Friday, April 3, 2015

Again, not much

I almost didn't sign up for the Tulip Run this week.  I thought about it on Sunday but didn't want to go anywhere so didn't sign up figuring I'd stop on the way home on Monday.  Then on Monday went to Damian's baseball game and forgot about it even though it's in the same area as the running store.  Tuesday, I didn't think of it.

On Wednesday Damian had another game, and I remembered that I wanted to go sign up.  I went to D's game immediately after work so was wearing my normal heels, by the time the game was done my feet were frozen.  So frozen I couldn't feel my feet.  I couldn't feel my shoes on my feet, which made it extremely difficult to walk.  (I have narrow heels so my shoes often slip and I couldn't scrunch my toes to hold my shoes in place.)  Anyway, Chris was at the game as well, and he parked 4 blocks from the running store, I, very painfully, walked to the store and saw it closed at 6pm, and had to very painfully walk back. 

So yesterday I remembered to go to the store to sign up.  I half hoped registration was closed, but it wasn't.  So I guess I will be running after all. Not sure how I feel about that.

Today Chris text me and told me that a friend of his wants to run the Tulip Run with me, I said sure, even though he's a little faster than I am currently.  I figured it would be a good way to push myself.  But then when I told him the price ($25+tshirt) he thought that was too expensive, so I guess he's not going to run with me.  The funny thing about the Tulip Run is that it doesn't go through the tulip fields, in fact, the only tulip you see is the one they give you as you cross the finish line.  I find the name interesting then because it's during Tulip Festival and there are miles and miles of gorgeous roads winding around the tulip farms but not a tulip to be seen on the run. 

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