Thursday, June 25, 2015

job, running, and pants

Tomorrow is Chris's birthday.  I was planning on taking the entire day off.  Not just because of his birthday, but also because I just need a break away from my job.  I'm frustrated and paranoid and all sorts of annoyed at the company I work for.  After the incredibly difficult week I had two weeks ago I started looking for another job.  I haven't looked very much, and there's nothing out there for what I want to do (work with kids) in the area I want (Mount Vernon), so I look at a wider area, and there's still not a lot.  The really bad week I did apply for 2 jobs, one isn't for me, and the other one I had an interview at last Friday.  They called me back for a second interview for tomorrow. So I'm hopeful.

Anyway, because I had to come to work late last week because of the interview (which my current job doesn't know about) I am only taking a half day tomorrow . . . however, it works out well because I'm interviewing tomorrow as well.  This new job is in Bellingham, which is north of where I live, I currently work in Everett, south of where I live and just north of Seattle.  But Bellingham is a tad closer to home, and the starting pay is a dollar an hour more than what I currently make.  So I'm hopeful.

I've been unemployed 2 times (not by choice) in the last 6 years, so the last 2 jobs I've had (this one included) have been "desperation jobs."  They were the first places that would hire me after a long period of unemployment.  Anyway, I feel more relaxed about this job interview (well, both of them at this company) because I don't feel the desperation I have in the past.  But the periods of unemployment (one was 9 months, one was 5 months) have definitely made me cautious of being too hopeful about a job.

Although, I do like my current job.  A lot actually.  It's just the atmosphere at the office that is toxic.  So I'm quite torn about even looking for a job, I'm not sure I want a new one (I've only been here 7 months and I like it) (mostly). 

Anyway, 4 miles tonight.  I'm looking forward to it.  Was even thinking of taking the jogging stroller to the park with Maddox.  I did that on Saturday and he loved it.  I was doing that quite a lot last summer when I had lost my job, and even some on the weekends this winter when we lived in Burlington.  Maddox definitely remembers that when he goes running with me in the stroller he gets to play at the park.  =)  The jogging stroller is a lot of work though, so I dread it usually. Today it feels like it might be fun. 

I have never followed a training plan, by the way.  Two years ago when I did my 2 half marathons I was running however long I wanted, and decided that I'd just add mileage to my long runs to train.  It started out as "I wonder if I can run 8 miles, I've never done it, I've done 6 (or 6.5 or 7) I should be able to do 8" So that was my long run.  And then I decided I wanted to do a half marathon, and I had already ran   miles, so I figured I could do a couple longer runs before the half and I'd be fine.  I didn't like the idea of something telling me how long to run on what days, so I didn't follow a schedule.  Now I'm liking having a schedule tell me how far to run.  Although I don't run on the days it says I'm supposed to.  I'm still (mostly) running Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the schedule says Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, but I like my days better. 

I ran my 3 miles on Tuesday with my pants inside out.  I noticed it about half a mile into my run, but what was I supposed to do?  I wasn't going to turn around and I wasn't going to stop and fix them on the street, so I just run.  Who cares anyway?  =)

And that's about all I have today.  Nothing too exciting I guess. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 2

Well, another week has passed and I only posted on here once.  Oh well, I need to quit obsessing about how often I post.  I have very few followers, so it's not as if anyone notices when I'm so far between postings. 

I have read in so many other places that "blogging isn't like it used to be."  I'm not sure what that means.  Maybe I'm not a big enough blog to know.  Or maybe I haven't been blogging long enough.  (I've been doing this since March 2012.)  Anyway, the way it works in my world is that I read the blogs that interest me and that I follow, and write when I feel like it.  Admittedly, the writing has gone down quite a lot, but I think I've been pretty good at doing it at least once a week.  ; )

Last week was week 2 of marathon training.  Yesterday was 7 miles.  I was super excited to do 7 miles.  My routine for months now has been 3 days of 3 miles and a long run of 6 miles.  I've been bored.  Bored with running.  I don't know if it's because I haven't had anything to look forward to, just the same ole, same ole. I don't know, but I rarely feel like I WANT to go for a run.  I usually I run because I feel like I need to.  I want to maintain the weight I have lost and if I don't run I worry I'll regain it.  Running is the only exercise I have ever stuck with (well, other than high school sports).  I did Tae-bo (Billy Blanks is looking old) for a little while after I had Damian.  I started Zumba a few years ago, but quit that as well.  I start and stop yoga more often than anything else (although, I have successfully done it for the last 4 weeks, at least 5 times a week).

Anyway, back to the marathon training/7 mile run.  I was excited to change it up yesterday.  7 miles . . . only one mile more than I have been doing, but it felt exciting.  (And then I realized that week 3's long run is only 5 miles.)  I am really looking forward to increasing my mileage again.  I seriously can't wait for week 10 when I will have run 15 miles and can say that is my longest run ever, rather than my longest run since Sept. 

