Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cemeteries are cool.

Growing up my parents would always take us to the cemetery where my Grandpa, Great-Grandparents and many, many other relatives were buried.  My Dad grew up in the same small farming community (pop. 500) that I grew up in and we were related to half the town.  (I was in the same grade as two 2nd cousins.)  I loved walking through the cemetery with my Dad.  He would tell us stories of the people buried there, and we would look at the graves of all the people that died before my Dad's time.  There was one section where the graves had been moved from a small church and they mixed up 3 of the coffins so they just buried them all in a row and guessed on the names.  I would always be sad at the number of small graves for babies and little kids.  And I was awed by the people that lived during the turn of the century (1800's to 1900's) not realizing that I would soon live through another turn of the century. 

There was a tiny, tiny town (pop. maybe 50) near where I lived (I lived on a farm) and I had a friend there that I would visit.  She talked me into going up to the cemetery of that town once.  She wanted to go there to get scared because she said it was haunted.  We went up there, but I'm afraid I wasn't much company to her in her desire to be scared.  I was just in awe of the old graves there.  I could have wandered around forever pulling weeds off the headstones and reading what they said.  We didn't stay very long because I wasn't very much fun for her there.  :-) 

I was always sad by the graves that didn't have flowers at them on Memorial Day.  How sad is it to have no family come and visit your grave at least once a year?  I still have a desire to be buried at the cemetery in my home town, however, when my parents die, there will be no one in that area to visit the cemetery regularly to put flowers down.  I have a cousin there, but he is pretty much useless, and I have a sister there, she might visit some, but I don't think she'll go often. 

Anyway, yesterday I was thinking about how much I missed visiting the cemetery.  There is a cemetery near my house and I have wandered it a little bit.  But yesterday I decided next year I am going to go to that cemetery with some flowers at the end of the day on Memorial Day and put flowers at the graves of people that don't have flowers on them.  I won't know anyone there because I live in an area that I have only lived in for 4 1/2 years, but I don't care.  I love cemeteries and think it would be fun (is that the right word?) to do.  I have even thought of finding out where the guy that lived in the house we bought is buried.  I know he has no family in this area.  We were told when we bought the house that his wife had died several years before him and he had no kids.  His nephew inherited the house and he lives in Oregon.  I don't know how to find out where he is buried. 

Today I went for a shorter run, only 2.5 miles.  I really shouldn't have gone at all because I have been super sore lately.  I didn't feel like going at all but I went, I was going to go 3 miles, but decided to cut it short.  I am ok with that.  Sometimes when I cut a run short I feel badly about it, but today I actually wish I had taken a rest day.  Oh well.  I think I will rest tomorrow. 

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