Thursday, February 23, 2017

Licking my wounds

The "receptionist" or as she prefers to be called, Admin Assistant, is leaving my agency next week.  Her last day is next Friday.  In the year and a half that she has worked here, we have become pretty good friends. 

Another coworker, the one I worked closest with, left December 31st.  The program she was working with (another court program) lost the contract and she was let go.  She was also a good friend.  I kinda fell into this group of friends at work.  I'm a pretty quiet person, especially around new people, and these two are definitely not quiet, but I shared an office with my coworker, and she "adopted" me. 
How I meet most of my friends
It hasn't really kicked in that my two closest friends at work are no longer going to be there.  I've gotten used to my coworker, but once the Admin Asst leaves it will be very difficult for me.  I'm not a huge fan of the agency I work for (no details, I want to keep my job), but I do enjoy the people I work with.  And I like what I do, and the freedom the job gives me.  I have debated many times about finding a new job, but there are things about my current one that I would miss and at the moment am not willing to give up, so I stay. 

The agency I work for has really, really high turn over, the worst of any place I've worked.  I have had my job for 2 years and almost 3 months and I am the 2nd in seniority (of only 5 people, but still).  I know that the other 4 people in the clinical side (there's two sides, clinical and manufacturing) are all looking for another job, including one person that hasn't even been here 90 days yet. 

I don't remember where I was going with this topic, other than I've been really sad this week.  Next week will be worse.  Although, this week the Admin. Asst started training her replacement, and while that person seems nice, I'm pretty sure we won't be good friends like the current one.

Anyway, this week I've been trying to make up for my laziness last week.  I get reimbursed by my insurance if I go to the gym 12 times in a month, which equals 3 times a week.  Well, with the unexpected snow day the first full week of February, and being lazy last week, I have to go to the gym every week day until the end of the month to make up for it, every day this week and Monday and Tuesday next week.  It hasn't been too bad, but today I'm rather sore.  Arms, shoulders, back, stomach, legs, butt all worked out in the first 3 days of the week.  Today is cycle day with my sister, and I'm worried about how my legs will feel afterwards.

Tuesday I got home a little early and left for a run right away to enjoy the sun.  I was running my normal 4 mile run route when I noticed that a house was being renovated, I was looking at the house (have I mentioned I like looking at houses when I run?) and Bam!  I was on the ground.  I tripped on a crack . . . the same one I tripped on several months ago.  (I can't find any posts on it, nor any pictures of the last time, but it was in the dark and now I always look for it while running).  As I was falling I screamed Damn it! really loud because I knew exactly what I tripped on, and was mad at myself for not paying attention. 

I sat on the ground for a few minutes assessing the damage.  So long that a guy came around the corner of the house I was in front of to ask if I was okay.  (I was actually surprised no one came earlier because I yelled pretty loud, and said "Ouch!" pretty loud as I hit the ground.)  I told him I was okay, he asked if I needed a bandaid and I said no, I was just "licking my wounds after tripping on the same crack I had before."  I told him I only had a mile left to get home and got up and finished my run.  Honestly, I probably would have sat there a little longer, but since I had told him I was okay, I figured I should prove it and go.

(I finally found the post about it, it was much longer ago than I thought, in fact over a year ago.  Here's the post, if you want to look at it.)

I think this fall was my worst one yet.  I scraped my left hand up pretty bad, and my right elbow and forearm. Actually, thinking about it, the previous one I hit my hip and knee pretty hard, and this one my hand and arm took most of the beating, which is more noticeable during the day. 

I did hit my hip and knee, and I had some light scratches (that are gone now) on my stomach.  Weirdly, I have some scrapes on the palm and back of my right hand.  I don't know how that's possible, but they're there. 

The last picture was taken today.  I don't bruise easily, so when I see bruises I figure I hit pretty hard. You can sorta see the scrapes on the back of this hand, right under my pinkie finger.  I don't know how I managed to scrape the inside of my hand and the outside of my forearm, elbow, and hand on the same side, but I did.

Anyway, I ran 3 miles yesterday and like I said, today is cycle day. I don't know if I'll run tomorrow or not, and am undecided about my long runs.  I do need to keep my mileage up if I'm going to do 5 more half marathons this year. 

