year.  That will start in November.  I already have one for Nov. and Dec planned.  I'm going to do a "Big Climb" in March, the Tulip Run is in April, Bloomsday is in May, and so is The Insane Inflatable we are planning on doing again.  I'll just have to find races for the rest of the year, which should be pretty easy.  =)  I'm thinking I'll try to do all the races I've ever done, that includes the Nookachamps in Jan, Have a Heart (which I've now done 2 times, here and here, and is my first official race that I ran) is in May as well, the Berry Dairy Days run is in June (which was my first half), and the Skagit Flats is in Sept.  Those races equal to over half the year. 

I was getting ready for work the day after my birthday and was still feeling really down.  I didn't want to "adult" that day, so I didn't.  I called in sick and stayed home.  In fact, for most of the day I put my phone on silent and in another room and ignored it all day.  I turned off my computer and read a book.  It rained that dreary, western WA rain that I normally hate, but really enjoyed that day.  I took my book, got another cup of coffee and went outside to sit under the eaves of the roof so I could listen to the rain and the birds.  They were very active in the drizzle we were having.  It really was heavenly and exactly what I needed. 

Even though I didn't really want to, when Maddox went to preschool I went for a run.  I was feeling lazy and very quiet (that's the best way to describe it, peaceful) I didn't feel like running.  But I did anyway.  Then Thursday, my normal run day, I was going to run but a series of events happened and I didn't.  I decided it would be fine to just run on Friday. 

Then on Friday I had forgotten I was doing happy hour with an old coworker . . . but we never drink very much when we are together, so when I got home around 7 I went for a 4 mile run (instead of 5 as planned). 

Saturday was the first of a series of runs I'm going to do, the Super Skagit Jingle Challenge 5K Series.  The run on Saturday was Everyday Superheroes.  It was to benefit caregivers.  I had asked my mom, who was an RN until about 2 years ago, if she still had any of her scrubs, and she did, so she sent me some to choose from.  Everyone else pretty much dressed in superheroes like Superman or something similar, I thought the title "Everyday Superheroes" would make it much more appropriate to dress as an actual everyday superhero.  =) 
I did pretty good with my time, actually.  My mapmyrun app said I finished in 26.12 min, which is not a PR, but is pretty fast for me right now.  I thought that I was first (or at least 2nd or 3rd) in my age group so I stuck around to see if I won anything.  Sadly, they only gave out prizes to the top female, top male, top teen, top kid over 8 and top kid under 8. I hung out for awhile longer because they said they were raffling prizes.  I was there for a good hour, at least, after I finished, then I realized the raffle was something you had to buy tickets for, which I hadn't, so I left.  The results are still not up on the webpage, but I'll let you know when they are.  =)

Overall, the race was fun.  I can totally see taking Maddox to it next year, or maybe in 2 years.  There were lots of kids and it was at a great park that he would have loved to play at.  I think I'm going to keep it in mind for future years.  =)
My long run Sunday was actually "only" 12 miles.  I'm tapering now, so I'm done with the crazy long runs, at least until my marathon.  I hear that most people hate tapering, but I am actually rather relieved.  I have not been as committed to this training as I should have been, and I'm sure it will show on Oct. 25th.

I got a medium tshirt for the race on Saturday and it is huge.  I feel like I'm swimming in it.  I am pretty bummed it's so big, I don't like baggy shirts while I run.  I wore it on my 12 mile run and the sleeves were so long I kept thinking that the shirt was hanging off my shoulders.  Seriously, the sleeves go all the way to my elbows, which is kinda weird for a short sleeved shirt.   

My feet have been hurting.  Not plantar facitiis hurt, but arch hurt, and it has me a little worried.  I hope that the weeks of tapering will let my feet heal a little before I have to run 26.2 miles.

Monday, October 12, 2015

My last longest run ever until the marathon

Run on cruise control. Do a mental check during the early miles and midway through the race. “You should feel relatively comfortable up until mile 18,” he says. “You should be able to get to that point comfortably, then you have to go to work and see how tough you are. At that point, it’s all about what you have left.”  Found here. 
Every marathon has moments when the effort starts to feel uncomfortable. Backing off from physical discomfort for self-preservation is a natural human tendency, but one of the characteristics that makes runners unique is their penchant for seeking out discomfort. Hitting a rough patch in the race is when you learn about yourself and what you’re willing to do to meet your goal.  Found here

So before my long run last week I decided to do a search on what I should eat (and not eat) the day before a marathon.  I found some very helpful articles with those two quotes in them.  I was feeling better after reading those two things.  A lot better, a lot more confident.  I thought that knowing that it's hard for everyone, I could push myself to get it done.  I was wrong.

The above excerpts were some things that I read that I thought would be helpful mentally for me on my 24 miles I had planned.  I was thinking that I was mentally prepared to push myself farther than I ever had before, especially after reading those quotes.  I am a runner, I have pushed myself before, but apparently not as much as I needed to get 24 miles done.  How in the world will I be able to run 26.2 miles??
I have been passing "Donald" the elephant and his Peanut wagon on my long runs for a couple weeks.  As I was passing him on my "24" mile run, I thought that this may be the last time I run past Donald, and I wanted a picture. =)

If you can see my split times, you can see where I started to fall apart.  Right around mile 19, which is actually what the quote above says. (Oh, and the battery on my phone died about a half mile from where I actually ended, so it was actually 22.5ish miles)  My moving time is pretty close to where I wanted to be, however, I stopped to use the bathroom and Chris refilled my water bottle at mile 13, so I was actually out there for about 4 hours.  Plus, I stopped to walk many times in the second half of my run. 

