Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Yesterday instead of running I decided to do zumba again.  Going last week reminded me how much I loved going.  I'm really glad last week was a good week at zumba, because if this week had been my first week back I may not have gone back so soon. 

If you've ever done zumba, then you know there's a bit of a learning curve.  The first time you go you feel like you're doing the hokey pokey while everyone else is doing the Macarana (are there that many a's in macarana??)( nope, one too many) Macarena.  But once you go a few times you get in the groove, learn the moves and look awesome while doing it.  =) 

I was really worried last week, as I said, that I wouldn't know anything and look like an idiot, but I felt afterwards like I had done a pretty good job.  There were a lot of new songs, but the moves were familiar and easy to pick up.  Maybe I was just having a good week, I don't know.  Yesterday when I went I felt like a fish out of water.  I had no idea what I was doing most of the time, and even screwed up a few of the familiar songs/routines.  I hate it when I have days like that at zumba because I don't feel like I worked out as hard as I could if I knew the moves.

Chris even commented when I got home.  He said I didn't look as sweaty as I usually do.  =/ 

Speaking of sweat . . . does any one else sweat as much as me??  I have noticed that I sweat a lot, my shirt is ALWAYS soaked, no matter if I run 4 miles or 10.  I was noticing at zumba that no one else seemed to sweat as much as I did, and that was on one of my least sweaty days.  I didn't even notice any sweat on anyone.  The instructor NEVER looks like she sweats, of course, she has a fan directed right at her at all times, but still.  When I was going months ago, it was still cool outside, so I always wore a light jacket, and when I was done I always put it on right away and zipped it up so no one could see the copious amounts of sweat.  But now it's too warm, so I pretty much rush out the door so no one notices it much.

Anyway, because of my poor zumba abilities yesterday, I'm looking forward to my run this afternoon.  However, it's really warm out and very muggy.  It has stayed warm (high 70's) for the last few weeks, but the clouds have rolled in, and haven't really gone away, which makes for it to be fairly humid.  I hate the humidity. 

I'm planning on running somewhere between 5-7 miles today.  I realize (since my long run on Saturday) that I really need to have a set distance otherwise I tend to end at the low end of my goal, when I really should be ending at the high end. 

I was on craigslist today looking at houses, and I saw a couple really cute ones.  They are really close to one of my normal running routes, so today I'm going to add a little bit to go look at them (they are on the same street).  Just because I like looking at houses.  =)

I decided to wait to post this until after I ran so that I could take a picture of all my sweaty self after a run. However, I wore a shirt today (without thinking about it) that doesn't show the sweat much.  Oh well.  Right before this picture I had sweat running in my eyes and I couldn't see . . . of course you can't see that either.  =)

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