Monday, August 19, 2013

Post from Tuesday Aug. 13

So today I remembered that I had put a few pictures on Facebook as I took them and went into town while camping.  I was able to save them from FB and then add them to yesterday's post.  I have only a couple more, but I only handwrote a couple more blogs, so I think I'm okay.  =) 

(The bees were really, really bad.)

Tuesday Aug. 13, 2013

UGH attack of the bees!

Last night after thinking I may go run up and down some stairs to the beach this morning I walked the stairs with Maddox.  They are very sandy and I'm afraid if I run up and down them I'll fall.  Plus, they are very steep.

I took a couple pictures of the stairs, but those were not ones I posted on FB so I don't have them right now.  =(

So that means I'm day 2 of no exercise.  I'm not doing well with what I'm eating, I'm doing well at meals, but when the snacks come out....I'm screwed.  I may gain 10lbs...I have to do something tomorrow.

Today we went into Friday Harbor for a little bit.  It was going to be a family thing, but then my dad said he was going to stay with Maddox because he didn't have enough time to go, wander, and get back to get dinner going.  (I suddenly had major sadness that I'm not there right now.) So then my mom said that she was going to stay at camp too.  Then Damian and my nephew decided to stay, so it ended up being just Chris and I, Matt, and Kyle.  We didn't do much wandering.  Chris, Kyle, and I have been there multiple times.  We got ice cream and a couple (strong) drinks.  I stopped at a store on the way to the "cafe" where we got our drinks (which were awesome) and bought a sarong.  I love it, but I'm not sure how much I'll wear it.  Then we went back to camp.  Not much excitement.

The view from our campsite.
Today Aug 19
So I'll tell you something, being at work today, I have had a super hard time not eating everything I can think of.  I am not hungry, but the thought that one of the "support staff" has candy in a drawer for everyone, has me salivating.  I am dying to go raid it.  I didn't even eat my normal oatmeal this morning because I'm trying to cut back on sugar for awhile (I like brown sugar in my oatmeal) so I just ate a hardboiled egg.  Surprisingly, I didn't get hungry until my normal time (around 12:30). 

I stepped on the scale this morning and I am up 7! (SEVEN), yes 7 lbs.  I'm hoping that it's just because I did very poorly with my water intake and as soon as I get back in my routine of lots of water and regular exercise I will be back down.  My "official" weigh-in isn't until Friday, so I'm hoping to get the number down farther by then. 

I didn't run yesterday when we got home.  I was going to, but then realized I didn't have a phone (no music or audiobook).  I decided to take a shower and wait till Damian got home and maybe I'd be able to borrow his ipod, but then while I was in the shower I realized that I could get on my treadmill.  Duh!  Anyway, I felt so clean and fresh after my shower, that I didn't want to get all sweaty and nasty, so I decided to skip another day.  Today I'm going to see how I feel with 4 miles. 

Oh and I washed my headphones last night, so they are garbage.  I guess treadmill today, it is.  =(

I seriously can't wait to go run today.  I've been reading blogs and I can't believe it's been over a week since I ran.  I can't wait . . .

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