Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Yesterday was a fantastic day weather-wise.  Today is another beautiful day, and tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer.  I'm loving the sun.

Yesterday when I got home Chris was outside with our friend, Kyle, enjoying the outdoors.  Of course I drug a blanket out and sat in the corner of the yard that still had a little bit of sun.  (All our trees in our back yard blocks the sun by late afternoon, around 3ish, which is nice in keeping our house cool, but not so nice when we want to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.) 

Here are pictures from yesterday: 
I had only been out there about a half hour, and already
the sun was gone in my corner.

Damian on his phone in his room.
I made him come outside.

The plan for this area is some raised garden beds,
we started late, so it's not finished yet.

Our friend, Kyle.
I'm so excited for this weather.  =)
I took a rest day yesterday, even though it was so beautiful.  I don't think my legs could have handled the run.  I am going to run this afternoon.  I can't wait to put on a tank top and (maybe) some shorts and go run.  =)

Tomorrow I had already taken the day off for dentist appts. Chris, D, and I all have appts in the morning, so we are going to go do something afterwards to enjoy the sun. 

Friday I'm driving to my parents house and then Saturday to Spokane to stay at my aunt's house for Bloomsday on Sunday.  Thankfully the weather forecast for Spokane for Sunday is 60's and a chance of rain.  I'm happy about that.  =) (The forecast above is for home, not Spokane, but it looks like Sunday will be similar to here.)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rungries and measurements

I don't feel like I've had much to say lately.  I am still running, still eating (semi) healthy, still weighing in around 147.X.  I think I mentioned that I finally registered for Bloomsday, which is this weekend.  I am super worried about it.  Not only the hills, but also the parking and the crowds and I'm going to be doing it alone this year.

Last year, Nancy and I walked, and we shared the driving.  And Nancy is excellent at directions and figuring out where to go, I am not.  I lose my sense of direction very easily.  You could blindfold Nancy, spin her around, take off her blindfold and she'd know where north is.  Or put her in a windowless building with lots of turns and she'd know, take her one place once and she'll remember how to get there for years afterwards, I just can't do that.  Anyway, so that's causing anxiety, and bad dreams.

Not to mention that today I have a meeting with the people who took my job away, and the people that are getting my job.  I'm not happy about that.  And I have to "play" nice.  But I'm also having dreams about that.  Not fun in my head right now.  =(

Sunday I ran 9 miles.  It was my first 9 miles since my half marathon in September.  I remembered to take some gummies with me (Maddox's snacks because I can never find the expensive sports gummies I buy).  I still felt really tired at about 8 miles (that has been the distance of my long runs for a while) and by the time I got home, I was beat.  I don't know why, but I always wait to clean house and do chores until after my long run.  It's not the best system, because by the time I finally sit down I can barely move.  (Although with 8 miles it hasn't been too bad.)  Sunday I cleaned and cooked dinner, by the time that was done, I was done.  I sat down and didn't move until bedtime. 

Have you heard of the "rungries?"  Being super hungry after a long run.  Well, I always think about what I'm going to eat after a long run, what sounds good (always ice cream, though I rarely get it) and I look forward to being able to eat a little more because, after all, I just burned over 1000 calories.  However, I am rarely really hungry after a long run.  I don't tend to eat a whole lot more than I normally do.  I am STARVING the next day though.  I noticed that yesterday.  I felt like I couldn't eat enough.  I was so hungry!  I did pretty good considering I thought about food all afternoon and evening.  I did have some chips (just a handful and a half of tortilla chips) and some crackers and peanut butter after dinner, but otherwise I think I did pretty good considering all I thought about was chocolate and ice cream and donuts and that type of stuff.

