Friday, March 27, 2015

Insane Inflatable 5k

Best laid plans and all that . . .

This week my original plan was to run on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Then I was looking at Damian's baseball schedule and realized he had a game on Wednesday, so I thought I'd run Tuesday and Thursday, and it would probably be better for my feet anyway. 

So I ran on Tuesday, and then the game was rescheduled on Wednesday because of rain.  It was rescheduled to Thursday. =(  So I didn't run, I should have run on Wednesday, but I didn't.  And there's another game tonight.  I will have run my "normal" amount of days this week.  I guess I'll work on increasing next week. 

Yesterday evening after the game I went home and I was soooooo warm.  It was very warm here, up to 70 in some places, but I didn't expect it to be so warm in my house.  My feet were hot, and I am the type of person that likes to have a blanket on their feet all the time.  Finally I got out my frozen water bottle and rolled my feet on ice for awhile.  It felt so good.  The funny part was Maddox.  He had his cup of milk (sippy cup) and he put it down and was "rolling" his feet.  He was so cute. 
This week I got an email reminding me that the Tulip Run is coming up next weekend.  I ran the Tulip Run last year and got first place for my age group.  So here I am wondering if I should run it again.  This is the 30th year it's been held, so I thought that might be a cool tshirt to have.  But I am not in the running shape I was a year ago.  My 5 mile run on Sunday was 47.34 and my first place finish last year was 42.48, a full (well almost) 5 min faster, that's one min per mile faster.  I just don't think I can push myself that hard this year. 

I think if I don't run it, I'll regret it.  So I have pretty much talked myself into doing it (I just need to go register) but I'm going to be bummed if I don't place this year, and I doubt that I will.  I'm just too slow this year. 

Other race news . . . my sister signed us up for an Inflatable Fun Run.  I think it looks fun, but hard!  I also think she doesn't really know how hard it is going to be.  She is not someone who exercises . . . ever.  She doesn't walk, she doesn't do anything.  She works a block from home and she drives her car there.  I think it will be hard for me, and I run.  I guess we'll see.  There are 7 of us signed up for it, my sister, Barbara, and her 2 kids, and her ex-husband, my other sister, Nancy, and Damian and me.  Nancy and I really want to do our own thing and not be stuck doing the obstacles with Barbara.  So we are going to try to figure out how to nicely say we're a group, but on our own. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

No pain!

Yesterday I was at work and my coworker/officemate was talking about her weekend.  Her daughter was in town and they went to Pike Place Market in Seattle, she said they had a bunch of vegetables and she found some purple asparagus.  I asked her if purple asparagus tasted the same as regular asparagus and she said it has a higher sugar content so is a little sweeter and should be roasted, not steamed.  Anyway, I said that I don't care for asparagus even though I try it all the time and she was surprised.  She said "since you eat super healthy" and I don't remember anything after that.  I love that she said I eat super healthy.  I don't think I do, but it's so fantastic to me that she thought that.

I am not a huge weight loss success story.  I never will be, even if I lose another 10 lbs (which is doubtful).  I was never over 200 lbs and I have lost (I almost typed "only") 30 lbs, and kept it off for awhile now.  I was wondering if I should put myself in maintenance.  I mean, I don't want 147 to be my permanent number, but I seriously haven't gone lower than that. I have been at 147(ish) for a year now.  (I just looked at my scale obsession page and realized I haven't updated it at all this year.)  But maybe my body likes this weight and I won't lose more.  I don't think I look bad.  I'm wearing a size 8, which is the smallest size I've ever worn (I wore it in high school even though I was 15 lbs lighter).  I wonder what sized I'd be if I lost another 15lbs.  I doubt I'll ever find out.

