Thursday, February 27, 2014


Anybody else finding themselves really busy and unable to keep up with reading all the blogs you follow?  Or even not able to post regularly because you just don't have time?  Yeah, that's me the last several weeks.  I don't know what happened in February, but I got really busy and just haven't had (made?) the time to post or keep up. 

Well, like I said on Tuesday, I will not be making 100 miles in February.  After the storm over President's Day weekend and my lack of running in Long Beach, I knew I wasn't going to make it.  I was still going to get as high as I could, but there was no way I could run the mileage I needed in the few weeks left of the month.  And then last week I ran Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  My sister and I (with Maddox) were going to eastern WA to my parent's house to get a family tattoo.  My sister, Tami, was still at my parent's house (she lives in N. Carolina) and my sister Nancy (who lives not far from me) had talked everyone into doing a tattoo together.  Even my Mom decided she wanted to join in (it was originally a sister's tattoo idea). Anyway, my Mom met a guy through her geocaching stuff that does tattoos so she set up an appt with him for Saturday.

Well, on Tuesday of last week, Maddox got sick.  He threw up a lot that night and then it turned into really nasty (like, really, really nasty) diapers.  Other people we know that have gotten the same sort of thing were only sick about 24 hours, so I didn't think anything of it.  However, on Thursday he was still really sick and then on Thursday night, I got sick.  And then about 3am Friday morning, Chris jumped out of bed and barely made it to the kitchen sick before he started throwing up.  Ugh!  Friday morning I didn't know what to do.  We had the appt for our tattoos on Saturday and Tami was going home Thursday (oh wow, that's today!).  I called my sister, I called my Mom, I called my Dad (he was going to babysit on Saturday for me).  They all said it was up to me.  I told them I didn't feel like it was up to me as I would be the one bringing the sickness with me and especially for my Dad who catches every little thing that he comes in contact with, and would have to change some gross diapers.  I started feeling better later in the morning and so I decided to just go.  I didn't want to miss the tattoos and my Dad said he was okay with it if I decided to come.

I am so glad I went.  I felt much, much better on Saturday (no issues at all) and Maddox was feeling better, just still having some diaper issues, but not as bad or as often.  We went shopping Saturday morning and then went to do our tattoos.  We were at the tattoo shop for about 4 hours (maybe longer).  The tattoos were really simple, but it was the setting up and switching people and setting up again that took the longest. 
(I have another sister, it is a really long story that is more drama than I care to share as to why she didn't get the tattoo with us.  It is sad for me to look at the pictures and not have her there, but it was her choice and there's nothing I can do about it.)
My Mom, who I have always believed thought tattoos were evil, decided to get two.  She said she's always wanted a butterfly on her shoulder, and then she decided why would she put a butterfly there when she loves whales.  So she also got a whale on her shoulder.  It is sooooo beautiful!  I love it!  (And let me tell you, my Mom has the HIGHEST pain tolerance of anyone I have ever known, she didn't even flinch . . . at all.)
So, with not feeling good on Friday morning and then the really long day on Saturday, there was no running.  We drove home on Sunday, and there was no running that day either.  I ran Monday and Tuesday and then yesterday we needed to go grocery shopping.  I will run today and tomorrow, and that will end February's running . . . somewhere around 82 miles.  Oh well.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

President's Day weekend trip

I had this half typed up last week and then I got super busy and then sick, so I didn't ever come finish it.  Sorry I've been such a flake at posting this month.  =(

I told you about Maddox's traumatic accident last week, but I forgot to mention what we think he fell on.  At first I thought he fell on a wooden toy holder that is close to the bed, but after looking at it when we got home, there is no way that caused the type of "laceration" (ER's word) to his chin/jaw.  After looking closer, we think he hit the metal frame that the box springs sits on on the bed.  There is a part of it that was exposed right next to where he was sitting when I found him. 

 President's Day weekend we went to Long Beach, WA.  It was a lot of fun and I didn't take very many pictures.  My sister from North Carolina and her husband and 2 year old son came over as well.  Her son and Maddox got along great.  It was so fun to watch them playing together.  Maddox is definitely an adventurous boy and taught A.J. a few new ways to get into trouble.  (Damian was the same way.)

Picking up some audiobooks
before leaving for the drive.
Sunday, first day we braved the beach.

