Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Planning . . . my head may explode

We are going camping next week.  We are leaving on Sunday, and aren't coming back till the following Sunday.  This will be my longest camping trip since I was a kid.  Also, we have a couple friends coming with us (2) and my parents who are also bringing my nephew.  That makes a total of 9 people.  So not only will this be my longest camping trip, but also the largest group I've ever camped with (well, other than a couple church camping expeditions in high school).  And guess who has had to do all the planning for this trip?  Me.  I am not that organized.  My brain doesn't work that way.  Not to mention I've never done it to this extent before.  So my brain has been really overwhelmed the last week trying to get a menu, a shopping list for everyone, and just plain all the planning that goes with camping, organized.  I think I have it.  I think, finally, I can take a breath.  I've sent out the menu, I've sent out everyone's grocery lists, we've done our shopping, now I think all that is left is packing and any last minute little items that pop up.  I'm over the planning stage, now I want to be in the camping stage . . . Oh wait, it's only Wednesday.  I still have to work.  =(

The other thing that I've been trying to plan is active activities that I can do while on San Juan Island (where we're camping) because I don't know if I'll be doing any running. I will bring some running clothes, but honestly, I don't think I'll run much. I thought I might last year, and I didn't. I like to run close to "home" so the idea of driving somewhere to run isn't really appealing to me, and, if I remember right, there wasn't good places to run close to the campsite. Maybe I'll be more adventurous this year since I've been running a year and a half and not just 6 months this time. I do want to do some hiking. I've wanted to get into the hiking world for awhile (years) now, but haven't. Again, I don't like doing things alone, so because Chris works weekends I don't go alone. Looking at the San Juan website, I didn't see many hiking trails, but a few times in a week is better than no times. =)

I didn't get a run in yesterday.  I wanted to, but we had a speech therapy evaluation appt for Maddox immediately after work, and then we went shopping for our trip.  We still need to buy a camping chair for Damian and a new sleeping bag for me (mine is seriously at least 30 years old - yes, I've had it since I was 6 or so) (sorry, I keep going back to camping plans).  Anyway, today I'm planning on doing my mid-week longer run (that means 6-8 miles).  Since we're not leaving until Sunday, I am planning on a long run on Saturday (10 or more miles).   I also want to get a short run in on Sunday, since it will be my last day before camping. 

I have decided that I would really like to do weight training.  My problem is, though, I don't have a gym membership, nor do I have the money to get one.  I also don't have any weights at home, other than  8lb and 15lb kettlebells.  I have looked on Craigslist for a weight bench or machine (I'm not picky) but haven't been able to find one I can afford.  I think I'm just gonna have to "screw" money and buy one.  Damian really wants one too, so I know it would get used.  And Chris has said in the past that he would be interested in weights as well.  I don't know how long he would use it, but I would, and D would.  I think it would be helpful in losing weight.

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