I started getting a cramp in my side about mile 16, so I'd stop and walk. I think it was around mile 19 that I was feeling really sorry for myself and every time I started walking I'd start crying.  And then I'd pick myself up and start running again.  It was horrible. 
This was my long run treat, but I honestly didn't feel like I deserved it.  Sure I ran 22.5 miles and burned 2.800+ calories, but I didn't finish 24 miles and I felt like a failure. 
However, even though my "24" miles was a "failure" I still officially registered for the marathon on Friday.  I am terrified, and don't know if I'll be able to finish, but it's official.  I've told every single person I know, and some I don't, that I am running this thing, so I kinda have to. 

This particular marathon has a cutoff of 5 hours and I'm rather worried about that.  Can I finish another 4 miles in an hour? Normally 4 miles is easy, but the last 4 miles of a marathon??  I don't know if I can do it.   
Immediately after registering for the marathon I bought a couple magnets for my car.  My current 13.1 says "13.1 cuz I'm only half crazy" and I can't say that after running 26.2, so of course I had to get a new one. =) 
I went to happy hour with an old coworker after work on Friday, and she asked me about my marathon training.  When she was younger (she's in her late 50's now, but when she was in her 20's) she ran 4 marathons, all of them were the same marathon in Hawaii where she was living.  She said she has a new goal to run it next year with her daughter.  Anyway, she said that she ran it 6 months after she gave birth to her first kid and the whole time she thought her insides were going to fall out.  But even during that horrible marathon she ran it under 5 hours.  She made me feel a little better. 
Also, the CEO of the agency I work for (a very small agency, so I see her all the time) was doing the Chicago marathon this last weekend (yesterday).  She has struggled with injuries all summer and even though her dr and physical therapist told her not to do it, she was going to walk it.  She's not back to work until Oct. 22, so I can't ask her how it went, but I can't wait to find out.
So after hearing about both of those people I have to push myself.  I have to do it.  I HAVE to.
(I started this post last week and didn't finish it, so I will write another one about this weekend's runs since this one is so long now.)

Friday, October 2, 2015


Lately my blogs have only been about my last long run and talking about my upcoming marathon.  I guess that's why I have this blog, it was started to talk about my running, and since long runs and the marathon are all consuming in my head right now, that's all I'm talking about.  I totally missed talking about the trip to Leavenworth with my sister.
There is a chipmunk right next to my leg in that top left picture.
Speaking of, I totally got home that weekend and went for a run on Sunday after having been in the car for several hours.  That was a late day run of 14 miles.
I also didn't talk about my son turning 17, and how old I feel now.

I was photobombing in the top left, Damian said he didn't want
a picture with me because he always takes them with me.  I got
in it anyway.  ; )
So this last weekend I ran 17 miles on Sunday.  I am getting very freaked out by the thought that I have not followed the training plan exactly.  I have not had a mid-week long run since the beginning of August (I think).  I'm usually pretty happy to have just run 3 times in the middle of the week, but I am skipping 3-4 miles each week.  My September mileage was the most I've ever had, but it was 70 miles short of what it should have been. (Putting it in writing makes me even more scared.)
 I had on the schedule to run 12 miles last Sunday, but I decided that I took that mileage from the training that I am (supposed) to be doing which had the 12 miles as the first tapered long run but I had added a couple weeks so I could include a 24 mile run, so I should do more.  I was actually aiming for 15-16 miles, but when I got to 16 miles and realized I was a little more than a mile away from home, I decided to just continue running until I got to 17.  I felt good after that run, but it wasn't 20 miles. 
Since my 20 mile run felt so hard, I have been extremely worried about 24, much less 26.2.  I mean, I am really worried.  I don't know if I'll be able to do it.  Added to that is the problem of my feet.  I stupidly did not get new shoes when I should have and I ran 20 miles on dead shoes, which has made my feet hurt badly.  I did get new shoes a week ago, and my 17 mile run last weekend was in those, but my feet have still been bothering me. 
I have been rolling them and icing them every day but they are still sore.  At this point, though, there is no option, I am running the marathon on Oct. 25th.  I may have problems with my feet and may have to let them heal again, but I am running it.  And I am running 24 miles this weekend.  I will not feel confident at all if I don't.  Actually, I may feel even less confident than I do now after running 24 miles, but at least I will know what to expect.  Maybe I'll have to walk, oh well, I'm doing this.  And I will know after Sunday if I will need to ask for an early start (I really hope not!).  The marathon I'm doing has a cut off time of 5 hours.  I am estimating that I will be close to 4 and a half hours, but by Sunday afternoon I'll know for sure (I hope). 
I have actually not been icing them this way, it's just too cold.  I tried this last Sunday and couldn't keep my feet in the water for more than a few seconds.  I have been using a waterbottle that is frozen.