Monday, September 30, 2013

Figuring out the gym

I went to a cycle class at the Y on Thursday.  I have been calling it a "spin class" but I think it's much easier than a true spin class.  I enjoyed it, but I hope it gets harder as the season goes on.  (It just started after taking the summer off.)  It also did "strength training" which was a lot of leg lifts and crunches and situps.  That part of the class was an hour, while the "spin" part was only 30 min.  I was kinda disappointed in that because I'd rather do an hour of spin, but again, it was the first class after the summer break, so I'm hoping it gets better. 

The class bikes were better than the bike I used in the gym on Tuesday.  The class bikes were actual "spin" bikes, while the gym bike was just a stationary bike.  Getting up on my feet was WAY easier on the actual spin bikes, I don't know if I'll use the gym bike again, it wasn't nearly as much "fun."

After using the bike in the gym on Tuesday, my bum hurt really bad.  I could feel it as soon as I sat on the bike for the class and Friday. . . well, lets just say that parts of me hurt in ways that really should be illegal.  I'm better now, but tomorrow is another "cycle" class.

So Friday I decided to rest.  I am so bored with the elliptical and the row machines it's not even funny.  And after using a "true" spin bike, I can't see myself doing the gym bike again.  Plus, with Damian's activities, and Chris working late lately, I didn't have a lot of time to go to the gym. 

Maybe I should back up . . . I forgot to mention that I did an assessment at the gym on Thursday during my lunch hour.  I met with a personal trainer and he went through my current level of fitness and what my goals are.  He was the one that recommended I go to the cycle class.  He also recommended I start swimming, and go to a Pilates class.  This whole assessment thing was the entire reason I went to the cycle class Thursday afternoon.  I enjoyed the class and am wanting to go again. 

I have to tell you, I enjoyed the class so much more than just going to the gym, that I skipped the gym completely this weekend.  I was going to go to another cycle class on Saturday morning, but then realized that it doesn't start until October.  So then I was going to go swimming, but let time get away from me and didn't make it.  I thought I would just go Sunday morning since the pool is open later and that works better for me, but again, I skipped it.  I feel like I've gotten so lazy and I hate it, but I almost hate the boring machines more. 

Today there are no classes . . . well, there's yoga at 5:30, but I don't know . . . I am really apprehensive about starting new things, even though I know I would most likely enjoy it, and I really do want to be more flexible.  I could do the yoga class, or I could go swimming at 7:30.  I don't really want to go to the gym that late because it's right at Maddox's bedtime, but I don't think the machines are going to be what gets me through this stupid plantar faciitis.  I just know I have to do something today.  It's been 3 days since I worked out and I am feeling very sluggish and kinda yucky. 

I really wish I could go for a run.  Even in this stormy, rainy, windy weather.  I miss running.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stationary bike

While I was on the elliptical thing (it's not really a true elliptical, it has that function, but you can also do steps on it, it's strange) on Monday I was thinking how bored I was with the row machine (especially) and the elliptical.  I don't get bored with running, ever.  I have gone through phases where I don't feel like running as much, but I don't find it boring while I'm doing it (other than the treadmill).  So while I was extremely bored working out on this elliptical thing (I was doing intervals with steps and elliptical) I was watching the bike.  There is only one bike at the Y's gym, and I have never done a stationary bike.  I decided that on Tuesday I was going to get on the bike and I was going to do a kettlebell workout. 

So Tuesday came, and I got to the gym.  Chris wasn't home yet and I decided that I needed to get home early(ish), so I was only going to do 30 min on the bike.  I seriously thought about doing the kettlebell at the gym, but the weight room had a lot of guys in it, and I didn't feel like looking like an idiot in front of them, so I decided to just go home and do it.  I could feel right away that my (how do you say it politely??) crotch (sorry) was going to be sore.  The bike is old, and I don't think it is as nice as newer equipment would be.  Plus, I couldn't get my butt off the stupid seat.  I had the hardest time. 

There were no straps to hold my feet on the pedals and they kept slipping off.  And everytime I'd try to stand up I would almost fall of the darn thing.  It really was kind of embarrassing as there were a lot of people in the gym that day.  So I just pushed myself as hard as I could while sitting there. I kept experimenting with standing up, and by the time I was done I could stand for a short amount of time on the harder levels.  (Oh, and when I had about 5 min left I noticed the stupid straps on the floor behind the bike.)  I felt like I got a decent workout, I had sweat dripping off my chin onto the floor . . . 
I ended up going home to do the kettlebell, because, like I said, there were too many people in the weight room.   And I didn't do much of a workout with it.  I don't know why, but it felt hard, and I just didn't want to push myself.  I was ready to be done.  I only did one set, and normally I do 3 or even 4. 

Well, after my bike experience I was surprised that my *ahem* crotch wasn't really sore.  In fact, I don't really notice it at all.  I can feel the soreness in different parts of my legs and back, but not so much where I thought I would feel it.  I'm glad I didn't get any chafing there, I've had it from long runs, and it's no fun. 