Last week I felt horrible.  Like really, really horrible.  I worked all week, but wished I could have stayed home.  Because I felt so bad,  I didn't run on Wednesday, my normal run day.  By Friday I was feeling better so I decided to go for a run (which I probably shouldn't have, because of my very wet cough).  I ran 3 miles on the treadmill because I was home alone with Maddox.  Then Saturday I decided I wanted to run my usual schedule, so I ran another 3 miles.  And on Sunday, I did 5 miles.  I did not run any more miles than I normally do, but what is unusual about this is that I ran 3 days in a row.  And what is spectacular about that is that I have NO PAIN in my feet.  NONE.  ZERO. ZILCH.  No twinges, no ache, no discomfort.  Nothing.
To say that I am beyond thrilled about this is an understatement.  Maybe, just maybe there is a light at the end of this horrible pit called plantar faciitis.  =)

So I decided the best way to celebrate this is to increase the days that I run.  Starting this week my plan is to run 4 days instead of three.  My daily miles are going to go down to "only" 3 miles a day (I was doing 3.5-4.5) and a 5 mile weekend run.  That will bring my weekly mileage up to 14 miles from 12.  I guess we'll see how my feet are doing next week.
The view on my run on Sunday

Friday, March 20, 2015


Well, this week's running was derailed by getting sick.  I got sick on Tuesday, or was it Monday?  I don't remember, and it doesn't matter, it equals to the same thing, I didn't run on Wednesday.  I just said last week that I don't like to miss a day since I'm only running 3 days a week.  Missing one day is a big deal to me.

You know it was bad I didn't run this week when I even ran through strep throat in January.  Of course, I didn't run on the bad days but since i didn't have insurance at that time, I was sick for 2 weeks (maybe 3) and I refused to stop running just because of a little sore throat (okay, it was more than a little).

You also know it's especially bad when I got my new shoes on Wednesday and still didn't run.
And there they sit, still in their box.
The biggest reason is because this particular sickness has me doubled over sometimes with a really phlegmy cough coming from my chest.  And if you don't know anything about running you should know that you're supposed to avoid running if you have a chest cold vs a head cold. On Wednesday I was even worried about having the flu because I had a sore back and my upper thighs were a little sore.  I don't think I have the flu, I've only had a temperature of about 100 at the highest, and the muscle aches didn't last very long.

I did continue to work through this sickness.  My work only gives me 15 PTO days, and while some may say that's really good (social work jobs tend to give more days off than the average job I think), I have been used to 15 days of vacation, plus 7 days of sick leave.  PTO (paid time off) means that I have to use the same stash of days off for vacation and sick days, which means that I have 7 days less of time off then I used to.  This is extremely annoying to me and so I avoid using sick days as much as possible.

I have vowed to not use a sick day for myself, only for Maddox. Which is why I'm home today, he has been sick at the same time as me.  However, you'd never guess it right now since he's running around the living room.  I think I could have worked today but Chris thought I should stay home because Maddox was really fussy this morning even though he didn't have a fever.

I am going to try to go for a run this afternoon while Maddox takes a nap.  I'm going to get on my unused treadmill and try to do 2 miles.  I really hope I can do it without coughing up a lung, and it will be a good test for what I hope is a 4 mile run tomorrow.

I have been sick more this year than I have ever in my life.  I have been sick since New Year's when I got strep throat.  Sure, I've had a week or two of feeling good here and there, but then I get another cold or something.  I'm sick of it!  I don't know why this year is so different.  I seriously hope that this is the last cold I have all year. (knock on wood)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekend update

This last  weekend was not as nice weather-wise as we have been having.  It started on Saturday with wind and rain in the morning and continued most of the day.  Sunday there was less wind but more rain.

My sister Nancy made plans to come up on Saturday to watch Damian do his robotics competition, but then we found out that he had a baseball jamboree and he wanted to do that more, so we still planned to hang out.  We were going to go for a walk with Maddox afterwards.

With the weather not so great, Damian's baseball was canceled, so we were back to robotics, just a later start.  And we decided to see if we could get a babysitter and go watch a movie afterwards instead of the walk. 
Damian spent Friday night at a friend's house so I knew I wouldn't get a run in the morning, but I was hoping someone would be home early enough in the afternoon, after Nancy left, to run.  I didn't think about the fact that we were going to go see a 2 hour movie at 3pm (we saw Cinderella, and it was really, really good).  I got home about 5:30 (after running to the store) and realized that I wouldn't be able to run until after dinner.
Between getting home and cooking Maddox and I went outside
for a few min and he promptly found a puddle and went
It was so hard to actually go run.  I don't like running immediately after eating so I was going to cook dinner (hamburgers) for everyone and then go run and then come home and cook my own after I showered.  Seriously, it was hard to leave the house for the run.  I don't mind running in the evening on the week days when I don't get home till 5:30 or 6, but I do enjoy running earlier in the day on the weekend.  But I ran.  It was hard to get out the door and I was so tempted to skip it but I just kept thinking that I only run 3 days a week right now, and to miss one means quite a lot to me, so I got out to run.
Sunday . . . another tale of a late run.  Damian still had robotics, so he did that and I had to wait.  Thankfully he was done earlier than Saturday and I was able to go for my run around 4pm.  I ran 5.24 miles.  There was nothing overly note worthy about the run, it was to the river and back, the route I found a couple weeks ago.  =)

