Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dentist, 7 miles, wine and a kitten

Yesterday afternoon I had a dentist appt for what I thought was a cleaning.  Have I mentioned that my mother-in-law is the office manager at my dentist office?  Well, she makes appts for us and then calls us to let us know when they are.  (She's especially bad at this with my husband, usually she'll ask me though.)  Well, when I went to the dentist yesterday, I found out I wasn't there for a cleaning, I was there to get fitted for a crown on a tooth that has some bad decay (but not a root canal).  I like my dentist, a lot.  In fact, I've never been to a dentist that I liked more.  Even if my mother-in-law didn't work there anymore, I would continue to go to him because I like him so much.

Anyway, as I was sitting in the chair talking to the dental assistant (who is also awesome, I love them all there) I kept having flashes of this post that I read yesterday.  I love Josh's blog, but seriously, that is something I didn't need to read right before going to the dentist.  Well, it wouldn't have been bad if it was just for a cleaning, but I didn't have any time to prepare for a crown.  I've had lots of crowns done (no insurance for most of my 20's and lack of proper teeth hygiene - my own fault), but I've always known that was what I was going to the dentist for.  Yesterday I felt like I had no time to mentally prepare. 

Anyway, nothing bad happened, although the temporary crown didn't get filed down enough so I can't chew food properly and have to go back this afternoon to get it fixed.  Which is actually very frustrating, but not their fault.

After my dentist apt I came home and forced myself to go for a run.  I seriously didn't feel like running.  I hate running in the heat.  But I also don't like waiting till 7 or 8 to run.  So I've been going around 5, but that is probably the warmest time to go.  When I looked at the weather at 4 it said 72 degrees, at 5, it said 75 degrees.  So yeah, not the best idea to go in the evening.  (I realize that 70's is about 10-20 degrees lower than most of the country, but my body is acclimated to western WA weather.)  Anyway, when it's that hot, I think the sweat wears down the Vaseline I put on to prevent chafing.  This is the second time that has happened, both times on my longer late afternoon runs.  =( 

I ended up going just over 7 miles yesterday.  I totally should have and could have done 7.5, but I was feeling hot and tired at 7.2 so I stopped and walked home.  Halfway home I was wishing I hadn't stopped and had just finished out the 7.5 miles.  Oh well, I still got 7 done.  Today I'm thinking I'll do 4. 

I have been trying to up my middle of the week mileage because I haven't been able to do long runs on the weekends lately, but this week I will be able to do a long run on Saturday, so I'm going to keep my daily runs shorter than I have been. 

A couple weeks ago I posted on my personal page on Facebook (link goes to my running page) that I wanted a new wine glass.  I saw it advertised in Runner's World and thought it was awesome.  I wasn't serious when I asked who was going to buy it, but apparently my mother-in-law took me seriously because she bought it.  It's pretty awesome.  =)  The below picture is after my run and shower. 

I would like to you notice the shirt
as well, I got that probably 10 years ago
and it didn't fit a year ago, and in fact now
fits better than when I bought it.  =)

A better picture of the saying on the
glass, and yes, that's my name on the back.
 I don't think that I mentioned that we got a kitten in eastern WA.  I've been wanting a kitten for awhile now but haven't found one (I know I could have gone to the shelter, but hadn't).  Anyway, while my brother-in-law and his fiancĂ© were out walking Saturday night looking at the stars they heard a yelping.  Thinking one of my father-in-law's cats had gotten hurt or something they went looking for the cat and found a kitten.  She was so starved for food and attention she wouldn't eat unless she was held.  And she didn't want to just be held, she would get down and look for food.  =)  I said I wanted her, so they told me to take her home.  She didn't like Gizmo, our dog, but she's getting along with him pretty good now.  However, our anti-social cat, Pandora, hates her and does the cat growl every time she's around.
Gizmo and Addy
Oh, and as of today, I'm officially able to get pregnant.  I guess we'll see what happens.

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