Monday before leaving.  Chris says "it's not going to the
ocean if you don't get your feet wet."  I think he's crazy.
I was really excited about checking out the Long Beach Discovery Trail that Kristen had mentioned to me when I first brought up going to Long Beach.  Friday before we left I got up early and went for a 4 mile run, "knowing" that I would run 4 miles on Saturday and reach 25 miles for the week (perfect).  Well, Saturday, I woke up about 7am and thought about going running right away, however, I talked myself out of it.  I KNEW there was a predicted wind/rain storm and I decided it "wouldn't be that bad" and I would run in the afternoon.  That was a stupid thought, one I should have ignored.  65 mph wind gusts . . .  Yeah, a run didn't happen.

Then I decided, and even talked to my sister, that I would run Sunday morning before breakfast.  However, we then decided that another afternoon in town in a wind/rain storm was not going to happen, so we decided that we would go into town right after breakfast and spend the morning wandering around and then eat lunch there and come back to the house for the afternoon.  Guess what?  I didn't get up early enough to go for a run before breakfast.  This time I decided that was fine, while Maddox was napping I would go to the fitness center I had seen and run on the treadmill.  Just to make sure I could, we stopped on the way into town, and of course, closed on Sunday . . . So, no run on Sunday.
We stopped at the ER again before heading home to get his stitches out. I had been a little worried because the wound was really red and a little puffy, but the ER nurse said that is normal. It was his body's way of trying to get rid of the stitches. 
Okay . . . so, I'll definitely run on Monday.  We're headed home, we should get home early enough for me to go run before dark.  And then we had some slow traffic going through Seattle . . . had to make several stops for lunch/gas/etc.  By the time we got home, it was 4pm, and we had to go to the ER to get Maddox's stitches removed, then to the store.  Didn't get home till 6pm . . . dark . . . no run.
Tuesday, rain and wind.  I decided I HAD to run.  I didn't WANT to run, but I was GOING TO.  I would run on the treadmill, which I have successfully avoided most of the winter.  I didn't want to run on the treadmill, but I figured it would be better than the wind.  Luckily, when I got home, the wind had died down.  I was still worried about it, and actually really, really didn't want to run.  I went running, 5 miles.

I have discovered that the longer I go without running, the harder it is for me to go for a run.  However, every time I run after a long break, the better I feel.  I felt GREAT after that run.  3 days is entirely too long for me to go without a run.  But the feeling afterwards is awesome.
If you notice my ticker at the top of my page, I am only at 67 miles for Feb.  There is no way I will be able to run 33 miles in the next 3 days.  So I will NOT meet my goal of 100 miles in Feb.  Lots of reasons why, am I disappointed? Yes, but I know there's nothing I can do (or could have done) about it.
More about this last weekend and my reasons I didn't make 100 miles later (hopefully not a week later, I will try to post tomorrow again).

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Wow, I can't believe I have gone a week and a few days without posting anything.  I started a post on Thursday saying I had nothing to say and was going out of town on Friday, but I was still plugging along with my running and eating, and then I remembered that I DID have a few things to say and never finished the post.  =)  Just lazy . . .

I feel like I should explain this picture.  There is a graphic picture later in the post that I didn't want to show up in your news feed, so I put this one ahead of that one so this is what you would see.  Maddox was very tired Monday morning and fell asleep while I was getting ready (never, ever happens) before I had to go to work.

I have been kind of blah lately and I was getting annoyed with myself.  Then I was thinking about why I was blah, and I remembered that I used to have a slight touch of Seasonal Affected Depression (SAD) about this time of year.  I know it went away for awhile but after thinking about it, I realized that I'm pretty sure I had a little bit last year, and I have been suffering a bit this year again.  It is not really bad, it is very mild, but it does make me irritable and I tend to avoid touch and affection.  This annoys Chris a lot, and I feel bad about it, but I just don't want to be touched.  Anyway, realizing what is going on really helps me.  I don't feel it as much now as I did before I realized what it was.  This happened with my first pregnancy too, I was really depressed and as soon as I realized I was pregnant and that was most likely the cause, I felt a lot better.  (I know, strange.)

