Sunday, August 18, 2013

Post from 8/12/2013 - handwritten at first

The first day of camping I completely and totally missed blogging, especially the first day, so I borrowed a notebook (that I forgot to give back) from my friend, Matt, who went with us, to write down my thoughts.  My next few entries will be what I wrote while camping.

I was going to have pictures, I took a bunch, but sadly, yesterday (Saturday) I accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet. I tried to dry it out at the campground, but it will turn on and then turn itself off about 5 min (or less) after I turn it on.  I put it in rice as soon as I got home today, so hopefully it will work tomorrow or the next day.  Until then, no pictures.  =/

I had added a few photos to facebook while I was camping when we went into town, I am going to add them to here.  =)

Monday 8/12/2013

You know it's funny when I'm so used to writing in my blog and then don't have it for 2 days, I'm suddenly dying to write.  )  Right now I'm sitting in the shade trying to avoid the bees, which are CRAZY.  Last year there were no bees.  This year, I'm scared to walk barefoot.  In fact, we were here a couple hours and Maddox had already gotten stung on his finger . . . probably trying to pick up a bee.

Saturday, Aug. 10, I woke up, had breakfast and coffee and woke Damian up around 10am so I could run.  I was pretty adamant about running 10 miles but really didn't feel like it.  I finished my coffee at 9ish but was still feeling it in my belly by 10.  I felt pretty sluggish starting out, but hoped it would go away.  I didn't even notice when it went away, or that it was gone until I was at about mile 6 or 7.

It was cloudy and cool (and nice) when I started out.  The clouds burned off about 45 min into my run, but it didn't get too hot.  At miles 8-9, I was negotiating in my head about how far I really was going to go.  "Maybe 9 miles was, I said 10....well, maybe 9 1/, I said 10.  Maybe....NO, I said 10!" I went 10, dead stop.  I'm a little worried about my half on Sept 8 now.

After my run Saturday, I spent the rest of the day cooking sausage and bacon for our camping trip.  Maybe not the best thought out plan.  I was sore and tired.  While cooking, I was also trying to pack everything, and finish up laundry.


By the time Chris got home, I was DONE but we still needed to pack the car.  And then we got a call from our friend, Kyle, who was going with us, to let us know his truck wasn't working.  The truck that was supposed to get most of our stuff to the campground.  We brainstormed ideas until I thought of taking my old Toyota out of storage and packing it.  It hadn't been driven for 2 years or so, but it works okay.  Who needs brakes?  Anyway, we got the cars packed, surprisingly, only having to leave our firewood.

Sunday I got up and ran 4 "easy recovery" miles.  My legs were a little sore starting out, but they quickly warmed up. 

After that, I ate and showered and then we left.
View from the ferry reaching Friday Harbor
We went to go out to eat on Sunday after getting camp set up.  We went to Kung Fu Pizza (seriously, that's what it was called).  It was a Chinese/pizza place.  We got pizza, but still got fortune cookies.  This was my fortune.
Very fitting for me.  =)
Today (Monday) we've done a lot of nothing.  My parents got here about 11am.  We unpacked them, finished setting up the kitchen area (they had tables and more food), ate lunch and now every one's sleeping.  The whales went by around 10am, and left right about the time my parents got here.

I'm thinking of doing some stairs tomorrow morning for exercise.  =)

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