Friday, June 6, 2014

Running like a girl

So, I went running on Wednesday.  And it was fantastic!  I enjoyed every minute of it, no joke.  It was a nice change from the last several weeks of dreading my runs and feeling like I'm running through peanut butter.  I ended up doing 5 miles, and I think I'm going to go run again today.

I was worried about rubbing my tattoo on my shirt as I ran, but I kept my elbow out and ran like a girl.
elbows out, arms crossing chest
This type of running was actually what I was told NOT to do when I "learned" to run in 6th grade.  My PE teacher told me that it's not effective and makes you work harder.  Your arms are supposed to go straight like your legs (unless you were like one of my classmates who kicked her legs out sideways when she ran) (I wish I had a picture of it).  Running like that felt awkward because I consciously try not to let my elbow go out or my hand cross my chest too much, but it caused no friction at all.

I was thinking I'd go for a run yesterday, but when I got home it was quite sunny and warm.  I guess I just decided to skip it.  Instead I went for a walk with Chris and Maddox.  Maddox is at that age where everything is a wonder to him.  He'll see something and stop, point, and look up with that look of wonder on his face, and then depending on what it is, he'll run after/towards it.  It's super cute.  It's the same with sounds.  He loves birds, and planes, and pretty much anything that flies. If he hears a plane, he will stop and look for it until he finds it, and then he'll watch it until it goes out of sight.  He's done this forever, he started it at Damian's baseball games last year.

I think I'll go running today.  It looks like my tattoo is almost healed and besides that, running on Wednesday didn't affect it at all.  5 miles today, 5 miles Saturday, 8+ miles Sunday, that will be perfect to reach 100 miles for June even though I missed several days this week.

I was talking to my sister on the way home from eastern WA last weekend and she told me to sign up for the marathon in the fall that I've been thinking of.  She told me that I will regret it if I don't do it.  And she's right.  (She's not a runner at all.)  So I'm going to sign up, which means that I have to start training the 23rd of June.  I'm scared.  Very, very scared.

I'm doing good with my plank/squat/pull-up challenge.  Wednesday was planking for 1min 30 secs, squatting 60 times (I'm using a 15 lb kettlebell) and 6 pull-ups.  Yesterday was a rest day.  Pull-ups are hard.  I can barely do 2 in a row and then I have to give myself a break.  I tried to do a 7th one, and I couldn't do it at all (not even if I jumped to start it).  I don't know how improved those will get.  Tomorrow is 90 squats, and considering how hard the 75 on Tuesday and the 60 on Wed. were, 90 may kill me.  =)

Yesterday at work it really hit me that I only have one week left.  I am really sad about it.  Much sadder than I expected I would be.  It's not that I really, really love my job, but I do enjoy it, and I do like it.  I like the people I work with, especially the one coworker I work closely with.  And I really love seeing the progress of my clients.  It's a court ordered program, so they are required to do what we tell them.  Honestly, I think it makes the process actually much faster.  At first they only do it to avoid trouble, and then at about a year into the program (it's a 2 year program) they start doing it because they see the benefit and realize they like what they are learning and who they are becoming. 


  1. How frequently do you run? In my C25K training we ran three times a week always leaving a day of rest between. Now that I've graduated and run 30 minutes I don't know if I should stay to that schedule or increase frequency.

    1. I usually run around 5 days a week. Sometimes only 4, but I like to run 5. But that is my preference, everyone is different. :-) I think you should run as much or as little as you want. You can adjust how many times a week you run if it's too much or too little. When I first started I was running 6 days a week because I was scared if I took a day off I wouldn't start again the day after. I had to force myself to take the one day off. Now I'm not scared, I know if I skip a day or a run, I'll go out tomorrow, or maybe the next day.

    2. Thanks. This week Mother Nature is deciding for me. I don't like to miss too many days in a row but I'm not up to running in pouring down rain yet. Lol.

  2. Yay to a an awesome run!!! :) Just the other day I saw a 'kicker- runner' made me wonder if I kick. LOL

    1. The girl I went to school with kicked her legs out to the side, it looked like the picture I have above, only the foot followed the elbow to the side. She had the funniest looking run I've ever seen. :-)