Anyway, it just so happens that I was talking to Chris about this revelation last Tuesday when I was home for lunch.  I was getting ready to leave to go back to work when we heard a thunk in Maddox's room and then a delayed crying.  I rushed in there, and Maddox was just sitting on the floor next to the bed in his room (we have a spare bed in his room, it's not his, but it is where guests sleep when they come over).  Anyway, he had blood dripping down his chin and I knew immediately that we needed to go to the ER.  Chris had just taken off his pants to get him ready for a nap, so I shoved him in some pants and yelled at Chris to get a towel.  Chris had to get dressed as well, and as we were walking out the door I got a good look at his chin . . .  It was bad.  It was very bad.  I'm pretty sure it went all the way to his jaw bone.  I almost started hyperventilating, Chris had to put him in the car. 

I got in the backseat and was holding the towel to his face and then remembered I had to call work.  I am surprised they understood me that I wasn't coming back in, but apparently they got the message.  Anyway, Chris dropped us off at the entrance and then parked.  I went inside and before Chris even got in the door, they were taking us to the back.  (I'm pretty sure that means it was really bad.)  We didn't even wait 5 min before the dr was in the room talking to us (thankfully Chris got there before the dr came in). 

The dr was trying to explain the anesthesia and Chris and I were just saying, we don't care, let's do it.  We, of course, had to sign a bunch of stuff before they would even set anything up.  Poor Maddox, it was the worst experience . . . I think it might even top Damian's circumcision (which I wasn't in the room for, but could hear everything in the waiting room).  Anyway, Maddox ended up with 2 internal stitches and 7 external ones.  I have a picture, which is actually probably rated PG-13 compared to what it actually looked like, but I won't share that one.  Just this one with the stitches. 

The day after the accident.

This is him later in the day.  Once the
anesthesia wore off, he was back to his old
self, jumping off the couch and building
 cool lego tracks.  =)
I have much more to talk about, but as this is semi-long already, I won't add my weekend and running to this particular post.  I will just have to post again tomorrow.  =)

Friday, February 7, 2014


Wednesday I forced myself out of the door and to the studio where I used to do zumba to do my first Insanity class.  Last April I got the DVDs and did them for 2, or 3, weeks.  I enjoyed the DVDs, but trying to follow the program completely (6 days a week) and continue running 5 days a week was too much for me.   Anyway, I was really nervous about doing Insanity in a class full of other people.  And I was really nervous about going back to the studio where I hadn't been since August (and before that since April).  I know it's silly, but the studio is pretty small and everyone knows everyone.  I have never been a people person, so I don't know anyone, I used to be a familiar face, but I doubt even one person besides the instructor (who is a huge people person) remembered my name. 

Anyway, I went.  I enjoyed it.  I would like to go back.  And I didn't think the moves were hard or something I couldn't do, I was definitely tired by the end, but nothing I couldn't do. While we were doing one of the jumps, the Insanity instructor (different than the zumba instructor) landed wrong on a bad knee and hurt herself badly.  She had to be practically carried out.  Thankfully, one of the regulars took over the class and we finished it.  But now I don't know if the Insanity class will continue.  Just when I start something . . . Anyway, I suppose I could go to TRX, I did that once and liked it too.  (Same studio)

Yesterday I woke up fine, but as the day went on, my shoulders and back got sore.  By last night I was having a hard time getting off the couch.  Overnight, I woke up every time I moved (I move a lot in my sleep, didn't know this) and everytime I moved I would say "Owwww!" and moan.  Yes, I am that sore.  I knew that my upper body was not that "in shape" but I am really surprised at how sore my legs, especially my calves, are.  I think this means that I need to do this more often. 
I posted on Facebook last night that I was sore from Insanity and tagged the studio, and the owner of the studio commented telling me that I should come on Saturday morning to the "Super90Saturday."  Apparently it's 60 min of zumba and then 30 min of Insanity.  Maybe . . . it's right during the time I like to run on Saturday's though. =(

Yesterday I was planning on doing a short, easy 4 mile run.  I got home and was dressed and trying to get out the door, but my stupid phone wouldn't work properly.  I use it to track my runs ( and to listen to an audiobook or music.  It wouldn't set up.  I spent at least 15 (maybe 20) min waiting for everything to load.  It was 10 min to 4 when I finally was headed out the door when Chris said, "don't forget our tax appt at 4:30."  Ugh!  No way I would get done in 30 min.  I was really, really annoyed about it.  This means I will be a few miles short of 25 miles this week.  Ugh!

