Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Yesterday instead of running I decided to do zumba again.  Going last week reminded me how much I loved going.  I'm really glad last week was a good week at zumba, because if this week had been my first week back I may not have gone back so soon. 

If you've ever done zumba, then you know there's a bit of a learning curve.  The first time you go you feel like you're doing the hokey pokey while everyone else is doing the Macarana (are there that many a's in macarana??)( nope, one too many) Macarena.  But once you go a few times you get in the groove, learn the moves and look awesome while doing it.  =) 

I was really worried last week, as I said, that I wouldn't know anything and look like an idiot, but I felt afterwards like I had done a pretty good job.  There were a lot of new songs, but the moves were familiar and easy to pick up.  Maybe I was just having a good week, I don't know.  Yesterday when I went I felt like a fish out of water.  I had no idea what I was doing most of the time, and even screwed up a few of the familiar songs/routines.  I hate it when I have days like that at zumba because I don't feel like I worked out as hard as I could if I knew the moves.

Chris even commented when I got home.  He said I didn't look as sweaty as I usually do.  =/ 

Speaking of sweat . . . does any one else sweat as much as me??  I have noticed that I sweat a lot, my shirt is ALWAYS soaked, no matter if I run 4 miles or 10.  I was noticing at zumba that no one else seemed to sweat as much as I did, and that was on one of my least sweaty days.  I didn't even notice any sweat on anyone.  The instructor NEVER looks like she sweats, of course, she has a fan directed right at her at all times, but still.  When I was going months ago, it was still cool outside, so I always wore a light jacket, and when I was done I always put it on right away and zipped it up so no one could see the copious amounts of sweat.  But now it's too warm, so I pretty much rush out the door so no one notices it much.

Anyway, because of my poor zumba abilities yesterday, I'm looking forward to my run this afternoon.  However, it's really warm out and very muggy.  It has stayed warm (high 70's) for the last few weeks, but the clouds have rolled in, and haven't really gone away, which makes for it to be fairly humid.  I hate the humidity. 

I'm planning on running somewhere between 5-7 miles today.  I realize (since my long run on Saturday) that I really need to have a set distance otherwise I tend to end at the low end of my goal, when I really should be ending at the high end. 

I was on craigslist today looking at houses, and I saw a couple really cute ones.  They are really close to one of my normal running routes, so today I'm going to add a little bit to go look at them (they are on the same street).  Just because I like looking at houses.  =)

I decided to wait to post this until after I ran so that I could take a picture of all my sweaty self after a run. However, I wore a shirt today (without thinking about it) that doesn't show the sweat much.  Oh well.  Right before this picture I had sweat running in my eyes and I couldn't see . . . of course you can't see that either.  =)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A new hair style

I never mentioned what I ended up doing with my hair.  Not that you care that much.  =)  I didn't go as short as I was thinking.  Chris didn't want me to cut it short (even though he loved that haircut when I did it a few years ago) and I was still kinda wishy-washy about it.  I basically told my hair dresser that I wanted something different but didn't know if I was ready to cut it all the way yet.  So she said she could do more layers and that would look good.  I said sure, whatever you want, and let her do whatever she thought would look nice.  She took about 2 inches off the whole length, but a lot on top to make short layers.  It's really cute and I'm pleased with it.  Now if only I could get it as straight as her.  I think I need a new straightener.

I don't think you can notice the difference very much from this picture, but I have gotten lots and lots of comments.  And I love that you can see the blue streaks better.  =)

This is the best picture I could find on this computer of my
old hair, it's from Christmas time.
Yesterday after work I didn't particularly want to go run (this seems to be a new theme lately).  However, I decided that I needed to since I didn't run at all on Sunday (too lazy).  Anyway, I stepped outside and noticed that it had started to sprinkle a little, so I got my hat.  =)  It was really windy and not raining much, so I wished I had left my hat at home (it makes me hotter) because it was pretty warm out, and really humid.  Anyway, on Saturday on my long run, I started listening to Mansfield Park by Jane Austen (I've read it before) so I had that on to listen to yesterday, however because of the wind, and running into the wind, I couldn't hear it at all.  All I could hear was the rushing of the wind over my ears and headphones.  I had to turn off my book and just listen to music. 

Even though I hate running into the wind, I didn't think my run was that bad yesterday.  In fact, I felt that the run was really great.  The first half of the run was against the wind but the last half was with the wind.  That was really a brilliant move on my part, because when I end well, even if the beginning sucked, I think it's a great run.  =)  And yesterday was a great run. 

