Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This is my

th blog post. 

(Did you know that if you google "300" you get A LOT of pictures for the movie 300?)

I was going to think of something special to write for it, but I've got nothing.  Just the normal drizzle of everyday life. 

The weekend flew by.  Last week was homecoming for Damian's school.  He asked his girlfriend to go to the dance with him, but she lives in eastern WA (he met her through my sister).  Anyway, it turned out that her mom was willing to bring her over here for the dance, so they got here on Friday. 

Saturday I already had plans to hang out with my sister (a different one than who I mentioned above) in Lynnwood.  So I was down there the entire day, we went shoe shopping and then went for a hike on a really steep walking trail (downhill to the Puget Sound, and then uphill back to the parking lot).  When I got home I made dinner and the kids got ready for the dance. 

Chris took Damian and his girlfriend to the school and I got a phone call not even 5 min after Chris got home saying that the security guards wouldn't let his gf in the school.  Apparently, if you don't go to the school, you have to fill out some forms, including a background check.  Damian didn't know this, so he didn't fill out the forms.  I think he was bummed, but mostly just embarrassed.

Anyway, I felt really, really bad so was trying to think of what two young teens could do at 9pm on a Saturday night, and there's not much.  I remembered that a friend was taking his kids to a haunted house down south, so we asked him where it was (at least 45 min south) and off we went.  It was a haunted house/corn maze/zombie shoot.  We were there late (around 10pm) and the zombie shoot had a 2 hour line to do it, so I told Damian to go do the haunted house (I don't like them) and I would wait.  I was debating whether or not to do the corn maze but when D and his gf got done with the haunted house, the zombie shoot line had decreased drastically to only a 30 min or less line, so since D really wanted to do that, we did. 

Sunday I just hung out and watched a lot of football.  =)  But when Chris got home we finally made it to the pumpkin patch. 

In other news, I found out yesterday that my cycle/strength class instructor is moving in 2 weeks and I won't have a cycle class anymore.  =(  I'm pretty bummed about that.

I have been running on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Some days my foot hurts badly, and some days it's fine.  It's usually pretty sore the day after I run, but yesterday it was okay, so I don't know.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Failed pumpkin patch, failed furnace and some funny pictures

When I got home from work yesterday I noticed that the house was rather chilly.  It had been chilly that morning as well, so I asked Chris if the thermostat had been turned down.  He said no, and I went to look at it, it hadn't been turned down but little fingers (have I mentioned that Maddox climbs EVERYTHING?) had turned it waaaaayyyyy up, 90 degrees, but obviously the furnace wasn't working.  We've had this problem before (it's a super old furnace) but it's a fairly easy fix, we just had to get the part. 

We did not get pumpkins yesterday.  It's a long story, and I won't go into it (let's just say I was very annoyed) but things came up and we didn't make it before it closed.  We got there at 5:50pm, and they said they were closing at 6, so we left.
 We were able to take 2 pictures while there, however, Maddox was NOT happy.  =)

We had stopped at the furnace place on our way to the pumpkin patch and they closed at 5:30 . . . so we struck out there as well.  Thankfully we have a heated mattress pad, Damian has an electric blanket, and we put a heater in Maddox's room.

Last night Damian was feeling rather "lovey" and came and laid with me in my bed for 15 min or so before he went to bed.  He doesn't do that very often anymore (I used to not be able to get him out of my bed) and wanted a picture.  We were laying in the dark, so the flash was going off and Damian couldn't keep his eyes open.  and then he started laughing so hard that he was just having problems.  We never did get a good picture, but I have to share what we did get anyway.  =)

I went for a 4 mile run yesterday before heading out to the pumpkin patch.  I love running in the fall.  It's so pretty.  I run on the street a lot, so I decided to run a walking path instead because there's lots of trees and pretty foliage.  Tonight is cycle/strength.  =)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pitch Perfect picture fail . . . and win

Did you realize it's Wednesday?  Man, time flies.  =) 

This last weekend was very uneventful.  Damian was gone for the entire day both Saturday and Sunday so I had no one to watch Maddox while I went for a run, so I didn't run.  And because he wasn't able to watch Maddox while I ran, he was also unable to watch him while I went to the gym, so I didn't do that either.

