Friday, April 24, 2015


April is not over yet, but it's close.  And I'm glad. 

I usually think people who say, usually at the end/beginning of the year, that they are glad this year is over and happy the new one is here are kinda silly.  December 31st is no different than January 1st. Your problems don't go away just because the year changes.  Same with the month, May 1st will not be very different than April 30th.  But maybe in my head it will be.

April has, historically, been one of my favorite months.  I like spring, I like the flowers and the plants budding and the freshness that's in the air.  I like planting and being outside.  Winter is over and there seems to be a fresh start in my mind, much more so than January 1st.  However, this particular April has been very hard for me. 

First we found out that we have to move.  Then we have both our cars break down, and costs a ton of money to fix one.  There was the scare of no water.  And then last Saturday my aunt died unexpectedly. 

My Aunt Mary Kay.

My aunt was not healthy.  She had been sick for a couple years. In fact, the first year (2 years ago) I ran Bloomsday she had actually lost her sight for a while (she got it back, but for a few weeks she didn't see well).  She was living with another of my aunts and sadly when my other aunt got up, she found her in the kitchen.  They think it was a stroke as she had been having little ones regularly, but they didn't do an autopsy because they know it was natural causes. 

Well, my family scheduled the funeral for yesterday, but I had no time to take off of work.  With all our financial needs this month, taking several days off without pay was just not possible, so I told my family I wouldn't be able to come over to go to the funeral.  (I was very upset that they didn't take into consideration people that work, but that's a lot of years of inconsideration building in me and I won't go into it). 
My sister, Nancy, suggested that she take me over the mountains early Thursday morning (I actually had an appt with our new landlord to sign our new lease Wednesday evening) and then we come back really, really early this morning so I could go to work.  This meant getting up at 4am so I can be at work by 8am.   I was really thankful my sister was willing to do that for me and I took her up on it.  We weren't even in eastern WA for 24 hours.

It was really, really nice to see some of my family, and I wish I could have stayed longer, but I'm very grateful that I was able to go for the day. 
My sisters and me, Nancy (the one that drove me), me, Barbara
(lives in eastern WA), and Tami (lives in N. Carolina).

May 1st we are moving.  I am not happy to be leaving the house that we currently live in and love, but I will be really happy to be in the new place and not having to worry about anything moving. 

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