I am not going to make 100 miles this month.  I took a whole week off while camping, which means I will be around to 12 miles short.  That's more miles I'm gonna have to make up if I want to get 1200 miles in 2013.  As of the end of July I had gotten my "miles I need to make up" down to only 6, so now it's going to be around 18.  =/  I can do it.  =)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fixed computer, botched long run, and some pictures

On Friday I played on my computer for awhile, talked to a friend who I told I thought my computer might have a virus because weird things keep happening to it. Well, I went to work and got a call from Damian about 45 min later. The computer had frozen on a screen saying I was in "violation of laws of the United States of America."  Laws I had broken? Viewing, with intent to distribute, child pornography, illegal software, music, movies, etc. And it had a picture of Damian, shirtless, taken from my webcam. THAT was the scariest part. Then it said that I had to pay a fine of $300 within 72 hours or face prosecution by the federal government. Guess I was right, a virus. The biggest problem is that it's "ransomware" and I can't get off the screen that tells me about my broken laws. So that means I was stuck to my kindle and phone (which I'm happy to say I finally got my replacement Friday).  

I have a fairly good friend from high school that works in computer support/repair and I was able to talk to him last night and he got my computer fixed for me.  He lives in eastern WA, so he has to get onto my computer remotely, but that meant that I had to get my computer off the stupid ransomware screen so I could accept his remote connection.  He talked me through that, which wasn't too hard, and then he got on and debugged my computer.  He spent at least 2 hours, maybe more, on my computer.  I always feel guilty when he helps me out, because he's doing it on his own time, and I'm not paying him.  But, it sure is nice to have a friend who knows how to do it and does it for me. 
One of the things that he said was on my computer was a "cookie" from a porn site.  So . . . I had a chat with Damian.  How do you parent around porn?  It is so easily accessed by everything nowadays.  I think I would rather he went searching for Chris's (really old) magazine stash than for him to be looking at stuff online.  At least the magazines don't move, and Chris doesn't ever get anything really nasty.  Anyway, I had a talk with D and then my friend told me he could do something on my computer that blocked all porn, so he got back on my computer and worked his magic again.  =)  He really is an awesome friend.
I also put tape over the webcam, because that is just freaky.
Saturday I was going to do 11 miles, however, I didn't really feel like running at all.  I waited around all morning, and decided that I was going to run.  I wasn't going to have a set distance, but I added a bunch of loops and extra roads at the beginning to give me lots of mileage before I got close to home.  I decided during my run to just do the 11 miles, I wasn't feeling too bad, and I could do it.  Well, I got to 9 miles and pretty much crashed.  I decided I was done, and walked home (this is what happens when I run in a big loop and the end of the run is an out and back on a trail close to home).  =/
I got home and looked at my splits and realized I had been running really fast.  Way too fast for 11 miles. 
Even after I was walking home I still didn't feel like I could have continued.  I am a little bummed now, but looking at the times, I am really surprised with how fast I went.  I am really bad at pacing myself, and since I don't have a watch-like GPS device, it makes it hard to know.  My mapmyrun app tells me at each mile, but it'd be nice to see it as I was going to know when I was going too fast.  

Did I mention that I got my replacement phone?  And all my pictures are okay?  =)  Here are some more of my camping photos (that I haven't already added). 

We got a kitty a few weeks ago, remember?  Well, these are some super cute photos of my kitty Addie.

Maddox and Addie
Addie and Gizmo (now I just need one of Addie and Pandora,
our other cat)
After my run on Saturday I was feeling pretty sore and Maddox was acting sick, so we all cuddled on the couch watch TV.  You can't see from the photo very well, but both my boys were laying on top of me.  I absolutely loved it.  =)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Phone, zumba, and hair

Well, I think my phone is completely dead.  It will start up, but it turns itself off and back on, and repeats that indefinitely. So I called to get a new one.  I haven't had to replace my phone because of something I did for about 3 years, so I was super surprised to find out that the price went up from $80, to $99.  It annoys me because I've paid for insurance on my phones for years, and I still have to pay $100, that's not much less than getting a new phone when my contract is up.  I'm thinking of going with a different company altogether.  I'm not extremely happy with Verizon, but I don't know if other companies are any better.

I'm supposed to get it today, so that would be awesome.  I would love to have some music while I run, and I don't want to run on the treadmill again.

Anyway, because I don't have a phone (no music) I was trying to figure out what I was going to do yesterday.  I was on Facebook at lunch and saw "Zumba at 5:30!"  I haven't been to zumba since I before I started Insanity in April.  I was a little worried because when you don't go for a long time they change the songs and the routines and I end up looking like an idiot because I don't know what I'm doing.  However, it wasn't too bad.  I was pleased that there were about 3 songs/routines that I recognized.  I forgot how much of a workout for my arms it is.  I thought my shoulders were going to be super sore today.  I did the pull-ups and push-ups on Monday, and then zumba yesterday.  I was right, my shoulders are very sore today.

