Thursday, June 27, 2013

Treadmill running

Tuesday turned out to be way busier than I expected and I did not get a run in.  I really hate unexpected rest days, but at  least my schedule is not as busy as it was when Damian was in the middle of baseball season, so I don't HAVE to rest on Wednesdays anymore.  (D is actually doing All-Stars baseball, so he still has practices, but no games until the district tournament in a week.) 

Yesterday I got out of my training a little early, so I was able to run before going to dinner for Chris's birthday.  I don't know why, but my treadmill has really been calling my name, so I've been doing all my runs on that lately.  It hasn't been hot here (I wish it was!) and it's not raining much so there's no excuse to not run outside, I just have felt like getting on the treadmill. 

I guess I have the feeling that running on the treadmill isn't "real" running.  I always feel like I'm cheating if I'm running on my treadmill during daylight hours.  I see other runners running sometimes while I'm on my treadmill and am always kind of embarrassed if they see me on my treadmill. 

Before I ran yesterday I had sort of an "ah ha" moment, where I thought that who cares if I run on my treadmill or outside, I am running.  I love to run, so where ever I choose to do that, it's okay.  Then I saw someone running up the hill on the sidewalk, and I went back to that feeling of being embarrassed that I was running on my treadmill in the middle of the day for no good reason.  Oh well, I will most likely continue to run on my treadmill when I want to, afterall, that is why I bought it.  =)  It is funny though, a few months ago I talked about my love affair with my treadmill ending, and here I am loving it again.  I guess it will come and go.  =)

Speaking of runners on the streets. . .  does anyone else stare at them if you happen to pass them while driving?  I can spot a runner a mile away and then will watch them until I pass them.  I probably look kind of creepy, but there's just a part of me that ALWAYS wishes I was out there running as well, even if I just got done running.  My absolute favorite people to watch run are the ones that are not the "obvious" long term runner.  The ones that look like they are "newbie" runners, that have some weight to lose.  I love the dedication and determination it took for them to get out and run.  I pray that they continue on this amazing journey of running and don't stop even though they will want to. 

My obsession has gotten so bad that when I pass a runner on the street, I want to honk my horn, wave, clap, something to show my admiration and that I am one of them.  However, I think I would look more crazy than supportive so I always just keep driving (and staring).   I wonder how many runners stare at me when they pass me in their cars, wishing they were out there running. =)

It's funny, because I've mentioned to Chris how I always, always notice the runners on the street.  So now he's pointing them out to me.  However, he always points them out about 5 blocks after I've already seen them.  =)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Busy weekend

Remember on Friday I said I wasn't going to be busy this weekend.  Well, I lied.  I had a very busy weekend.  Last week, after writing that letter to my 21 year old self, I got very nostalgic and started thinking that I don't spend enough time with Damian, just him and me.  Since I was a single mom for 6 years, we have always had a really close bond and I started thinking that maybe since Maddox was born I have neglected him a little.  I tend to think that since he's 14 he doesn't need as much time with me anymore, which may be true, as I do think in your teenage years you start to pull away from your parents more,  but he still needs his Mom time.  So, that evening I told him that I would take him out, just him and me, for lunch or dinner, or something fun. 

Saturday morning we needed to go birthday shopping for Chris. Oh, and Damian's girlfriend's birthday is this weekend, so I told him I'd help him pick out a necklace for her (ugh, yes, he has a girlfriend).  Heather said that she would watch Maddox, so I told Damian that after we went shopping we would go have lunch somewhere, and maybe ice cream afterwards.  We ended up doing more shopping for ourselves than for Chris I think.  =)  (Is it just me, or are guys really, really hard to shop for?)  I did get Chris a couple things, and I helped Damian with his gf's present.

Damian said he wanted to go to Red Robin for lunch, so we went there.  I got a California Burger, which was chicken, bacon and guacamole.  I should have asked for no bacon, but that was the best part of the burger.  I had a few of their fries, but not many and I was stuffed.  However, D really wanted to go get ice cream, so we went to a local ice cream parlor.  I wasn't going to get anything, but they had lemon meringue ice cream and I had to try it, so I got a child size dish and didn't even eat all of that, but it was really good!
I wanted a picture of our day, but Damian didn't want me to take one.  I love this one, because he's saying "Mom! Stop!"  =)
After we got home I did a lot of yard work.  Well, it felt like a lot of yard work, I was out there for about 3 hours, however, when I looked at my yard, you couldn't see much of what I did.  I sprayed weeds in the lawn and trimmed some bushes, and pulled weeds from around my roses.  Oh, I guess I planted some flowers, but I don't have many, so that was quick. 
Anyway, after that I ran on my treadmill for 6 miles.  I could have run outside, it was a really nice day, but I kinda wanted to stay close to the house, so I just did the treadmill.  =)
Sunday Chris had the day off (there was a worry that he would have to work overtime) so we headed back to Gold Bar, which is where we went last weekend to get Chris's gold panning club membership.  Chris wanted to leave Saturday night and camp and then start gold panning in the morning, but since we had never been there, I talked him into waiting until the next morning.  We left the house about 7, and then drove a crazy long way to a river in the middle of no where.  We thought we were lost about a dozen times, we backtracked, and took side roads, but eventually found where we were going (we weren't lost, just hadn't gone far enough).  I was really happy we waited till morning to leave because that would have been a horrible drive in the dark. 

It was a very peaceful spot, and there was no one around.  It definitely wasn't what I pictured in my head, but it was nice.

Damian being silly
A couple people came right before lunch, and panned up the river some from us, but they left after only an hour.  Then right before we were planning on leaving a guy came.  Chris started talking to him and he was giving them advice and showing them how he does it.  He even had a sluice box type of thing that he pulled out and showed Chris and D how to use.  Of course, now Chris wants one of those. 

When the guy first came up to us, I got the worst feeling.  I don't know what it was, but I was really leery of the guy.  I was seriously creeped out.  Which was strange, because he looked like any normal guy.  Anyway, when Chris and D went off with him to look at his sluice box thing, I was holding Maddox (who was asleep) and I couldn't hear anything other than the roar of the river.  They seemed like they were gone a long time, and I was kinda worried.  I mean, we were in the middle of nowhere with a stranger, and while Chris and Damian are strong, there's always the possibility of bad things happening.  My mind was thinking all sorts of crazy thoughts about what I would do when Chris came up and said he was just about ready to go.  After I put Maddox in his carseat, I walked over, with Chris, to the guys setup and talked to him for a minute.  After that I felt kind of silly for all the crazy thoughts that I had had earlier. 