Monday I went for a 4 mile run.  I feel great when I run.  I am not winded, I don't get tired (more than normal) and my foot doesn't bother me (while I run).  I am so surprised that a month off of running hasn't resulted in being less (running) fit.  My foot hurt quite a bit yesterday, more than it has for awhile, but today it feels great.

Yesterday I went to cycle/strength class.  I think I'm getting stronger hamstrings.  We worked on them (we do every class) and I didn't feel it at all . . . meaning, I could have kept going, which has never happened to me before.  But even though my hamstrings are feeling strong, my inner thighs are WEAK.  It was horrible. 
(I spent about 45 min looking for a  photo of Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect with her leg in the air saying Yes!  The picture that is about 2 secs after this one.  I couldn't find it, it's pissing me off, so you're stuck with this one.)

(I did find this awesome picture though)

Anyway, today I'm planning on running again.  After that we're going to the pumpkin patch, so expect really cute pictures tomorrow of my kids and Chris and I hunting for pumpkins.  =)

Because I spent so long looking for a picture, I now have to cut this short and leave.  Have a great Wednesday!  =)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I ran . . .

and it felt GREAT! 

I went for a short run yesterday.  My idea was to go at least 2 miles, and I wanted to do 3, but didn't want to push it.  I wanted to do a fairly flat route, but as I have said before, I don't have many options for flatness close to home.  Chris told me to go run the walking path down the street, as that is the flattest there is, but it can also be a dangerous path as there are gangs in that area.  I do run that path (or did) about once a week for my long run, but never walk or run that path at or near dark.  (It is a popular path on nice sunny days, so I'm not too worried about it during the day.)  (Anyway, Chris told me to take my pepper spray, so I did.) 

The day was a little chilly, I haven't run since the beginning of Sept. and it was still warm here.  I dressed a little lighter than I should have, but I felt okay after the first mile.  I found my grove and just ran.  I was trying to be mindful of how I placed my feet because the dr did tell me that I need to change my stride to more of a midfoot stride, but I just don't know how that's supposed to feel or look.  I felt kinda like I was trying to run on my toes, which isn't good either. 

It felt fantastic.  I didn't feel winded, I felt like I could have gone farther.  I didn't have to stop and walk at all.  I thought I was going slower than my normal pace, but when I got home I looked at my time and it was actually 8.36 min/mile, which was the exact same pace as my last short run before my half.  It wasn't 3 miles, but it was a good distance for my first run in a month.

Chris and I were planning on going shopping right after I got back so I put on my most supportive shoes and off we went.  I didn't feel a twinge in my foot at all while we were walking around.  And my mood . . . let me tell you about my mood.  I felt fabulous!  I felt refreshed and was in a GREAT mood.  It felt awesome.  I wish that other forms of exercise give me the same high.  I don't know what it is about running that gives me that high, but it truly is addictive.  I want to go running again today, but I'm not.  I need to take it slow, I don't want my foot to feel worse.
Today my foot is bothering me a little, but no more than it has for the last 4 days or so.  I'm okay with that.  I iced it yesterday after my run, which felt wonderful.  It isn't bad today, a little twinge or so here or there.  =) 
Another run tomorrow!  I'm excited!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nope, not yet.

Well, I didn't run Monday.  Chris said he would go for a walk with me.  I think he was thinking that he was helping me.  When I told him I had been thinking of going running, he said he figured that's why I asked him to walk and that's why he walked.  I think he was thinking that by walking with me I wouldn't run and I would save my foot.  Which is a sweet sentiment and I appreciate it.

I have to admit, I'm a little scared to go for a run.  I'm worried that I won't be able to run a full mile, much less 3 miles.  I'm afraid that my foot will hurt worse and I'll do real lasting damage to it.  I'm afraid that I won't continue to run, that my motivation has vanished and I will stop this healthy lifestyle I'm striving for. 

Today I'm planning on going for a run.  I'll have time, I don't have a class (well, yoga), Chris doesn't work . . . there really are no excuses to avoid it (well, we do need to go grocery shopping).  So I'm going to do it.  I'm not going to ask Chris to go for a walk, I'm just going to run.  Pray for my foot.  It's still achy but I'm going to do it anyway.