While I was zumba-ing, I thought a lot about MaryFran because I know she likes zumba so much.  I wish I was more open and could be more comfortable making friends there.  Before I stopped going in April, I had been going for almost a year, and recognized most of the faces (I still did yesterday), but no names and could probably count on one hand how many people I've actually talked to.

This afternoon I have a hair appointment.  I'm thinking about cutting my hair again.  I am tired of my hair right now, but I don't know if I want to cut it just yet.  This is one of my favorite haircuts from my past and what I'm thinking of doing again, just not blonde.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More on camping and post from 8/17/13

Well, while camping I didn't write a whole lot.  I did write the two things that I've already posted, and one more.  This one isn't until Saturday, the day before we left.  I don't remember what days we did things, but one day Chris and I went to Lime Kiln State Park, which we've been too before, however, I wanted to go on a hike, so Chris followed a path and we ended up on a trail we've never seen before.  I didn't even realize there was more to the park than the lighthouse that we always go see.  But actually there's an old lime kiln (which is where the park gets the name, duh!).  We took the stroller on that path when we really shouldn't have because it was so rocky.  Chris pushed it partway, and then I pushed it.  The way Chris was pushing it, I was really worried that the wheels were going to break, but it seems to be fine now.

Then one day I forced Damian to go on a hike with me.  We did this hike last year and Chris and our friend Kyle went with us while I carried Maddox in a backpack thing.  I remember the hike being very, very long and very hard.  But D and I went up it quickly and it only took us 15-20 min to get to the top.  I think several things made it harder last year.  I was carrying a 15lb baby.  I was running, but not as much or as far, and am in better shape this year.  And the biggest thing was having Chris and Kyle along, who were/are completely out of shape and had to stop every 5 steps because it was rather steep.  I was amazed, and a little disappointed, this year at how not-hard it was.

I had mentioned to Chris that I would like to go on another hike at the end of the week, so on Saturday (after dropping my phone in a toilet) Chris found a trail he thought would be interesting.  We went on that trail, I took Maddox in the backpack.  The trail Chris found was very, very short.  We thought it was going to go around this pond, but it didn't, it went partway by it and then turned back towards the road and wound around back to the parking area.  It took us maybe 10 min.  The trail continued on the other side of the road, but it looked like a steep incline and I didn't think Chris would be interested in doing that.  However, he offered, so we went.  That trail wasn't much longer, or much harder than the first one, however, we ended up at a rocky bluff overlooking the ocean.  The best part was that the whales were right below where we were.  We stayed there a while watching the whales (Orca whales, May-Sept they feed - and fornicate - in that area of WA).  It was really nice.  =)  By this time my phone was dead, so I have no pictures of that at all.  =(

We also went to some other site-seeing spots, I think on Friday.  We went to the American Camp (when San Juan Island was being founded -I guess that's the term- there was dispute over who owned it, the British or the Americans, so they have two camps, the American Camp and the English Camp, my family toured the English Camp while D and I hiked up the not-hard trail.)  And then we went to another spot to just look at the water, I guess.  That's where these pictures were taken.

Saturday Aug. 17, 2013

Well, I haven't had the urge to write much because camping is hard work.  I have a 2 year old and somehow I am in charge of this whole thing.  I'm still not sure how that happened, but it did.  =/

I'll tell you one thing, we have definitely eaten well this trip.  Taco salad, dutch oven ribs, flank steak tacos (or as Chris called them, carne asada), stew, and tonight it's dutch oven BBQ chicken.  (My dad does the dutch oven, it's awesome.)  Breakfasts have been french toast, pancakes, hash browns, bacon, sausage, muffins.  We've been eating better than I eat at home...and I haven't had to cook much.  =)  Of course, I think I've gained at least 5 lbs.

I've done 2 hikes, neither very long ones, but I tried to make them as hard as I could.  One was pushing Maddox's stroller over a rocky trail and then running down and then back up some stairs while carrying him.  The second one was up a very steep trail and Damian and I speed walked up it.  When we got to the top, we played some cards and looked at the view (it was really, really pretty), but my pictures of it are still on my unworking phone.

I'm pretty much ready to go home.  I'm tired and dirty.  I think a week of camping is almost too long.  I'm wishing we had planned to go home today so we'd have tomorrow to "relax" (do laundry and unpack).  Sadly, I didn't and have to work Monday. 