I don't think I'm going to get any "official" race photos from the half I did at the beginning of the month.  I went to the Skagit Flats website, and they changed their "Race Photos" section to say something about "look for official race photos for 2014" instead of the "go here to see your race photos" they used to have.  I have checked the "go here" site several times and nothing has come up for 2013, just 2011 and 2012.  I'm really bummed about this because I have NO race photos from any of my races and I was really looking forward to seeing some.  (My first half didn't even have photographers.)  The only race I've done with an actual photographer, actually there were two, was the Tulip Run in 2012, in which I walked with my sister, and the Fowl Fun Run last November, and neither of them had pictures of me.  I'm really quite bummed.  I don't have anyone that goes to the races with me, so there is no one to take pictures of me, I was really looking fwd to seeing me run a race.  =/

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I think the weekend is good for my foot.  Instead of walking around barefoot all day like I used to, I am not very good at putting tennis shoes on as soon as I get out of bed.  I'm sure I look hilarious walking around in my pj's and tennies all morning, but I don't care.  I don't have a twinge at all (knock on wood) right now in my foot.  I think I try to get away with shoes that aren't good when I go to work.  I have a couple pair of shoes that are technically tennis type shoes, but don't have good support, and because they are more fashionable than my regular tennies, I have been wearing them to work (with inserts) but they are just not as good.  In fact, yesterday I had to go to court for work, so I was wearing ballet slipper-type shoes, which are a big no-no, but I do have 2 inserts in them.  However, I ended up going home to get some tennis shoes because I could already feel my heel starting to ache a little. I wore the ballet flats to court,but I just can't wear them all day. =( 

Remember when weekends were reserved for long runs?  Yeah, I miss that.  Sunday marked 2 weeks since my last run, the half marathon I did.  My son and my husband keep asking me why I'm so grumpy.  It seriously is because I CAN'T RUN.  It is driving me (as my Mom would say) batty.  I feel bad, I don't mean to snap at them, but the little things irritate me so much and it just comes out.

Last night Chris asked me again what was wrong, and I said nothing.  Then I said, it's because I can't run.  I'm grumpy all the time.  I told him that I've been running so long he has forgotten what I was like before I started running.  =)  I honestly don't think I was that bad before I started running, but I definitely know that running has helped, a lot.

I am still going to the gym, but there is just something about going out for a run that is so relaxing and mind-relieving.  Plus, it doesn't help that it's fall . . . I love the fall . . . and I CAN'T GO FOR A RUN!  Not to mention, fall is boot season.  I love boots (and sweaters) but I also can't wear boots.  I don't have any that are flat.  =( 

There is a running club here and I had decided that I wanted to join it before I decided to give my foot a break.  I see them every once in a while out running and yesterday on my way home from work I saw a small group of them running down the big hill I run.  They were going the opposite way I was driving, and as I crested the hill I could see a straggler running up the hill.  He looked like he was exhausted, and I really wanted to honk my horn at him to encourage him, but I didn't want to appear creepy.  I often think it would be nice for someone to encourage me up a hill, but I never get it.  But I don't know how to do it without appearing strange, so I never honk.  Any ideas?
Yesterday I worked late but because I skipped the gym on Sunday, I wanted to go.  I did 30 min on the row machine and 30 min on their strange elliptical machines.  I wanted to go over to the weight area and do some squats but it was already after 6:30pm by the time I was down with the elliptical and I knew Chris wouldn't be very happy if I stayed longer.  Maybe I'll try to do it today.  I haven't really done any kettlebell stuff for a couple weeks.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Weigh in


That was my number this morning.  I am super happy with that.  It wasn't 148.2, but that is okay.  I seriously think my scale was uneven yesterday.  (Once I got on it and it said somewhere in the 120's, I was ecstatic to see the number, but knew it was not correct.)  BUT 149.8 is way, way better than the 155.6 I saw on Tuesday. 

I have to say, going low carb has been very hard for me.  I love my bread.  I usually have a piece of toast (whole wheat) every morning for breakfast with my eggs.  In fact, my dad showed me a fabulous way to eat bread when I was little.  Not toasted with butter.  Yum!  Of course, if you eat it that way, it has to be white bread (which I don't buy).  I used to even eat bread plain, nothing on it.  Now my mouth is watering.  *sigh  I have to realize this is not forever.  I don't even know how long it is.  I'm thinking 2 weeks, all I need to do is get through two weeks and I'll reevaluate.  Although, I have been kinda thinking of a cheat night this weekend, but that isn't really good thinking, right?  ugh.

Yesterday I ended up not going to the gym.  Chris had the day off (he's been working 6 days a week for a month and this week he had a relief and had a 2 day weekend).   Since he's been working so much lately we decided to do something, but since we don't have a car we decided to go play tennis.  And then I remembered that I couldn't play tennis because of my foot.  =(  And then we found out that we needed to wait around the house for a guy to come look at our car, so we ended up just going for a walk.  Which in hindsight, wasn't good either.  My foot has been bothering me all day. 

We walked to a duck pond that is not far away.

After work today I went to the gym.  I did an hour, instead of just 45 min, 30 min on the elliptical and 30 min on the row machine. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eating better

This last weekend we bought a potty chair for Maddox.  I'm not too thrilled about potty training, but I am thrilled about not having to change diapers.  Anyway, because our bathroom is so small, I had to move the scale so I could put the potty chair in.  --Also, the batteries are dying in the scale, so it's not always working properly.  --So I haven't been weighing myself as much as I used to.  Plus, I've been pretty discouraged that my weight has been fluctuating between 150-152. 

Well, for whatever reason on Tuesday I decided to weigh myself in the morning.  This was after Damian's birthday dinner on Monday.  (We had crab, shrimp, twice baked potato, and cheesecake with ice cream.)  Well, my weight was up 4 lbs, which was pretty much unacceptable to me.  Just because I can't run, doesn't mean I'm allowed to gain weight.

