Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Running the Dream

I have not mentioned that I changed my name and my banner at the top.  It has been on my mind for quite a long time that I don't care for the "Living the Dream (a Convoluted and Crazy Dream)"  or whatever it was (I can't even remember exactly anymore, that's how much I didn't care for it).  I never particularly cared for that name, but kept it because I was lazy and my url is "convolutedcrazydream." A while ago I made a facebook page called Running the Dream and I really like it.  I have debated about changing the name here for a long time, but never did.  Recently I also started a instagram page with the same name, Running the Dream, so I decided to change my blog name as well.  It only makes sense.  =)  Besides, I just like it better, it fits me so much better than the other weird one. 

Anyway, this last weekend was fairly uneventful.  Saturday Damian had a school "field trip" (I use the term loosely) to go play paintball.  He was super excited to go, but didn't write down the times or where it is and the school was closed and no way to find out from the teacher any information.  I had to look up the paintball place and call them and ask if they had a reservation for the high school.  Luckily I was able to get the info, and Damian had a blast. 

I did 7 miles on Saturday, again, the longest run I've had since September.  I didn't even realize that I hadn't run 7 miles before recently until I was looking at my running calendar and realized the 7 mile run I thought I did was actually only 6.7 miles. Saturdays run was really nice.  I ran along the river.  I knew that it was probably my last long run at this house, and running along the river really has been my favorite run, although running through the farm land is also a favorite.  The problem with where I am currently living is that to get to the river, or farmland, I have to run at least 2 miles, and when I'm only running 3 miles during the week, I don't make it that far before having to turn around. 
The reason the bottom left picture is there is because that is a bunch of soccer fields, I used to be one of the parents sitting there watching Damian play soccer at those fields.  It looked like there was a big tournament there this last weekend, but I remember seeing people up on the trail next to the river and I always wondered how they got up there.  (This was pre-running.)  I thought it was cool/funny that I was  now one of the people on the trail.  =)

Sunday I ran 3 miles, and then did a bunch of squats and clam exercises and duck walks, oh, and don't forget the plank.  There was a time I could do a 5 min plank, Sunday I only made it to just under a min and a half.  =( 

I was hoping that what I did was enough to make my legs and butt sore on Monday, but I wasn't sore at all.  I was rather bummed about it.  I was a little sore yesterday, Tuesday, but not much.  So I did more of the same last evening.  And I'm not really sore today.  I'm thinking I need to increase the number of reps or something. 

Monday I ran another 3 miles and then today or tomorrow I'm doing another 3 miles.  This Saturday I signed up to do the Have a Heart run that I did the first year I was running.  It was my very first 5k race, and this year I'm doing the 10k.  Oh and don't forget the move that is happening tomorrow and Friday.  I will be working . . . but my parents are coming to watch Damian play baseball and to help us (or should I say, Chris) move.

I've talked about the amount of donuts my work has regularly and that donuts are my kryptonite.  We haven't had donuts for awhile now and every morning I have been bracing myself for them to come in, knowing I was going to say no (or at least attempt to say no).  Well, today was the day for donuts.  My boss came into our morning meeting with a box of donuts.  I didn't even look at them, even though I had coworkers saying it isn't bad to have one donut a week (and I only ever eat one).  But to me it's the mental struggle, the telling myself I won't have one if they're brought in and then always taking one.  Today, I didn't take one.  =)  I was dreading the rest of he day though because it always seems to happen that they sit in the break room after our meeting and tempt me throughout the day.  Often, even if I resist in the morning I end up eating one (or even a couple bites) sometime throughout the day.  Today there must have been another meeting after mine because the box never appeared in the break room, and I was disappointed.  Ugh!  That's the hold the donuts have on me, even though I'm telling myself no, I usually give in.  Today, I only had to get through a 45 min meeting and then they were gone.  Whew!  (But still that little disappointment.)

Here are a couple collages that I posted on instagram this last week.
 Maddox got a haircut.  He's so cute!

Last Thursday I did a #tbt on instagram. The left is me at my
heaviest around 177 in 2010 (I think), and the right is me on
Thursday at about 147.

Friday, April 24, 2015


April is not over yet, but it's close.  And I'm glad. 