I don't want to go back to work, but I am ready to go back to the real world . . . Facebook.  =)

Today Aug. 20, 2013
Yesterday I did 4 miles on my treadmill.  I have been feeling pretty "fat" (I know it's relative) so after the 4 miles I did 100 squats (with no weight because I was worried I wouldn't be able to), some push-ups, planks, and pull-ups.  I think it'd be really cool to be able to do pull-ups, which I'm currently unable to do at all.  I have to step on a stool and then pull myself up that way. 

The above machine was my inspiration, but I like what the lady below did.  I think I could rig that up in my doorway. =)

I really watched what I ate yesterday and made sure to drink lots of water.  I'm really not happy with seeing that 157 on the scale yesterday morning.  However, this morning when I got on the scale it said 153.  I am much more comfortable with that, and am thinking that a lot of the gain on Monday was water.  I KNOW I didn't drink enough water last week.  Don't get me wrong, 3 lbs up is still not good, but it is WAY better than 7 lbs up.  I'm going to continue to eat really well and drink lots of water, and run . . . lots of running.  =)  So I can get down into the 140's for good.  =)

Chris is back to wanting to lose weight.  I guess it takes multiple tries for it to finally stick, right?  He has decided to cut out most carbs and go on a "diet."  I really hate "diets" and I refuse to call what I do a diet.  I am trying to be healthy.  And I refuse to exclude foods from my life.  I just have accepted that I have to eat them in moderation and not all the time.  I am not a food addict, like I know so many people are, but I do know that I have foods I can't stay out of (licorice, we bought a tub for camping and it barely got eaten, I had to have Damian hide it last night so I would not be so tempted).  I feel that if I exclude food from my diet for a short amount of time, and lose weight and then add that food back to my diet, then I will gain all the weight back.  So I would rather eat it in moderation while I lose weight so I figure out how to handle it.  I have (mostly) excluded all fast food and I'm okay with that. 

Anyway, Chris LOVES potatoes, so he's decided that potatoes are excluded from his diet until he loses weight.  I don't think this is a smart move on his part.  He's said he's not going to exclude them forever, and I feel that if he doesn't learn how to eat only half of one, then he's going to gain all the weight back when he starts eating them again.  I am trying to be supportive, but I think I am not succeeding.  I've seen him start and stop (anyone remember Insanity?) so many times that I have become jaded.  I will shut my mouth and support him, no snide comments, no passive-aggressive remarks . . . just support.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Post from Tuesday Aug. 13

So today I remembered that I had put a few pictures on Facebook as I took them and went into town while camping.  I was able to save them from FB and then add them to yesterday's post.  I have only a couple more, but I only handwrote a couple more blogs, so I think I'm okay.  =) 

(The bees were really, really bad.)

Tuesday Aug. 13, 2013

UGH attack of the bees!

Last night after thinking I may go run up and down some stairs to the beach this morning I walked the stairs with Maddox.  They are very sandy and I'm afraid if I run up and down them I'll fall.  Plus, they are very steep.

I took a couple pictures of the stairs, but those were not ones I posted on FB so I don't have them right now.  =(

So that means I'm day 2 of no exercise.  I'm not doing well with what I'm eating, I'm doing well at meals, but when the snacks come out....I'm screwed.  I may gain 10lbs...I have to do something tomorrow.

Today we went into Friday Harbor for a little bit.  It was going to be a family thing, but then my dad said he was going to stay with Maddox because he didn't have enough time to go, wander, and get back to get dinner going.  (I suddenly had major sadness that I'm not there right now.) So then my mom said that she was going to stay at camp too.  Then Damian and my nephew decided to stay, so it ended up being just Chris and I, Matt, and Kyle.  We didn't do much wandering.  Chris, Kyle, and I have been there multiple times.  We got ice cream and a couple (strong) drinks.  I stopped at a store on the way to the "cafe" where we got our drinks (which were awesome) and bought a sarong.  I love it, but I'm not sure how much I'll wear it.  Then we went back to camp.  Not much excitement.

The view from our campsite.
Today Aug 19
So I'll tell you something, being at work today, I have had a super hard time not eating everything I can think of.  I am not hungry, but the thought that one of the "support staff" has candy in a drawer for everyone, has me salivating.  I am dying to go raid it.  I didn't even eat my normal oatmeal this morning because I'm trying to cut back on sugar for awhile (I like brown sugar in my oatmeal) so I just ate a hardboiled egg.  Surprisingly, I didn't get hungry until my normal time (around 12:30). 

I stepped on the scale this morning and I am up 7! (SEVEN), yes 7 lbs.  I'm hoping that it's just because I did very poorly with my water intake and as soon as I get back in my routine of lots of water and regular exercise I will be back down.  My "official" weigh-in isn't until Friday, so I'm hoping to get the number down farther by then. 

