Thursday, June 25, 2015

job, running, and pants

Tomorrow is Chris's birthday.  I was planning on taking the entire day off.  Not just because of his birthday, but also because I just need a break away from my job.  I'm frustrated and paranoid and all sorts of annoyed at the company I work for.  After the incredibly difficult week I had two weeks ago I started looking for another job.  I haven't looked very much, and there's nothing out there for what I want to do (work with kids) in the area I want (Mount Vernon), so I look at a wider area, and there's still not a lot.  The really bad week I did apply for 2 jobs, one isn't for me, and the other one I had an interview at last Friday.  They called me back for a second interview for tomorrow. So I'm hopeful.

Anyway, because I had to come to work late last week because of the interview (which my current job doesn't know about) I am only taking a half day tomorrow . . . however, it works out well because I'm interviewing tomorrow as well.  This new job is in Bellingham, which is north of where I live, I currently work in Everett, south of where I live and just north of Seattle.  But Bellingham is a tad closer to home, and the starting pay is a dollar an hour more than what I currently make.  So I'm hopeful.

I've been unemployed 2 times (not by choice) in the last 6 years, so the last 2 jobs I've had (this one included) have been "desperation jobs."  They were the first places that would hire me after a long period of unemployment.  Anyway, I feel more relaxed about this job interview (well, both of them at this company) because I don't feel the desperation I have in the past.  But the periods of unemployment (one was 9 months, one was 5 months) have definitely made me cautious of being too hopeful about a job.

Although, I do like my current job.  A lot actually.  It's just the atmosphere at the office that is toxic.  So I'm quite torn about even looking for a job, I'm not sure I want a new one (I've only been here 7 months and I like it) (mostly). 

Anyway, 4 miles tonight.  I'm looking forward to it.  Was even thinking of taking the jogging stroller to the park with Maddox.  I did that on Saturday and he loved it.  I was doing that quite a lot last summer when I had lost my job, and even some on the weekends this winter when we lived in Burlington.  Maddox definitely remembers that when he goes running with me in the stroller he gets to play at the park.  =)  The jogging stroller is a lot of work though, so I dread it usually. Today it feels like it might be fun. 

I have never followed a training plan, by the way.  Two years ago when I did my 2 half marathons I was running however long I wanted, and decided that I'd just add mileage to my long runs to train.  It started out as "I wonder if I can run 8 miles, I've never done it, I've done 6 (or 6.5 or 7) I should be able to do 8" So that was my long run.  And then I decided I wanted to do a half marathon, and I had already ran   miles, so I figured I could do a couple longer runs before the half and I'd be fine.  I didn't like the idea of something telling me how long to run on what days, so I didn't follow a schedule.  Now I'm liking having a schedule tell me how far to run.  Although I don't run on the days it says I'm supposed to.  I'm still (mostly) running Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the schedule says Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, but I like my days better. 

I ran my 3 miles on Tuesday with my pants inside out.  I noticed it about half a mile into my run, but what was I supposed to do?  I wasn't going to turn around and I wasn't going to stop and fix them on the street, so I just run.  Who cares anyway?  =)

And that's about all I have today.  Nothing too exciting I guess. 

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