I usually think people who say, usually at the end/beginning of the year, that they are glad this year is over and happy the new one is here are kinda silly.  December 31st is no different than January 1st. Your problems don't go away just because the year changes.  Same with the month, May 1st will not be very different than April 30th.  But maybe in my head it will be.

April has, historically, been one of my favorite months.  I like spring, I like the flowers and the plants budding and the freshness that's in the air.  I like planting and being outside.  Winter is over and there seems to be a fresh start in my mind, much more so than January 1st.  However, this particular April has been very hard for me. 

First we found out that we have to move.  Then we have both our cars break down, and costs a ton of money to fix one.  There was the scare of no water.  And then last Saturday my aunt died unexpectedly. 

My Aunt Mary Kay.

My aunt was not healthy.  She had been sick for a couple years. In fact, the first year (2 years ago) I ran Bloomsday she had actually lost her sight for a while (she got it back, but for a few weeks she didn't see well).  She was living with another of my aunts and sadly when my other aunt got up, she found her in the kitchen.  They think it was a stroke as she had been having little ones regularly, but they didn't do an autopsy because they know it was natural causes. 

Well, my family scheduled the funeral for yesterday, but I had no time to take off of work.  With all our financial needs this month, taking several days off without pay was just not possible, so I told my family I wouldn't be able to come over to go to the funeral.  (I was very upset that they didn't take into consideration people that work, but that's a lot of years of inconsideration building in me and I won't go into it). 
My sister, Nancy, suggested that she take me over the mountains early Thursday morning (I actually had an appt with our new landlord to sign our new lease Wednesday evening) and then we come back really, really early this morning so I could go to work.  This meant getting up at 4am so I can be at work by 8am.   I was really thankful my sister was willing to do that for me and I took her up on it.  We weren't even in eastern WA for 24 hours.

It was really, really nice to see some of my family, and I wish I could have stayed longer, but I'm very grateful that I was able to go for the day. 
My sisters and me, Nancy (the one that drove me), me, Barbara
(lives in eastern WA), and Tami (lives in N. Carolina).

May 1st we are moving.  I am not happy to be leaving the house that we currently live in and love, but I will be really happy to be in the new place and not having to worry about anything moving. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Marathon musings

As I write this I have the Boston Marathon playing right next to where I'm writing.  I was watching it yesterday, not live, but didn't finish it.  I do know who won, in both females and males, so it's interesting to watch the way it plays out.  I find myself rooting Des Linden and Meb and Ritz (on the men's side) on to win, even though I know they don't.  As I type this the women are approaching the finish.  I actually saw the women's finish early yesterday, and I was amazed.  The top two women had an all out sprint to the finish line, and I can't believe that they have that much energy after running 26 miles already.  It is truly amazing to me.  They are running somewhere under 6min/miles for 26.2 miles. That is amazing. ---I just watched the women finish (again) but it is so much more amazing to me after watching it all (or at least the elite runners). 

Who would have thought that this would have been interesting to me 2-3 years ago.  But it is, it is truly amazing.  (I know, I need new words, but seriously, that's all I've got, it's amazing.)  I want to be a part of that, maybe not Boston (I don't know that I could be fast enough), and definitely not an elite runner, I will never be elite (after all, I'm 38 and all the elites are younger than me) but I want to run a marathon.  I hope my feet allow me to do it this year.  This is my goal.

On that note, last week I ran 15.4 miles.  That is the most mileage since September.  And I have had some issues with my feet, but not too bad.  I've been rolling them every night and icing them.  This weekend I decided to switch my long run day to Saturday, I have been doing it on Sunday, but most races I do are Saturday, so I decided to switch.  Plus, with Damian's baseball schedule, my normal Tuesday, and Thursday runs aren't possible.  If I wanted 4 days of running, I had to run on Monday.  Which meant 3 days in a row, which I haven't done for 7 months.  Anyway, I expected my feet to be pretty sore today and they aren't.  What is sore are my shins, which really sucks. 

