Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy National Wine Day!

Well, I am up this week, but only 0.8 lb, which is less than what I expected.  I am okay with it, not happy, but I had a very good time on Wednesday night with friends (and I drank a lot).  I want to be able to do things like that occasionally. 

Today I went to visit my sister and hang out without any kids.  I think it's the longest I've been away from Maddox and not been at work.  And it was only about 8 hours.  I would have loved to have been gone longer, but I am still nursing a little and it gets a little painful if I go for too long.  (8 hours is about my limit.)

I had a good day.  We ate at Red Lobster for lunch, we both had a bowl of Lobster Bisque and then shared a warm chocolate lava cookie (yum!!).  Afterwards we went for a hike which was actually a lot of work.  It was an extremely steep path.  Then we went to Value Village where I got 6 shirts and a super cute dress for $45.  You can't beat that price.  :-)  We finished our day at Menchie's, which is a really great frozen yogurt place.  You mix your yogurt flavors and then they have a bunch of different toppings (my favorite is the cheesecake bites) and you pay by the weight, which isn't a bad price.

I did run this morning, only 2 miles because I took the jogging stroller and I knew I was going hiking this afternoon. 

Before I went to my sister's I tried on different shorts.  I have several pairs that I bought and then outgrew and didn't throw away.  (I am a bit of a clothes hoarder.)  Anyway, I was able to fit into the shorts and was all excited that I had dropped a size, thinking they were a size 10 (I am currently wearing a 12).  I looked at the tag and it said 12.  How is that possible?  The size 12's that I've bought in the last year or 2 are falling off of me, how is it possible that 4 pairs of shorts that last summer I couldn't get over my thighs are a size 12 as well?  So I compared the shorts, the one's I bought at the end of the summer last year, and the ones that are 4 (or more) years old.
I think it's called "vanity sizing."  The interesting thing about this is that they are the same brand, and the larger ones are "petite."

Today is National Wine Day, unfortunately I am out of wine.  :-(  So I will just have to celebrate it tomorrow. 

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