Damian got bored in the afternoon, so he went to play on some fallen trees and rocks.  He was showing off to Chris his hand stand on that big rock behind the tree, when his wallet fell out of his pocket and landed in the river.  He stood there and stared at the water for a while and we were laughing and telling him he needs to get it (it wasn't very deep).  He had around $40 and a gift card in it (from his 8th grade graduation).  He finally got in the water and he slipped multiple times, and then fell in the river.  It was hilarious!  He was soaked.  If you look closely at the picture, he lost one of his flip flops (he got it back).  We just sat there and laughed at him (he wasn't in any danger, it was shallow).  I think that is the first time I have EVER witnessed him fall in a river.  He has such amazing balance, that even when he was learning to walk, he never fell. 
Maddox was soaked.  Within minutes of getting there, he had already gotten both feet soaked and his pants wet up to his knees.  I had brought some water shoes for him, but hadn't even gotten them on yet.  His tennis shoes were still wet this morning, and he only had them on for maybe 5 min at the river.  =)  In the picture above, he was dirty!  He had Cheetos and sand and dirt and water everywhere.  Right after this, I picked him up and he crashed on my shoulder for a couple hours.  =)

I didn't run yesterday, but there was a lot of activity going on.  And honestly, I will skip a run every day if I get to spend the day outside doing fun stuff with my kids.  I mean, look at those boys.  They are awesome.  =)
This is my absolute favorite picture of the day. 
I love this boy so much!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Only half crazy

Friday's are bad days for me to post something on here.  I am usually pretty busy, but I had to share what I got in the mail yesterday.  I am pretty excited.  =)

Yesterday I ran 4 miles in the pouring rain.  After a couple weeks of really nice weather, the rain was unwelcome.  I may have lived in western Washington for 12 years (oh my word, has it been that long?!) but I definitely still hate the rain all. the. damn. time.  I ran anyway, and came back completely soaked.  I felt like a drowned rat. 

Today I'm planning on doing intervals on my treadmill.  I think I may quit doing such long runs, cut them back to about 8 miles, and work on speed.  Wouldn't it be cool if I could do a half marathon in under 2 hours in the fall?  =)

Well, that's really all the time I have today to write.  This isn't (hopefully) going to be a busy weekend.  We may go gold panning Sunday if Chris doesn't have to work. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A letter to my 21 yr old self

I read a lot of blogs, probably way more than I should (because it takes a lot of time) but I sometimes get some good ideas for what to post from some of those blogs.  One of the blogs I read is Laura at Simply Healthy Mama.   She wrote a letter to her 21 year old self, and I wondered what my letter would look like.  So I decided to write one too, yes, I realize I am a copy cat.  =)


 This year is going to be a tough one for you.  You decided to live off campus with a good friend from high school, and that decision will affect the rest of your life. 

A couple weeks after your birthday, you will celebrate being 21 with some of your college friends who turn 21 after you.  You're going to get a little tipsy from the peach schnapps, but it's light stuff and won't affect you very much.  Just enjoy the time you spend with your friends, they don't all stay your friends for very much longer. 

In December you're going to invite Chris to your apartment from WA, this is the decision that will change your life forever.  You definitely wouldn't have seen him at this time if you had lived in the dorms still.  However, even though your life doesn't turn out how you planned, please, please still invite Chris to come to your apartment. 

In January, when you go back to college after Christmas you are going to become really depressed.  You're going to end up going to a counselor at the school because of your depression, don't worry about it.  You'll find out soon enough why you are depressed.  When your best friend, Tara, tells you that you aren't pregnant from the home pregnancy test you did, don't believe her, she read the test wrong.  You are indeed pregnant.  This is why you are so depressed.  You have very brief thoughts of getting an abortion, but don't worry, they go away almost faster than they came into your head.

You should continue to go to the counselor at school, I'm sure she could have helped a lot. I wish that you wouldn't quit going just because you now have a reason to be depressed, although, finding out your reason lessens the depression a little.  However, you continue to be super tired and end up flunking a couple classes, you really should study more so when you come back a year and a half later, you don't have to retake those classes.  However, since you don't, don't worry, you'll pass the classes the second time around and end up with your degree anyway, even if it's two years after you planned.  Honestly, I think the decision to "drop out" of school after the winter trimester was a good one, you weren't handling it well.  Don't worry, you'll go back.

When you tell Chris you're pregnant, he won't believe you.  He will insist on a dr visit (which is a good idea anyway) but don't worry, he gets more excited about your baby than you are.  I know, I know, you don't want to have this baby, and your emotions are going to be CRAZY, but you will love him (yes, I said him, no he's not a girl, the dr told you that there was a 99.9% chance that he is a he, and no, that 0.1% chance isn't really a chance at all) after he is born. 

Don't eat Froot Loops while you're pregnant!  They come back up while they are still cold causing you to give up Froot Loops for many, many years.  You like Froot Loops, you don't want to give them up.  Trust me, cold milk and Froot Loops coming back up is something you will remember forever.

Telling your roommate and second best friend will be easy (for you), but she will quit talking to you and leave your apartment within a month after you tell her.  You do eventually start talking to her again, but your friendship will never be the same.  I don't know what you could do differently here.  The damage made to your friendship wasn't your fault, but she was young too, and influenced by a really bad church, so I guess you should forgive her sooner than you actually do.  She leaves that church eventually and apologizes, accept it when it happens, maybe your friendship would be stronger instead of being barely there. 

It will be very, very hard to tell your family that you are pregnant.  But don't worry, they will continue to love you, and they will love your baby just as much as you eventually do. 

Tell Chris not to propose to you in Red Robin while Marcee goes to get her bag from her apartment.  It's not romantic and you will wish that he had done it a different way.   It's Valentine's Day weekend, tell him he can think of something more romantic and don't accept the ring till he does it right.  =)

You need to take a more active roll in your wedding.  Your mom doesn't need to do it all, and you will wish that you had done your wedding differently later.  Having one giant red rose as your bouquet, while it may look good in your head, it is really kinda weird and the florist doesn't get you the correct rose anyway, so it's not as big as you wanted.  You should go with a huge bouquet of roses and calla lilies, that would be much, much prettier.  You always wanted an outside wedding, so you should do that instead of the church wedding your mom talks you into.  However, you should do your hair exactly the way you did, because it really is beautiful and perfect.  And even though you think you don't look pregnant, you are 5 months along, and yes, you do.  Don't worry, who cares what others think. 

 Marriage is NOT all rainbows and butterflies.  There is no happily ever after, you have to work for it. You and Chris are still kids (Chris more than you).  =)  Don't yell at him for hanging out with a friend and the girl his friend likes.  He's not cheating on you, he loves you.  Please realize that while the emotions feel real in the moment, they are actually being caused by the hormones in your body and to Chris you appear CRAZY.  There's only so much a guy can take, and he didn't sign up to be married to a crazy lady. 

By the way, Chris is not attracted to pregnant ladies, so even though he loves you, he is a little grossed out that there's a baby in there.  Don't worry, you are still attractive (but please quit eating so much McDonald's and drinking root beer), and he still loves you.  Talk to him about your feelings so that you don't become so insecure about your body.  And above all, remember that you both are young and you really are acting crazy. 

When Chris decides to go to Seattle for his 21st birthday with his best friend, you should stay home.  It is really not fun to be waddling around Seattle, barhopping while 7 months pregnant.  He doesn't need a designated driver, they walk everywhere, and you just end up sore and very, very tired.  He may get mad at you, and he may lose the story of how you waddled around Seattle 7 months pregnant, but who cares.  It's not fun, don't do it. 

September 16, 1998, 20 days before you turn 22, you're going to become a mom to the most fabulous boy (I'm sorry, he is still not a girl) in the world.  He will become your life.  During your pregnancy you may not have felt much of a connection with him, but you will bond quickly and strongly with him.  In your crazy 20's he literally saves your sanity more times than you can count. 