This week, for some reason, has felt like a weird week.  It's definitely been a long one and I still have another day of work left.  I don't know what it is, if it's the fact that I've gone to the gym so much or if it's because I don't have my coffee friend, maybe it's because of the Admin. Asst. leaving and the new one starting this week.  I don't know, but I'm looking forward to next week when I hope things will get a little better.  (Although my coffee friend doesn't come back till Wednesday or Thursday, and it's the last week of my Admin. Asst. friend working, so that's gonna be tough.) 

Monday, February 20, 2017


Happy Holiday that I don't get off.  =(  I used to have President's Day off, but I changed jobs and now I don't.  I also don't get Martin Luther King Jr Day or Veteran's Day off either.  It's very sad to me.  It makes the time between New Year's and Memorial Day very long.  As I mentioned in my last post, I usually take this particular holiday off anyway, so that makes it doubly hard for me.  Plus, my favorite coffee partner has this whole week off, so I don't even get the pleasure of an afternoon coffee with a friend.  It's only Monday and already this week is looking bleak. 

It doesn't help that the courts have today off.  My job is primarily with the Everett Municipal (City) Court, so all the lawyers, judge, clerk that I work with have the day off.  (I don't work for the city of Everett, but for an agency that has a contract with Everett.)  I feel like I should have the same days off as the court (and get paid) since that is my job, however, others (the ones with the power) disagree, so here I am, drinking crappy work coffee and writing my blog.  ; )
So, what did I do this last week . . . or since my last post?  Thursday I went to spin class with my sister.  It didn't feel as difficult as it has in the past, but as spin class is similar to everything else, you only get out what you put in, I probably didn't push myself as hard as I could have.  

Friday I ran 4 miles after work.  I didn't push myself as hard on Friday as I did on my Tuesday run, but I was happy I actually went running.  Tuesday my 3 mile run was an average of an 8:45 min/mile, Friday it was 9:47 min/mile average.  I am okay with that.  Like I said, I'm happy I ran. 
my lazy week of running

Saturday I ran 10 miles.  It was a cold, wet run.  Seattle rain, aka drizzle, had come back after a really nice day on Friday, so I was soaked by the time I was done.  I wasn't overly tired, or sore, or anything after the run, which means my body is pretty used to that distance right now.  I didn't even take an after run bath until that evening (I showered immediately after my run). 

I didn't run yesterday, Sunday.  I just didn't feel like it.  I used to have my long runs on Sunday, which I prefer, but then we started consistently grocery shopping Sunday morning, so I moved them to Saturday.  I don't like long runs on Saturday, I never feel like running on Sunday.  However, I do like to run on the weekend, it's the only two days I get to run at my "optimal" run time, which is about 10am.  For marathon training this summer I may go back to Sunday run days, because well, I like it more.  That may push our shopping to later in the day, which will suck because my legs will be tired, and the stores will be busier . . . I don't know.

I did go to the gym today to lift weights.  I think I'm just in a weight funk.  I don't really know what I'm doing, I'm not outgoing enough to ask someone, and I'm too poor to pay for a trainer.  I was using a program I found online, but the workouts got very redundant, it changed every other week, but by week 16 I got pretty tired of the same things.  (This would be week 20, if I had done weights last week, I didn't so it's week 19.)  I found another workout online, but I've been hesitant to start it. 
  1. I don't like change.
  2. New weights, which I want, but refer back to 1.
  3. I don't like change.
  4. New weights.
(I'm not set in my ways or anything.) 

What I'd like is a trainer, but like I said, that is not an option for me right now.  Today I did change it a little.  I was going to use the new workout that I found, but some of the weights I was supposed to use were being used, so I kinda made up my own routine, which mostly looked like the old weight workout.  =/

This morning wasn't a total loss.  I did spend some time online looking at races for the year.  On my facebook feed I had a status update from the Tri-Cities Marathon saying they have joined the Washington Half and Full Marathon Series.  If you run a certain bunch of races in a calendar year, you get a special medal.  You can run 4, 7, or 10 of a bunch of select races.  So I started looking at half marathons in the series that I was interested in and could do.  I found 5 I'm interested in, so I just need to figure out if I can do it. The first one isn't until April, but it's the day after the Tulip Run (which is only special because it's kinda my first ever race and I've done it every year except one since I started running).  While I was looking, I did find a race that is not in the series, The Cupcake Fun Run in March that looks like it's fun.

