Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A rambling post

Another busy weekend for me.  It seems the older I get, the busier I get.  Maybe it's just having kids, and as they get older, they get busier.  My sister, Nancy, and I went to eastern WA this last weekend because my cousin's son is graduating high school and we wanted to go to his reception (the graduation isn't until the 12th, but we can't go to that).  We wanted to make a big deal out of his graduation because he has no support from his father (my cousin), who has custody, but has pretty much abandoned his 4 kids to his disabled, hoarder mother, and refuses to accept that his ex-wife has turned her life around and would be 100% better for them than his mother.  (There is a lot of history there, and I really don't care for that part of my family.)  I really do admire the 2 middle kids, they got themselves out (are living with my aunt, not their grandma) and are finishing school.  (The oldest had a kid at 14 and another at 17 and is pregnant with her 3rd at 19 and the youngest son, who's only 14, is still stuck with his disabled grandma.) 
We went to the park before our tattoo
touch up.
My niece had a birthday.  My sister's bird LOVED Damian.
Damian, and my nephew, and Maddox
helping my dad with his sprinklers.
(That's my parents' backyard, it's huge)
Damian read to Maddox before bed

We also went over to spend some time with my Dad, who has had a lot of health problems recently.  And to get our family tattoos touched up.  I had a really great visit with my parents.  And finally remembered to ask them to write something for another tattoo idea I have.

Now I can't decide, do I put "Me too, Daddy" underneath my Mom's (Daddy is what we all call him) or the "Da, Luv Ya, Pa" (which was what he used to write me in college)(I used to say "Pa" and he started calling me "Da," sometimes he'd write "Da #3" cause I'm the third child)??  I love both.

When I got my family tattoo touched up, I asked the guy about running with it, and he said that is likely the reason it got so faded.  I rubbed it too much.  So I have decided to not run this week.  I may go crazy and I'm going to hate myself at the end of the month when I'm trying to get 100 miles done, but I don't want to go back and get this tattoo touched up again.  It's painful, and it would just mean that I have to stop running again. 

I saw on Facebook that someone had posted a squat challenge (I believe it was Sexy Mother Runner, I can't tag her right now, but you can search for her if you're interested) and decided to get out the old plank challenge I did in November and combine the two.  I started on Sunday, and after I was done I did 3 pull-ups on Damian's pull-up bar (that's all I could do, and they weren't in a row).  Yesterday I decided to add pull-ups to my "challenge."  So I came up with a calendar and this is what I'm doing.  I'm aiming for a 5 min plank by the end of June.  On Sunday I planked as long as I could and started with that number (1 min) instead of the 20 sec the challenge actually starts with.  I originally followed the plan exactly, adding the same amount of time the plan did every day to my higher number, however, I didn't even get to 4 min that way.  So I increased the amount of time I added at the beginning of the challenge so I could get to 5 min.  =) I'm using a 15lb kettlebell when I squat.

I'm sure you're all sick of my weight posts, but I am pretty proud of myself.  Last Wednesday (my official weigh-in day) I weighed 143.8.  Friday morning I was right around 144.6 and I said that my goal was to come back from eastern WA with a weigh in of 144.X.  Well, yesterday morning I was 143.8 and this morning I was 144.0.  Fantastic!  =)  I'm not expecting a drop tomorrow, but I hope to maintain where I am. 

This weekend is another long weekend for me.  I have Friday off because I have no daycare (she's going to a graduation) and then next week is my last week of work.  It's also the first week in almost 2 months that I will be working a full 5 days because I've taken so much time off lately.  I suppose I can suck it up and work 5 days for my last week, but it's going to be rough!!  ; )

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