I have noticed that the 30 min on the row machine and the 15 min on the elliptical, do not burn as many calories as 45 min of running.  I hate that.  I would rather be out there running.  So, I think because of my denial that I can't run, I have continued to eat as if I am running.  This is not working for me. 

Tuesday after I weighed myself, I decided that I needed to tighten up my eating.  I cannot continue to have "just one" small candy.  I cannot have "just a small handful" of runts.  (These are temptations that are in my office.)  I cannot have 3 glasses of wine every most nights.  (I really shouldn't be drinking that much anyway.) 

So, after just Tuesday of eating better, no candy, less wine, my weight was back down yesterday morning.  I log my food into myfitnesspal everyday, but I don't always look at more than just the calories (which have been bad the last 2 weeks or so).  Since it's pretty much impossible to lose 4 lbs in one day, I went back to Monday's food log.  The crab I ate had 3,644g of salt. That is ridiculous!  That is why my weight was up so high.  (I actually don't know how accurate that is, but what I read, no matter what, crab legs have pretty high sodium content.)

I am not a big fan of a no/low carb diet, I like bread, and I like baked goods.  I have gotten to the point where I can say no to a donut, or eat half of a donut, so I feel like I'm not in danger when I do eat things like that.  I have also always been a fan of eating how I will eat forever, and in my life that just doesn't mean I'm willing to give up the baked goods forever.  I know some people can and do, but I am not there.  However, I have decided that I should cut back on the carbs for now.  I have been trying to eat mostly protein since Tuesday (I started halfway through the day).  (This is not as simple as you may think.)  But in order to stop the trend of weight gain because I'm not burning nearly as many calories as I did when I was running everyday, I feel this may be a good option for me, for now. 
Yesterday I did have a tortilla.  It was leftovers from dinner the night before, but other than the banana at breakfast (I did not know banana's were so high in carbs) and the bits of potato that I failed to see (and pick out of) in the beef stew Chris made last night, those are the only carbs I've consumed in the last 36 hours.  And I would have to say I'm surprised at how not hungry I am.  Yesterday when I got home from the gym I was looking around for something to eat because dinner wasn't quite ready, and then I realized I wasn't hungry. I did end up eating a hard boiled egg a little bit later because I was a little hungry and I wanted to eat less stew.  (Chris believes in high-fat foods when he cooks, don't even get me started on his cream of potato soup.)

The time of day that kills me, is the evening after dinner.  I think everyone has this issue (okay, maybe not everyone, but most everyone).  This is when my wine intake goes up as well.  I have a glass with dinner, and then want another one later.  Last night, I had one (okay, it was large because I was trying to get rid of it, so probably 2) glass of wine with dinner.  But then I wanted another bottle later in the evening.  I'm glad I didn't have more open, because I probably would have caved if I did.  Plus, the cheesecake and ice cream we had for Damian's birthday was really calling to me.  Oh, and don't forget the chips and salsa I wanted to devour.  So I got a bottle of cold water from the fridge and drank that. . . and then had another one . . . and then went to bed.  As I was guzzling the last bottle of water before bed, I realized this probably wasn't the greatest idea . . . but I only woke once, which is pretty normal for me.  =)

Since I am driving my old toyota without tail lights, I have been trying to drive less than I normally do, so I'm not going home at lunchtime.  Yesterday, since Chris had the day off (his normal day off) I decided to go straight to the gym after work.  I got there, got undressed, and realized I had no sports bra.  Ugh!  So I had to go home, changed there, and drove back to the gym.  As I was walking in, I realized I didn't have my phone.  Grrr!  So back home I went (because I CANNOT workout without something in my ear).  By this time I was ready to scrap the whole workout.  I didn't want to drive back to the gym, I didn't even want to work out.  I really longed to just go home and go for a run, it's so much easier.  But I went BACK to the gym and got on the row machine, which I hated every second of.  In fact, I decided to only do 15 min on the row machine and 30 min on the elliptical.  (I've been doing 30 on the rower and 15 on the elliptical.) 

I went much slower on both machines yesterday.  My total miles ended up being around 3.75, instead of the 5.2 I have been doing, but at that point I didn't care.  I just wanted to get it done and leave.  Which I did.  I had planned to do a kettlebell work, but because it took me an extra 45 min to actually get to the gym (I'm not exaggerating, and I live and work fairly close to the gym) I skipped that too.  I just wasn't into it yesterday.  But I don't regret going.  No, I walked away knowing that I didn't want to do it, but did it anyway, even if it was "easier" than normal, it was harder mentally.  Really, going to the gym is much harder mentally than physically.  I don't like it.

You know, it suddenly hit me that maybe I'm not working out long enough.  When I used to go to the gym (years and years ago) I went for an hour.  Then a year and a half ago (after not going to the gym for a couple years) I started running outside, and suddenly my "workouts" became shorter because I couldn't run far.  My runs have become longer, but they're still not normally an hour long, and I've been okay with that because I burn so many calories running.  I've been so discouraged about working out for 45 min (a good 5+ mile run) but I think I need to change my thinking.  I can't run, I have to workout harder and longer. 

I am really looking forward to my personal trainer assessment and appt.  I hope he can give me some different ideas for my workout.  I can see that if I have to do the rower and the elliptical for 2 months (let's hope it's not that long . . . or longer!) I may go crazy.