Saturday I was able to run 3 miles at an average of 8.31min/miles and my run yesterday for 3 miles was an average of 8.50min/miles, so I think the 3 days in a row really slowed me down, but I'm still so happy to have an average of under 9 min/miles.  Yesterday my shins were really sore, and I felt slow, plus, the temperature was close to 70 degrees, and I always run slower when it's warm.  My body isn't used to 70 degrees. 70 isn't bad in the summer, but in April I'm still used to 40-50 degrees. 
First wearing of shorts on a run, and of course, that comes
with the first chafing of the year, even with Vaseline in bad
spots.  =(
--I got sucked into watching the finishers at the Boston marathon.  Now I'm really excited to do a marathon.  I think I'll try to do the Tri-Cities one I was planning on doing last year.  It's flat, in October, which is good weather in eastern WA and maybe my parents will come cheer me at the finish line.  (Maybe)

The weather here was beautiful this weekend.  I spent Saturday hanging out with my sister shopping and getting pedicures.  But on Sunday I spent the day outside enjoying the sun.  Yesterday was the warmest day, temperatures being 70 and above.  And of course today the clouds are back.  =/


My aunt died suddenly last Saturday.  She was not healthy, but it was also unexpected.  I was not very close to her, but I am traveling to eastern WA to go to her funeral on Thursday.  It will be a very quick trip as I don't really have the time to take off at work.  I don't think we'll be in eastern WA for even 24 hours.  My sister came up with the plan to leave early Thursday morning, go to the funeral Thursday afternoon, and then drive home very, very, very early Friday morning so that I can go to work.  It's about a 4 1/2 hour drive, so that means we'll be leaving somewhere around 4 am Friday.  That makes a very long day for me, and I will be exhausted.  I get very annoyed with my family, my aunts, mostly.  They don't take "normal" people into consideration when they make plans.  (Normal being people that work for a living and have to juggle family and jobs.)  Anyway, I (my sister) made it work and I'll be there. 

And me, being the runner that I am, immediately thinks that this will mess up my running schedule.  I'm supposed to run on Thursday.  I guess I will try to run tomorrow instead. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

More woes

I follow a lot of blogs . . . blogger says 37, but since I now read all my blogs on Bloglovin' a more accurate count is their number and that's 55 (holy cow!).  (I will say that many of them are inactive or only post once a month or less.)  The vast majority of the blogs I read are written by runners, and if they are not runners, then they have lost a large amount of weight or are working to lose a large amount of weight.  I'd say that most are both, runners that have lost a lot of weight.  I can only think of 3 that are not weight or running related (one is hilarious, one is my college roommate and writes fantastically, and the other is just because I like reading about her life). 

Anyway, since I read so many fitness blogs, especially of people that have lost a lot of weight I tend to feel self-conscious about talking about my weight issues (don't get me wrong, sometimes I over-obsess about the scale) and I worry that if I talk about something I think of weight-wise I will come across as insensitive.  I mean really, at my heaviest I was 180 (after my first son, this time around I got to 177 before losing weight, again), and many of the people I read are talking about starting weights in the high 200's or 300's.  180 is not that much when you think about it, it is some people's goal weight. 

So, like I said, sometimes I feel silly about sharing some stuff, today I feel silly, but it's still on my mind. I really hope I don't offend anyone, or make some people roll their eyes, but if you do, you can choose to not read what I write (not many do anyway).  =)

I think that everyone has days where they "feel" fat, even 105 lb women, without an ounce of fat on their bodies, feel fat sometimes.  And I also think that everyone "feels" skinny at some time, or skinnier, maybe I'm wrong, but I think that most everyone has a day where they think they look great (maybe skinny isn't the right word).  Today is a "fat" day for me.  Although just a couple days ago I "felt" skinny and I weigh the same today as I did the other day.

Anyway, when I was heavier (who am I kidding, I still do this), I would stand in front of a mirror naked, or with just bra and panties on, and suck in my stomach as much as I could and wish I could look like that.  On the flip side I would also push out my stomach as far as it could go and think that must be how fat I am, what I must look like to everyone else.  Well, the other day, on my "skinny" day, I was doing just that and realized that now when I push my stomach out, I am still not as big as I was 30 lbs ago.  And then I realized that 30lbs ago when I would suck in my stomach as much as I could, I wasn't as skinny looking as I actually am now.  Who would've thought?

Yesterday I went for my scheduled 3 mile run.  I was trying to run fast (well, fast for me) and I managed a 8.26 min/mile average, which is pretty good.  I am actually looking forward to moving back to my old neighborhood just because of my running routes there.  And, don't tell anyone, but I'm looking forward to running the hills there again.  I'm a little worried about it being a lot harder than it was 8 months ago, but I will be in so much better shape running up hills rather than all the flat running I do now. 