So, if I do all the ones I think look interesting, or fun, I will have done 7 half and full marathons (probably only 1 full, but maybe 2).  Only 5 of those are part of this series, but it still sounds like a good plan.  I like it because it will keep me running.  I've noticed when I don't have a long race planned I start scaling way back on my running, and I really do like the long runs. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017


I have been incredibly lazy this week.  Last week I didn't run much, this week I haven't lifted weights at all.  In fact, I went to the gym on Tuesday just to swipe my card, and then left.  I didn't do anything.  I did run after work, but no weights.   Because I haven't been to the gym much this week and missed one day last week (snow day) I will have to go every single day next week in order to get my reimbursement from my insurance.  I have to go 12 times in a month, and that means 3 times a week.  Hasn't happened this month at all. 

Today I'm going to go to cycle class after work, but I didn't do my normal leg day.  I have no reason for not going to the gym this week other than I just haven't wanted to.  I ran on Tuesday, no run yesterday, it was really, really windy yesterday, and cycle today.  I'll have to run tomorrow and Saturday just to make it 3 times this week (no run on Sunday either, I was lazy then too). 

This weekend is President's Day weekend and for the first time in 14 years we're not doing our family vacation.  About 16 years ago my sister Nancy and I decided we wanted to do a yearly "sister's weekend."  We invited my other sister, Barbara (Tami, the fourth sister, was in N. Carolina, still is) and then ended up inviting our Mom too because we didn't want her to feel left out.  Well, after the fact, my dad expressed disappointment that he wasn't invited, so the next year we did it on MLK Jr Day and called it a "Family Vacation"  and spouses and children were invited.  That year there was snow and ice on MLK Day, so the following year we did it on President's Day weekend, which is where it's stayed for 14 or so years. 

Last year we discovered that February is a really tough month for my sister Barbara, she suffers from (among other things) severe SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and Feb is her worst month.  She never has a good time, and decided she wasn't going to go this year.  Well, Nancy and I talked her into going at least one more year (Damian graduates this year and who knows if he'll go again after this) and we'd move the trip to a different weekend.  The reason President's Day weekend was picked because it's a holiday and no one had to take the day off . . . well, that's not true anymore.  I don't get President's Day off anymore, and actually, now Nancy is the only one with the day off.  Oh, well the schools, and winter is the slow season for farmers.  But my parents' are retired now, so they can go any time.  We decided to do it during Spring Break this year.  It'll be warmer, it gets it out of February, and we won't have to worry about kids taking time off. 

Anyway, it's been really hard to see all my "memories" from weekends past popping up this last week on Facebook because we're not doing the trip at this time this year.  Plus, I have to work on Monday.  =(  So I think I'm going to do a photo dump.  =)  Let's see how many Family Vacation photos I can find. 

Well, I could only find them from 2009 on, that was when we all joined Facebook. =)  We started our trips going to yurts, which was fun, but cold.  As we've gotten older, we haven't been very interested in doing the yurt thing in the middle of February.  We also haven't been very good at taking a family picture every year.  These are the pictures I could find with the most people in them (2009 was awful to find anything).
My dad and I

I can't believe how much Nancy and I look alike.
And look how small Damian and Matthew (nephew) are

small Damian
The year I was pregnant with Maddox and my sister Tami started
coming on the trip from N. Carolina


We (my parents, Nancy and her family and my family)
 went to Disneyland the end of February this year, so no
Family Vacation

The year of the awful storms
Awful storms and a dead battery.  It was miserable



Monday, February 13, 2017

Short one

I decided not to do the half marathon this weekend.  It's in Birch Bay, which is about an hour from my house.  The original plan was for all of us to go up north and while I was running Chris would take the kids exploring and wandering the beach.  Two main things contributed to my decision, one, Chris didn't really want to hang out for 2 hours while I ran, and two, it had been really, really cold and snowy in that area the last couple weeks.  Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day, I don't know how it was north of my house, but Mount Vernon was sunny. 

I suppose one of the biggest reasons I was initially interested in it was because I was hoping it was through Canada as well.  But it's not so it's not as interesting to me. 

I did run 12 miles last Saturday.  The long runs are getting easier, I guess that's why people do them regularly, to get easier.  I'm not a big fan of running long in the winter though.  I do realize the winter here is much milder than other places, but it's windy right now and rainy and cold.  I only ran 5 miles this Saturday.  And nothing yesterday.  I just didn't want to.

I did go for a walk with Damian and Maddox.  We went to a park to let Maddox play a little, and then walked home.  It was nice, very sunny and lots of kids at the park. 