I'm not feeling good today, I'm not sure if it's just a head cold or the flu.  My back hurts and I have achy legs, but I did a bunch of squats over the weekend so my legs could be from that and I didn't sleep well last night, so my back could be from my crappy bed. . . or I could be in denial and actually be sick.  I feel like I've been sick since New Year's.  I had strep throat for several weeks (no insurance = no antibiotics) right after New Year's and then several different colds/sore throats since then.  I'll get better for a week and then get something else.  I'm done with it, I'm never sick and it feels like I've been sick for 3+ months in a row.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

This needs to stop

A couple things that are on my mind that I didn't talk about on Friday. . .

All last week I've felt fat. . . I know, that is probably not PC and there are people out there much bigger than me, but everybody has "fat" days, just like everybody has "skinny" days.  This last week was a "fat" week.  And actually, my scale has agreed with me.  I have consistently been 147+ all week, even weighing in at 150.8 (!!) on Thursday.  I know why Thursday was a high weigh in day, we ate Chinese for lunch on Wednesday and on Tuesday, knowing we didn't have to work on Wednesday, we (Chris and I both) had a couple Long Island Ice Teas.  Friday was actually my lowest day, but that was still 147.8. 

I need to cut back on . . . well, everything.  I liked being in the 146 range and was hoping to go down even a little more.  But that isn't happening right now.

The other thing is that I am drinking waaaayyyyy too many Starbucks mochas.  My current job has me driving a lot to meet clients and I often meet them in Starbucks.  My office is really, really out of the way for anyone I work with to come to appts there, so I meet them in the community.  And, around here, Starbucks is plentiful.  But when I'm meeting with someone at Starbucks I don't feel comfortable not getting something, so I order a tall (small) white chocolate caramel mocha (my go-to drink).  I don't like tea, and I don't like Starbucks black coffee (I'd have to add cream even if I did).  So now I'm drinking 300-400 (at least) calories about 3-4 times a week.  And even when I'm not meeting a client, I will often get a coffee anyway as I drive by.  
I don't think they put that
much whip cream on it with
a lid, but maybe I'm wrong.
Thursday I met a client in IHOP (International House Of Pancakes) and we ate lunch.  I had a spinach and mushroom omelet (with hollandaise sauce).  You'd think that was a fairly healthy meal (well, maybe not the hollandaise) . ..  I looked up the calories . .. 1000 calories for that stupid thing (I ate 3/4 of it, so about 750 calories) for lunch alone!  And what did I do afterwards?  Went through the Starbucks drive thru. 

Just talking about (or typing) makes me want to go get a coffee.

It needs to stop! 

Like I said on Friday, I went shopping with my mom and sister a week (or so) ago.  (Before my "fat" week.)  I really need bottoms, slacks, jeans, skirts, etc.  My job has me going to court more than I was before and they dress nicer here than they did at my last job.  Plus, all my jeans are pretty old (a year or more).  Anyway, I got only 2 pairs of pants (leggings and slacks) and one skirt, no jeans.  (I see a trip to Value Village in my future.)  But the one pair of slacks I bought was a size 8, the leggings and skirt were both mediums.  I love being a size 8.  Even though I weigh more than I did in high school, I was a size 8 in high school, so it feels fantastic to be that small again.

The last "set" of jeans I got were from my coworker at my last job a couple years ago.  Her sister had gained some weight and had some jeans she was getting rid of.  At the time I was a size 10 and my coworker asked me if I wanted them.  I said sure.  One of the pair that she gave me was/is well loved.  They were by far my favorite, but they now have some holes forming in the butt area (isn't that a strange area for holes?) so I can't really wear them to work anymore. 

