Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A new hair style

I never mentioned what I ended up doing with my hair.  Not that you care that much.  =)  I didn't go as short as I was thinking.  Chris didn't want me to cut it short (even though he loved that haircut when I did it a few years ago) and I was still kinda wishy-washy about it.  I basically told my hair dresser that I wanted something different but didn't know if I was ready to cut it all the way yet.  So she said she could do more layers and that would look good.  I said sure, whatever you want, and let her do whatever she thought would look nice.  She took about 2 inches off the whole length, but a lot on top to make short layers.  It's really cute and I'm pleased with it.  Now if only I could get it as straight as her.  I think I need a new straightener.

I don't think you can notice the difference very much from this picture, but I have gotten lots and lots of comments.  And I love that you can see the blue streaks better.  =)

This is the best picture I could find on this computer of my
old hair, it's from Christmas time.
Yesterday after work I didn't particularly want to go run (this seems to be a new theme lately).  However, I decided that I needed to since I didn't run at all on Sunday (too lazy).  Anyway, I stepped outside and noticed that it had started to sprinkle a little, so I got my hat.  =)  It was really windy and not raining much, so I wished I had left my hat at home (it makes me hotter) because it was pretty warm out, and really humid.  Anyway, on Saturday on my long run, I started listening to Mansfield Park by Jane Austen (I've read it before) so I had that on to listen to yesterday, however because of the wind, and running into the wind, I couldn't hear it at all.  All I could hear was the rushing of the wind over my ears and headphones.  I had to turn off my book and just listen to music. 

Even though I hate running into the wind, I didn't think my run was that bad yesterday.  In fact, I felt that the run was really great.  The first half of the run was against the wind but the last half was with the wind.  That was really a brilliant move on my part, because when I end well, even if the beginning sucked, I think it's a great run.  =)  And yesterday was a great run. 

I am not going to make 100 miles this month.  I took a whole week off while camping, which means I will be around to 12 miles short.  That's more miles I'm gonna have to make up if I want to get 1200 miles in 2013.  As of the end of July I had gotten my "miles I need to make up" down to only 6, so now it's going to be around 18.  =/  I can do it.  =)

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  1. Yes you can do this!!!!!!

    I loved the line...'it was raining....so I went and got a hat'. Love love love it. Just conveys such drive and determination! (Even as you go through this lazy stage....the drive is still burning brightly!)