Monday, June 30, 2014

My last week

Not working has really screwed up my blogging schedule.  Once again, it's been a week since I last posted.  Well, I won't be posting again until at least Thursday night or Friday, we're leaving to go camping tomorrow. 

Last Tuesday we went to eastern WA to visit with Chris's family. 
Damian drove while I sat in the back seat.
D and Uncle Jeff "attacking" Grandpa.
The view as I sat outside and let Maddox play.
D shooting a BB gun and Maddox "shooting" a pipe.  =)
I ran 4 miles on Tuesday and 5 miles on Wednesday while I was there.  I finally decided on a marathon training plan.  I like it because it is 5 days a week, and it actually has you running 26 miles.  I have never understood why a training plan doesn't have you run the actual distance you are training for.  (Granted I did not run 13 miles before my first half, but I was more than a little worried about it, and 6 miles is an awfully long ways to leave to "chance.")
We came home on Thursday and that was Chris's birthday so we did presents and cheesecake when we got home.

Friday I ran with a friend.  I'm super excited to have a friend to run with.  We have run together once before this, but with me working and she likes to run in the morning, our schedules never worked out.  She has 2 kids and I have Maddox. She was planning on bringing her double stroller for her kids and let me borrow her single stroller for Maddox.  It was very nice.  Her 4 year old stroller is a million times better than my 15 year old stroller. 
I really didn't feel like running on Saturday, but decided I should to make sure I got my 100 miles in for June.  I decided to only run 3 miles and it was kinda perfect.  I ran negative splits for the run, which I rarely ever do, and wasn't actively trying.  My average pace was 8:10min/mile.  I was dying, but I kept telling myself it was only 3 miles and I could do 3 miles fast.  =)
Sunday my scheduled long run (according to marathon training) was only 6 miles.  It seems so odd to be running 28 and 27 miles a week and then start training, and the scheduled miles for the first week is only 16 miles.  I did more than (25 miles) that because I needed to hit 100 miles but it just is strange to me.
Anyway, Maddox and I hung out alone yesterday.  He took pictures on my phone.
 We played with play dough.
 Until he discovered the knife worked good as a sword.  =)
Today I ran again with my friend.  I'm hoping this is going to be a weekly thing.  We only did 3 miles, but that put me over my 100 miles, so that makes me happy.  102.07 miles for June.
After running with her I went to work for the very last time.  The contract is officially over today, so I turned in my keys and went to court to say goodbye for the final time.  It was pretty hard for me today.  I thought I had gotten over it, afterall, I haven't worked for 2 weeks, but it was just emotional to me today. 
I have a lot of anger over the situation, but I'm hopeful this will be a good step towards a new and better job.  =)

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