Yesterday I went to cycle/strength class.  I don't find the cycle part of the class challenging, but I like the strength part and I really like the instructor.  He's an older guy who likes a lot of  '70's music, which, I have to admit, is my least favorite decade of music.  He likes to ask questions about the songs and artists, and I don't know anything, so often I'm huffing and puffing and he'll yell say "Cathy! who sang this song?"  And I'll have to huff out "I don't know."  But it's lots of fun.  =)

So the whole "cleanse" thing . . . it's not too bad in the morning.  I'm skipping my normal 2 cups of coffee (which means I have had a 3 day headache) but other than that my morning breakfast has been eggs for awhile now, so I just eat those without toast.  However, lunch and dinners have been challenging.  I have eaten a lot of spinach, and a lot of chicken.  I'm getting kinda tired of the spinach, but so far I've made interesting chicken (well, just used different spices on the chicken) so I'm not sick of it yet, but I could use a big gooey donut.  Yum!  =)  Actually, what I REALLY crave is a cup of coffee.

I don't know what my motivation for this "cleanse" is.  Which is what makes it even harder to stick to.  It seriously feels more like a diet than anything else, and I don't believe in dieting.  I guess what I'm really hoping it will do is shock my system and help me to lose another 5-10 lbs.  So far, I haven't had a problem with keeping the weight off when it goes, but I have had issues with losing.  I hit plateaus for months at a time and then I have to change it up to lose a little bit more, and then it's another plateau.  I would be happy with a plateau at 140 (which is actually my unofficial goal weight).  (I keep saying I will be happy where ever I end up, but really I would like to get into the low 140's.)

So today's weigh in is actually pretty encouraging, my weight today is 149.6. I am thinking of ending my "cleanse" on Friday, so I will post that weight (if I remember) to let you all know how much I lost.  And then the real test is next week.  See if I gain any of it back.  What I am looking forward most to Saturday is a cup of coffee in the morning . . . and a glass of wine in the evening . . . and some red meat.  =)  Maybe some pork chops.

A selfie =)

Monday, October 14, 2013

A cleanse?

Well, I did not end up running this weekend.  Someone mentioned to me that treadmill running causes a certain roll on your feet that isn't good for plantar faciitis.  I don't know if it's true.  Also, after 4 days of no pain in my heel, my foot hurt pretty constantly on Saturday and Sunday.  I really think it had to do with stepping on a zipper early Saturday morning, right on the spot on my heel that hurts.  It hurt, and the pain really never went away. 

My mom took me shopping on Saturday for my birthday and I got several new shirts and one really cute skirt.  I have bought new pants and shirts since I started losing weight, but I have been wearing the same skirts (they are really, really lose).  I tried on a pencil skirt, thinking I was just trying it on to see what it looked like, but it was amazing.  I loved it, so I had to get it. 

I did not eat well over the weekend.  It's probably just an excuse, but driving for 5 hours always puts us at one meal or another, so we stopped both going over and coming back and fast food restaurants.  Then while my Mom and I were shopping she took me to IHOP.  Although, I had the chicken florentine crepes (which were a fairly healthy option) I ate the entire plate because it was sooooo good.  There were 2 crepes and I was full by the time I finished the first one, but it was so good I kept eating. 

I think I might have overeaten this weekend because I decided to do my friend's version of a "cleanse."  It's 10 days of only veggies, fruit, and lean meat . . . and I started today.  I'm not completely committed to 10 days right now.  In fact, if I get through today, I might just call it a success.  =)  I am seriously craving everything.  There are a couple ladies that keep candy at their desk for everyone, and I have seriously been thinking about it since 10am.  Did I mention that this means no coffee? or wine!?  This may not be my smartest idea.

The whole "cleanse" thing kinda feels like a diet though.  I don't want to diet, but I was thinking that maybe if I cut out everything I crave (bread, sugar, and let's be honest, wine) all at once, I can finally quit eating it so much.  I don't want to get rid of it all permanently though. 

Driving back to work after lunch (I am blessed with living close to work, so I go home for lunch often) I was thinking about how nice of a day it is today.  I think I will do my "test" run today.  I could use a little time to quit thinking about sugar food.  I am going to ask Chris if he's interested in a walk, but if he says no I'm going to go for a short run.  And by short, I mean 2-3 (hopefully 3) mile run. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm going to do it

Yesterday I wore heels for the first time in a month.  I went for a walk with Chris after work and then did spin class and I have no pain today in my foot.