I didn't run yesterday when we got home.  I was going to, but then realized I didn't have a phone (no music or audiobook).  I decided to take a shower and wait till Damian got home and maybe I'd be able to borrow his ipod, but then while I was in the shower I realized that I could get on my treadmill.  Duh!  Anyway, I felt so clean and fresh after my shower, that I didn't want to get all sweaty and nasty, so I decided to skip another day.  Today I'm going to see how I feel with 4 miles. 

Oh and I washed my headphones last night, so they are garbage.  I guess treadmill today, it is.  =(

I seriously can't wait to go run today.  I've been reading blogs and I can't believe it's been over a week since I ran.  I can't wait . . .

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Post from 8/12/2013 - handwritten at first

The first day of camping I completely and totally missed blogging, especially the first day, so I borrowed a notebook (that I forgot to give back) from my friend, Matt, who went with us, to write down my thoughts.  My next few entries will be what I wrote while camping.

I was going to have pictures, I took a bunch, but sadly, yesterday (Saturday) I accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet. I tried to dry it out at the campground, but it will turn on and then turn itself off about 5 min (or less) after I turn it on.  I put it in rice as soon as I got home today, so hopefully it will work tomorrow or the next day.  Until then, no pictures.  =/

I had added a few photos to facebook while I was camping when we went into town, I am going to add them to here.  =)

Monday 8/12/2013

You know it's funny when I'm so used to writing in my blog and then don't have it for 2 days, I'm suddenly dying to write.  )  Right now I'm sitting in the shade trying to avoid the bees, which are CRAZY.  Last year there were no bees.  This year, I'm scared to walk barefoot.  In fact, we were here a couple hours and Maddox had already gotten stung on his finger . . . probably trying to pick up a bee.

Saturday, Aug. 10, I woke up, had breakfast and coffee and woke Damian up around 10am so I could run.  I was pretty adamant about running 10 miles but really didn't feel like it.  I finished my coffee at 9ish but was still feeling it in my belly by 10.  I felt pretty sluggish starting out, but hoped it would go away.  I didn't even notice when it went away, or that it was gone until I was at about mile 6 or 7.

It was cloudy and cool (and nice) when I started out.  The clouds burned off about 45 min into my run, but it didn't get too hot.  At miles 8-9, I was negotiating in my head about how far I really was going to go.  "Maybe 9 miles was, I said 10....well, maybe 9 1/, I said 10.  Maybe....NO, I said 10!" I went 10, dead stop.  I'm a little worried about my half on Sept 8 now.

After my run Saturday, I spent the rest of the day cooking sausage and bacon for our camping trip.  Maybe not the best thought out plan.  I was sore and tired.  While cooking, I was also trying to pack everything, and finish up laundry.


By the time Chris got home, I was DONE but we still needed to pack the car.  And then we got a call from our friend, Kyle, who was going with us, to let us know his truck wasn't working.  The truck that was supposed to get most of our stuff to the campground.  We brainstormed ideas until I thought of taking my old Toyota out of storage and packing it.  It hadn't been driven for 2 years or so, but it works okay.  Who needs brakes?  Anyway, we got the cars packed, surprisingly, only having to leave our firewood.

Sunday I got up and ran 4 "easy recovery" miles.  My legs were a little sore starting out, but they quickly warmed up. 

After that, I ate and showered and then we left.
View from the ferry reaching Friday Harbor
We went to go out to eat on Sunday after getting camp set up.  We went to Kung Fu Pizza (seriously, that's what it was called).  It was a Chinese/pizza place.  We got pizza, but still got fortune cookies.  This was my fortune.
Very fitting for me.  =)
Today (Monday) we've done a lot of nothing.  My parents got here about 11am.  We unpacked them, finished setting up the kitchen area (they had tables and more food), ate lunch and now every one's sleeping.  The whales went by around 10am, and left right about the time my parents got here.

I'm thinking of doing some stairs tomorrow morning for exercise.  =)

Friday, August 9, 2013

The post about nothing in-particular

The last several times that I have run, I have thought of a topic that I wanted to blog about, but of course I always forget while I'm actually sitting here writing.  =(

Yesterday I went for a short run.  After my first mile, mapmyrun told me that I had run an 8:16 min/mile.  I thought that was a little fast, so I decided to slow down.  Well, obviously I didn't slow down much because my next mile was 7:54 min/mile.  =)  Here are my splits.

Considering my first mile was my slowest, and I was thinking I should slow down after that mile . . . I obviously didn't.  No wonder I was so tired when I got home. =)  I hate running in the heat.  I know, I know, I've talked about it so much, but seriously, it's hot.  (I know, I know 75 degrees would be a relief for some people, but here, it feels hot.)  =(  I feel tired and melted by the time I'm done. 

