Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot Zumba?

I am scared to death of letting my real life friends know that I have a blog.  I don't think I post anything horrible on it, but yet, I don't want people to know.  There are a few people (well, one really) that I wouldn't mind knowing, but how do you tell just one person?  I don't want my family reading it.  Ugh! I can't even imagine that.  Chris knows about it, but he's never looked at it.  In fact, he probably has no idea where to even start to look for it.  I don't post overly embarrassing things, just . . . it's kinda weird to say "I have a blog."  I don't know anyone that has a blog . . . okay, I take that back, I have one real life friend that has a blog, I even have followed him, Kaden's Thoughts is my real life friend.  I followed him before I started my blog and after I started my blog I tried to unfollow him, but I can't figure out how.  He hasn't posted anything since the end of January.  I am scared that he is going to one day go onto his blog and see that I am following him and look at my blog.  Anyone else have this dilemma?

My Mom is here to visit and see Damian play baseball.  Our extra bed is in Maddox's room, so she is sleeping in there and Maddox is in his playpen in our room.  The thing about that is that Maddox isn't used to sleeping in the playpen, so even though he's used to falling asleep right away in his crib, he's now been in his playpen for 45 min and I can still hear him talking.  I want to go to bed soon, so I'm hoping he'll fall asleep sometime soon.

I was able to do Zumba today.  My Mom had some errands to run before she left her area and then she stopped in Lynnwood at my sister's house (it's on the way) for dinner and to pick up her bike for me.  My sister hasn't ridden her bike in 10 years or so, she said, so she gave it to us because Chris has been riding more lately.  Anyway, my Mom didn't get to my house until almost 7, so I was able to go to Zumba.  I think they turned the temperature up in the room today because I was dying of heat.  I was drenched in sweat by the time I got home, I don't think there was a dry spot on my shirt.  I've heard of hot yoga, never heard of hot zumba. 

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