I'm sorry to say that your 21st year is not going to be your hardest.  In fact, as crazy and difficult as it is, your hardest is yet to come. 

When you're 23 you're going to graduate from college, even though you may not deserve it.  You're also going to separate from Chris and start a long distant relationship with someone else, who you become very serious with.

When you are 24 and 25, those will be your hardest years.  You do a lot of growing up, including a divorce, a move across the state, a "real" job, lots of drinking (you catch up on all the drinking you didn't do when you were 21), a breakup with your very serious boyfriend, and lots of online dating.  You get through this period of your life and Damian continues to be your rock.  If Damian wasn't around, you honestly don't know what you would have done, you probably wouldn't have turned out so good.  (I realize that is a lot to put on a little boy, but sometimes I think our kids save us, I know Damian saves you, more than once.) 
When you are 29 you are going to get back together with Chris and you're going to buy a rundown house at 30, please don't, but do move to Mount Vernon, you love it.  When you are 34 you are going to decide to have another baby (I'm sorry, that baby turns out to be a boy as well) and you love him from the moment you find out you are pregnant and you will cry when you see his little heart beating (it may waver a little when he turns out to be a boy though . . . just kidding!). =) 

Hugs . . . you're going to need them, a lot,

I've heard that your 20's are supposed to be your fun time in life, and while I had fun in my middle 20's, I definitely wouldn't say they were the best times of my life.  I made a lot of really bad decisions and there are so many things I did that I have regretted.  I used to say that if I had a super power it would be to go back in time, so that I could correct so many of the wrong turns I made.  However, now that I am 36 (ouch!) I am happy.  I like who I have become, and I like the way my life has turned out.  Are there things I would still change, absolutely, however, if I hadn't done all the stuff I did, including divorcing Chris, I wouldn't be who I am today.  I like who I have become.  And afterall, I am with Chris, so I guess it all turns out the way it was supposed to anyway.  =)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gold panning

I need to find me a run where there are photographers.  =)  I thought that there were people taking pictures on Saturday as I saw a guy taking a picture of myself and my "running buddy," but there are no links anywhere to find those pictures.  There are no links on the page to find last year's pictures . . . so now I'm wondering if it was some random guy taking our picture as he drove by.  (He was in a minivan, which kinda makes it scarier.)  Since I said something to the girl I was running with after he took our picture, I'm pretty sure she didn't know him either. 

I'm kinda bummed about this.  I don't have people that go to my races to watch me run, or take pictures, which means any picture that is taken of me is a self-portrait, and I'm not about to take one while I'm running. 

In other news . . . I think I may have just registered for a Zombie 5k Run in October. . . and I agreed to fundraise $200 so I didn't have to pay the $50 entry fee and I get a "free" tshirt . . . I'm not scared about running a 5k, and running with zombies sounds fun . . . however, I am terrified of fundraising $200.  If I don't get people to give me money, that means I have to pay $200 out of my pocket, which is way worse than the original $50 . . .  So, if you want to give me money ; ) here is the link to do so.  Honestly, I don't expect anyone to go there and give pledge money, but I thought I'd throw it out there.  =)

I have told you about last Friday, Damian's graduation and Maddox's birthday.  And I've told you all about my half marathon (probably more of that than you cared to know).   So I guess I'll finish off the weekend, since it was Father's Day on Sunday. =)

Chris had the day off (have I mentioned that his schedule changed and he now has Sunday's and Wednesday's off, he hates the split days off, but it will be nice to have one day off a week together, maybe we can actually do stuff this summer).  I made him breakfast, which I actually never do.  I don't like to cook in the mornings, if I make breakfast it's always for dinner.  Chris said that he thinks that was the first time in 15 years I have ever made him breakfast at breakfast time, and I think he's right.

Anyway, I told him ahead of time what I was going to get him for Father's Day because I wanted to know if he would like it, and we would have to drive to Gold Bar (which is about an hour away) to get it.  I found a gold panning club, and Chris is interested in gold panning, even though he's never done it, so I asked him if he was interested in joining the club.  He said he was, so we drove to Gold Bar (a very small town) to join the club.  He got some panning supplies and talked to the guy there for a long time.  The guy (his name was Hoot, no joke) showed him and Damian how to pan for gold in a big animal watering trough they had set up for that very purpose.  We spent a lot of time there, and poor Maddox was starving and bored (and maybe me too).

After we got done there, we started the drive back.  If you live in western WA, you know that you should never, ever drive on Highway 2 on a Sunday afternoon.  And guess what highway Gold Bar is on . . . that's right, Hwy 2.  We were in stop and go traffic for at least 45 min, and I think we went less than 10 miles in that time.  Thankfully we passed a McD's (not that I like McD's but we were all starving, it was 2:30 by this time), so we went through the drive thru and got some very nasty food.

We got home and Chris and Damian set up a make-shift panning station in the backyard and played with some "paydirt" we bought at the store so they could practice, while I cooked dinner.  We watched Beautiful Creatures after dinner (another Father's Day present) and just hung out. 

I didn't run on Sunday, I felt like I could have, I wasn't sore at all, except maybe my feet, a little.  The most surprising soreness I had (and still have a little) is my second toe on both feet.  The nail hurts.  I think I let my toenails get too long, which I didn't think they were.  I had a pedicure a couple weeks ago and I always ask them to cut my nails short, but I don't think they cut them short enough.  I'm going to have to tell them shorter, and probably trim them myself between pedicures. 

I did go for a 4 mile run on Monday.  I was about half a mile from home and I got a very bad pain on the top of my right foot.  I don't know what it was, but I can still feel it sometimes when I walk.  Because of that, I took yesterday as a rest day, but I'm hoping to go running this evening.  I'm a little worried about my foot though, I don't have any idea what that pain is.  I should maybe find a sports doctor, but I don't know where to look for one, so I've put it off.  I know I would really love a sports massage, I think my legs could really use it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Berry Dairy Days half marathon

Friday after my family left I decided to go to bed early-ish.  I was laying in bed at 9:30 and I remembered I really wanted to get my stuff together for the morning so I wasn't rushing around trying to find everything.  Anyway, I got up and got my clothes together and went to grab my energy chews (I think the brand I got is Honey Stingers) that I had bought only a week ago.  I couldn't find them.  I searched the house everywhere.  I think I spent at least 30 min looking for those stupid things, and they were no where to be found.  A couple weeks ago, before I bought them, I used Maddox's fruit gummies on my long run.  They didn't work as quickly as the "real" thing, and I had to take more of them, but it was all I had, and I knew I would need something.  So I grabbed about 12 of those and put them in a baggie to stuff in the butt pocket of my pants.

I laid back down and of course thought of several more things I needed, so I was up and down several more times.  Then I realized I hadn't set an alarm.  I was trying to figure out what time I wanted to leave for the race.  The race started at 8:30 and I still needed to get my race packet, plus they had an early start time for those that were unable to finish in 2 and a half hours, so I was trying to figure out if I wanted to do that start time instead.  My last 11 mile run I finished in 1:47, which equaled to 9:42 min/mile, so I was hoping that I could do the whole thing with a 10 min/mile time.  That would be 2 hours 10 min, so I decided I didn't need to do the early start.  I decided I wanted to get there around 7:30, to pick up the packet and just be there and be ready. 

