Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Christmas was kind of a blur at my house.  I had Christmas eve through Tuesday the 29th off work.  On Saturday, the 26th we went to my parent's house after Chris got off work (which meant we got to my parents' about 10:30pm) and then left Monday the 28th because Chris had to work on Tuesday.  It was a really quick trip.  They had a lot of snow there, but at least the roads weren't bad.  =)

Maddox got sick on Christmas eve and I took him to the dr on Saturday before we left.  Good thing I did because he had strep throat.  Thankfully he got on meds quickly and it wasn't too horrible for him.  Well, strep throat is always horrible, but at least it wasn't all weekend before he had meds. 

Someone at work brought some crap legs in to share so I took a bunch home and we had a great Christmas eve dinner.

Christmas day was pretty chill.  Damian had to work (poor kid) so we didn't do Christmas dinner until he got home at 7:30.  Which was really late, but at least he got some food.  =)  I was (as usual) the first up on Christmas and I sat and watched a Christmas movie while waiting for everyone to wake up. 

Maddox got up and played with his Santa toys for a little bit while we waited for Chris and Damian to get up.
And then it was over in 5 min.  =)

I got a nap.
And Damian went to work. 

Like I said, Christmas at my parents' house was quick.  We were only there for about a day and a half. 

Tonight we are going to our neighbor and friends' house.  It's just across the street, so not far and we won't have to worry about driving or other's driving.  =)

I hope you all have a good and safe New Year's! 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My year in review

We moved in November of 2014, and I got a job in December of 2014, so in January we were still adjusting to life in a new house and a new job.  I was super excited to be running again after not running for 2 months at the end of 2014 (I did run in Dec 2014).  I ran for the first ever time in the dark in January.  And now that's how I run every evening after work. . . 

Damian got his license this year. 

In April our car died. The timing belt  went out while I was on my way to work and we spent a lot of money to get it fixed.
My aunt died at the end of April as well.  It's still strange to think about the fact she isn't around anymore.  I wasn't close to her in her later years, but I was as a child and young adult.
In March we got notice that we had to move again.  We loved our house, knew it was going to be temporary, but we didn't realize how temporary (only 6 months), so we moved again at the end of April.
We loved this house.

The first is less than a month after we moved our house was
gone and the second was a week ago.  These are almost the same
views of our "house" as the above picture with the moving
 truck in the driveway.

Happily the place we moved to is in a fantastic neighborhood where we already know several families, it's only 3 block from our old (original) house, so it was (is) nice to be back in our old neighborhood (sorta) and it's closer to Damian's school. 

We had a great summer, it was warm and we went to my families lake house in eastern WA where we lived on the water. 

I started marathon training over the summer.  And ran my first marathon in October.  While training for my marathon, I ran all over the place.
 Over the freeway
 Through the woods
 Past rivers
I saw some cool signs on my runs.

I started and stopped yoga multiple times, even at work.

I was attacked by bees and fell . . . hard.
 I consistently did morning runs when I needed to.

 Running in eastern WA.
 Even going to the gym when it was too warm.
 Past duck ponds that were affected by the lack of water.
 At the lake while on vacation.

 In Skagit County where the views are beautiful in the summer.

 I completed my marathon, even getting 3rd place for my age group.
Maddox started preschool.

We had more (and continue to have) car problems this fall, which is and has been a huge drain financially. 

In December, Damian got his first job.

I ran in snow for the first time (in eastern WA).
In 2015 I ran a record amount of races (or at least participated in, one of them was the Insane Inflatable).  I ran (participated in) 7 races, including 4 5k's which is the most I've ever done in a year, and 1 10k.  I received 3 top finisher awards, even though none of my races were a PR and ran my first marathon.

I started the year at 147.
And ended the year fluctuating between 140 and 142.
My lowest seen weight for 2015 was 139.8, but my lowest official weight was 141.5 in November. Even though I saw 140 more often than not the last several months, it just never showed up on the scale on the first of the month, which is my "official" weigh day. My highest weight was around 147 in January, but I didn't officially report it, so can't be positive. 

My total miles for the year (so far) is 856.09, but I am still going to be running for the next week and half.  My highest mileage month was September, when I ran a total of 133.5 miles and my lowest (surprisingly) was November when I only ran 36.19.  I'm still in shock that November, the month after my marathon, was only 36 miles.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!