Yesterday I debated about running all day.  The weather was nice, sunny and around 50-57 degrees, but my body felt a little drained.  Not too bad, but I could tell I was tired.  I got home and instantly felt annoyed, angry, upset.  I decided I needed to go for a run before I killed someone.  I decided to only do 4 miles because, well, I had just ran 9 the day before.  Man, I was slow.  I kept thinking I needed to pick up my pace, but I just couldn't.  My legs felt heavy.  But it did cheer me up a little.  We did a little shopping and ate dinner and then I spent the rest of the evening in the bedroom reading a book.

Oh, I was on last week.  I haven't been on there in forever.  I wanted to see what my original 4 mile route was (when that was my long run . . . oh how far I've come).  They've changed the site quite a lot and I had a hard time finding what I was looking for, but I finally did (I ended up not doing that route).  I found my original, or maybe not so original measurements.  I had them saved in my phone, but then I dropped that phone in a toilet and they are gone forever.  Anyway, since I found some old measurements, I decided to take new ones yesterday.  I'm gonna have to write it in my journal so I have some sort of way to find it if I break my phone again.

Anyway, Sparkpeople only measures waist, hips and one thigh.  I had records (that are gone) of boobs, under boobs, waist, hips both thighs together, and one thigh.  =/ 

So Sparkpeople had my measurements from 3/20/2012.  Waist - 37.5, hips - 41, and thigh - 23.5.  Yesterday I was: waist - 31, hips - 36, and thigh - 22 (I'm surprised I lost anything in my thigh, I've always had big ones).  So those are great loses.  I'm super happy about that!!  Of course, that's over the course of 2 years, but who cares how slow it is, as long as it's going down.  =)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Commitment levels

 Look what I finally got!  :-)  I'm super happy and excited about the medal.  =)

A coworker . . . okay, my supervisor . . . started running this fall.  She decided to do the couch to 5k program with her goal race being the Nookachamps run I did with her in January.  Anyway, while she was training over November and December, she told me that she wasn't sure she liked running, or would keep doing it, but she was going to do the Nookachamps no matter what.  Well, in January she said that her and her daughter decided to do a race once a month for the entire year . . . and they have, so far.  She came to my office yesterday to tell me she's thinking about doing a half marathon this fall.  I'm super happy for her, but it got me to thinking about myself. 

What am I doing this year that is different than last year? 

Well, number one, I actually ran the Tulip run this year.  2 years ago I walked with my sister.  And then last year my sister and I chickened out because we didn't want to walk in the pouring rain.  And not only did I run this year, but I got first for my age group, as evidenced by the picture above.  =)

Number two, I finally committed to, and signed up for Bloomsday.  Remember last year when I walked it with my sister?  I told myself I would run it this year, but then as the time got closer I got more scared.  I asked my sister to travel with me, but she didn't want to go all that way if she wasn't going to walk it again.  She asked our cousin's son if he wanted to walk it with her, and he said yes, but then she decided that she couldn't do it (obligations to her husband and all that lame stuff) so she backed out.  Well, then I wasn't sure I really wanted to do it after all.  Then last week I was running and thinking about it and decided that I would regret it if I didn't do it.  So I signed up.  I am still super scared about the 3/4ths of a mile uphill part at mile 4 (with a 6.5% incline), but I guess if I have to walk that part, or part of it, then I will, but I will have run the race.  I won't know until I try.

So what else?  Nothing really.  Last year at this time, I had already run 86.46 miles, this year, I'm at 66.2 miles.  I haven't committed to any half marathons, or even decided if I want to do them.  And if I do, do I do the same ones I did last year?  I liked both of the ones I did.  I have thought about, but not committed to doing a full marathon.  I'm scared to death of doing a full marathon.  26.2 miles is a long freaking way.  I didn't even watch the Boston Marathon this year, and I totally meant to at least turn it on the TV during my lunch yesterday. 

I guess I do have a number 3.  I finally broke the 150lb barrier and got down to 145.  But I keep getting lazy with my eating and doing a lot of fluctuating this last week between 150 and 147.  (Yesterday I was back to 150 . . . bad food choices over the weekend, although I did run 8 miles . . . Today I didn't even weigh myself, I know I'm still up, my size 8 pants that were loose a week ago are a little snug today.)