Now I needed to figure out how much time I needed to get ready, don't forget I needed to eat early enough that it doesn't cause problems while I run, and how much time I needed to drive there.  Remember the Skagit River bridge is out, so I was worried about traffic.  Who knows how long a normally 15 min drive would take now.  Anyway, I decided to get up at 5:30, which would give me plenty of time to get dressed and eat something . . . and let it settle . . . and use the bathroom if needed and leave by 7:15 (I mapped backroads and figured they wouldn't be bad, and they weren't).  So I set my alarm.  Whew, that was a really long process to just set my alarm. =)  I think I finally fell asleep around 10:45 or so.  Thankfully I slept well, and didn't have weird dreams.  (Unlike the night before when I dreamed about getting there in street clothes and not having my headphones or anything I normally run with.)  I just kept telling myself that it was "just a long run, nothing special." 

I really wanted to act like it was a long run.  Not to start out too fast, keep it slow and just run my long run with a bunch of other people.  I repeated this in my head as I was laying in bed and I think it really helped me stay calm and get some sleep. 

I got up on time, ate my normal oatmeal and had one cup of coffee and drank several glasses of water.  Chris was up at the same time for work and he asked me multiple times about where it started and finished and what time it started (he said he wanted to avoid that area while he was working). I thought it was strange he asked so many times, but whatever.  =)  He asked me one time how long I thought it would take me and I said just over 2 hours.

I used the restroom . . . many, many times and left on time.  =)  I got there with no problems, even saw a part of the route that ran along the road.   I took a jacket with me because I didn't know how chilly it would be just standing around.  I found my original running jacket that the zipper broke on, so I thought if I found a place at the start that I could toss it, it would be okay if I couldn't find it after I was done. However, I was there so early, with a decent parking spot, and the morning was warm-ish, so I was able to take it back to my car before the race started.  I also left a water bottle in my car, because I knew I would want some water on the way home. 

I ended up standing around for an hour before the start.  Right after the race was going to be a parade, and it looked like there was also a small street fair, so there were lots of people setting up booths.  I wished some of them had already been set up because it would have been fun to wander the booths while waiting.  I got a text from Chris saying that he had been planning on surprising me at the finish but he had a 13 hour alarm job (he's a contractor for Comcast) in a different town so he wouldn't be able to be there.  I appreciate his thoughtfulness (a lot), but I wasn't expecting him so I was only a little disappointed. 

The start line was not obvious at all.  Everyone was standing around and the clock rolled around to 8:20, then 8:25 and I think most people had no idea where the start line was.  I saw some people walking to a little side street, so I decided to walk over there and see if they knew where they were going, just as I was crossing the street someone on a microphone told everyone to head toward the side street that I was going to for the start. 

As I was walking to the start line, I was behind a group of three people, a girl and two guys, who were talking about Bloomsday, they were debating how long that race was, so since I was really close behind them, I said it was about 7.5 miles.  The girl said she can never figure out the conversion from kilometers to miles, and I said that I just google it.  Anyway, they started talking about how fast they wanted to run the race. One guy said he just wanted to finish and the girl said she was trying to do it at around 2:15.

My goal was to finish as well, not really caring about my time, but my last long run of 11 miles was about 9:45 min/mile, so I was thinking that I would be able to finish the half marathon in around 2:15 or under. I decided I was going to use her as my pacer if I saw her.

It was not a very big race, and she was pretty easy to spot, so I kept her in my sites.  At about mile 2ish I passed her, and then she passed me and I ended up right behind her, I mean so close that I had to watch her feet so I wouldn't trip her or me, however, there were people right behind me and it felt like they were just as close as I was to her.  I didn't want to slow down because I didn't want someone to run into me.  I got really tired of being in such tight quarters so I sped up a little bit and I think she did too because we ended up running side by side. She was going an excellent pace and I didn't really want to pass her, but my pride wouldn't let me slow down. We were running right next to each other for a while when we passed a camera man who took our picture. I said "looks like we're going to be picture buddies." She laughed and said something that I no longer remember and we kept running.

It felt really awkward to be running right next to her and not say anything.  I thought about slowing down, but I really didn't want to, so instead I said something, I'm sure it was brilliant, but I can't remember what I said.  We started talking off and on until the 8 mile mark.  She talked about her running schedule and partner, she said she was from Seattle and this was her 2nd half marathon.  I told her it was my first.  We talked about family and running and I felt like it was a really awesome conversation, even though I didn't know her at all.  Just before mile 8 she said she had a cramp in her stomach and was going to slow a little, I said I was okay with that and asked her if she minded if I stuck with her.  She said that was fine, but I don't think she slowed down much.  Looking back, she probably wanted me to go on and leave her, but I was enjoying the company so much, it was making the time fly, that I didn't get the hint and didn't want to leave her.  However, at mile 8 she said she had to stop for a min so I kept going.

After leaving her (her name was Taylor) my race got a lot harder.  I think the distraction of having her to talk to really helped me to not think about how much farther I had to go.  She got super excited everytime we reached a mile marker, but I couldn't drum up any excitement after mile 9, there was still 4 miles left, and that's tough for me to get excited about when I am tired.  =)  I think mile 9 ended up being my slowest mile at a 10 min/mile pace.  The rest of it was all under 10 min/miles, with the next slowest at 12 miles with a 9:52 min/mile.  Surprisingly I had enough in me for the last mile to do a 9:25 min/mile, but I think that was because we were back on the road we started on and there were lots of spectators waiting for the parade to start (they were not cheering on the runners at all). 

The finish line was a little underwhelming as well.  There was no timing chip on this race, but they had a clock with the official time.  As I passed the clock I thought it said 2:07:37, but after looking at the official results it was actually 2:07:39 . . . 2 secs off.  =)  Anyway, I guess "Berry Dairy Days" is referring to strawberry harvesting, because they had some strawberries set up for us to eat.  They had one giant jug of water set up, and the line was kinda ridiculous.  There were people who had obviously been done for a while getting water and the people that just finished the race had to wait.    I was disappointed in the "water" stations, more than half of them only had gatorade.  I have never drank gatorade while running, so I was worried about how it would affect me and avoided it, only taking water when it was offered.  However, at mile 10 I really needed something so I took some gatorade and then again at mile 12.  I didn't like the sugary after taste it left, but I think it helped energy-wise.

I also had Maddox's fruit gummies, which I ate at about mile 7 and again at mile 10, just before the "water" station.  The gummies and the gatorade seemed to help with my energy.  and I didn't feel very tired, however, at mile 10ish I started getting a cramp in my stomach, but I was close to being done, so I chose to ignore it. 

At the finish line I waited for a little bit for my running "buddy," but didn't see her and really needed some water so I walked to my car.  I thought about going back, but my feet were sore, and I was sweaty and gross and I didn't know if she would have crossed before I got back.  Plus, what would I have said to her?  I probably would have thanked her for letting me run with her for so long, but she would have been celebrating with her husband (she told me he was there) and her friends, so I just left. 