After my walk I was a little motivated to do some work outside, but ended up not doing much.  Instead I sat on my deck and enjoyed a little bit of sun.  I ended up going back inside and binge watched Nurse Jackie on Netflix.  It is a good show, but definitely made for a unproductive day.

Last week I only ran 3 times.  11 miles for the week.  My lowest mileage week since the middle of October.  I've been lazy, and I continue to feel lazy today. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Half marathon, Girl's night out, cat stacking and fairy gardens

I am thinking about doing another half marathon on Feb. 12th.  I'm already in shape for one.  If I do a long run next weekend that is above 10 miles, I should be fine for the following weekend to do 13.1 miles.  On the Skagit Runners page it's name is the Birch Bay International (Half) Marathon.  I'm not sure why it's called "international" but that is what caught my attention. 

I read a blog, I've mentioned her lots before, Runs for Cookies, and she lives in Michigan.  She talks about the Detroit Free Press Half and Full Marathon.  They both go into Canada, and I have thought it would be a really cool marathon to do.  My biggest problem with doing that marathon is the location, not that it's far away, but when Chris and I were separated, I dated a guy from Michigan that was very serious and now to bring up Michigan to Chris is awkward at best. 

Anyway, when I noticed the "international" in the name of the Birch Bay International Marathon I thought it would be one that also goes into Canada and I thought that would be awesome (although, I'm not ready for another full marathon, but a half would be fun too).  However, looking at the map of the run, neither one goes into Canada, even though it's right on the border. 

The course is along the water and looks really pretty (hopefully no rain!) so I decided I may do it.  (See how decisive that is?) ; ) 
This weekend my long run was "only" 7 miles.  I'm pretty pleased I did that. I didn't feel like it at all.  And then on Sunday we were planning to go up into the mountains a little to eagle watch because it's eagle season (I guess) and I thought it would be fun.  I was outvoted though when the day turned out to be cold and windy.  So instead I went for a 5 mile run.  It was a wet run.  My water resistant jacket wasn't made for western Washington running through clouds (that's what I consider the constant drizzle, it's not rain, it's not even a drizzle, it's like running, or walking, through a cloud).
Last week my coworkers (and one ex-coworker/officemate) asked me if I was interested in going to a "Girl's Night Out" event after work on Thursday.  Originally I couldn't go, but then all the reasons why I couldn't go got canceled.  Then one of my coworkers canceled so I took her ticket and went.  It was a lot of fun.  I might have bought quite a few things I didn't need. . . 
My coworkers and myself, I feel
very tall in this picture, and I was
wearing flat shoes.
This wine glass was one of the things I bought.
 Another of the things I bought they had to order, but I'm super excited about it.
It's like a glove, it goes on your hand and has a holder for the pepperspray.  It really is perfect, so I had to buy it.  This is the link to the site, but it's one of those sites like Mary Kay, you have to have a "consultant" sell you stuff. 

The receptionist at my work is very into cats and people give her all sorts of cat related things all the time.  This is a stacking puzzle thing, and we have spent quite a lot of time stacking her cats.  I really, really want one, especially since she's leaving in March.
And lastly (is lastly a word?)  I started a "fairy garden."  I've seen them on Pinterest and thought they were cool, but I don't have a daughter and they're always geared towards that so I never bothered.  Well, over Christmas we were in a gardening store and I saw all these goal fairy/gnome garden items and I decided I had to do it anyway. I put it together yesterday and I think, for what I have, it's really cute.  =)
Of course, as soon as I did it, and went inside, a cat (we have several wild cats living in our backyard) dug through it and I had to redo it.  But it's still cute even if the moss is a little dirty now.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nookachamps half marathon

Last week was pretty uneventful.  Work, lift weights at lunch, work, go home, run (or not), go to bed, repeat. 

Actually, I only ran 3 days last week.  I lifted weights 3 days, and went to cycle class with my sister, the first time since Dec 1st.  It was much harder than I remember.  I didn't feel very good for most of last week, which is why I took off a day of running, or I was just lazy. 

I was sorta waiting to get the official results of the half marathon I did on Saturday before writing about the race, but they still haven't posted them, so I decided I'd write about it anyway.

It was a really nice day here on Saturday for the half marathon.  I had originally thrown on my new "water resistant" jacket because I thought it was supposed to rain, but I walked outside and could tell that it would be way too warm to run in a jacket. 
Taken while running at about mile 3
The entire first 6 miles was either downhill or flat, so I was running at a good pace and felt great.  My second mile was my fastest and I knew I was going too fast so I consciously slowed down.  The race went out of town (almost any race here that is long distance goes out of town because the town is so small) and through a small community near a lake.  We turned and were running through the small community when we turned again (sooner than I expected) and immediately a pretty steep uphill was in front of me.  Thankfully it wasn't long, but I forced myself to run up it.  After that it was all hills, mostly uphill. 