So, I don't know if this is a fluke . . . I don't know if my scale was a little uneven (it happens a lot in my bathroom because the tiles aren't even) or if it's true.  I had other things on my mind and didn't move my scale to double check, but I saw a really awesome number on the scale today.  148.2  The more I think about it, though, the more I think the scale was uneven.  Today I'm going to eat good (I've already turned down a bagel {yum!!} and some Panera pastries) and tomorrow is my official weigh-in, which I'm going to do for the first time in a long time. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birthday and the gym

Monday was Damian's birthday.  In true procrastinator fashion, we had waited until the weekend before his birthday to get gifts.  And then, even though we were planning on getting them Friday while we were grocery shopping we decided to wait till Saturday because I was taking D to a hockey game and we didn't have time.  And then the car died and Chris spent the entire day (from 11am to about 7pm) working on the old car's brakes, so we weren't able to go Saturday.  Then (of course) Chris worked late on Sunday, and since the old car has no brake lights, I am very uncomfortable driving it at night.  However, we had to get SOMETHING for him.
Last year D went snowboarding with a friend of his and loved it.  So for his birthday the only things he asked for were snowboarding stuff.  I don't know if you've priced snowboards, but they are expensive . . . and you have to buy the bindings (what holds you to the board) and the boots separately, and those are expensive as well.  Anyway, I was going to call some pawn shops in the area and see what they had, but with the car issues, I realized we didn't really have the money for even a used board.  Then Chris came up with a brilliant thought, his friend snowboards and has for a long time.  So he called him and asked if he had any used boards that we could buy off him.  He said he had a couple, but he lives in Ferndale (which is about 45 min north) and is working 7 days a week right now.  Luckily, Chris worked up there on Sunday and was able to stop at his house and get them.  He also had some bindings that he gave us, and the best part, he said all we owe him is lunch sometime.  It really is awesome to have so many great friends.
We did go shopping on Sunday, but we only needed to buy a couple things.  We decided to get D a nicer camera (he did ask for one) because we didn't have to spend anything on his big gifts.  I'm actually jealous of his camera, it's not super nice, but it's way better than mine, which I haven't even used (or know where it is) for 3 years.

playing with his camera
 Chris wrapped the bindings for his snowboard separately and hid his snowboard.  When he unwrapped the bindings, Chris told him that he was sorry, but we just couldn't afford the board and if D was able to save up half then we would pay for the other half.
 After all his presents were unwrapped Chris walked around looking for Maddox's ball, and then I said "I think I saw it behind the couch earlier" and we asked D to go get it.  I think I tipped him off when I had my (phone) camera out, though, but I really wanted a picture.
 He was super, super excited about the boards (Chris's friend gave us 2). He still needs boots and goggles, but the majority of the stuff he has now.  =)
 Damian wanted a cheesecake for his birthday cake.  Chris had one for his birthday and it was huge, I was pretty sure I had gotten it at Walmart, so even though we looked at a different store and they had some medium sized ones, I decided to wait for Walmart.  Well, Walmart was out of the giant size cheesecakes, so we ended up getting 2 baby-sized ones.  I fit 15 candles on the tiny thing, but it was very funny.  =)
I think he had a good day.  And thanks to Chris's friend we didn't have to go bankrupt and D still gotten everything he wanted.  (Well, except the boots.) 

So, my foot has ached the last two days in a row.  And not just a now-and-then ache, but a constant one.  So I was thinking that maybe the elliptical wasn't a good thing to do.  Yesterday I talked to a coworker who had PF (plantar faciitis) for a year (can you imagine?!) and she said she got PF by using the elliptical.  Now, she is much bigger than I am, and know that the more weight you have, the more likely you are to get it, but after this weekend where my foot felt really good (no pain at all) I was really discouraged about two days of a constant ache. 

Anyway, I went to the Y's website to look at the swim schedule again, but I really don't like the times they offer lap swim (at 5am and 7:30pm) and I ended up looking at the group fitness schedule.  I noticed they have a boot camp at 5pm, so I decided that when I went in yesterday I'd ask about it and see how high impact it is.  I ended up talking to the instructor who said they do a lot of running (yay! but not good for impact) and squat jumps.  He said he was willing to modify it for me, but I don't know how you can modify running up hills. =(  I'd really like to do the boot camp class after my foot is better, I think it would be a good break from my routine of running.  Actually, this whole break from running might be a good thing for me, I just wish I could run though. 

Anyway, he asked me if I wanted to do a free one-on-one personal trainer appt which I get with my membership.  I told him I was only a month member and he said that was okay.  So I set up a assessment with him for Monday and then he's going to work on exercises I can do (I did tell him about the PF) and set up another trainer session with him later.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I'd like to know what other things I can do and I think it will be really good for me.  =)

After that I did 30 min on the row machine and then 15 min on a very weird elliptical thing, that can also be used as a stepper, which I did for 5 min or so.  It was kinda cool, but kinda weird too.  =)  Damian wants to lift weights, so he went with me and messed around in the weight room.  I think I need to get him some sort of personal training thing to teach him how to use the weights and what to do.  I don't know, so I'm not a good help for him. 

One thing I forgot to mention, the trainer said that he has heard that lacross balls are really good for rolling your feet.  He said he's heard really good things about them, because of the dimples, they make really good deep tissue massages.  I think I'm gonna have to buy one now.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catch up

I tell you, not running makes it hard for me to write much on here.  I don't know why, but when I run I have more things to talk about . . . or maybe my brain is working better and can think of more things to talk about. 