I hate the rain, I complain about it all the time, I long to move back to a drier climate, but then during one of the warmest, driest summers we've had in a while, all I can do is complain about running in the "heat."  I think if Chris and I were to ever move back to eastern WA, I would have to make sure my treadmill was inside, and I would probably use it a lot more in the summer.  Where it is now, the carport, all I get is the heat and no breeze to cool me off, so it's doubly hot. 

I've been done with this week since about . . . Tuesday.  =)  Yesterday I woke up and seriously couldn't believe it was only Thursday.  Today was better because it's Friday, but I still had to drag my butt out of bed and go to work.  I felt like a kid when my mom would come in and wake me up.  I wanted to throw a mini-tantrum "I don't wanna go to work!! I'm tired! Leave me alone!!"  Sadly, I had to get up and go to work. 

Today I'm going to run earlier in the day, and tomorrow I'm going to get up and run before noon.  I'm looking forward to a cooler morning run.  =)

I'm tired today, and have nothing else.  So here's a picture of my super cute kitty, Addie.  =)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dentist, 7 miles, wine and a kitten

Yesterday afternoon I had a dentist appt for what I thought was a cleaning.  Have I mentioned that my mother-in-law is the office manager at my dentist office?  Well, she makes appts for us and then calls us to let us know when they are.  (She's especially bad at this with my husband, usually she'll ask me though.)  Well, when I went to the dentist yesterday, I found out I wasn't there for a cleaning, I was there to get fitted for a crown on a tooth that has some bad decay (but not a root canal).  I like my dentist, a lot.  In fact, I've never been to a dentist that I liked more.  Even if my mother-in-law didn't work there anymore, I would continue to go to him because I like him so much.

Anyway, as I was sitting in the chair talking to the dental assistant (who is also awesome, I love them all there) I kept having flashes of this post that I read yesterday.  I love Josh's blog, but seriously, that is something I didn't need to read right before going to the dentist.  Well, it wouldn't have been bad if it was just for a cleaning, but I didn't have any time to prepare for a crown.  I've had lots of crowns done (no insurance for most of my 20's and lack of proper teeth hygiene - my own fault), but I've always known that was what I was going to the dentist for.  Yesterday I felt like I had no time to mentally prepare. 

Anyway, nothing bad happened, although the temporary crown didn't get filed down enough so I can't chew food properly and have to go back this afternoon to get it fixed.  Which is actually very frustrating, but not their fault.

After my dentist apt I came home and forced myself to go for a run.  I seriously didn't feel like running.  I hate running in the heat.  But I also don't like waiting till 7 or 8 to run.  So I've been going around 5, but that is probably the warmest time to go.  When I looked at the weather at 4 it said 72 degrees, at 5, it said 75 degrees.  So yeah, not the best idea to go in the evening.  (I realize that 70's is about 10-20 degrees lower than most of the country, but my body is acclimated to western WA weather.)  Anyway, when it's that hot, I think the sweat wears down the Vaseline I put on to prevent chafing.  This is the second time that has happened, both times on my longer late afternoon runs.  =( 

I ended up going just over 7 miles yesterday.  I totally should have and could have done 7.5, but I was feeling hot and tired at 7.2 so I stopped and walked home.  Halfway home I was wishing I hadn't stopped and had just finished out the 7.5 miles.  Oh well, I still got 7 done.  Today I'm thinking I'll do 4. 

I have been trying to up my middle of the week mileage because I haven't been able to do long runs on the weekends lately, but this week I will be able to do a long run on Saturday, so I'm going to keep my daily runs shorter than I have been. 

A couple weeks ago I posted on my personal page on Facebook (link goes to my running page) that I wanted a new wine glass.  I saw it advertised in Runner's World and thought it was awesome.  I wasn't serious when I asked who was going to buy it, but apparently my mother-in-law took me seriously because she bought it.  It's pretty awesome.  =)  The below picture is after my run and shower. 

I would like to you notice the shirt
as well, I got that probably 10 years ago
and it didn't fit a year ago, and in fact now
fits better than when I bought it.  =)

A better picture of the saying on the
glass, and yes, that's my name on the back.
 I don't think that I mentioned that we got a kitten in eastern WA.  I've been wanting a kitten for awhile now but haven't found one (I know I could have gone to the shelter, but hadn't).  Anyway, while my brother-in-law and his fiancĂ© were out walking Saturday night looking at the stars they heard a yelping.  Thinking one of my father-in-law's cats had gotten hurt or something they went looking for the cat and found a kitten.  She was so starved for food and attention she wouldn't eat unless she was held.  And she didn't want to just be held, she would get down and look for food.  =)  I said I wanted her, so they told me to take her home.  She didn't like Gizmo, our dog, but she's getting along with him pretty good now.  However, our anti-social cat, Pandora, hates her and does the cat growl every time she's around.
Gizmo and Addy
Oh, and as of today, I'm officially able to get pregnant.  I guess we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Planning . . . my head may explode

