Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Running the Dream

I have not mentioned that I changed my name and my banner at the top.  It has been on my mind for quite a long time that I don't care for the "Living the Dream (a Convoluted and Crazy Dream)"  or whatever it was (I can't even remember exactly anymore, that's how much I didn't care for it).  I never particularly cared for that name, but kept it because I was lazy and my url is "convolutedcrazydream." A while ago I made a facebook page called Running the Dream and I really like it.  I have debated about changing the name here for a long time, but never did.  Recently I also started a instagram page with the same name, Running the Dream, so I decided to change my blog name as well.  It only makes sense.  =)  Besides, I just like it better, it fits me so much better than the other weird one. 

Anyway, this last weekend was fairly uneventful.  Saturday Damian had a school "field trip" (I use the term loosely) to go play paintball.  He was super excited to go, but didn't write down the times or where it is and the school was closed and no way to find out from the teacher any information.  I had to look up the paintball place and call them and ask if they had a reservation for the high school.  Luckily I was able to get the info, and Damian had a blast. 

I did 7 miles on Saturday, again, the longest run I've had since September.  I didn't even realize that I hadn't run 7 miles before recently until I was looking at my running calendar and realized the 7 mile run I thought I did was actually only 6.7 miles. Saturdays run was really nice.  I ran along the river.  I knew that it was probably my last long run at this house, and running along the river really has been my favorite run, although running through the farm land is also a favorite.  The problem with where I am currently living is that to get to the river, or farmland, I have to run at least 2 miles, and when I'm only running 3 miles during the week, I don't make it that far before having to turn around. 
The reason the bottom left picture is there is because that is a bunch of soccer fields, I used to be one of the parents sitting there watching Damian play soccer at those fields.  It looked like there was a big tournament there this last weekend, but I remember seeing people up on the trail next to the river and I always wondered how they got up there.  (This was pre-running.)  I thought it was cool/funny that I was  now one of the people on the trail.  =)

Sunday I ran 3 miles, and then did a bunch of squats and clam exercises and duck walks, oh, and don't forget the plank.  There was a time I could do a 5 min plank, Sunday I only made it to just under a min and a half.  =( 

I was hoping that what I did was enough to make my legs and butt sore on Monday, but I wasn't sore at all.  I was rather bummed about it.  I was a little sore yesterday, Tuesday, but not much.  So I did more of the same last evening.  And I'm not really sore today.  I'm thinking I need to increase the number of reps or something. 

Monday I ran another 3 miles and then today or tomorrow I'm doing another 3 miles.  This Saturday I signed up to do the Have a Heart run that I did the first year I was running.  It was my very first 5k race, and this year I'm doing the 10k.  Oh and don't forget the move that is happening tomorrow and Friday.  I will be working . . . but my parents are coming to watch Damian play baseball and to help us (or should I say, Chris) move.

I've talked about the amount of donuts my work has regularly and that donuts are my kryptonite.  We haven't had donuts for awhile now and every morning I have been bracing myself for them to come in, knowing I was going to say no (or at least attempt to say no).  Well, today was the day for donuts.  My boss came into our morning meeting with a box of donuts.  I didn't even look at them, even though I had coworkers saying it isn't bad to have one donut a week (and I only ever eat one).  But to me it's the mental struggle, the telling myself I won't have one if they're brought in and then always taking one.  Today, I didn't take one.  =)  I was dreading the rest of he day though because it always seems to happen that they sit in the break room after our meeting and tempt me throughout the day.  Often, even if I resist in the morning I end up eating one (or even a couple bites) sometime throughout the day.  Today there must have been another meeting after mine because the box never appeared in the break room, and I was disappointed.  Ugh!  That's the hold the donuts have on me, even though I'm telling myself no, I usually give in.  Today, I only had to get through a 45 min meeting and then they were gone.  Whew!  (But still that little disappointment.)

Here are a couple collages that I posted on instagram this last week.
 Maddox got a haircut.  He's so cute!

Last Thursday I did a #tbt on instagram. The left is me at my
heaviest around 177 in 2010 (I think), and the right is me on
Thursday at about 147.

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