Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Well, my first week of marathon training isn't going as planned.  I wanted to run yesterday but when I got home at 5:30pm there was no one home to watch Maddox.  I really didn't want to run, but decided that I needed to so I put my running clothes on thinking I'd go as soon as Chris or Damian walked in the door.  However, a neighbor/good friend came  over instead and asked if I could take him to Sedro Woolley (20 min or so away) to pick up the car he bought for his son.  He's done a lot for us, so I said yes.  By the time I got back I decided to skip my run and do it today. 

I am also a little worried about my feet.  I noticed that my left foot is bothering me a little after running 5 miles on Saturday and then 6 miles on Sunday.  If I can't run 11 miles in 2 days, then how am I going to run 26.2 miles all at once?  I'm still determined to try to do it, but I guess if my feet don't hold up I'll have to put it on hold again. 

Today was really hard for me to get up and do yoga.  I didn't want to get up.  I decided to just do my "favorite" moves, or at least the ones that I feel are most beneficial to me and running.  So I did, and honestly, I enjoyed it.  While I was laying in bed I had thought about which moves I wanted to do, so I had an idea of which ones, and I enjoyed it.  I usually enjoy yoga, it's just the motivation to do it that I lack. My motivation stems from wanting to be flexible, but I want to be flexible now, not in a year or more.  I feel like this is a slower process than running.  In 20 weeks, with training, I can run a marathon.  Yes, there is a base there before I even start training, but I just feel like with 20 weeks of yoga, I won't be where I'd like to be flexibility-wise.  I'll likely be better, but not there yet.  Of course, I've never actually done 20 weeks straight of yoga, so maybe I'm wrong.  But you know where I'll be yoga-wise in 20 weeks if I don't continue with it, exactly where I am right now, maybe even less flexible.  So, for now, I force myself to get out of bed and do it. 
I was trying to get a picture of "pigeon pose" because I want to be able to compare, but the room was too dark, and the flash focused on other things, other than me, well, maybe my big butt.  The other picture I took is completely black.  Yes, I do my yoga in my pj's, ask me if I care.  ;-)

If I don't force myself in the morning, then I won't do it because I just don't want to in the afternoon.  I'm already running in the afternoon, so it seems like the morning is the best time for me.  Plus, I don't have to shower after I do yoga, so it's much less time consuming.  30 min of yoga equals 30 min of yoga.  30 min of running is more like 60 or more min of running when you add shower and having to dry your hair (although my hair air dries, which means if I run in the morning I can't straighten it, which I do more often than not now). 

I don't know if it's yoga related, or something else going on, but I seem to be losing a little weight again.  I am back down, consistently, to 145ish.  That started just in the last few weeks that I've been yoga-ing.  (Yoga has also helped me create a new language, yoga-wise, yoga-ing.) ;-)  Whatever the cause, I hope it sticks.  My body seems to have a happy weight of 147, but I'd love that happy weight to go down 7-15 lbs.  :-)


  1. Good luck with your foot and the marathon training! Hopefully it doesn't derail your plans!! have to give that a try!! B

    1. Thanks MaryFran. You haven't talked about your PF for awhile, it is resolved? I wish mine would just go away. :-)