So . . . I have decided . . . while I'm at my parents house I'm going to run on their treadmill.  I'm going to take it easy and not go far.  Just enough to say I did it.

Today is day 4 with no pain in my foot, so maybe I'm pushing it a little, but I want to try.  My dr said that I could continue running, but I should change my stride.  Try to strike midfoot instead of heel, so I will work on that.

I'm excited.

I'm scared.

Just had to post this news.  =)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bullet points

I am not dead, just haven't had a lot of time to write.  I will try to sum up the last week as succinctly as possible.  =)
  • Last Wednesday I ended up going to yoga, and I liked it . . . for the most part. 
  •  I especially enjoyed the cooldown, 5 min nap on my back centering my breathing and staring at the ceiling
  • Thursday I went back to cycle/strength class.  We worked on arms and shoulders mostly, and man could I feel it several days later.  
  • Friday was a rest day.
  • Saturday, a friend talked me into doing deadlifts with her at her gym.
  • I can deadlift 135 lbs.
  • I can probably do at least 155 lbs, which is more than my body weight.
  • My friend was impressed.
  • I will have to increase the weight the next time I go.
  • Sunday was my birthday.
  • I'm getting old.
  • My husband and son got me a lot of wine stuff.
    Red Solo cup wine glass.  =)
  • Monday I did yoga and went swimming. 
  • Damian went swimming with me.
  • I think he enjoyed it.
  • Tuesday was exactly one month since I've been for a run. =(
  • That evening I did cycle/strength class again.
  • I really enjoy that class
  • After class, I got a horrible cramp in my sides (both sides) and back.  I seriously couldn't move without wimpering in pain.  It was the worst pain I've ever felt.
  • Oh, and I was really sick, throwing up and . . . other disgusting things.
  • Yesterday I ended up doing nothing.
  • My weight was 151.2
  • Chris and Damian made my birthday dinner.
  • Yum! 
I don't care for writing bullet points, I prefer to elaborate, but if I had written paragraphs on all that, this would be the longest post ever. 
The friend that took me deadlifting was talking about doing a "cleanse."  Her "cleanse" is basically just eating really, really clean for 10-24 days.  Fruits, veggies and lean meats.  I was thinking it might be interesting to do something like that for a week.  So I've been kicking around the idea of doing it next week.  We'll see . . .
Tuesday I had a dr appt (I have very, very mild eczema but right now it's being stubborn, so I wanted something stronger than over the counter stuff) and I asked him about my foot.  He told me the brace I bought was useless (I completely disagree, I couldn't find it Sunday and my foot was killing me most of the day) and that I don't HAVE to quit running (just cut back), or quit wearing high heel shoes.  I find this very strange as it is completely contradictory to ALL that I've heard and read about plantar faciitis.  Anyway, he told me to stretch, ice, roll, take it easy, etc.  Everything that I am doing, which I knew he would say, which is why I didn't go until now.  Although, he did give me a referral to a physical therapist, and said I could go or not, it was up to me.  I think I'll give it another week and see.  Right now it hurts about one out of three days, so that seems like an improvement.  It it keeps feeling better, I may try to go for a run next week.
One last thing, I'm going to my parent's house this weekend.  I don't know what (if anything) I'll be able to do for exercise since they only have a treadmill and live in the middle of nowhere (no gyms within a 30 mile radius). 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just thinking outloud (or on the computer)

I decided last week that I'm going to move my weigh in day to Wednesdays.  Chris cooks on Thursday nights and it's never extremely healthy food.  I am trying to eat better, but at the same time, I am going to eat what he makes.  It is usually high in sodium, so that means that my weight will always be up on Friday morning.  This may be silly of me, but I'm hoping it will help, even if it's a little bit.  I don't remember what my weight was last Friday, I know it was high because Chris made breakfast burritos Thursday night.  This morning it was 152.4.  I haven't been as good this week in my eating.  I did really good for about a week and a half, and then the carb cravings killed me.  I thought over the weekend, "a handful of chips won't be bad."  And it wasn't, but then I had some bread, and then I had a tortilla (or 2) . . .  not all in one sitting.  I don't consider myself a binge eater, but I definitely added more and more crap to my diet.  =/