So what is my commitment level?  Do I want to challenge myself, or just keep coasting like I have?  Coasting is easy.  It's comfortable and I don't have to worry about anything.  I know I can run 8 miles, I just did on Sunday.  But I haven't consistently hit 25 miles per week even though that is an unofficial goal (a stepping stone goal to hit 100 miles a month). 

So I just spent some time browsing races and I'm pretty sure I've decided to do the Berry Dairy Days half marathon again this year.  (That was my first one last year.)  I may do the Skagit Flats half marathon again, but I am undecided about that one.  However, I was looking at marathons, and I'd like to do one that is bigger than the Skagit Flats.  So I looked at the Seattle Marathon, holy hills, Batman . . . uh no.  So I looked at the Spokane Marathon, and still kinda hilly.  Sooooo . . .I looked at the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Richland, Pasco) Marathon and it advertises itself as flat, and it's in October (lots of time to train).  So, that may be the one for me.  Now if I can just get past this stinking fear of running 26.2 miles all at once (I can't even manage that distance in a week).

I am about 60-70% decided.  That actually may be a bit higher percentage than it actually is. Maybe 40-50%.  I think it would be easier if I had a running partner to train with. 

And then there's Maddox this morning.  He didn't want to put his shirt on, so he left it like this.  =)  I love the pose he did right before I took the picture.  =)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Where I grew up, the road to my parents house from my
Grandma's house (our nearest neighbor, 2 miles away)
I just don't feel like I have that much to say today.  I have some pictures from our trip to Mount St. Helens on Saturday of Damian and Maddox, but I can't get them off my phone and onto a computer.  It's bothering me.  I wanted them on Monday's post, but obviously they weren't.

Okay, so Monday evening I went for a 5 mile run.  Nothing exciting, just my normal 5 mile loop.  Yesterday I got home and decided not to run.  I told Chris I wasn't going to, but then I felt that twinge of "if I just go I'll love it," then I remembered my phone was close to dead and I didn't want to wait for it to charge.  So I didn't go.  Instead I made cupcakes for work for tomorrow.  Carrot cake cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes.   I ate too much batter.  (That is what kills me when baking, most of the time by the time the pastry goodness is done baking, I'm so sick from the stupid batter that I don't even want what I baked, although, last night I didn't go that far, but close.) Tonight I get to frost them.

And today's weight is 148 on the dot.  (of course)

5 miles today.  Still not that excited about it. 

I'm over being upset about my job.  And now I'm kinda ready to just be done with it.  My last job I got laid off as well (I was out of work 8 months and that sucked).  That one was because of budget cuts and they gave me 2 days notice (I think, it was very little notice).  The budget was over in June, but they didn't know they were going to let me go until the middle of July, so they pretty much had no money for me at all, so they told me to tell my clients and close my files, so I did, in about 2 days.  I kinda like that a lot better than this knowing for at least a month beforehand.  Let me tell my clients and close my files.  However, that is not the best way to handle things, especially in the mental health world. 
We are debating moving back to eastern WA.  Well, I am debating, Chris would move yesterday.  We both hate the weather here.  We both despise our house, it needs so much work and we have no money. We both would like to be closer to family.  But I think about Damian and all that he has going on here.  He's a freshman in high school.  He plays lots of sports and this year got really into robotics at school.  Not to mention friends and just the feeling of home that Mt. Vernon has for him (and me too).  I love this area, but am soooooo tired of the rain, and really, really hate our house. 

Come to think of it, some of the reason I want to move so badly is to get out of our house.  Maybe if we moved to another house in Mt. Vernon I would not feel like going to eastern WA so bad.