After my run yesterday I was stretching, my calves have been uncomfortable while running lately, so I'm trying to get back to my good habits of stretching afterwards, and my husband popped his head out the door and told me to "not sweat too much."  I was confused and asked what he meant.  He said that the guy that is tearing out the roots of the trees behind our house hit a waterline and we have no water.  He thought that maybe we wouldn't get any water back because why would they fix it to our house when they are just going to tear it down.  I told him they have to fix it, we still live here and even if they tear the house down in 2 weeks (it will be longer than 2 weeks), they still have to provide the water for us to live for those 2 weeks.

I was super annoyed by the lack of water, and quite worried about how long it would take for them to fix it.  We even had Damian's friend who was bringing him home, stop and grab us some water so that we had it to drink and make coffee in the morning. Thankfully, we were only without water about 2 hours and I was worried about nothing. 

I'm supposed to get my car back today.  It was ready a couple days ago, but we didn't have the money.  We got the money yesterday but Chris was unable to go to the bank, so I'm just waiting for him to tell me he's been to the bank so that I can go get the car.  I'm getting a little anxious, it's only 2pm, but I don't know how long it will take and I'd like to go to Damian's baseball game that is in Everett today.  I can't wait to get my car back.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Moving, part 2

I've been thinking of posting since last Wednesday.  I looked and realized I hadn't posted since Tuesday which I was surprised about. 

Anyway, there hasn't been a lot running wise going on.  Every week I start out the week saying I'm going to increase the number of days I'm running to 4 and then every week something happens and I only do 3 days.  Last week I was going to run on Thursday (I had already run Sunday and Tuesday) but we had to look at a house (more on that in a min) and then a thunder storm rolled in.  I will run in rain and wind, and would like to run in snow (haven't yet), but not in a thunder storm, no thank you!

So I went for a run on Saturday, instead of 3 miles, I did 4.  On Sunday I was trying to decide how many miles to run.  Last week I ran over 6.5 on accident and was okay, so I thought about doing 7 miles.  Then I was thinking, well, if I do 7 miles and then 3 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, that's 16 miles and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that.  So I decided I should figure out what I want more, longer long runs, or more days of running.  Before plantar faciitis, I was running 5 days a week, and ideally would like to go back to that.  But I was also doing 8+ mile long runs, and I'd like to go back to that as well.  After thinking about it for awhile, I decided what I'd like to do first is get back to running more days a week.  So I only ran for 6 miles yesterday and then told myself that I HAVE to go for a run on Thursday.  No excuses this week.

Even though I'm actually increasing my days this week (and miles) I am a little worried.  I had a couple weeks with no pain in my feet, but last week after my Saturday 5 mile run and then Sunday 6.5 and Tuesday 3 miles my feet starting tingling.  I don't know how else to describe it, it's not a pain, but a tingle in my heal.  I had it before with the PF, and it wasn't horrible, but it worries me.  Maybe I'm not letting it heal by increasing days/miles.  It is very frustrating though because I've been super good since September and I'm still dealing with it.  That's 6 1/2 months . . . ugh.  I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be able to do a full marathon this fall.  Soooo frustrating.

I have been walking more, which I wonder if that is causing the tingle.  I know that when I walked a lot when the PF was at its worst, that made it feel worse than the running did.  My coworkers like to walk on lunch breaks, and while I don't go with them often, I have been doing it about once a week.  So last week I not only ran 14 miles, but also did a 2.5 mile walk with my coworkers, and our car is still in the shop, so I had to walk to the store on Friday and then walked to get my nails done on Saturday, so I probably walked and ran a total of 18 or 19 miles last week. (I don't keep track of walking mileage, so that's a guess, but I know the walk at work is 2.5 and to the store is about 0.4 miles). 
nails and coffee
You know how they say bad things happen in 3's?  Well, I already told you about our 2 cars, both dying within 4 days of each other.  The third thing, well, actually the first thing, to happen was that we were told we would have to move out of our house at the end of our lease.  They sent us a letter about 2 months ago warning us that they weren't renewing our lease.  They actually said that she had accidentally done a 7 month lease instead of a 6 month lease which is what they meant to do, so we have until the end of May, but they asked if we could try to be out by the end of April.  We've been looking, but there are not many places for rent, which surprises me because I thought that this time of year there would be more.  Maybe the summer time is when people move?  I don't know, it's not the fall and it's not the spring, as we've found out. 