There was one length of a couple miles that was flat, but then back to the hills. 
I actually hadn't looked at the elevation part of this until just now, there are a lot more smallish hills than I thought.  But you can definitely see where the big hill starts, although that was at mile 10.  The first what I thought was a big hill started at mile 6.17.  Looking at that picture above, no wonder my legs were so tired at mile 11 when I started slowing down.  My splits had been pretty even until the last 2 miles.  I actually was thinking in mile 12 that there was no way I would be able to continue, and every time I thought that I would force myself to think "I can do this."  I was tired.

There was a brief moment when I looked at my Garmin and thought that I could actually PR, but then I did some math and realized that was a stupid thought, there was no way I was going to PR.  My best half is 1:59:47, my second (but first half I did) was 2:07:39, I did not beat either time.  (By the way, math is hard when running and tired, which is probably why I screw up routes and distances so often.)

My Garmin said I finished in 2:08:59 and mapmyrun said 2:09:20, I think the Garmin was closer to accurate, I was able to stop that sooner than the app on my phone.  It was still right around a 9.47 min/mile average, which is pretty good for someone that's been running most runs at over a 10 min/mile average, even short runs. 

All in all, I feel like it was a good race. 
Immediately afterwards.
I've done the Nookachamps 5k a couple times now and I knew that they have a decent selection of food afterwards so I went into the gym (it started and finished at the community college) and ate several orange slices and left.  I knew that I wouldn't get any age group placings (although that hasn't been confirmed since the official times aren't up yet) and I kinda just wanted to go home and take a bath.
By the time I got home I was soooo cold.  My finger tips had turned white, which has been happening sorta regularly lately when I'm really cold after a run.  It isn't pleasant, it's as if I've sat on my hand too long and lost circulation to my fingers, and then they start tingling.  It goes away after awhile but it's annoying while it's happening.
I didn't do much after the race.  Sat around the house, watched some TV, read a book.  Surprisingly I wasn't really sore.
On Sunday I decided I wanted to go for a short run.  I asked Damian if he wanted to go, figuring he'd say no, but he said yes.  So we went for a 3 mile flat run.  We definitely ran faster than I intended.  Damian is faster than me and I did tell him I wanted to be slow, but running with him makes me run faster.  I could definitely feel how sore I was.  Man, by the half way point my legs felt dead.  But I do enjoy running with him, so it was nice.
My new water resistant jacket.
After my short run, my legs were very, very tired.  Much more than after the half marathon, surprisingly.  

Monday, January 16, 2017


This is my 7th post of January.  I have been averaging about a post a week for more than a year, some weeks I skip, and rarely I write two in one week.  I guess I feel like I have a lot to say right now, I don't know.  The last time I wrote more than 6 posts in a month was July 2015.  =) 

On Friday I ran 3 miles.  It was my first kinda creepy run.  I just wrote about my fear of the dark and the realization that it would be very easy for someone to grab me on one of my favorite streets.  I've been running on the opposite side ever since I had that realization, and remembering my pepperspray.  Well, Friday I was past that street and on a fairly busy one that is well lit.  It is right next to the hospital.  I was running and suddenly there was a guy next to me.  I've had people come up behind me, startling me, and pass me, but this guy was running right next to me and didn't pass me.  He was overweight, wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, carrying a plastic bag of stuff.  My first thought, well other than being startled, was that maybe he had just been released from the hospital (psych ward, was actually what I thought).  Anyway, I turned when he startled me and said "hi" thinking he'd pass me, but he didn't.  It creeped me out, so I hurriedly crossed the street, which is the direction I normally go anyway. 

Then I hear him say "what are you doing?" and he's crossing the street right behind me.  I said "I'm running" and kept going.  He followed me a little bit more and I finally decided I needed to face him and tell him to back off or use my pepperspray.  I stopped, took my headphones completely off (I had already turned them off), and turned around, but thankfully he was crossing the street again.  I turned and started running a little faster.  The whole way home I felt like I was being followed, but I didn't see anyone. 