I have been going to the YMCA, I even got a month membership (which coincidentally is cheaper than going to the gym I used to go to, even at the price that I have to pay because I'm not a "member" at the Y).  Anyway, last Wednesday I took as a rest day.  Thursday I decided to try out the row machine.  Other than a quick test on Tuesday, I had never been on one before.  I set it for 30 min and just rowed.  I have no idea what the numbers mean, or how well I did.  (Well, I do know how many meters I rowed, and I was able to calculate that to miles [3.7 miles].) All I know is that it was hard.  I totally thought that my shoulders, back, maybe abs, and parts of my legs would be sore.  I felt like I was working completely different muscles.  Surprisingly, only my back was sore for a day, and not even that sore.  (Maybe I didn't use it right, or hard enough?)

Friday morning Maddox decided to wake up at 3:30am, that is a little early for me.  =(  I ended up taking a sick day at work.  We were planning to give Damian one of his birthday gifts (his birthday was Monday) early.  I was taking Damian to a hockey game down south for his birthday and had a lot to do (grocery and birthday shopping), so didn't go to the gym, I just did a kettlebell workout while D was at school.  I did the same workout I did last week when I got incredibly sore afterwards.  I am not sore at all from that. 

In fact, I expected to be sore from the row machine (back and shoulders) and from the kettlebell workout (back of legs and butt), but the only soreness I had was some tightness in my back. 

Anyway, Damian and I went to the hockey game and it was a really fabulous game.  We used to go to games all the time when we lived in Lynnwood, but when we moved north I stopped wanting to drive south for the games and we haven't been to very many in the last 5 years.  At the end of the season last year, I told myself that I was going to take D more often this year, so I put reminders in my phone to remind myself to go look at tickets at least once a month.  We had a blast and Everett beat Seattle, and there were lots of fights . . . kinda a perfect game.  =)

Fight! - because really, what's a hockey game without a fight?
However, we were headed home, I got off the freeway to turn into Mt. Vernon and my car wouldn't move.  I couldn't get it into gear . . . at all.  I called Chris, but he couldn't do anything, Maddox was sleeping and I had the carseat anyway.  So he called his friend who came with his car and ended up pushing my car home. (Thankfully it wasn't very far.)  Chris and our friend decided the clutch went out and needs to be replace.  =/

I have an 1989 Toyota Camry that we never drive.  It needs a lot of work, and we've kinda just put it off waiting for Damian to get his license.  The brakes needed replacing, and it leaked brake fluid.  The oil leaks, and it leaks power steering fluid (I think).  Those are things that need to be fixed, but at least you can put the fluids in and it runs.  The bigger issue (in my mind) is that there's something wrong with the wiring to the tail lights.  There's only one tail light (brake light, turn signal) that works in the back of the car.  Chris called in sick and took the car to a friends' house on Saturday and they fixed the brakes, so now it at least stops.  I am able to drive the car to work and around town but I am constantly concerned I will get pulled over because of the brake lights.

So because I didn't have a car on Saturday I didn't go to the gym like I had planned.  I did clean out Maddox's room, which was very dirty, but I don't think I broke a sweat. Sunday I went back to the gym and did another 30 min on the row machine and 15 min on the elliptical.  I feel like the row machine is harder than the elliptical, but according to any of the websites I've used in recording what I've done, it doesn't burn as many calories. 

Yesterday I was planning on going to the gym, but my foot was bothering me a little, and it was Damian's birthday.  I still needed to wrap his presents and then there cook dinner for him.  =/  So I didn't go. 

I will post pictures of Damian's birthday later.  I think this one is long enough.  =)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Skagit Flats half marathon

I don't really feeling like writing today (I tell you, when I don't run, I don't want to write), but since you all are waiting on the edge of your seats for my half marathon report, I will try to struggle through it.  The reason I posted so late yesterday was the same thing, I didn't feel like writing, I had written a little early in the day, but then set it aside.

I, sadly, have no pictures of me actually running the race because the website doesn't have them up yet and I had no one there to take pictures.  So you'll have to be happy with what I do have, which I made into a cool collage.  =) 

Do you see that time?? That's awesome!
Sunday was my half marathon. I was so nervous. Last week's 10 miler made me feel better, but I was still really, really worried that I wouldn't be able to run an extra 3.1 miles. A 5k race is so quick and my last one was fast, but put that same distance after 10 miles and it feels like forever. I was also worried because for the Berry Dairy Days half marathon I ran with a girl (stranger) for 8 or so miles and I felt that really helped push me and make the time go faster.  I knew I wouldn't have that particular girl at this race (even if I did see her, I wouldn't have run with her out of the blue again) and I didn't feel at all well trained for this half, plus the issue with my foot.  So I figured that I would be slower than I was for the Berry Dairy Days half. 

I had the idea that I would LIKE to try to beat my time (2.07.34) but would be happy to just to finish.  I had been looking at the website and noticed that there were going to be pacers.  I've never run in a race with pacers before, but there were no pacers for a 2.05 time.  I saw 2.10 and 1.55 (I think it is silly to have a 15 min window at this particular time when all the other windows were only 5 min.  Anyway, I knew the 1.55 would be too fast, so I decided I just wanted to be in front of the 2.10 pacer. 