Anyway (I keep getting sidetracked), 7 miles . . . It was a good 7 miles.  I was still almost a half mile from home when I hit 7, and I felt like I could have ran the half mile easily, but I decided that I didn't want to push myself too hard. (not that I think a half mile more would have been "too hard" but it was the thought of hurting myself that made me stop)
Today my feet hurt a bit.  I can't decide if they hurt from normal long run soreness, or it's still the plantar faciitis.  I really, really want to increase my mileage and I really, really want to do a marathon this year, but now I'm super worried about my feet.  I hate this feeling.

Last Thursday was Maddox's birthday.  He turned 4.  I can't believe how fast time goes. He went from this . . .
 To this in just a few minutes.
Oh, and yes, he got into his cake before we gave it to him.  =)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week one done

Week 1 of marathon training is finished.  I actually ended up running one mile less than the training calls for, but I had a good reason.  =)  Last week at work was one of the hardest I’ve had in a very long time and Friday was the worst.  I won’t go into any details because this is public, but it was a really, really bad week and Friday was horrible. 

On my way home from work on Friday I actually cried, I haven’t done that in a very long time, and the last time I did I changed jobs as soon as I could find another.  I was thinking that I couldn’t wait to get home to the bottle of wine I had waiting, and then I realized that wine wasn’t really what I wanted.  Alcohol would only make me depressed and I decided I didn’t think that was the way to unwind.  So I decided that I wanted a really, really hard run.

When I got home I got dressed and went for a run.  And then I decided, while I was running, that I would do hill repeats.  I have never done hill repeats, I’ve heard they are hard, and I guess I figured I ran enough hills in my normal runs that I don’t need to do repeats.  But on Friday I needed the hardness of that type of run.  I ran the hill at the beginning of my normal runs, I ran it 2 times and then decided I needed a needed a hill that didn’t have a stoplight in the middle of the hill.  The hill that I chose was longer and steeper, I did that hill 4 times and thought I was done.  I collapsed at the top of the hill after my 4th time and had to sit for a minute because my legs felt like jelly.  It was at a fairly busy intersection and I got a few looks, but I really didn’t care.  I was able to take a picture of myself, though.  As I was walking down the hill towards home, I decided I wasn’t done and ran the first hill 3 more times. 

It was a good workout, but I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t harder.  I was still able to walk home and I wasn’t sore at all the next few days afterwards.  I feel like that means I wasn’t working hard enough.  But I did get home in a much, much better mood.  I was able to put aside the week and have a decent evening.

Anyway, because I did the hills on Friday, which was only 2 miles, I didn’t do the scheduled 3 miles on Saturday.  I did 6 miles on Sunday and that was the end of my first week of marathon training.  It feels weird and a little wrong to say last week was the first week of marathon training, when I didn’t run any more than I normally have been and actually less than the week before.  Next week I add one mile to my long run, so not much added but that’s okay.  I wanted the lower start mileage so that I didn’t reinjure my feet.
Week one done.
And then there is this video of Damian doing pushups.  I want to be like him when I grow up.  =)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Memory lane

2015 marks my 20 year anniversary from graduating high school.  I'm getting old.  I'm sure I've mentioned it before, I went to school in a very small farming town in eastern WA.  Very small.  15 people in my graduating class.  I was not close to most of the people in my high school.  I had 2 very good friends, and a couple other people I considered friends, but that was it. 
I'm the blond on the far right, my bestest friend is right
behind me with short brown hair
The town is so small that they have a community Alumni Banquet, where anyone that has ever graduated from Lind can come to the Banquet, but they only "honor" classes every 10 years.  So my class was "honored" this year.  Several months ago I asked my classmates on Facebook that I'm "friends" with if anyone was planning on going to the Alumni Banquet, everyone said no, or don't know.  So I didn't go either. 

My hometown also has the only Combine Demolition Derby in America (or at least I think it is, I know if there are others they were copied from Lind).  This started in 1989, the town's centennial year and it's grown quite huge.  People have come from the eastern US to see the Derby (no joke). 

Anyway, a few people asked me if I was going to this year's derby and I wasn't sure at the time.  I think it would have been fun to schedule a class reunion for the weekend of the derby, but nothing ever was scheduled.  This weekend is the derby and I'm not going.  Honestly, it's not as fun for locals who have moved away and come back anymore because it's gotten so big and you don't really see people you know anymore. 