We are going camping next week.  We are leaving on Sunday, and aren't coming back till the following Sunday.  This will be my longest camping trip since I was a kid.  Also, we have a couple friends coming with us (2) and my parents who are also bringing my nephew.  That makes a total of 9 people.  So not only will this be my longest camping trip, but also the largest group I've ever camped with (well, other than a couple church camping expeditions in high school).  And guess who has had to do all the planning for this trip?  Me.  I am not that organized.  My brain doesn't work that way.  Not to mention I've never done it to this extent before.  So my brain has been really overwhelmed the last week trying to get a menu, a shopping list for everyone, and just plain all the planning that goes with camping, organized.  I think I have it.  I think, finally, I can take a breath.  I've sent out the menu, I've sent out everyone's grocery lists, we've done our shopping, now I think all that is left is packing and any last minute little items that pop up.  I'm over the planning stage, now I want to be in the camping stage . . . Oh wait, it's only Wednesday.  I still have to work.  =(

The other thing that I've been trying to plan is active activities that I can do while on San Juan Island (where we're camping) because I don't know if I'll be doing any running. I will bring some running clothes, but honestly, I don't think I'll run much. I thought I might last year, and I didn't. I like to run close to "home" so the idea of driving somewhere to run isn't really appealing to me, and, if I remember right, there wasn't good places to run close to the campsite. Maybe I'll be more adventurous this year since I've been running a year and a half and not just 6 months this time. I do want to do some hiking. I've wanted to get into the hiking world for awhile (years) now, but haven't. Again, I don't like doing things alone, so because Chris works weekends I don't go alone. Looking at the San Juan website, I didn't see many hiking trails, but a few times in a week is better than no times. =)

I didn't get a run in yesterday.  I wanted to, but we had a speech therapy evaluation appt for Maddox immediately after work, and then we went shopping for our trip.  We still need to buy a camping chair for Damian and a new sleeping bag for me (mine is seriously at least 30 years old - yes, I've had it since I was 6 or so) (sorry, I keep going back to camping plans).  Anyway, today I'm planning on doing my mid-week longer run (that means 6-8 miles).  Since we're not leaving until Sunday, I am planning on a long run on Saturday (10 or more miles).   I also want to get a short run in on Sunday, since it will be my last day before camping. 

I have decided that I would really like to do weight training.  My problem is, though, I don't have a gym membership, nor do I have the money to get one.  I also don't have any weights at home, other than  8lb and 15lb kettlebells.  I have looked on Craigslist for a weight bench or machine (I'm not picky) but haven't been able to find one I can afford.  I think I'm just gonna have to "screw" money and buy one.  Damian really wants one too, so I know it would get used.  And Chris has said in the past that he would be interested in weights as well.  I don't know how long he would use it, but I would, and D would.  I think it would be helpful in losing weight.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This last weekend we went to eastern WA to visit with Chris's family.  Chris grew up with his Mom and her family so has never been very close to his dad's side.  However, when his maternal grandparents died, his mom's side of the family has pretty much stopped seeing each other.  Chris wants to be a big family guy.  He loves the idea of family get togethers.  Thankfully my family has filled that void for him, but I know he longs for his mom to take up that role.  Unfortunately, his mom is . . . how to put it nicely . . . rather selfish and doesn't particularly care to share her comfortable life with Chris too much. 

I am always sad when I hang out at one of his parent's houses.  His mom just doesn't care that much about family, and his dad, well, his dad is very, very caring for Chris's brother and sister, but not so much Chris.  Walking through his dad's house there are lots of pictures, but I'd say 99% of them are of his brother and sister.  He's got a few pictures of Chris as a kid, mostly in a tucked away room no one goes into, and then our wedding picture and last year's family picture. 

I sorta get it.  I mean, Chris's parents got married when she was 16 and he was 18, they were divorced by the time she was 20.  Chris was born when she was 18 and he was 20.  They were young.  From what I understand, they hate each other.  They got remarried.  She married, divorced, married again, had 2 more boys (divorced after 8 years) and proceeded to marry, divorce and marry again (yes, married 5 times).  She pretty much left all 3 of her boys with her parents.  He remarried once, had 2 kids, and stayed married until the youngest graduated high school.  (He's single now.)  I think because both of his parents had "new" families, Chris got put aside, a lot.  In fact, when his mom left her 3rd husband (the father of his half brothers), she left Chris with his stepdad.  (Then his stepdad dropped him off at his grandparents house.)  Chris has always been sorta the after thought.  Yes, he's the oldest, but he never quite fit in with the "new" families. 