I almost forgot to take a picture with my medal and it's not a great picture, but it's all I've got.  =)

When I got home I was exhausted.  My legs were sore and my feet were sore and I just wanted to lay down.  After my shower I put a movie on TV and ended up falling asleep for about an hour.  I spent the rest of the day pretty much just laying there doing nothing.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Lessons learned

My weekend did not start out well, at all.  It all started on Thursday when I got a very unhappy email from my sister.  It's a really long story, and it all stems from me finding out last Tuesday that I wouldn't be able to run the half marathon on Saturday.  The story of that is here and I don't really want to repeat it all.  After I figured out on Wednesday that I was going to be able to do the half marathon afterall I sent an email to my Dad asking if he wanted to come watch me anyway, because he had expressed interest in my running in the recent past (and distant past).  I also sent an email to my Mom talking about my hurt feelings and such.  Well, I forwarded that conversation to my sister, who I am very close to, and also told her that I invited my Dad up to watch me if he wanted.

Well, to make a very long story short, she took offense to some of the wording in my Mom's emails to me and then was upset that my Dad was planning on coming up to watch me run because she had made plans (my Dad didn't know about the plans, they weren't a surprise, she just hadn't told him yet).  She sent out one of those emails, you know, the kind where everything said is polite, but it's obviously sent in anger.  So I called her.  Yeah, that went very poorly, let's just say I was called "selfish" and it was thrown in my face that I have "the grandkids" and she doesn't, so obviously I am more important than her (she is unable to have kids even after years of infertility treatments and one attempt at adoption in where the baby died just before being born).  I ended up on the phone with both my Mom and Dad and it was decided that they would come to my house for Damian's 8th grade graduation on Friday and leave after the celebration lunch, which meant that Maddox's birthday party was canceled (did I mention Maddox turns 2 tomorrow [6/18] and we were going to do an early party so my parents could be there?).  And neither one of them was going to come to my half marathon.

I was very upset.  I tried not to let my family know how upset I was, but I was very upset.  I cried many times that evening, and after I told Chris the whole story he got mad and was going to call my sister and my Dad and yell at them.  I didn't think that would be helpful, but it is so nice to know that he "has my back."  =)  (He didn't call them, and that's a good thing even though a small part of me kinda wanted him to.)  I think what hurt me the most was after the decision was made that my Dad would not be coming up to cheer me on in my race, my sister suddenly was back to her friendly self.  It was as if since she got her way, everything was fine.  It definitely felt like there was no consideration for my feelings at all.

There was so much more that happened that evening, including another email from a different sister and then several texts from Nancy (the one from above) asking if we were still doing Maddox's birthday party Friday evening.  What?!  I was told that was canceled, well, apparently it wasn't and I was supposed to make cupcakes and get everything ready at 8pm for the party Friday evening. 

(I really am trying to keep this short, I have a whole race to talk about.)   =)

Anyway, on Friday I had to put aside all the hurt feelings and everything from just the night before and celebrated Damian's 8th grade graduation.  My family is royalty at avoiding conflict and stuffing hurt feelings down (just to let them build and blow up at some future date).  I am no different.  Stuff, stuff, stuff . . . but thankfully I have running.  I am able to go running and usually let those feelings go.  Thursday's run was much needed, however, the feelings were still too raw and painful and I have to admit, I am still stuffing a bit.  This blog also helps, and while I realize some of this is very personal stuff about my family that they would not particularly want shared, I would rather type it out and let it go, then let it simmer until it boils.

D's graduation ceremony was supposed to be 2 hours long.  Why do they need to have a two hour long 8th grade graduation??  Let me just say that a principle of a middle school should know better than to make a really long, boring speech at an 8th grade graduation.  Thankfully the student speakers were pretty entertaining, including one girl who made it very, very, very clear that it would be a "bad decision" (that was said at least a dozen times in her short speech) to drop out of school and make "bad decisions."  Because, if you drop out of school from "bad decisions" such as drugs, drinking, partying, pregnancy, etc., you will probably end up working at some fast food restaurants (she named Every. Single. One and what you would make there).  My favorite part was where she said "making chalupas at Taco Bell" in her list of fast food restaurants.  =)  Seriously, she was very, very adamant about her topic, which just made you wonder what sort of life experience she had or had seen that prompted her speech.

He wasn't happy I kissed his cheek.  =)

Anyway, once the ceremony was over we went to lunch, it was one of those Japanese places where they make your food in front of you. Of course, Damian's choice.  =)

Chris got off work in the late afternoon, and we had dinner and opened Maddox's birthday presents and had cake (no cupcakes as I thought it was canceled so I didn't go get everything I needed to make them, thankfully I had stuff to make a cake). 


My family went back to my sister's house, and there were no harsh words, or tears cried while they were there.  Everything is back to "normal" and I have learned some valuable lessons.  1.  My family is not interested in watching me run.  At. All.  2.  We will continue to stuff, stuff, stuff.  But most importantly, 3. Chris is amazing, supportive and loves me.  4. I have the best 14 year old 8th grade graduate I could possibly think of.

This is way too long already, so I'm thinking you're all gonna have to wait for my race report.  Sorry . . . but I promise I will write it tomorrow.  =)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The scale diaries

The other day Laura at Simply Healthy Mama did a "scale experiment" where she tracked her weight throughout the day.  I actually do this very regularly, although I don't step on the scale as often as she did that day, but I thought it would be interesting to actually record my weight.  So here it is . . .

2:53am:  152.4 ~ I was woken up by Maddox and I thought it was 4am, which is my normal wake-up-to-go-to-the-bathroom time.  Anyway, I used the bathroom and then weighed myself, with pj's on.  When I went to bed I noticed it was only 3am.

6:10am: 149.8 ~ I used the bathroom and then weighed myself naked.  This is what I use as my official weigh-in time on Fridays.

12:35pm: 155.4 ~ This was after I ate lunch, fully dressed, with some really heavy shoes on.  I usually don't weigh myself after my morning weigh-in until after I run, but for the sake of this post I decided to do it periodically throughout the day.

4:21pm: 153.4 ~ After work, with clothes still on, but without the shoes.  I really think those shoes were at least 1 lb. 

5:35pm:  149.4 ~ This was after my run, just before hopping into the shower.  I always like weighing myself after I exercise because most of the time it is the lowest number of the day.  However, I don't use that number as my official weigh-in because I know the little amount that was lost (compared to the morning weigh-in) is water weight and I gain it back as soon as I drink something.

6:02pm: 149.4 ~ After my shower.  I was surprised to see the number had gone down 0.2 lbs, usually after my shower it goes up a little.  However, as I was typing this I realized that I actually didn't drink or eat anything between the two weigh-ins, and I usually drink some water. 

7:40pm:  152.0 ~ After dinner and a glass of wine.  I was surprised this number wasn't higher, I've seen my after dinner number go way up to as high as 158 (that was scary) before. 

10:06pm: 152.8 ~ This was after another glass of wine and right before going to bed.

11:00pm:  151.2 ~ =)  This was after some intimate "time" with Chris.  =)  I really did go to bed after this weigh-in.  =)

6:15am: 149.8 ~ This was this morning, naked.
One of the reasons I wanted to do this was because I wanted to show how much my (everybody's) weight fluctuates throughout the day.  I was actually kinda disappointed it wasn't higher in the evening than it was last night.  I seriously have seen that number go high in the evening.  I decided to add my weigh-in from this morning to show how consistent my weight usually is in the morning.  I would have added my 3(ish)am weight too, but I can't remember it today.  I think it was around 151.