It's weird to think that I graduated high school 20 years ago.  It doesn't seem that long ago.  And yet, it seems like a different lifetime.  My bestest friend, I haven't talked to her in years.  We were BFF's before BFF was a popular term, we were inseparable from kindergarten to 12th grade.  It was "Lisa and Cathy" or "Cathy and Lisa," never just one of us, but always both.  Her birthday is Feb 2nd and her old phone number is 509-677-3263 (don't call it, who knows who has it now, I know it's not her parents since they don't live there anymore). 

Funny the things you remember. 

Funny how the people in your life that were once so important to you fade away as you get older.

Funny how life turns out. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Well, my first week of marathon training isn't going as planned.  I wanted to run yesterday but when I got home at 5:30pm there was no one home to watch Maddox.  I really didn't want to run, but decided that I needed to so I put my running clothes on thinking I'd go as soon as Chris or Damian walked in the door.  However, a neighbor/good friend came  over instead and asked if I could take him to Sedro Woolley (20 min or so away) to pick up the car he bought for his son.  He's done a lot for us, so I said yes.  By the time I got back I decided to skip my run and do it today. 

I am also a little worried about my feet.  I noticed that my left foot is bothering me a little after running 5 miles on Saturday and then 6 miles on Sunday.  If I can't run 11 miles in 2 days, then how am I going to run 26.2 miles all at once?  I'm still determined to try to do it, but I guess if my feet don't hold up I'll have to put it on hold again. 

Today was really hard for me to get up and do yoga.  I didn't want to get up.  I decided to just do my "favorite" moves, or at least the ones that I feel are most beneficial to me and running.  So I did, and honestly, I enjoyed it.  While I was laying in bed I had thought about which moves I wanted to do, so I had an idea of which ones, and I enjoyed it.  I usually enjoy yoga, it's just the motivation to do it that I lack. My motivation stems from wanting to be flexible, but I want to be flexible now, not in a year or more.  I feel like this is a slower process than running.  In 20 weeks, with training, I can run a marathon.  Yes, there is a base there before I even start training, but I just feel like with 20 weeks of yoga, I won't be where I'd like to be flexibility-wise.  I'll likely be better, but not there yet.  Of course, I've never actually done 20 weeks straight of yoga, so maybe I'm wrong.  But you know where I'll be yoga-wise in 20 weeks if I don't continue with it, exactly where I am right now, maybe even less flexible.  So, for now, I force myself to get out of bed and do it. 
I was trying to get a picture of "pigeon pose" because I want to be able to compare, but the room was too dark, and the flash focused on other things, other than me, well, maybe my big butt.  The other picture I took is completely black.  Yes, I do my yoga in my pj's, ask me if I care.  ;-)

If I don't force myself in the morning, then I won't do it because I just don't want to in the afternoon.  I'm already running in the afternoon, so it seems like the morning is the best time for me.  Plus, I don't have to shower after I do yoga, so it's much less time consuming.  30 min of yoga equals 30 min of yoga.  30 min of running is more like 60 or more min of running when you add shower and having to dry your hair (although my hair air dries, which means if I run in the morning I can't straighten it, which I do more often than not now). 

I don't know if it's yoga related, or something else going on, but I seem to be losing a little weight again.  I am back down, consistently, to 145ish.  That started just in the last few weeks that I've been yoga-ing.  (Yoga has also helped me create a new language, yoga-wise, yoga-ing.) ;-)  Whatever the cause, I hope it sticks.  My body seems to have a happy weight of 147, but I'd love that happy weight to go down 7-15 lbs.  :-)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend beauty

This week is the official beginning of marathon training.  However, this week's runs will look a lot like my last 2 months of running.  3 days of 3 miles and a long run of 6 miles.  Exactly what I've been doing for awhile now.  But that's okay.  I picked this training plan exactly because it started right where I was and I wanted to ease into it slowly with my feet issues.  I am doing Hal Higdon's Novice 1 program, although, I added two weeks to it.  I added a long run of 24 miles two weeks after Hal has his 20 mile run.  I honestly just don't understand how you can only run 20 miles and say that you are ready for 26.2, there's a whole 'nother 10K after 20 miles!  I was actually talking to my sister, who doesn't run, about this, and she was the one that suggested just adding another long run of 24-26 miles, so I did. 

I am a little worried about my feet.  They still bother me occasionally, which is extremely frustrating.  I would like to be going into this training confident that they won't flair up and cause me to stop training again like I had to last year.  I worry that I didn't give them enough time to heal, because in reality, I only gave them two months (the hardest months ever!).  I did ease back into running, and whenever they started bothering me again would decrease back to where I wasn't hurting.  I've been doing that since December.  I went from running 30 miles a week to no miles to slowly (over 6 months) building up to 15 miles a week.  I hope it's enough.