For the couple of miles of the race I ended up smack in the middle of the 3.55 marathon pacer group.  I couldn't do that math in my head while I was running to figure out how fast that was, or how fast I would be finishing the half.  Since the pace felt okay, I decided to stick with them for a while.  When my app came on at mile 1 and said (what I thought it said) 8.36min/mile (it actually was 8.26min/mile) I knew I was running too fast and thought I would slow down.  I did, but only long enough to get out of the middle of the pack around the pacer.  I ended up still running "with" them, just a couple yards behind them.  I didn't catch what my app said my mile 2 min/mile was, but I knew I was still going too fast.  I finally slowed down and let them get ahead of me, but I could still see the pack and didn't really lose them until they continued on and I turned around at 6.5 miles. 

After I "lost" the marathoners, I finally slowed down, but was keeping a pretty steady pace right around 9.03-9.10 until mile 10 when my legs really slowed and I dropped to around a 9.16 min mile. 
-As I passed the 10 mile mark, I thought, I only have a 5k left and I can do that easy.  =)

One thing I really liked was that some of the water stations towards the end had the roster of runners and they would look up my number and then encourage me by name.  I felt bad for a girl that was right in front of me, the guy looked up my number and then called down the line that my name was Cathy, so everyone called me by name as I ran by, but the girl in front of me didn't get called by name.  I didn't hear the guy even say her name at all.  But I thought that was a really awesome way to encourage the runners.

Something I learned was to fuel early and often.  I started drinking the liquid Gu that they had at mile 4, and I continued to drink it at every water station.  I really felt that it made my run feel good and I went faster because of it.  So now I know. 

Here's my splits for the race.  I wasn't able to get my app to start right away at the beginning, so I didn't get it started right away, and then I forgot to stop it, so the "0.1" mile part actually says .3 and is 3 min long.  =)

Monday, September 9, 2013

A quickie

Last Friday I decided to go check out the YMCA gym.  I have been in the building before, taking Damian to go swimming, and I think I even swam once, but I have never been in the workout room before.  I know the building is old, but I was not expecting the stink of the workout room.  Like I said last week, I have only had a gym membership once before and it was at the nicest (biggest) gym in this area and I only went to the girl's only workout area. 

The workout room was small, it has 4 treadmills, 4 different types of ellipticals, and 2 bikes.  And it connected to the weight room, which was much larger than the workout room.  Anyway, the only people in the whole area were older (50+) men.  It was very obvious that they all knew each other.  They would wave, say hi, stop and talk as they were walking around the room, and they all stared at me. 

I used the elliptical, and went straight home.  i don't remember the elliptical being much of a workout in the past once I had "graduated" to the treadmill, but I really pushed myself and had a good sweat.   I think the toughest part of it is the mental part.  I didn't WANT to be on the elliptical.  I could just glimpse a bit of outside through a window, and I saw some kids (probably high schoolers) running by and I WANTED to be out there with them.  However, I need to take care of my foot so it doesn't get worse and does go away.  I seriously had to force myself to go the full 45 min I had set the elliptical on.

I did feel like I got a good workout though. When I got home, I had the same good feeing that I normally have after a run, so I went back on Saturday. =)  I'm thinking that I'm just going to get a month membership there, I'm hoping that's enough time to let my foot heal because I have already registered for a Zombie 5k at the end of October. 

I will update you all on my half marathon (hopefully) tomorrow.  Hope you all had a great Monday!  =)


Friday, September 6, 2013


Yesterday I ran 4.21 miles.  I felt good the whole run, but today my foot is a little sore.  I'm still trying to think of what I can do instead of running for a few weeks.  I have looked into going to the YMCA here, which is totally doable, it's not that expensive for a daily pass, but actually going to a gym?  Yeah, I don't know if I would.  I used to, but now?  I don't know.

I've even thought about doing Insanity again.  There are definitely some high impact moves in Insanity, but I could motify them to not jump.  I don't see me biking everyday like I do with running.  I don't think I would enjoy doing it on my own.  I am going to ask Chris if he wants to go for a ride today after work.  I have been debating about begging people on Facebook to get me free passes to their gyms. 

In 2009, I joined a gym.  It was the first (and only) time I have ever joined a gym.  I went after work every single day.  I loved it.  They had a "girls only" part of the gym and I did everything in there.  The gym was right across from my job, so I would walk over there and work out and then walk back to my car and go home.  It was nice because I got off at 4, and then worked out for an hour and was home a little after 5, which felt perfect because in most "professional" jobs people get off at 5, so I didn't feel like I was taking any extra time by going to the gym.  However, I got laid off from that job (budget cuts) and then quit going because it wasn't as convienent, and then I couldn't afford it, especially since I wasn't going, so I cancelled the membership. 

Anyway, when I first started going to the gym, I went on the elliptical, which I loved.  It was hard, but not too hard.  I did it a lot.  Then I "graduated" to the treadmill but I never got the rush from running on the treadmill like I do running outside.  I didn't push myself very hard  to get better on the treadmill.  I ran for time (instead of miles) and was pretty slow (compared to now).  Then I'd go over to the weight machines and do that for a while.  I lost no weight.  I got very discouraged. 

I think I would like to have a gym membership again.  I would like to use the weights, and I would like to be able to use other machines than my treadmill and running outside.  (Stair stepper?  Rower? Pool!  Elliptical!)  Anyone want to buy me a gym membership?  =)

Wednesday I did that kettlebell workout that I talked about yesterday.  I was sore yesterday, pleasantly sore.  When I went for my run, I was really tight in my buttock area (I just like the word buttock), =)  it took about a mile for it to loosen up.  Then last night while sleeping I could feel my body tightening up.  I didn't sleep well because every time I moved I hurt.  I could barely get out of bed this morning, and forget about picking something off the floor or sitting down.  OUCH!  While sleeping, I was sore from my neck to my knees (backside, not really front), but after getting up, I'm mostly just sore from my waist to my knees.  Who knew that running did not work those parts of your butt and legs?  I didn't.  After my run yesterday I was stretching, and I couldn't even touch the ground.  I seriously can't believe how sore I am.  It is not pleasant at all. 