Monday night I ended up going swimming.  I thought about it all day and decided to just do it.  It is scary for me to do new things, but I decided if I didn't do something new, I'd get no where.  (It's the same as when I started running.)  It is kinda funny looking back.  I consider myself in pretty decent shape, but swimming is different. I used to swim a lot. My parents had a pool in their backyard and I never thought it was hard, so I thought I would go for an hour and just swim. Ha!  I was dying after 10 min.  =)  I told myself to swim for a half hour, I can do that.  Then when I was close to the half hour mark I was at 12 or 13 laps and thought, I can make it to 15 laps, so I swam for 40 min, and did 15 laps.  It was hard but I didn't drown, so that's good.  I'll go back.  =)

Yesterday I debated whether to go to pilates or cycle class.  I don't have a yoga mat (well, I do, but I use it outside all the time, so it's kinda dirty), and have never done pilates.  On the other hand, I liked the cycle class I did last week, but felt it was not as hard as I would have liked it to be. 

I debated right up until it was time to go to pilates (5pm).  By that time, Chris had taken Damian to gymnastics and left me with Maddox, so I was pretty much stuck until he got home.  I ended up going to the cycle class (5:30).  It's actually a cycle/strength class.  The description says 15 min of strength work and 60 min of cycle.  However, I have experienced (the entire 2 times I've been) that it's more like 60 min of strength and close to a half hour of cycle.  My legs are getting a great strength workout, but I don't know how much cycling workout I'm getting. 

Yesterday I decided to make sure I kept the tension on the bike higher than I did last week, but I still felt like it was not as hard as I would have liked it to be.  Although, in the moment, the strength stuff kicks my butt.  (But it'll be a nice butt.)  =)

Tonight I have the choice of yoga (I've never done yoga) or swimming.  I am leaning towards yoga (but again, I have a dirty mat), but the lure of doing something familiar (swimming) (you see after one day of swimming, it's now "familiar," whereas yoga is completely new) is calling me.  I know I can swim.  But I would really like to be more flexible, so yoga seems to be a good thing too.  (I am a little turned off by the "spiritualness" of yoga, I just want to do the moves and become more flexible.)  I have never done yoga, ever, so that is a double scary for me.  (At least I knew how to swim on Monday, I didn't have to learn something new, just do something new [go to the swimming pool alone].)

So, this is my (tentative) schedule for the next few weeks:
Sunday:  swim
Monday: swim (hmmmm . . . didn't think of it as a 2 days in a row of swimming, maybe Sunday will be rest)
Tuesday:  cycle (or pilates, but leaning towards cycle)
Wednesday: yoga (or swimming, but leaning towards yoga)
Thursday:  cycle
Friday:  rest (or swim, but that would require having Maddox at the daycare for an extra hour)
Saturday: cycle or swim (both are really early, 7 or 7:30am, so I don't know how that will work out) (if I go swimming on Saturday, that's potentially 3 days in a row of swimming . . . hmmmm . . . if I also go swimming on Friday, that's 4 days of swimming in a row, I think I may have to rethink this)

So really, I only have 2 days set in stone, Monday swim and Thursday cycle. =) 

I am liking the classes and doing something other than elliptical and row machine.  I can feel my motivation to go to the gym increasing rather than decreasing with this schedule.  Before my schedule was:
Sunday: rest
Monday: elliptical and row
Tuesday: elliptical and row
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: elliptical and row
Friday: elliptical and row
Saturday: elliptical and row
(The rest days varied, but you get the point.)

Can you see how boring that is?  Really, really boring.  (Although, we won't talk about my running schedule {run everyday}, not boring at all.) 

I really like the cycle class (even though it doesn't seem that hard) so I'm thinking I may continue to go even after I start running again.

I am feeling a little sore today in my legs.  I don't know if it's the cycle class yesterday or the swimming on Monday.  I have noticed that I don't usually feel very sore the day after a new exercise, it's usually the second and third day after, so my soreness today is probably from the swimming.

On another positive note, my foot is feeling really good.  Yesterday and today I haven't had any ache.  I am hopeful, but still being good with it.  =)