Last week I decided I really wanted to do a run longer than 3 miles on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day and I wanted to add some more scenery, so I set out with an idea of where I was going, and the thought that it would be around 4 miles.  Turns out it was 5 miles. The problem with living where I do right now, is that it is so close to where I used to live.  In fact, it is along the route of most of my old running routes, right at the end of the route.  So all distances I have in my head of my old routes are from my old house, and they are about 0.3 miles off.  I try to remember that I'm cutting my run short because I'm stopping sooner than I used to, so I try to compensate by adding just a little.  On Saturday that compensation was a mile.  It may take me a little while to figure out the new mileage from my new house because I did my old routes from my old house for so long.

After my run on Saturday I took Damian with me to get pedicures.  He asked me a couple weeks ago if he could go with me the next time I went and I said yes.  He likes the massage chair and getting his feet rubbed.  I think it's awesome that he wants to do it with me.  :-)
Sunday I ran 6 miles.  I briefly thought about skipping it because I did 5 on Saturday, plus the training says that Sunday is a cross training day.  However, I think I've decided to keep with my current schedule of running.  Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  I guess if I need an extra day off right after my long runs, I'll switch it up, but for now this seems to be working with my feet., gives them a rest between most runs. 

After my run I got my nails done, hyper color nails, they get darker when they get cold, I think they are awesome.  And then I went and got the oil changed in my car.  The technician flirted with me pretty heavily.  He was good looking too, although younger than me (even better).  :-)

I am still yoga-ing in the morning.  Although,  I'm finding weekend yoga is much harder.  I love running on the weekend, but not yoga so much.  If I don't do it right away in the morning, I don't do it, and I like my weekend morning of coffeetime and the Bravo shows that Chris won't let me watch while he's around.  Today was hard to get up as well.  I almost skipped it, but then I remembered how badly I want to be flexible and how I have a tendency to quit.  If I had continued yoga a year ago (or so) think of where I'd be now.  Definitely not starting over again.  So with those thoughts in my head I drug myself out of bed and did 20 min of yoga.

I think my biggest problem is that I've gotten bored with my go-to 20 min yoga youtube video and I haven't been able to find another one that is only 20 min.  I found one today, but she was kinda weird, very "new age" in her way of talking (Is that still a term, or am I showing my age?) and she didn't explain the moves very well, so I had to watch her do it, and then by the time I was in position she was moving to the next one.  I guess I need to look for videos sometime other than 5am when I'm trying to get started so that I can be done in time.  :-)

I'm going to leave you with a bunch of pictures from this weekend.  It really was beautiful outside.

  Pedicure time with Damian. :-)

 Saturday night winetime that turned into Saturday night firetime, with wine.  :-)
From my run on Sunday

Monday, June 1, 2015

Last week

I suppose I should update my blog.  I really do writing on here, but lately I have just not felt like it.

I started doing yoga every morning.  I have long wanted to be more flexible.  When I was younger I was very flexible, but not at all now.  I often do yoga regularly for a few weeks and then stop for months.  Last week I was on Instagram and saw some yoga pages and decided I wanted to do it more faithfully.  I am not a morning exercise person, but I decided I could spare 20 min or so in the morning before getting ready for work.  I continue to get up at the same time, I just have less time to sit and relax and drink my coffee before I have to leave.  I decided that I would do a 5 day challenge, I started on Monday, last week (Memorial Day) and was going to do it through Friday to see how I felt about it.  On Friday when I got home and was tired and sore from being so busy, I went outside and did 10 min of yoga and felt so much better afterwards.  And that made me think I need to keep up with it, I really, really enjoyed it.  I skipped Sunday, I just didn't want to get up (I wasn't going to do it as early on the weekdays, but still didn't want to get up).  But this morning I was up at 5 and did my 20 min routine.  There are a couple of other routines I like, but they are longer, and on Monday's 20 min is all I have.  The only pose I have down is child's pose, and even in that my butt is too high.

On Thursday of last week I went for a run and Maddox wanted to go with me.  So I told Chris to have Maddox ready in about 20 min and I would take him around the block with me when I got back.  Maddox wore my armband with my phone in it and listened to music and he wore my sunglasses.  It was awesome.  I had to take a picture, of course.  =)

Saturday was a very hot day to run, and I had to wait for Damian to be done with his football practice, so I didn't go run until about 1pm.  I got back and noticed that I had a ripe strawberry on my plant, the first one of the season, so of course I had to eat it.  It was extremely refreshing.

I ran 69 miles in May.  I was annoyed when I saw that.  If I had known that I was one mile short of 70 miles, I would have ran 7 miles on Sunday instead of 6.  Oh well.

Next week is my official beginning of marathon training.  However, the first week, and even the 2nd week is pretty much exactly like what I'm doing right now.  I'm nervous to increase my mileage because of my feet, but I'm also very ready to do longer than 6 miles for my long run.  I guess we'll see how it goes in a few weeks.  =)