I am thinking that I need to avoid the kettlebell for the next 2 days so I can actually run 13.1 miles on Sunday.  (Oh my word, I can't believe it's this Sunday!  I'm going to die for sure!) 

Last night we had the most awesome thunder and lightening storm.  The lightening was almost constant.  There were very few breaks before another one would light up the sky.  The thunder was almost a constant rumble.  It was way cool. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Kettlebell workout
found here
Yesterday I got home and really, really wanted to go for a run.  However, since I'm trying to rest my foot as much as possible I decided not to run.  (I may be a very grumpy girl for a couple weeks.)  I was laying on the couch telling myself it would be a bad idea to run, when I decided I needed to do something, I couldn't just sit there.  So I got up and got my kettlebells (I have 2, 8lbs and 15lbs) and went to the backyard.  I have a couple kettlebell workouts pinned to Pinterest so I figured I would do one of them. 

I like the way my body feels today, sore, but not too sore.  I really like this particular blog, although I don't follow it, but I have pinned several of her workouts and am thinking I will be incorporating them into my routine for now.  At least until I can run again (or more often). 

Yesterday I wore my size 9 skinny jeans (if you didn't notice the picture) and today I wore my size 8 Levi's.  I have never been a big belt user, however, when I started losing weight I had to buy one because my pants tend to fall off.  Since my skinny jeans are that stretchy jean material, I wore a belt yesterday, but today I decided to go belt-less. It feels awesome to be wearing a size 8, and not need a belt.  However, it just dawned on me that it would feel even more awesome to wear a size 8 and need a belt.  =) 

So I've toyed around with the idea of bike riding (thanks MaryFran) but I don't know.  The only bike I have is one that was bought a couple years ago at Target.  It's nothing special and definitely not a road bike.  Plus, I've always been really bad at hills with bikes, and so I'm scared I'd have to get off and walk up a hill.  However, Chris has offered to ride bikes with me.  The problem is, we only have 2 and nothing to put Maddox in, so if I go with Chris, Damian would have to watch Maddox, and I can't go for long rides on the weekend with Damian because then there's no one to watch Maddox.  =(

Today I'm going to do a short run, 4 miles or so.  I don't want to go too far, but I just need to run.  I still don't know what I'm going to do after Sunday.  How do you know if you're healed or not?  MaryFran, are you running?  Do you still feel pain in your foot?  I should maybe go to a dr. but I feel like I know what's wrong and I know what I'm supposed to do (don't run), I just don't want to do it. 

Speaking of my half this weekend, I read a post on Facebook that said there will be post-race massages and foot baths.  That is exciting to me.  However, then I started thinking that maybe they are only for the people that ran the full marathon, not just the half.  I wonder if they discriminate?  I hope not! 

I have had a couple friends tell me lately that seeing my posts on FB have really inspired them to start running or working out.  One friend asks me for advice all the time, I never have felt like I quite know what I'm talking about, but I try to answer her the best I can.  It feels good to be an inspiration to people.  =) 

I was thinking the other day that I owe a lot to blogging.  I found Katie at Runs for Cookies via pinterest in March of last year.  I started reading her story and loved reading her blog so much I found several others.  All of the blogs I read have inspired me in some way (why else would I read them?) and have given me so much information on this sport that I love.  I have always loved running, but I have never been so obsessed with it before.  I really feel like if it wasn't for reading (and writing) blogs I would have quit running a long time ago.  And even if I hadn't quit, I don't think I would be doing any races.  I also wouldn't know all the stuff that I think I know.  I am really happy with where I've come in the year and a half that I've been running and blogging.

It's interesting how you get attached to people you read every day.  There are 2 blogs that I love that I felt really attached to the people writing them, but they both quit writing about 6 months ago.  And then there are a few others that I also love (just as much) that continue to inspire and motivate me.  I feel attached to these people, as if I am a close family friend.  I don't comment as much as others, mostly because I always feel like what I do say comes across as stupid/ignorant/silly (and also because I'm always at least a few days behind in my reading).  So those of you that follow me, I'm honored that you take time out of your day to get a glimpse into my often boring life. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Catching up

Well, I definitely didn't make 100 miles in August.  In fact, it was my lowest month for mileage in all of 2013.  Only 84.48 miles.  I ended up taking a rest day on Thursday, which I wasn't scheduled for and then didn't do my long run until Sunday, which brought my weekly mileage down to only 20.9.  That, with the week off for camping made a low month. 

Honestly, I don't know if I'm going to make 1200 miles in 2013.  It's completely doable . . . but I have a pain in my heal on my left foot.  I have been ignoring it for a little while, partly because it doesn't hurt regularly and I thought it went away, but mostly because I've been in denial.  I'm pretty sure it's the dreaded plantar fasciitis.  Of course, everything I read about it says that you should start treating it as soon as you feel the pain, but because it has been so mild, and comes and goes, I was in denial that it was anything serious.