Anyway, hanging out with Chris's paternal family, I wish that he had grown up closer to them.  They are all about family.  They hang out a lot, they have get togethers all the time.   They are very tight-knit and I wish Chris had that as well.  They include him, his brother is awesome, but Chris still feels distant from them.  I think because of him, not because of them.  (I'm talking about aunts, cousins, grandparents.) 

Anyway, the weekend went well.  Chris's brother brought his girlfriend to meet the family and then proposed to her on Saturday.  It was nice.  (I told Chris I would have killed him if he had proposed to me in front of either of our families.  It doesn't scream "romance" to me, not to mention all the pressure to say yes.)

First time I've ever shot a gun.
I ate like crap all weekend, I didn't drink enough water, and I didn't run at all.  So today . . . I'm up 5 lbs.  I'm pretty sure it's water weight, I'm on my period, and while normally I don't gain a ton during that time, I do sometimes, especially if I eat a lot of high sodium stuff, which I did last night, and over the weekend. 

So that's two weekends in a row of really crappy eating, and I have all of next week to look forward to crappy camping food.  This week I'm going to do better with my eating.  I will control my intake while we camp.  And when I get back from camping I'm going to really crack down again.  I can, I have before, I can do it again.  Plus, I really, really need to eat well for my half marathon 3 weeks after camping. 

I didn't mention it.  I said something on Facebook, but then forgot to mention it here.  I registered for the Skagit Flats half marathon, which is on Sept. 8th.  Their website says that in order to guarantee yourself a tshirt you had to register by 7/31, so I did.  (I am all about the tshirts.)  This race is bigger than the Berry Dairy Days half I did in June.  I was looking at their registration and there are people from Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Nebraska, Minnesota, Canada, California, Oregon, Idaho . . . Most are from WA, but I was surprised to see the number of other states there (and Canada).  :-)

One last piece of news . . . in this post I talked about possibly going off birth control and having another child.  Well, I have an appt this week to do just that.  I'm still not 100%, but I guess we'll see what happens.  I am worried what that will mean for my running, among other things.

Friday, August 2, 2013


I realized that I hadn't updated my Scale Obsession page in a week or so, so I decided to go there and add the bad plateau news.  I didn't realize that I hadn't updated it since June 28th.  I have been fluctuating  at 150ish for a month or so.  Actually I went and looked at it again, and the first time I recorded 150 was 5/24.  I got all the way down to 149 on 6/21, but I have been pretty much stuck at 150 for 2 months now.  This week my weight has been up and down between 150 and 152, which pretty much means I need to be better with my food.

I haven't been making the best choices food-wise.  I think it has been mostly because I have been so busy.  This is an excuse, but I have seriously been driving all over WA state for the last month or two.  And when you are driving across the state, it is much easier to stop and grab some food, then make something healthy.  This weekend is another drive across the state to my in-laws house. 

This weekend could potentially be the most disastrous.  When I go visit my family, I am very comfortable in my parents' house (or sister's and even my aunt's), but going to my husband's father's house where there will be A LOT of people that I don't know well, and am not comfortable in the house, I am pretty much stuck eating whatever is there.  (I don't know my husband's father's family well because he was raised with his mom's family and in the 15 years since we got married I've been around them 3 times, this will be 4.)  When I'm at my parent's house I will help myself to whatever is there (looking for good food) and often have some sort of say in what is made for meals.  However, I won't have that at my father-in-law's house.  Plus, they do A LOT of drinking when the entire family gets together.

And then a week from Sunday we're going camping, and honestly, the food choices while camping aren't going to be fabulous.  Less fresh stuff, more chips and snack foods.  I did pretty good last year, so it shouldn't be really horrible, but still . . .

Interestingly, I was trying to catch up on blog reading yesterday and I came across this post from Marion.  She basically says that plateaus don't mean failure, you were successful.  I was successful at losing 27 lbs, but in order to lose more I have to change up my "formula."  "What to do with a half-effective formula? You tweak it to be tighter." 

I have always said that I can exercise till I drop, but I have problems with the eating part of it.  It's still true.  I'm better than I was, but not as good as I could be.  I guess I have to ask myself if I'm happy with my weight.  I can honestly say I'm happy with how I look, but I am not happy with my weight.  I am the healthiest I have ever been, and the skinniest since high school (in high school I was skinnier).  But I have never deluded myself into thinking I could actually look like I did in high school, that was almost 20 years ago and 2 kids ago. 

Anyway, today I'm off (again) to eastern WA.  I'm not really looking forward to it.  I'm TIRED.