Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I was reading Kyra the other day, and was looking at some of her old posts when I found this post. She was talking about the finale of Biggest Loser and the winner being too thin.  (She has since gained some weight back and looks better.)  Anyway, the end of her post said this:

"We may not have confetti raining down on us as we step on our scale or lace up our shoes, but doing the right thing day in and day out without the fanfare is just as important because we are real. We exist. We are your neighbors, your family members, your coworkers. We have families and work problems. We experience loss and heartache as well as triumph and successes. We are tangible, and we are in front of each other, creating the normal that should have never been lost in the first place. Aren't you glad you have the opportunity to be a part of that?" 

And it struck a chord in me.  I had to share it. =)

Anyway, Monday I took a rest day.  I went to Damian's last baseball game.  It was a nice evening and they played really, really well.  Damian scored a homerun and caught the final ball to get the last guy out, clinching their win.  I didn't post many (if any) pictures of him playing this year (mainly because I have so many pictures of Damian playing baseball throughout the years that I didn't take many) but here is his last game.  =)

Damian is playing second, he isn't the pitcher.  =)
A close-up of the first picture.
Damian's main position is catcher, he's been at that position for
 most of his 9 years playing.
Up at bat, he hit a triple right after the picture was taken
He over ran 3rd pace. =)
 I ran 5 miles yesterday and am planning 4 or 5 today.

I am doing a lot of cleaning at my desk this week.  Don't have a whole lot of actual work to do, so have to do some sorting and a little bit of filing.  I've been really sad and have cried quite a bit this week.  I'm kinda over it, but I know I have 2 more days of it.  Friday will be a terrible day for me.  I am ready for the weekend.  =)

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