Today is 6 miles instead of 5 because of yesterday's missed run.  Tomorrow is most likely 6 again (again because of yesterday).  And I'm thinking Sunday will be 7 or 8, even though that is really too many for me in a weekend, I feel like I need to push myself to get as many as I can.  Next weekend I am going to Long Beach, WA with my extended family and am a little worried about getting all my running in while I'm there. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


After I had Maddox I stopped taking my vitamins (Maddox is 2 and a half).  I don't know why, but for whatever reason, almost as soon as I gave birth, I started forgetting to take them.  I took them often enough to finish the prenatal vitamins, and bought my regular (cheap) brand, however, I then quit taking them.  Not on purpose, I just got out of the habit and even though I see them every morning (they are right next to my makeup) I forget to take them.  I have to take vitamins with food otherwise I get really nauseous, so because I do my makeup before I eat, I don't think about it once I leave the bathroom.

However, I believe that vitamins (this includes calcium and Vitamin D, - I live in western WA - fish oil, and a probiotic - because I get yeast infections from running . . . no seriously, I didn't get them before I started running, but I do now, especially if I don't change immediately after a run . . . I'm sure it's the sweatiness) are good for you. I also believe that I am healthier when I take them.  Before I got pregnant, and all through my pregnancy, I was very diligent.  I think it was because of my maternity leave that I quit taking them.  I got out of the habit of getting ready in the morning, and one of my morning routines was to take my vitamins. 

Anyway, I think about it regularly in the morning while I am getting ready, and then I forget as soon as I eat.  Then I think about it before bed as I'm washing my face, but I always liked to take them in the morning, so I don't take them, thinking I will remember tomorrow.  And I never do.  So last Friday I thought about it and decided it didn't matter when I took them, I just need to do it.  So, I wrote the days of the week on my mirror with the intent of x-ing each day that I take them.  And I have remembered since last Friday.  =) 
(I took the picture Monday evening which is why Tuesday and Wednesday [Wednesday is in orange and barely visible] aren't checked off.)

Last year, in March, I hit my first ever 100 miles run in one month.  And then in April I ran 116 miles.  And I started thinking that I could definitely run 100 miles a month, however, in January and February I had only ran 91(ish) miles, so I knew that I couldn't make a goal of doing 100 miles every month in 2013, so I decided to try to do 1200 miles (an average of 100 miles/month) for the year.  And then I got plantar faciitis, and I knew that wasn't going to happen.  Instead of letting go of that goal, I just carried it on to 2014, knowing that I could start out with 100 miles and wouldn't have to make up miles in the middle of the year to try to reach my goal. 

However, obsessing over how many miles I NEED to do in order to reach this goal has been wearing on me.  In February I NEED to run 25 miles a week, if I don't I will not reach 100 miles.  That means 5 days of at least 5 miles per day.  I do run a long run on the weekend, so I can run only 4 miles one or two days and still reach it.  Somewhere along the way it became NEEDING to run because of how many miles I NEED, instead of WANTING to run because I LOVE it.  And I don't like that feeling at all. 

Last year, before PF hit, I was doing zumba once a week, and I loved it.  The studio I go to has done a lot of growing and is now offering Insanity classes, which I am interested in doing.  However, if I go to 2 Insanity classes a week, or an Insanity class and a zumba class, than I NEED to cut back on my running, and that means not hitting 100 miles/month.  Last year I was doing 5 days of running and one day of zumba, with one day off.  At the end of April I started doing the Insanity videos 6 days a week, and I did that on top of running 5 days a week. I could do that again, I liked doing that, but right now, I kinda feel like that is too much for me. 

I feel like my fitness NEEDS to evolve past just running.  I would really like to do some weight training, but I cannot afford a gym membership.  I am thinking that the Insanity classes at my zumba studio may be what I should start doing.  (I just NEED to force myself out of my bed at 5:45am, to get there by 6am [yuck!!].)

I don't want to completely give up the goal of 100 miles, not yet, so that means I have to act as if I am going to continue doing it so that if I decide not to give up that goal, then I won't regret not pushing myself.  Anyway, that is where my head is right now.

All that in my head yesterday made me not want to run.  I NEEDED to run yesterday because I promised Chris I would take today off so he could go metal detecting.  I played with several different scenarios in my head of how many miles I NEEDED to run (there's that word again) in order to still make 25 miles this week.  I decided I could do 4 miles and then 5 the rest of the week.  However, I ended up doing 5 miles, that way, I can cut back later in the week if I want to. 

