Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday?! Already??

I need to set up some sort of routine to blog.  I'm used to doing it at work, so I haven't posted anything all week.  I started this on Monday while I was sitting at work for a little bit, but didn't finish it, and this is the first I've come back to it.  Here is what I wrote on Monday:
So here I sit.  I worked at this job for 4 years and 3 months and I told my coworker I'd come be at group with her today and go to court with her this afternoon.  I'm getting paid through the end of June whether I sit at home, or go to work, so it's no big deal.  But like I said, I worked here for 4+ years and I forgot that group started at 11am, not 10am.  So I sit here with nothing to do.  My desk is empty, my office space is barren, I don't even have my lamps that make the room more homey.  I'm frustrated with myself.  Oh, well.
Here are the pictures of how I left my office on Friday.  I love it.  =)  I especially love that I thought to put an outline of my high heel on my head.  (Which is barely visible in the picture.)  My supervisor saw it right away on Friday and said something to me that evening on Facebook.  I was hoping it would take them a while to see it, but oh well. 

Last week I ran 28 miles. =)  That's pretty good.  Friday and Saturday I did 5 miles and had nothing notable about those runs.  Yesterday (Sunday) I ran 8.5 miles and again, nothing notable.  Sorry.  ; )

This week has been fairly busy.  Monday I was at work, Tuesday I went and (finally) got my car back, Wednesday was Maddox's birthday and we had Damian's dentist appt in the AM and Maddox had a dr appt in the afternoon.  Then dinner and presents and cake.  Thursday I went to work for a goodbye potluck and here I sit today. 
Birthday boy, 3 years old
Running this week.  Tuesday and Wednesday was both 5 miles.  On Tuesday my old pastor messaged me on Facebook and asked if I wanted to go run with her that morning.  I wasn't prepared to run at that time, I had just eaten, and was still drinking my coffee, so I said no, but we schedule time today.  I'm going to her house and we're going to run 5 miles.  I don't know how fast she is or anything, so hopefully I don't die. 

Tomorrow I'm possibly going to my sister's house in Lynnwood for the afternoon.  Next week we're going to Chris's dad's house.  His sister hasn't been doing well, and we're going over to visit her on Chris's days off. 

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