Anyway, we knew it was going to happen, we just thought it was a few years down the road.  They are building (have already built 6 with 2 more going up right now) duplex townhouses behind our house.  The lot we rent, which is large, will fit another 6-8 of the duplexes.  So that is what they are going to do, tear down our fantastic old farmhouse and build crappy, cheap duplex townhouses.  (In fact, as I typed this, Damian, who is home sick, sent me a picture of them cutting down some of the big trees behind us).
Well, a good friend of ours, actually the same one that helped me with our car, told us a week ago that the people directly across the street from him are moving and he knows the owners of the house.  He told the owners about us, and we are guaranteed the house if we want it, we just had to go look at it.  Chris was given the number of the guy that lives there currently and we had to arrange a time with him to go look at it.  We went and looked at it on Thursday.  It's about the same size as our old house, which is smaller than our current house, but with the smallest kitchen imaginable.  We've been pretty spoiled on our kitchens, the one at our old house was a good size and the one at our current house is huge.  This house also doesn't have a dining room, just a little "breakfast area."  We have a large dining room table that was my Grandma's, so I'm not sure how we're going to do that.  Plus, we always host Thanksgiving and Christmas with about 5-6 other people.  It's also got a very small yard, but it has a deck and it's completely fenced in.  And there's a 3/4 bathroom in the master bedroom.

Anyway, we really like the neighborhood, it's only about 3 or 4 blocks from our old house, we know 3 families on the street we'd be living on, and 2 other families a block away. Plus, Damian can walk to school again, and it's on a quiet street (not as quiet as our current dead end street).  So I think we're moving there. 

I think the negatives are large, but with sooo many positives, I guess they outweigh the negatives.  (Can you tell I'm not completely sold on moving there?)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Monday madness

Yesterday's post was getting long and I have another post to write about my Sunday run and my Monday morning.  This is why you are getting another post already.

Let's talk about Sunday's run first, it's much more pleasant. =)  Sunday I really, really didn't want to run.  I had to wait for Damian to come home from his friend's house, and by the time he was home it was after 1pm and I just didn't want to do it.  I commented on Leigh (from Poonapalooza)'s instagram page (did I mention that I started one that is not my personal one? you can find it here) about needing motivation, she basically told me to woman up and go run because I'd feel better afterwards (I'm paraphrasing) =). 

Anyway, I got dressed for a run.  If I get dressed, even if I sit down or do something different I always make myself go out for a run.  So I got dressed . . . and went for a run.  I decided to go for 6 miles even though I had just run 5 miles on Saturday.  I decided to go easy, I wasn't looking to go fast or anything, just to run.  And I did.  And it was great.  Although, I took a new route and found some beautiful farm land and ended up going 6.7 miles instead of 6 miles.  When I saw how far I had run I thought about adding another 0.3 to the run to make it a nice 7 miles, but I was tired and didn't want to so I stopped. 
I was sore that evening.  I forgot how sore you get when you run farther than your body is used to.  I felt my back get tight on my run and then that evening it was very sore.  My legs were stiff as well, but by yesterday I felt fine.  I have to say, it feels good to be running longer distances again.  I can't wait till I can say "My longest run ever" again instead of  "My longest run since September."  Oh, and my feet?  Don't hurt at all. They were sore on Sunday night, I rolled and iced them and no pain yesterday or today.

Which brings us to Monday morning, aka worst day ever.

I was driving along, perfectly fine on my way to work when my car jerked.  I looked down and saw the check engine light was on.  I know you shouldn’t drive with the check engine light on, so I pulled over right away, about a mile from my exit, and turned the car off and it wouldn’t start again.  After a very teary and scary 15 min or so where I had no idea what to do a Washington State Incidence Response truck showed up and looked at the car. 
He said he thought it was the timing belt and then our good friend, who was working close (he sells automotive supplies to mechanics all over northwestern WA), came to the car and helped me find a tow truck and told me where to take it.  So it was towed to a place and they told me yesterday that they didn’t think they’d even have time to look at it yesterday, however that guy called me after 5 last night.  He said it was the timing belt and he asked me if I was keeping the car or had plans to sell it.  He said if I was selling it, they could just replace the timing belt for $55 plus labor and I could sell it.  Or if I was keeping it and wanting to drive it for awhile, then they would have to take it apart and look at the insides and replace the water pump and many other things and “it all adds up.”  He said if they look at it and everything looks good and all they have to do is put it back together it would cost $1100-1200, but if he needs to “replace the head” then that could be an extra $1500-2000. 
So it's been a very stressful couple of days, and will continue to be that way for awhile.  I hate money, by the way.