I don't let the scale rule my life (I really don't).  I only count Friday morning's weigh-in, that is what I base my weight on.  The rest of the week  I am happy when the number is low but when it goes up it makes me re-evaluate my week (or day) and figure out what I did to cause the number to go up.  I can always point to at least one thing; too much salt, too much alcohol, too much food.  =)  And then I either don't care, or most often work to get that scale to at least the number it was before my weight went up. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Big girl panties

I love the support I receive here and on Facebook. I posted yesterday about how disappointed I was in not only not being able to run the half marathon but also the lack of support I feel from my family regarding my running.  I got feedback both here and on Facebook that was extremely supportive and very encouraging.

However, I have a story to tell about last night.

Last night I was not in a good mood.  Not only because of the half marathon, but also because I was unable to run, for the 3rd day in a row.  My husband's job has picked up and he is getting home late (8pm) lately.  I had a hair appt immediately after work, and Damian had gymnastics (I had a friend take him to gymnastics and also watch Maddox for me until I was done with my hair appt).  I had no babysitter after my hair appt so I couldn't run.  Then I had to go get Damian from gymnastics around 8pm and get home and put Maddox to bed.  By that time it would have been just too late for me to go run.  I realize lots of people run that late, but I just want to relax by that time. 

Anyway, I decided to break out the dusty Insanity videos and do one of those while D was at gymnastics so I had some sort of exercise.  Insanity is a good workout, but I just don't get the same feeling after doing it that I get after I run, so I was still in a slightly grumpy mood afterwards. 

We were sitting in the living room and both Damian and Chris asked why I was in a bad mood.  I don't like being asked why I'm in a bad mood.  Often I don't really know why, and it just bothers me to be asked.  We started a show on the TV and then I decided to tell them about the half marathon.  I told them that I was bummed because Damian would be in the parade at the time I would need him to be watching Maddox, and there was no one else to ask.  And I mentioned that my Mom was "not interested."  Then a couple things were said that surprised me.

Damian said that he doesn't have to be in the parade, he is okay with that and would watch Maddox for me.  And Chris said that he would like to watch me race one day (he definitely can't Saturday because of work).  When I said I thought he wasn't interested in watching me (he's told me that before) he said "Well, it's important to you." 

Just typing that brings tears to my eyes. 

Anyway, I decided that I am a good Mom and the parade is important to Damian so I would let him do that and we continued with our TV show.

This morning I was thinking about it and decided to call Chris because we didn't talk about the half and D's willingness to babysit last night and I needed to register today if I'm going to do it.  And Chris said a couple more things that made me cry.

Chris said that I should do it.  He said that we do a ton of stuff for Damian and his sports, we just spent 6 hours on baseball stuff for him on Sunday alone, and we don't do anything for me.  He said that "it is not selfish" if I run the half marathon on Saturday and that "it is okay" to take time for me. 

Again with the tears.

So I did it.  I registered.

I admit, it was really hard for me to push the send button on the payment page.  All my fears from Monday came back.  What if I can't run 13.1 miles?  After all, I haven't run that far, ever.  I had to go talk to a coworker about it, and she told me to "GO PUSH THAT BUTTON."  =)  So I did.  I paid for it, I am registered.  I am going to run a half marathon. 
I can't wait to get this magnet for my car . . .
I think I may have to go order it now . . .  =)
I'm super scared now.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Remember the half marathon that is this weekend that I have been debating about doing?  Sadly, I think I am unable to do it.  Not because of not being able to run 13.1 miles, but because I have no babysitter.  It is funny how you go back and forth and then decide not to do something, but then something happens and you actually can't do it and suddenly you really, really want to do it and are really upset that you can't.  Yeah, that's how I feel right now, very close to tears. 

This Friday is Damian's 8th grade graduation (I can't believe how big he is!!) and my parents are coming into town for it.  Well, they're planning on staying at my sister's house in Lynnwood, which is about 45 min away from my house.  They are coming up Friday morning to go to the graduation ceremony and then they are going to stay in town and celebrate Maddox's 2nd birthday (his birthday is June 18th) after Chris gets off work in the evening.  I suggested that they come up again on Saturday to watch me do my first half marathon.

After thinking about the half marathon and deciding I wasn't going to do it, I got an email last night from D's gymnastics coach saying that they were going to be in the Berry Dairy Days parade and they wanted all the gymnasts there by 9am Saturday morning.  Well, the half starts at 9:30 Saturday morning, and D would have been my babysitter.  Suddenly I really wanted to do the half, so I thought maybe my parents will come up and watch me do the half, and they can watch Maddox for me.

Well, after talking to my Mom again, she said she "wasn't interested" in coming up on Saturday for the half marathon.  Let me tell you, I was pretty hurt and upset by that.  I realize that running isn't important to a lot of people, the majority of people.  But milestones such as a half marathon are pretty big for runners, and it would be nice for someone to be interested in watching me complete that milestone.  13.1 miles is a long time.  I know that if Chris wasn't working, he would not be interested in watching me run a half marathon either.  I have read other people's accounts of races and how they have supportive friends or family, and I know that I don't have that (don't get me wrong, my family supports that I go run everyday - although that was a fight I fought with Chris for the first 6 months) but it has never bothered me until now.  Just one person that would be willing to stand at the finish line and cheer me on and maybe recognize the accomplishment that I just achieved.  That would be very nice.

I guess I should have known that my Mom wasn't very interested in watching me run when she decided to not go cheer me on at the Run for your Mum 5k at the last min.  And then wasn't very interested in the fact that I PRed that race (not that she would know that PR stands for personal record, but you know what I mean). 

I don't know if my dad would be interested in watching me or not.  He was very, very interested in coming to Bloomsday in May and he mentioned after the Boston Marathon that it would be "cool" to watch me run that race but I have no idea if it was because it was the Boston Marathon, or because it was a marathon.  I decided to write an email to my parents (both of them) and casually mention that I was thinking of doing a half marathon if they wanted to come up and watch, plus D being in the parade.  I'm not comfortable "asking" for attention, and I don't want my Mom to feel bad that she isn't interested, but I do want to give my Dad the choice to watch.  I just sent that email, so I haven't gotten any type of reply, and I don't know if I'm expecting one from my Dad or not.  I'm sure my mom will reply saying she's "not interested" again, but my Dad doesn't reply very often to emails to both of them.  Maybe I should just email him, but again, I don't want to beg for attention.  Oh well, I guess if I can't do it, then it won't be the end of the world.  And there are other half marathons (although after looking most of the morning, I can't find very many that are close and so far none that work with my schedule).
P.S. Thank you so much MaryFran for encouraging me to just do it.  I think you are 110% right . . . now.

Monday, June 10, 2013

FMM ~ How do you celebrate

I decided to do Friend Makin' Monday on a separate post this week.  My other Monday post was long, so this way it's not super long.  =)

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: All the Weigh so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

How Do You Celebrate?
1. When is your birthday?  Oct. 6th

2. Do you like to celebrate it or do you prefer to keep it quiet?  I like to get gifts and have a cake.  I've onl had two parties my entire life, one when I was in 2nd grade and one on my 30th birthday that I organized myself.