The other pair is a pair of Lucky Brand jeans.  I have never had a pair of Lucky jeans, and I've heard they are fairly expensive brand. But they've always been a little tight, especially right after being washed, so I don't wear them much.  I put them on today and was annoyed that they were tight.  I hate that feeling.  I know they loosen up and become comfortable, but that beginning of the day tightness drives me crazy.  As I sit here typing this they actually feel like I could use a belt (I've never worn a belt with these pants because they've always been so tight.)  I  would love to be small enough that they are loose right out of the wash.  Anyway, I decided to try to figure out the size on them (the tag says 29, which is un-American {LOL!}).  I did what all of us do now-a-days, I googled it.  Lucky Brand jeans size 29 = size 8.

This means that even when I was a comfortable size 10, I was squeezing my butt into a size 8 pair of pants without knowing it (no wonder they were so tight).  That is kind of a cool thing.  =)

Friday, March 13, 2015


I haven't updated in over a week, sorry.  (Not like you noticed, or many read this . . . but I like to think at least one person missed me).  ; ) 

Not much has happened this last week.  My mom was visiting my sister in Lynnwood last weekend and I went down to go shopping with them.  It was a fun shopping trip and I got some great clothes and even awesomer shoes. =) 

You can follow me on instagram where I
posted both these pictures if you want. =)
I ran 3.89 miles on Saturday, accidentally.  I was actually trying to do a quick run because Damian had to leave to go to baseball, but I got confused and the route I took was longer than I thought it would be.  I'm  still learning distances from my house. 

Sunday I ran 5 miles!  That is my longest run since September when I was running 5 miles daily.  I am super excited about that and especially that I have no pain from it.  It is interesting to me, Wednesdays are the days that I feel the achiest in my feet, and I haven't run for 2 days by then.  I always worry about whether or not I should run on those days because my feet are achy, but then I do and my feet usually feel fine.  I roll them and ice them in the evening and it's all good.

Wednesday my entire family had dentist appts.  I scheduled it that way because my dentist is in Bellingham (north of where I live) and I work in Everett (south of where I live) and we only have one freeway worthy car.  I took the day off and Damian missed school to go.  Afterwards we went to lunch and then went and looked at the daffodils in Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon has a Tulip Festival every April and daffodils bloom just before tulips.  I love daffodils but every time we go to look at them we miss them.  This year, because of the very mild winter, everything is blooming early, so I decided to try the daffodils again, and we found them.  =)
After finding the daffodils we came home and I went for a run.  I ran 3.5 miles, I'm not exactly sure why because I was thinking I'd increase my weekly run to 3.75, but maybe I changed my mind and just decided to increase my long run to 5. . .  We'll see next week how my feet are and maybe I'll increase again.  I'd like to add a day, but I don't know if I should yet or not . . .

This weekend nothing exciting is happening.  Damian was supposed to do his robotics competition but he has a baseball jamboree (did I tell you he made the JV team?  He was super, super excited, I think him not making it last year really had him worried).  My sister was going to come up for the robotics thing, but now we're hoping to go for a walk instead.  Although the forecast looks rainy, so I'm trying to find a babysitter for Maddox and maybe we'll go see Cinderella instead.  ; )

And that has been my week.  Nothing too exciting, although a little better than just 5 days of work. =)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weekend runs

We had another nice weekend in the Pacific Northwest.  I'm sorry to all those east coasters that are swimming (well, almost literally . . . can you swim in snow? I guess the question is, would you want to?) in snow.  The temperatures were cooler than they were 2 weeks ago, but still mostly sunny.

So naturally I went for a run.  I read a quote on facebook the other day that said "Every day, I stop halfway through my run for five minutes, look around, and enjoy my surroundings.  I'm reminded of why I do this and why I love it so much." -Anita Ortiz.  Now I don't stop on my runs, but sometimes I like to stop and take a picture because I love the scenery.  But I thought what a great idea to do on my long runs (not that my long runs are very long, but if they ever get to be long again).