I don't know what he was doing, if he thought he knew me, or what, but it creeped me out quite a bit.  It wasn't as scary as the almost dog attack while running at the lake a year and a half ago or even the bee attack before that, or as crazy as being attacked by your neighbor though.  Just one more of my crazy stories of things that happen while I run. 

This weekend was a busy weekend for me.  I had several projects at home that I've been putting off.  For whatever reason I decided this weekend was the time to do them all, well, 2 of them. 

Saturday I went for a "short" long run (remember when I would put long run in quotations, well, now it's "short," I guess it's all perspective).  =)  I have had a bit of a cough for about a week, and I woke up not feeling my best on Saturday so I decided to do 10 miles.  Well, while I was running I had a route planned out, figuring I'd eliminate part of my last long run to get to 10 miles, well, I ended up eliminated more than 3 miles, so I had to make it up a little bit at the end just to get to 9 miles.  But I'm okay with the 9 mile run.  I'm happy I ran at all. 

While I was running along the river I noticed a white specked bird on the other side of the river.  I stopped to look and I was pretty sure it was an eagle.  I kept running to get closer to where it was on the other side, and while I was watching, another eagleflew down and joined the first.  They were just swimming around in the water.  I stopped and took a couple pictures.  The top right one is as far as my phone camera would zoom.  I wished I could have gotten closer. 

The bottom left picture is the train that stopped me 2 miles from being done with my run.  I was not feeling this run.  I ran out of steam early (mile 5) and my feet started hurting at mile 6.5ish and I knew that I was going to have to add about a half mile where I normally end because of my miscalculation, so the train just annoyed me.

The bottom right is my recovery drink, which I didn't find satisfying, but I drank it while taking a bath.  Ironically, that is the last picture I'll ever take of my 3rd place marathon glass while using it.  Damian broke it while putting dishes in the dishwasher last night.  It's a smallish break, just a "chunk" taken out right where it says "Tri" but I was still really, really upset.  I still am.
While I was running I remembered I wanted to rearrange my dining room area.  The house we live in really has  no dining room, it's just a small breakfast area, and my table is way too big for the area.  We barely fit chairs around the table, so instead it has become a collection spot for papers and junk and we eat on TV trays in the living room, which I hate.  Last week I had a great idea of switching things up so I did it this weekend and it turned out great.

I didn't take a before picture, sadly. After going through a year and a half of pictures, these were the only ones I could find that sorta show the area I rearranged.  I have actively avoided taking pictures with this area in the background because it's always messy and doesn't look good.
The left picture is from Christmas 2015, and it shows the table, you can't see here, but the counter to the kitchen is almost touching the right side of the table.  On the left is a wall and just behind is a door to the garage, which you can see in the bottom right picture.  In that one, behind Maddox is two bookshelves and usually there were also 2 rocking chairs there as well.  The top left is when we moved into the house, and you can see the fireplace, wall, and next to that is the opening to the kitchen and the door to the garage.  Very tight quarters.

Well, I switched the table and the bookshelves.  Now the table is much more useable and the kitchen feels like there's more space in it.  I also cleaned off a cabinet that was in the garage holding tools, and added that next to the counter, making more counter and storage space, now I just need to clean the doors and attach them. 
Our big table was squished in that space under the window.

This is where the bookshelves were and 2 rocking chairs.

Oh, and I finally got around to decorating at least one wall in the kitchen.  The rocking chairs are kinda floating around the living room right now, with really no home. 

On Sunday I remembered I wanted to get Damian's old bed out and set it up for Maddox.  We've been working on getting him back into his own bed.  When we moved 2+ years ago, the house's furnace where we moved didn't work and it was in the teens at night so Maddox started sleeping with us because we had a heated mattress pad.  Well, it's much harder to get a kid out of your bed than it is to get him into your bed and it's been a struggle ever since.

We finally decided about 2 weeks ago to put him in his own bed, even if it is his toddler bed that was a crib before.  I have been sleeping on a mattress on his floor to get him used to sleeping in his own room, and most nights he stays there.  He's joined me about 3 or 4 times since we started doing this.  Well, I figured if he had an actual bed, maybe it'd make it easier for him, not to mention, he'd actually fit in the bed. 

But first I had to find a the bed in the storage shed.
It's the yellow peeking out there.
Then cleaning it.
Always fun with a cat in the way.
And finally putting it together, which was a pain in the neck!  This bed hasn't been used in 10 years, so lots of fun was had. . .
And the realization he might need new blankets.
What happened to relaxing weekends?