Today I'm going to run again, only 3 miles.  


Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter weekend

I hope you all had a good Easter.  We didn't do anything.  I am always rather sad now on Easter.  It used to be a very big thing, as big as Christmas or Thanksgiving, in my family growing up.  We went to our church's sunrise service in a cow pasture (it was cool, they had even put up a cross that everyone walked to after the service) and then home to get dressed in our brand new clothes and then back to church for the Easter service.  After church we would go to my  Grandma's house where we would have a big dinner, take family pictures, and then an Easter egg hunt.  It was always a lot of fun. 

My Grandma died when I was in college, but I still went to my parent's house and they had dinner, but it was never quite the same.  When I moved to western WA I quit going to my parent's house (I don't really know why), but then it was just Damian and me.  Sometimes I would go to my sister's but not all the time.  And then when Chris and I got back together he always worked on the weekend, so we never started doing anything together. 

This year, Damian went to a friend's house for a birthday party on Saturday and asked to stay the night, so since we weren't doing anything I said okay.  Sunday morning was very calm and quiet.  I didn't go to church, but Maddox and I hung out. I made us pancakes, bacon and eggs, of which Maddox ate the bacon (too much Easter basket candy). We went outside and watched a train for awhile, and then we went for a walk and found caterpillars and a garden. 

Damian came home after lunch and found his Easter basket.  My parents alternated ways to hide our baskets when I was young. They would either tie a string to it and then wind the string throughout the house back to our bedrooms and we'd have to follow the string.  It was fun because there were 4 of us, so sometimes we'd get mixed up and find the wrong basket and have to start over.  The other one they would do is a scavenger hunt type of thing.  They would write clues and we'd have to follow the clues till we found the basket.  I did the clue one for Damian this year.  I have always avoided that one because of his reading problems, but I thought he was plenty old enough this year.  I had him going back and forth through the house, down to the basement and up to the attic.  Even if he didn't have fun, I did.  :-)

When Chris got home from work we did an Easter egg hunt with Maddox, which he loved.

Saturday I did the Tulip Run.  I really wanted to place like I did last year but didn't expect to.  I knew I'd be slow and fully expected to be over 9 min/miles.  The first mile I was about a 8:44 min/mile according to my Garmin (which I loved having for the race) and I felt really, really good.  I thought "I could totally speed up" but then thought about the saying "don't judge a run by the first mile" and knew I'd need something in my tank at mile 5 so I refrained. 

I don't remember exactly when but I came up behind a girl that was going my same speed and decided to stay behind her.  I passed her at one point, but she passed me again.  At about mile 3 she sped up and I worked (hard) to keep up with her.  Then (thankfully) she slowed down at mile 4, I didn't pass her again, but I was able to keep within about 30 feet of her.  I finished in 43.58, and was not even close to the first place person in my age group.  In fact, she was 8 min faster than I was last year, so I didn't feel so bad.  Even in my best running shape I couldn't beat 34.41 (that's a 6.56 min/mile, don't think so!), even the third place person was faster than my time last year, she did it at 41.02. 

Oh and it's so good I didn't speed up in mile 1, I was giving it everything I had in mile 5 and that was my slowest mile.
Every mile was under 9min/mile . . . amazing!  Following someone really helps, you just have to follow the right person.  =)

I've done this run 3 years and never had a picture online for it . . . happily this year, I have 3 of me, one full on.  :-) 
I know the picture wasn't of me, but I'm in it. (The
green in the back)
This was the lady I was chasing the whole time.
She clicked her heals but unfortunately the guy
didn't get it exactly, I thought it was hilarious.
I was still laughing from the lady in front of me.
 I have tons more to talk about, including my run on Sunday and my crappy Monday morning, but this is long enough, so I will try to get on tomorrow and type that up. =)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Again, not much

I almost didn't sign up for the Tulip Run this week.  I thought about it on Sunday but didn't want to go anywhere so didn't sign up figuring I'd stop on the way home on Monday.  Then on Monday went to Damian's baseball game and forgot about it even though it's in the same area as the running store.  Tuesday, I didn't think of it.