3. Have you ever had a surprise party? Nope, but it would be fun.

4. What sign are you? Does it represent you well?  I'm a Libra. I don't do much astrology, but there are characteristics I've heard of Libras that sound like me and some that really don't. This definition is about half true: "Librans are patient, balanced, sociable (not me), gregarious (not me), loving, affectionate, energetic and cheerful. Librans are very polite by nature. They are very good at solving fights in amicable way. They are good natured and enjoy good company. They always make friends wherever they go (really not me). Librans hate taking orders. At this moment they can be the worst people on earth. Librans are extremely intelligent (haha! not me) but on the other side they can be susceptible and naive. Librans love to talk (depends on who I'm talking to) and are very patient listeners. Librans are lovable, amiable and courteous. Librans are very lazy (totally me!) but at times they can work for continuous hours, for days and months. Librans are very emotional. At other instant they are very cheerful. Librans are good at arguments (not so much) and often end up in the middle of it." You can find this info here

I also like this list: 

Traits of a Libra….

  • Desires popularity (nope)
  • Loves art (eh)
  • Neat (Haha! not particularly, although I like things to be neat)
  • Dresses up for the occasion
  • Slight perfectionist
  • Narcissism (I don't think so)
  • Charitable
  • Bossy at times
  • Plans ahead (not very well)
  • Attention to detail
  • Loves public service


  • Beauty
  • Gifts
  • Debates (not at all)
  • Attention
  • Intellectual conversations
  • Admiration
  • Credit cards (who doesn't??)
  • Mingling (no)
  • Subtle colours, textures


  • Noise                                                 /
  • Confusion                                        /
  • Sloppiness                                      /   
  • Ugliness                                        /_______All true  =)
  • Dirt                                                \   
  • Pressured decisions                         \
  • Being rushed                                     \       
  • Criticism                                             \     
Sorry, that's a very long answer to a short question that I know next to nothing about.  =)

5. Do you tell the truth about your age? Yes, I don't know why people lie, my sister says she's 29 (she's 42) and I don't understand.  Be proud of your age!  Although, I am starting to really hate mine . . . 36 is getting too old.  =(

6. Share your best birthday memory. I don't know if it's my "best" one, but when I was little we never had parties, my Grandma would come over and if any of my aunts or uncles were around (we lived on a farm 2 miles from where my Dad grew up and where my Grandma still lived) they would come as well.  Anyway, you know how you always save the best looking present for last?  Well, that's what I did, but when I opened it, it was just an empty box.  I guess my aunts had helped my Grandma wrap presents, and they got so into it, they just wrapped an extra box my Grandma had out.  It was very disappointing at the time, but makes a funny story now.  =)

7. Share a few item that could be on your birthday wishlist.  I would really, really love some sort of sports massage.  And jewelry is always welcome.  My most favorite gifts have always come from Damian (Maddox is too young) and are the ones that he picks out himself.  (For Mother's Day he got me an electric wine opener, I know it's kinda cheesy, but it makes me feel even more elegant to open my wine with an electric wine opener.) =) 

8. What is your favorite kind of cake?  Homemade.  I don't care what it looks like or how it tastes (well, hopefully it's good) but if you took time to make one, rather than go buy it, it is my favorite.  =)

9. If you could be anywhere on your next birthday, where would you be? With my family.

10. Do you make a wish when you blow out the candles?  Isn't that the point?

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments! 

Weekend update

Well, my weekend was sort of a bust exercise-wise.  I haven't been "feeling" my runs lately, I've been doing them, but it's kinda been a struggle to get out the door. 

Last week was Damian's last week of the regular season of Little League.  He had 3 games and then a double header yesterday (Sunday).  They were trying to get all the rained out games in and I think they were able to do that.  D also does gymnastics 2 days a week, so we told him he had to miss one of his games because he needed to go to gymnastics and he had soooo many games.  Thankfully the weather was nice all week and we didn't have to worry about cold, wet games. 

Saturday was the only day that we didn't have anything going on, but I was going to do my long run because of Sunday's double header.  I planned to do 12 or 12 1/2 miles in preparation for the half marathon this Saturday (which I haven't registered for).  However, I didn't really want to run at all.  I put it off all morning, then was debating whether or not to do any run.  One good thing about having a Facebook page is that if I post about something, then I feel I have to follow through (actually, the same is true for this blog, but I get responses much quicker on my FB page than I do here, so it's easier to not follow through).   Anyway, I posted that I was thinking of not running, and I got a lot of encouragement to just lace up and get out.  So I did.
I did have some time to make a pretty cool lego road
with Maddox.  =)
I was going to only run 5 miles though, but then at the beginning I decided to head a different way and add a little time.  That equaled to just under 1 mile, so I added a little more in the middle to get it to a full "extra" mile.  However, at about mile 4.5 I was having some major stomach issues.  From the spot I was there was no bathrooms, or anything along the way to my house, so I had to just keep pushing and hope that I made it home without any accidents.  Thankfully I did.  =) 

We had a couple friends over Saturday evening, but I fell asleep on the couch and missed most of the visit.  Thankfully, they are regular visitors so I didn't miss out on anything extraordinary.  =)

I was going to run my 12 miles in the morning Sunday, but I just wanted to lay on my couch and do nothing . . . which is what I ended up doing.  No run at all.  I caught up on all my blogs, I was still trying to catch up on JD's blog, plus all the others that I follow.  I did catch up and then felt really lazy so decided to get up and do some yard work.  I was in a groove digging up weeds in my weed flower garden when I realized we only had a half hour before we were supposed to leave for D's baseball games. 

We ended up being at the field for 6 hours.  It was a long day.  Thankfully it was sunny, a little windy (and that wind was cold!) but the sun is always nice. 
Chris volunteered to cook hot dogs for
everyone one between the two games. 

Damian in his catcher's pads
on deck to bat.
Damian's team this year was really great.  I think this was the best team he's had in the 8 years he's been playing.  Not only did they win 14 of 17 games, but also he had a great coach and the communication with the parents was amazing.  D has gotten amazingly good this year.  I'm a little excited to see what high school baseball brings him.  =) 

After the games I had the desire to go for a run, but it was already 8pm and we needed to get Maddox in bed.  I ended up not running at all.  So now I'm terrified to run the half marathon this Saturday.  Since I haven't actually registered, I could avoid it, but would I kick myself if I did?  The farthest I've ever run is 11 miles, and those were hard miles, so I'm scared that I won't be able to do 13.1 

One last thing, I decided to do the 30 day squat challenge that was floating around on Facebook at the beginning of May.  I'm on day 4 today, which is a rest day, but I'm thinking about doing some today anyway.  =)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day

Someone posted on Facebook yesterday that today is National Running Day.  I am glad that person did, because I didn't know that.  =)  (However, I'm sure I would have found out today, with all the running pages I follow.)  Anyway, I'm glad I found out yesterday because I skipped my run and went this morning.  There were more factors than just switching my rest day so I could run today though.  It was around 80 degrees here yesterday afternoon, I do realize that is not nearly as warm as most of the rest of the country, but 80 degrees in western WA is quite warm.  I did grow up in eastern WA where temperatures reached near 100 degrees, however, I am acclimatized to here as I have now lived here 12 1/2 years (sadly).  Not only the temperature deterred me yesterday, but also Chris working late.  I was home alone with Maddox until 7pm (Damian was at gymnastics) and 7pm is usually cooling down temp-wise outside, I was really ready to just relax for the evening.  So all that equaled out to me skipping my run yesterday, which meant I had to wake up early today to run. 