Well, on Saturday I decided to drive to the (one) trail in Burlington (I swear there are a dozen trails, at least, in Mt. Vernon) and run for 1.75 miles and turn around (for 3.5 miles total).  I run about a mile on this trail regularly, but I'm really sick of running straight from my house.  In Mt. Vernon, maybe my neighborhood wasn't pretty, but I always started my run going up a hill.  I liked that a lot because I felt like it made me stronger (and I'm sure it did).  Well, now when I start my run, I have to run through an industrial area (flat) to get to any neighborhood that I feel safe running through, and over train tracks (of which there is only 2 roads and one is a little less than a mile and the other is more than a mile from my house).  And that whole process is about a mile long.  To get to the (one) trail in Burlington, I have to run about a mile and a quarter first.  And it's not a pretty area. . . not to mention that this (one) trail is along the highway (I used to drive through Burlington and see that trail and wish I could run it, it's not that great).

So on Saturday I drove to the trail.  I wasn't sure how long the trail was, but I thought it was several miles.  Um, it's not.  I didn't even make it to 1.75 miles before it ran out.  Luckily there was a nice side road that I turned off on and finished the 0.25 miles to get to my target.  But I was starting to enter farmland, and I thought it was pretty, so I stopped . . . and took some pictures.  =)  I'm not sure if that is what Anita Ortiz meant in her quote, but it does allow me to share it with you.
A panorama
my shadow
I wold like to run that road (not necessarily the trail) because it looked pretty.  But that will be another time when I can run farther.

On Sunday I didn't want to drive somewhere, but I was thinking about how tired I am of my running route.  (It's only been a few months, I ran my running route in Mt. Vernon for a couple years, making a few changes every so often, but basically the same.)  Anyway, I was thinking about what I used to do when I first developed my route in Mt. Vernon, I would get on mapmyrun and, well, map my run before going out.  But often, on my favorite runs I would just get lost.  I always have an idea on where I need to go to get home, or get back to an area that I'm familiar with, but I loved taking roads I never had before and just running.  It is a little easier to do this when you are going to run a longer distance (especially when you have to run a mile to get past the train tracks and then to get to any interesting area), but I knew how far I wanted to go, and I have gotten (a little) familiar with about how far things are, so I just decided to go out and run.

And I loved it.  It was probably my favorite route yet.  I ended up finding a boat ramp to the Skagit River, and it was only about 2 miles away.  I ran down to the water and (of course) took a couple pictures.

There was a trail (more like an access road) that followed the river and I'm positive it was part of the Berry Dairy Days half marathon I did in 2013.  I knew where I got off that trail for the half marathon and it was several miles past where I wanted to be, I actually wanted to turn around at about the place I got on, but really, really wanted to run the "trail."  So I followed it, thinking I'd go a little ways and turn around if I needed to.  Luckily not very far from the start there looked to be a way out, so I decided to go see, and got lucky.  I even ended up in an area that I had ran before a few weeks ago so I knew where I was and where I needed to go.  All in all, I ran 4.77 miles (I was aiming for 4.5) so I was super happy with that.  It was a fantastic run.  I definitely will be adding that route to my frequently run routes.  =)  And maybe someday I'll drive to the boat ramp and park and run along the river, although it's gravel and it is harder to run in gravel (but maybe that's a good thing).

Yesterday and today my feet haven't bothered me at all.  (knock on wood)  I'd really like to increase the number of days I run, and I'd love to go back to 5 miles daily with a long run of 8 or more.  But I have to take it slow.  I don't want to continue this terrible thing with my feet.  Last week was only the second week of having increased my mileage on my 3 runs a week.  Maybe the next time I increase in a couple weeks, I'll do it by adding a day of only 2 miles, or maybe I'll increase to daily (2 times) 4 miles and a long run of 5 miles.  Here's hoping.

Another thing I've decided to do is update my weight regularly.  I tend to only update it when I lose weight, not when I gain.  But I don't think I need to do weekly "official" weigh ins.  My weight doesn't change that much from week to week.  So, I think I'll go to monthly weigh ins ("official" weigh ins, I still weigh myself daily).  I started March 1st, I was 146.  (Yay!)  So I'll update again on April 1st and see where I am.