I may try out the Insanity class tonight.  It starts at 5:45pm tonight, so that's after dark and Chris won't complain about me taking up his metal detecting time.  If I like it, I may start doing it 2 times a week in the morning (if I can force myself up that early) next week.  Morning classes would be good because then I can still run in the afternoon if I NEED to. 

Do you ever make your fitness goals a NEED instead of a WANT and get burned out? 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh, am I running?

I was bored yesterday so was going to write a post, however, I ended up trying to get some pictures from my phone to my computer, and it took forever, so by the time I got it the Superbowl had started and I couldn't watch and write a post.  Oh well, I never post on Sundays anyway.

The reason I was bored yesterday was because Chris works weekends, which means that I have to record all Seahawks (or other important games) and wait for him to get off work before watching it.  Throughout the season I wasn't extremely careful about avoiding places like Facebook during the games but yesterday there was NO way I was going to accidentally see anything about the game.  So I got off Facebook and turned off my phone around 2:30pm.  Chris called the house phone around 3 and said he was on his way but was about an hour away.  It always takes a little bit for him to get settled, changed and all of us comfortable before starting the game, so by the time we got it on, it was 4:30.  Usually that's no big deal, we can fast forward through commercials and sometimes catch up to the live game, however, with this being the Superbowl we didn't want to fast forward through all the commercials (however, I was kinda disappointed in the commercials this year, only 5 or so stand out to me). 

Anyway, we had decided a while ago that we were going to make our own pizza for the Superbowl, so I got all that prepped before Chris got home (while I was waiting for my stupid phone to send the pictures). Chris made the dough and sauce on Saturday and I just had to roll out the dough and assemble.  I had known for awhile that was what we were going to do, so I decided to eat light for the day so I could enjoy the pizza (homemade pizza is the best).  I had made some guacomole (I am new to the guacomole thing and am still working on a good recipe, any ideas would be great) on Saturday, so I got out my veggies and ate that. 

This was my second attempt at guacomole, I thought my first attempt had too much lime and cilantro, but this second one I probably cut too far back on both to make up for the last batch.  I need to add something to give it a little kick.  I did add a very little bit of Chris's superhot hotsauce, but I don't like the flavor of it.  The recipe I used called for jalepeno's but I forgot to buy them, they might make it better.  Anyway, my veggie and guacomole lunch kept me pretty full until pizza time, which I was surprised at. 
(Looking at the picture makes me think I might do this again today for lunch, especially since I forgot to get some chicken out of the freezer to defrost.)

About halfway through the game I realized that since we were watching it late, and the people across the street were having a party, we would know the outcome of the game (especially if we won) before the game ended.  And of course, I was right, they had a group of people on the street yelling and waving a 12th Man flag causing all the cars to honk as they drove by, and they lit off fireworks.  Thankfully the game wasn't even close and we were in the 4th quarter or so when it actually ended, so we had already pretty much figured that the Seahawks were going to win.  =)

My nails I painted myself for the game. =)
Last week I ran 25 miles.  =)  That put me at 100 miles for January!  I was happy that I made that goal.  Now to figure out how I'm going to do it for February.  I ran one mile on Tuesday and then skipped my one mile on Thursday, so on Friday I had to run 6 in order to make 100 miles.  Anyway, I did it.  I really didn't feel like doing 6 miles on Friday, but I have learned from experience that if I cut my run short and don't make a goal for the month I ALWAYS regret it.  So, I just got it done.  =)
Because I had run so much the last two weeks I decided to rest on Saturday, which is not a normal rest day for me.  I like running on Saturdays because I can do it early and I can go longer if I want, however, I just felt like my body (and foot) was telling me to not go, so I didn't.  I may regret that later in the month when I am trying hard to get to 100 miles again, but I need to remember that I have to let my body rest. 
Sunday I ran 7.5 miles.  I read a quote on Pinterest or Facebook (can't remember which one) that said a run starts when you forget you're running.  I think that is so true.  There are times when I'm running and I'm half listening to an audio book or music, and half thinking and all of a sudden I think "oh yeah, I'm running, how did I get here."  I think that is one of the best feelings in the world.  While I was running on Sunday I was hating life in the first mile (I always hate life in the first mile) and I reminded myself about that quote, how awesome it is to get past the first mile or two and really start cruising.  I may hate life in the first mile, but I always love life when I'm done.  =)
Found it!
Another quote I think about
often in my first mile.