I was up by 5:15am this morning, and decided that I wanted to eat something small.  I have noticed that when I run in the morning, I run slower than I do in the evening.  I figured that was because I was running on an empty stomach.  Anyway, I ate a tablespoon of peanut butter and then made coffee (for afterwards) and got ready.  I eat peanut butter quite a bit as my post-workout food, but it did not sit well for me for my pre-workout food.  About 2 miles in I was feeling very nauseous and didn't know if I could finish my run.  However, at 5:30 in the morning on a day Chris doesn't work, there is no one to come and get me, so I had to finish.  I was planning on doing 5 miles, but I cut off the last one and only ran 4.  Even after I got home and had showered, I was still feeling nauseous, so much so, that I didn't eat breakfast.  By the time I left for work I was feeling better, so I grabbed some oatmeal to make at work. 

This week is the end of the regular baseball season.  It also means it will be the end of Damian's Little League career.  He has been playing baseball since he was 6 years old, although, the first 4 years were in a bigger town and in a bigger, more competitive league than Little League is.  He is planning in playing on the All-Stars team this year.  Last year they were district champs and went on to state (? I think?) but didn't get very far, and D didn't play at that tournament because we had already planned a camping trip for that week.  This year he is hoping he will make it to state again so that he can play (our camping trip is later in the summer this year). 

He loves baseball and is going to continue playing, just with the high school team.  I am happy about that because the high school season is much shorter than the Little League season.  I am a little sad about it because he has been playing with mostly the same kids since we moved to Mt. Vernon 4 years ago, but I think a lot of those kids are also going into high school, so I'm hoping he will continue to play with them.  This year he has had an excellent team and a great coach.  We have been pretty unfortunate in our coaches and teams most years, he's never been on a winning team (other than All-Stars last year) and the coaches have never been very good.  This year they have only lost 2 of their games and I love their coach.  D said he wasn't very "fun" but I said he's had "fun" coaches in the past and had terrible years of playing. 

Don't get me wrong, I do not believe that sports is all about winning.  However, when you play 2 1/2 months and lose every single game, it gets very discouraging.  It is no fun to lose all the time, even if you have "fun" coaches.  And I'm not saying that winning every game makes it fun, in fact, one of the teams we play this year (the only team to beat us) gets yelled at all the time.  After one game that they lost to us (we play 5 different teams multiple times), the coach was screaming at the kids for (get this) not sitting on the bench while their teammates batted.  They had a winning record, but still got yelled at all the time by their coach.  If my son had been on that team, I would have had words with someone about the way the coach treated the players. 
He's never been a great pitcher,
but he did okay in the 2 games he
pitched in this year.
He's always been a great catcher, and has been doing it since
he started playing baseball.

That boy is FAST!

Monday, June 3, 2013

11 mile run

After my encounter with my neighbor's wife on Thursday, I was feeling very hesitant to run on Friday afternoon.  I decided to text her and see if things were okay.  I ended up going over to their house and talking to her.  I realize that I didn't do anything wrong and I really felt like it was her place to actually talk to me, but I couldn't stand being worried every time I went for a run.  Anyway, we chatted and she apologized.  She explained that her husband had cheated on her before and when she saw me getting in his car, she just flipped out.  She said she has a lot of trust issues, and she didn't think him and I were that close that I would just get in his car.  I told her that I'm not that close to him, but I wasn't thinking and he does come over to our house regularly to visit with Chris. She said she didn't know he came over at all.  It's very sad to me to think about being in a relationship and having no trust, to always think that your spouse is cheating, a relationship where you can't even be friends with your neighbor because that would mean you're cheating . . . that is sad.

Anyway, it's always nice to come back here and be able to post that I followed through with whatever plan I had made.  =)  I struggled to run every day (except yesterday) because of time restrictions.  Friday I worked and then Damian had a baseball game.  I had a very short window of time to get a run in, but I was able to complete 4.45 miles.  Then Saturday I was planning on getting up and running in the morning because I was going to go visit my sister for the day and D had another baseball game in the evening.  However, I was just too lazy to get out of bed in time to go run.  On my way home I was thinking about how I could go running.  I had barely enough time to get home and get D to his baseball game warm-up.  I decided that I would ask Chris to take D to his game and watch Maddox and I would go do a short run and end it at the baseball field.  That actually worked out very well.  I ran just just over 4 and half miles and then changed in the car (that was some maneuvering, we have a very small car without tinted windows). 

Sunday morning I had no motivation to go running.  I was thinking about going earlier in the day, but I just wanted to laze around and do nothing.  However, the longer I was lazy the more my motivation went up, so I decided to just go.  I'm glad I did that run on Saturday because it gave me a new idea for a different long run route.  Which I did yesterday.  =) 

This route started on the same route as all my other long runs, but on Saturday I discovered that the road that I live on that they have been expanding opened, so I decided to run on it.  I basically ran almost the entire length of the town I live in.  The middle of my "new" route was along the Skagit river, which is the part of my "old" route that I love, but then I went down a couple really busy roads to a new trail (well, it's only new to me, I'm sure it's been there a while) and then ended along the same trail that I always end on.  I think having new areas along with a few of my favorite old areas to run in really helped.  I definitely felt tired and was ready to be done at mile 11, but it was not nearly as bad as my last 11 miles.  I was even thinking about whether or not I thought I could run another 2 miles, and I think my answer to that would be yes, I could.  I didn't want to yesterday, but next weekend I may. 

I'm not crazy about running on busy roads, and these roads were part of the detour that is happening right now because of the freeway being closed.  (When the bridge went down a week and a half ago, they said that 71,000 vehicles go over that bridge daily, and it's a major artery between the US and Canada for this area, well, really, the only artery for western WA).  Well, all those vehicles are now being diverted through my little town and of course, I decided to run on part of the detour.  However, it wasn't too bad, it was Sunday afternoon, so it wasn't as bad as I've seen it . . . like Friday at 5pm.  Also, it was towards the end of my run, right around mile 8/9, so I wasn't paying much attention to the traffic at that point.  =) 

The new-for-me trail was really hard, I thought.  It wasn't a paved trail, which I didn't know when I was planning my run, it was, well, I don't know what it was.  It was soft and squishy, almost like very fine bark.  It felt really good on my feet as they were starting to hurt, but I think the softness of it made it harder to run on.  Plus, the first part of it was a gradual, but long, uphill.  I ended up walking up part of that.  I was happy to be done with that trail, but I did like it, so I think I'll run on it more often, especially now that I know it's there and it's not too far from my house. 

Anyway, I got to the end of my 11 miles and I was exhausted.  I was right by a middle school and there was some grass, so I just flopped on the grass and laid there for a min. to rest.
After my run I just wanted to lay on my couch all day.  Sadly I had things I needed to do.  After dinner we were watching TV and my legs werre so sore.  I decided to take a bath.  I'd have to say that bath (and wine) was the best decision I'd made all day.  =)