On Wednesday Damian had another game, and I remembered that I wanted to go sign up.  I went to D's game immediately after work so was wearing my normal heels, by the time the game was done my feet were frozen.  So frozen I couldn't feel my feet.  I couldn't feel my shoes on my feet, which made it extremely difficult to walk.  (I have narrow heels so my shoes often slip and I couldn't scrunch my toes to hold my shoes in place.)  Anyway, Chris was at the game as well, and he parked 4 blocks from the running store, I, very painfully, walked to the store and saw it closed at 6pm, and had to very painfully walk back. 

So yesterday I remembered to go to the store to sign up.  I half hoped registration was closed, but it wasn't.  So I guess I will be running after all. Not sure how I feel about that.

Today Chris text me and told me that a friend of his wants to run the Tulip Run with me, I said sure, even though he's a little faster than I am currently.  I figured it would be a good way to push myself.  But then when I told him the price ($25+tshirt) he thought that was too expensive, so I guess he's not going to run with me.  The funny thing about the Tulip Run is that it doesn't go through the tulip fields, in fact, the only tulip you see is the one they give you as you cross the finish line.  I find the name interesting then because it's during Tulip Festival and there are miles and miles of gorgeous roads winding around the tulip farms but not a tulip to be seen on the run. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Weigh day

I think of things to write about all the time.  Something happens, I do something, and I think "oh, I need to share that."  But it's always at a time when I can't get on here and write it down, so then when I do have time . . . well I can't remember.  Seems to me my posts are becoming more of a weekly thing than I'd like, but I do have good intentions. 

Today I really don't have anything to say.  Really.  The cursor has been sitting here just blinking for longer than I should admit. I've gone to Facebook, Pinterest, and back multiple times and still the cursor blinks waiting for me to type. . .

I guess I will tell you that I ran 6 miles on Sunday.  Yes, 6 miles.  That was a really good run.  It felt good, and it I felt great about it. 
When I lived in Mt. Vernon one of my favorite routes was through a cemetery (I've always loved cemeteries) and I found one on my run on Sunday.  It was very small cemetery, and it was really hard to not stop and look at the old gravestones (my favorites are the old ones).  I will run through it again, and might stop and look around next time.

Saturday I decided to see how fast I could run 4 miles because I was thinking of the Tulip Run this Saturday . . . yeah, I pushed hard, and was just barely able to get all 4 miles under a 9 min mile. I don't know if I could do 5 miles, and looking at last year's time, it was under 8.30 min/miles, for all 5 miles. 

And the real reason I'm posting today is because it's April 1st (no I'm not talking about April Fool's Day).  I said at the beginning of March that I would start posting my weight on the first of the month because I've held pretty steady at right around 147 for a year (I had a few months during my unemployment that I was up).  Anyway, my weight today:
144.8 =)
 Yesterday I was going to run.  My coworker and I went down to Seattle to observe King County's mental health court (MHC) (I do a similar program through Everett Municipal Court and my coworker does MHC through Snohomish County District Court). I used to work in Seattle and a friend of mine still works at my old job.  When I found out I was going down there (Monday) I contacted her and asked if she would have time to say hi, she said she would and wanted to know if I could do happy hour.  Well, my coworker was driving us down there and said she wasn't going to do it so I declined.  Well, my coworker decided yesterday morning that one drink with my friend would be okay, so I contacted my friend . . . 3 drinks later we left. . . at 5pm . . . from Seattle.  I didn't get home till almost 7:30, so no run.  But even without the run yesterday, March was my highest mileage month since September (everything is "highest since September") at 55 miles. =)  And . . . my feet don't hurt at all.
After my run on Sunday my feet hurt a little, but it was the soreness that happens after you've just ran farther than your body is used to, not the hurt of plantar faciitis.  I am optimistic that . . . nope, not going to say it, don't want to jinx it.  =)  I'm just saying, my feet haven't hurt all week other than soreness from a long run.  =)