And then there is my sister, who is also my best friend.  She wants me to stay.  She told me the other day that she gets depressed when she thinks about me leaving.  And I understand.  She has also told me that if it was her, she'd move in a heartbeat.  And that I should do what's best for my family.  But I would miss her so much.  Right now we see each other at least once a month.  That would drop considerably if I moved to e. WA, maybe once every 3 or 4 months and that's generous.

I just don't know.  And really, everyone I talk to about it, has an opinion, and it's what they want, maybe not what is best for us.  If I wait till Damian has graduated, that is only 3 years from now.  And up until my job was questionable totally the plan in my head.  Now, I don't know.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I wrote all of this yesterday, but didn't post it.  So act like it is still Monday and read it as if I didn't wait a day.  =)

I am literally reeling from all the stuff that has happened since Wednesday.  #1-Friday morning I saw 145.8 on the scale.  =)  And then I went to Portland on Saturday.  But let me back up, some of my news has to be boiled down and framed as nicely as possible, just because this is a public blog and I won't bad-mouth some of the players in my life.

I will say that I found out about 15 min before leaving my work on Thursday that I was going to be losing my job in the very near, undetermined future.  I work under a county contract, and that contract was given to a different agency.  It is a very, very screwed up situation.  I will say, that the way I found out was through an email from an outside source saying how much she would miss working with me and my coworker and how she realizes it is a necessity to work with different agencies, but my coworker and I are so caring and she knows we will be professional in the transition of moving our clients to a new agency.  We had not heard from our supervisors that the contract was being taken away.  In fact, our direct supervisor hadn't heard anything at all.

This contract has been in question since last fall, they extended it in January (when the contract was up) to June.  And the way they went about the whole thing has had pretty much everyone in our agency thinking that they were giving the other agency time to get things together so they could give the contract to them.  Anyway, I had a chat with my supervisors and then more on Friday, and yes, the contract is going to a different agency sometime in May/June.  So in June I will be out of a job.  Don't get me wrong, my agency actually doesn't want to let me go.  They are looking for ways to let me keep my job, the problem I have is that I don't particularly care for the positions available.  I'm hoping I will be able to take unemployment.  And I would love to have the summer off.  And just to be clear, I like the company I work for a lot, I dislike the county politics and especially the way this was handled (the way I found out, among other things).

Is that all vague enough?  =)

Now . . . to let that sit for a minute and reread later to make sure I am okay with posting it.  And then on to the rest of my weekend.

Okay, so after hearing the above news on Thursday I just wanted to go home and sit and eat and have a lot of wine.  I did not want to run.  I did not want to do anything.  Sitting on the couch watching TV eating . . . well, something, we don't have chips in our house . . . sounded perfect.  Instead, I put on my running clothes and went for a run.  5 miles, even though I said only 4.

There is something about running that clears my head.  I left the house in a foul mood.  I came back and had almost forgotten about this major, major change in my life.  I felt lighter, and definitely happier.  (And honestly, I really am looking forward to taking the summer off.)

Friday I was going to do 4 miles of intervals on the treadmill.  But I didn't.  Once again, I just felt like vegging, and this time I did.  I think I'm okay with that skipped workout.  I knew I was headed to Portland on Saturday and wouldn't get a run in on either Saturday or Sunday, but I didn't care.  I had run close to 23 miles last week and I was okay with that.  (Plus, intervals suck.) (Maybe I'll do them today) (but doubtful)

So, Saturday,  Damian had his last gymnastics meet of the year on Sunday, Regionals.  And maybe his last one ever, he is thinking about stopping gymnastics.   My sister decided to go with us this time, and I had to take Maddox because we have used up all of our favors from our friend for awhile.  My parents were also headed to the area.  At first it was going to be just my Mom, but then one of her cousins died and the memorial service was Saturday, in the Portland area.  We have relatives down there, so my parents stayed with them, but Nancy and I wanted to stay in a hotel and chill out in the hot tub.  Unfortunately the hot tub was not working.  =( 

We met up with my parents and my aunt and uncle for dinner Saturday evening and had a really, really good visit.  (They are probably my favorite aunt and uncle and we never, ever see them.)
Anyway, at dinner D started complaining of not feeling good.  He went to the bathroom a ton of times and was gone for most of the dinner.  We were there far too long, and he really wanted to go lay down. 