However, last week really made me think that I have been in denial.  I ran 9 miles, then the next couple days in a row I wore high heels (which I love), but it made my foot really ache by Wednesday.  I iced it, but it wasn't feeling much better on Thursday, so I rested.   I have been wearing only tennis shoes, but it is so hard for me. I am a barefoot kinda girl, and I love my heels.  Yesterday I bought some shoe inserts so am going to try that, plus stretching a lot.  However, I do have my half marathon this upcoming Sunday, so I am going to do that.  After that, I guess I'll see what happens. 

But if it doesn't go away . . . well, I don't know if I will be able to run as much, and I definitely won't be logging lots of miles.  I'm really kinda bummed about it.  I don't have a gym membership, so I can't do an elliptical or go swimming.  I just don't really know what I'm going to do about exercise.  =/

Because I had such a busy summer, I didn't train well for this upcoming half.  Then two weeks ago I went to run 11 miles and ended up only doing 9, I realize that I was running too fast, which is why at 9 miles I felt like I was dying, but it really hurt my confidence to be able to run 13.1 miles.  I know that you should taper your runs in the few weeks before a race, but I have been really, really worried, and I didn't have the "high" mileage to taper from.  Anyway, I decided that on Sunday I was going to run 10 miles and not worry about the taper.

Sunday's run was fantastic.  Because I was so on the fence about how far I was going to go, I decided to do my 5 mile loop twice.  I don't know why I've never thought about that before, but I loved it.  I figured if I needed to, or wanted to, I could stop at 5 miles, or I can cut a mile off and only do 9 (my 5 mile loop is the same as my 4 mile loop except at the very end where I turn a different way to add or subtract a mile).  I left my gummy bears (every time I buy energy gels I lose them so I decided to go with gummy bears this time) and water at my house.  I would stop, take a drink, eat some gummies, use the restroom if needed, and continue.  That worked perfectly.  (Maybe one of my problems is that I'm not taking energy stuff early enough.)  I stopped, drank, ate, peed and was on my way again. 

I also think that because I do that loop so often, it was familiar and I could turn my brain off and go on autopilot for the second loop.  I didn't have to figure out where to go or worry about how far it would be, I just went.  Plus, on my normal 10+ mile loop, I have to go past my road and continue on a trail for another mile and back to get the whole 10 (or more) miles in.  It's always very, very tempting to stop at my road and go home, which is what I did the week before.  With my 5 mile loop (x2) in order to get home I had to do the rest of the loop.  There was no temptation to stop early because then it would be a loonnnggg walk home.

Damian started 9th grade today.  I'm not too thrilled to have a high schooler in my house . . . they grow way too fast.
Yesterday we went shopping for pants for Damian.  We went down to Lynnwood, which is about 45 min away and where I used to live, to go to Value Village down there.  While we were down there we stopped at D's old daycare, something he's begged me to do for awhile.  He loved that daycare.  We also drove by our old apt.  It definitely made me miss old times.  Damian and I were on our own for 8 years.  And we lived in that apt for 6 of those.  It was the first place that I really felt like was home since moving out of my parent's house, and D said it's the first place he remembers living.  He was 4 when we moved there and doesn't remember all the other places we lived (6 places in his first 4 years).  Anyway, it was a trip down memory lane and made me very nostalgic and sad.  I love my life now, but sometimes I miss the time when it was just him and me.
 Anyway, since Lynnwood's a much bigger area and so close to Seattle, the clothes are way better in the thrift stores down there than they are up where I live, so we went to Value Village.  We went down there specifically for the better clothes choices, plus, Damian was concerned about being seen going into a thrift store, so this way no one he knew would see us.  =)  We found 5 pairs of pants for Damian, all of them really, really nice pants.
While we were there, I decided I wanted to see if I could find some skinny jeans.  My mom bought me a pair when I was pregnant with Maddox, but they have an elastic waist (they aren't maternity pants, but because of the elastic waist I was able to wear them my whole pregnancy).  Anyway, I really like them (other than the waist), and continue wearing them, but they are getting very saggy.  So I went over to the women's size 10 area, and found the only pair of skinny jeans I could find, a size 9. 
If you are a female, you probably know that a 10 is more of an adult women's size, and a 9 is more of a teenage girl size (smaller).  But I thought I'd try them on anyway.  They fit so well, I wondered if I could fit in a size 8, so back to the racks I went.  I picked out the first pair of 8's I saw (which were also Levi's) and back to the fitting room.  I was sooooooo excited when they fit too.  I couldn't believe it.  I haven't bought a pair of Levi's in a while, but I thought they were pants that generally run small, so I was even more excited.  I ended up buying both pairs of pants (only $13).  I couldn't stop smiling. 
Size 9 skinny jeans
Damian is so awesome.  He talked about my size for awhile, and even said "maybe you'd even fit a size 7."  And then when we got home he asked Chris if I had told him my "good news,"  my new size.  =) 

Speaking of the greatness of my child, when we rang up our 7 pairs of pants and 2 sets of pumpkin carving tools (D's idea), the total came out to $78.  D was so worried about having spent too much, he said he would put a pair or two of his back.  I told him mulitple times that $78 for 7 pairs of jeans is fantastic (even if we hadn't spent $7 on the pumpkin stuff).  When we got home I was looking at his pants, he got a pair of Wranglers (regular store cost $32), Levis ($45), Arizona ($36), and a couple others I can't remember the brands.  I told him the price of those, and then said I also got a pair of Levis and Mudd ($25-40).  That all comes out to around $180, just for those 5, not counting the other 2 pairs.  I think $70 (or so) on pants at Value Village is an amazing price.  He finally quit worrying about it and really loves his pants.  =)