Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Monday madness

Yesterday's post was getting long and I have another post to write about my Sunday run and my Monday morning.  This is why you are getting another post already.

Let's talk about Sunday's run first, it's much more pleasant. =)  Sunday I really, really didn't want to run.  I had to wait for Damian to come home from his friend's house, and by the time he was home it was after 1pm and I just didn't want to do it.  I commented on Leigh (from Poonapalooza)'s instagram page (did I mention that I started one that is not my personal one? you can find it here) about needing motivation, she basically told me to woman up and go run because I'd feel better afterwards (I'm paraphrasing) =). 

Anyway, I got dressed for a run.  If I get dressed, even if I sit down or do something different I always make myself go out for a run.  So I got dressed . . . and went for a run.  I decided to go for 6 miles even though I had just run 5 miles on Saturday.  I decided to go easy, I wasn't looking to go fast or anything, just to run.  And I did.  And it was great.  Although, I took a new route and found some beautiful farm land and ended up going 6.7 miles instead of 6 miles.  When I saw how far I had run I thought about adding another 0.3 to the run to make it a nice 7 miles, but I was tired and didn't want to so I stopped. 
I was sore that evening.  I forgot how sore you get when you run farther than your body is used to.  I felt my back get tight on my run and then that evening it was very sore.  My legs were stiff as well, but by yesterday I felt fine.  I have to say, it feels good to be running longer distances again.  I can't wait till I can say "My longest run ever" again instead of  "My longest run since September."  Oh, and my feet?  Don't hurt at all. They were sore on Sunday night, I rolled and iced them and no pain yesterday or today.

Which brings us to Monday morning, aka worst day ever.

I was driving along, perfectly fine on my way to work when my car jerked.  I looked down and saw the check engine light was on.  I know you shouldn’t drive with the check engine light on, so I pulled over right away, about a mile from my exit, and turned the car off and it wouldn’t start again.  After a very teary and scary 15 min or so where I had no idea what to do a Washington State Incidence Response truck showed up and looked at the car. 
He said he thought it was the timing belt and then our good friend, who was working close (he sells automotive supplies to mechanics all over northwestern WA), came to the car and helped me find a tow truck and told me where to take it.  So it was towed to a place and they told me yesterday that they didn’t think they’d even have time to look at it yesterday, however that guy called me after 5 last night.  He said it was the timing belt and he asked me if I was keeping the car or had plans to sell it.  He said if I was selling it, they could just replace the timing belt for $55 plus labor and I could sell it.  Or if I was keeping it and wanting to drive it for awhile, then they would have to take it apart and look at the insides and replace the water pump and many other things and “it all adds up.”  He said if they look at it and everything looks good and all they have to do is put it back together it would cost $1100-1200, but if he needs to “replace the head” then that could be an extra $1500-2000. 
So it's been a very stressful couple of days, and will continue to be that way for awhile.  I hate money, by the way.

Today I'm going to run again, only 3 miles.  


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