We finally left and then Nancy and I drove around a little looking for a store to get something to help settle his stomach.  When we finally got to the hotel, I was getting Maddox out and looked around and D had disappeared.  He was in front of the car throwing up.  =( 

We went to the room and settled in for the night.  Maddox is not used to sleeping in the same room as others and wouldn't go to sleep, finally he fell asleep around 10:30.  At midnight, I woke up to the sounds of D throwing up again . . . in his bed.  =(  He said that he didn't have any warning, he basically woke up throwing up.  I went to the front desk and got new sheets for him.  He took a shower to clean up and then I went back to bed.  And then Maddox woke up at 4am.  =(  I took him to bed with me (and Nancy, we were sharing) and he rolled around for a little while and finally fell back asleep. 

We were up bright and early on Sunday and deciding what we should do about D being sick.  He was feeling marginally better, and ate a little breakfast.  I didn't have his coaches phone number, so had no way to let him know what was going on.  We decided to go to the meet and talk to the coach and see if D's breakfast stayed down. 

After much debate, and me basically telling Damian that this may be his last meet and he was able to eat and needs to compete (a lot of money and time went into this event, plus all the people there to see him), he competed.  He did very good.  It wasn't his best performance, but considering he was throwing up 9 hours before, and still feeling very queasy, he did very good.  I am proud that he "manned up" (lol) and did it.  And I think, once he feels better, he'll appreciate me forcing him to.

We went out to eat with my parents after the meet.  (D didn't eat anything, didn't even drink his soda) (he's a soda-whore) And then we did the long, long drive home.

I completely forgot to mention that on the drive down there on Saturday we took a detour and went to Mt. St. Helens.  It's the first time I had ever been there.  We didn't go all the way to the mountain, just to the first viewing area, which was poorly marked and we didn't see much because of the clouds.  But it was fun, and D wasn't sick yet and drove a good part of the way. 

I got home to Chris sick as well.  He wasn't throwing up, but had been spending a lot of time in the bathroom.  Not fun at all.  I am hoping this round of sickness will skip Maddox and I, we got it pretty bad the last time it wandered through our house. (knock on wood)

No runs since Thursday.  And I was up a bit this morning weight-wise.  I made good choices when eating out, but still . . . eating out.  And then not as much water as I'm used to because I didn't want to have to stop every 30 min to use the bathroom on the drive there and back.  My family are not drinkers, so that didn't even come up.  I talked about having a margarita with Nancy, but we never did go get one. (I am craving one now though.)  Last night I went to bed really early.  I was exhausted. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My last few days

Tuesday morning I was down to 147.8.  Yay!

Monday we went out, like I said we were going to.  It was so much fun.  Chris and I don't go out very much.  We have such busy kids that it's really hard to find time, not to mention the money.  When we do go out to eat, we usually have at least one kid with us, so it was really nice to go to our local bar and just hang out. 

Let me clarify, when I think of a bar, I think of, well, a bar.  The place we went to is much, much nicer than a bar.  It's almost like a restaurant, I guess it kinda is, but kids aren't allowed.  Maybe it's considered a Pub?  I am not sure, but it's a super great place, only serves local beer.  The wine isn't always local, a lot of California wines in the mix (I don't understand why, WA has really great wineries).  I was happy to see that they served my newest favorite WA wine, Snoqualmie (I've liked all of the Snoqualmie wines I've tried) Merlot.  And like I said on Monday, they have the best nachos.  I am not a nacho person, honestly, I don't care about them one way or the other.  Yes, I'll eat them, yes, I like them when I'm eating them, but I never have felt that they were the best food ever.  However, I don't know what this place puts in their guacamole, but wow!  And they put black beans, corn, and olives (okay olives aren't unusual), but they also have carrots and cauliflower that they marinate in some sort of spicy jalapeno marinate (and I don't even like jalapenos) that are amazing.  I seriously think I go for the vegetables and guacamole alone.  =)

