Monday, May 21, 2012

Widow maker

We had a glorious week and a half (maybe longer, I didn't actually keep track as much as I love it) of sun and then yesterday the rain came back.  That's one thing about the Pacific NW, you can always count on the rain coming back. 

I got really lazy on Saturday and didn't go for a run.  However, Chris came home and asked if I wanted to go for a walk after dinner.  We went for a long walk (for Chris) and up some pretty steep hills.  Then yesterday Damian asked if we could go for another walk, only this time Chris and him ride bikes while I run.  I had suggested that a while ago to Chris because he likes riding bikes so much (we only have one adult bike).  So we did 3 miles yesterday.  I had to push Maddox in the jogging stroller, and wow, that is so hard.  I don't know if the newer jogging strollers are better or what, but the one I have (from when Damian was a baby) is very tiring to push.  We got to about 2.5 miles and I had to stop running.  I even stopped a couple times on the trail, which I never do.  It was hard. 

At first Chris said that it didn't feel like a workout because it was so easy.  But once we got to about the 2 mile mark, he commented that he was feeling it.  It was probably because we were going up a slight incline at that time.  Most of mile two is slightly uphill on that trail.  I hope that he is willing to do that more often.  I definitely got more of a workout than just running on my own, and Chris desperately needs to workout more often.  I am so worried about his heart, blood pressure and just general health and he's only 35.

His Dad had a mild heart attack in January 2011 and had to get a stent put in his artery.  His Dad is only in his 50's.  My Dad recently went to the dr because he was having pains whenever he overexerted himself.  After a couple dr appts they found that the main artery to his heart was 95% blocked!  My Mom said that the dr told her that if he had had a heart attack, he would have died.  He went for a check-up appt and was rushed over to the hospital for an emergency surgery to put a stent in his heart.  My Dad just turned 65.  That is not old (well, not too old). 

My dad has this poster on his wall.
My dad is a farmer.  He has been a farmer his entire life.  He probably started working on the farm when he was able to walk.  He works hard, and yet he has gained a lot of weight the last few years.  Chris always talks about how hard he works and because of that he doesn't need to work out because he's not out of shape.  I know remind him how hard my Dad works and what kind of health issues my Dad is having.  Chris's Dad is not a farmer, I'm not exactly sure what he does, he's a manager for a grass farm, but not the head manager, anyway, he works hard and had to get a stent put in his heart in his 50's.  Chris's family has a history of having problems with the "widow maker valve," his Grandpa had to have open heart surgery for it, his Dad has now had to have surgery for it.  I worry about Chris.  He's only 35 and already has to take blood pressure medicine.  That is ridiculous to me.  I can't even think about what would happen if he were to die. 

Yesterday I was messing around with Damian in his room and hurt my knee.  It's not too bad, but I'm a little worried about running on it.  D had a baseball game today, so I didn't go running and tomorrow is Zumba, so I may not know how badly I hurt it until Wednesday.  I may try to go running tomorrow anyway, but we'll see.  Right now it hurts if I sit on my leg, and sometimes when I just sit down wrong. 

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