Anyway, Chris and I just hung out.  I walked away from the evening and felt really good.  I love (love, love, love) movies, but honestly, I think hanging out at the "pub" last night was so much better than a movie.  We actually talked and just hung out.  It felt like a date.  =)  (And yes, I ate most of the nachos.)  It was a good evening.

Yesterday I ran 4 miles.  Nothing hard, just something to get out and run.  Chris made spaghetti last night and I made a chicken breast that I ate with half an avocado.  I am feeling good about my food choices.  I haven't raided the candy stash at work all week and haven't felt the desire to go raid it.  I have had minimal alcohol this week and I feel good.

This morning I woke up to 146.8. A full pound down from yesterday morning.  Yay!  Friday I was on the high end of 153 and today I'm 146.8, that makes me feel good.  Of course, most of that weight was water and sodium related, but still, I'm down 0.4 from 2 weeks ago when I officially weighed myself last. 

So I noticed that I am talking about my weight a lot lately.  I guess I just get excited when I see some movement on the scale.  I went for months without any significant or lasting movement, so it's super exciting to see it and to see it last (it's been about a month).  I honestly don't have a weight goal.  I was content, maybe not happy, but content, with 150, but now that I'm going down again, I'm excited to see if I can get lower.  I would be happy to see 140, but I don't know if that will happen.  I am content with my weight, I think I look good and Chris thinks I look good.  But I do get a little excited. =)

I have felt my hip getting tight the last week or so.  I decided that I needed to start rolling it again.  It hasn't bothered me for a very long time, but I am definitely starting to notice it again.  Man, the foam rolling really hurts.  And I think because I spent so much time on my right side (same as last time) I bruised the knot that is there. 

I felt it every time I laid on my right side in my sleep last night, which meant I didn't sleep very well.  This morning it is still sore, but not as bad as it was while I was sleeping.  What makes it so that when you sleep you feel every little ache and pain, but not so much when you're awake?  Annoying.  Also, I think because of needing to prop up my upper body while rolling my hips, my shoulders and arms got a good workout and were a little sore this morning. 

I have been doing stretches in the mornings, at least work day mornings.  I get lazy sometimes, but I would like to be more flexible, so I think about that when I want to skip.  Sometimes that helps and sometimes I lay in bed the 15 extra min instead.  This week I've been good and have gotten up.  Last week, just like with my eating, I wasn't so good.

I'll leave you with some pictures.  =)

Damian and Maddox laying on the couch together.  The "hands"
behind Maddox's head are actually the antlers from his moose
pillow pet.  I had some ppl on FB tell me they looked like someone
 was flipping off the camera.

My sister in law, who has cerebral palsy, and I in eastern WA.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tulip Run

Well, last week was horrible eating and drinking-wise.  I ate too much garbage food and I drank too much alcohol and not enough water.  We went to eastern WA on Tuesday and ate at Arby's on the way down there.  I went to my parent's house and ate dinner there, hamburgers, and then I went back to Chris's Dad's house and had some wine. 

Wednesday we went to town (the Tri-Cities . . . Pasco, Kennewick, Richland . . . Kennewick to be exact) and visited with Chris's sister who has cerebral palsy.  After our visit we went and ate at a local fast food place, Zips (Chris thinks it's the best food ever, and I do agree, they have extremely good burgers).  Then home on Thursday and stopped at an amazing pizza place on the way home for lunch.  I did make dinner, ham, beans and roast cabbage (yum!!).  There was a lot of salt and alcohol on this trip.  Aaannnddd the water at Chris's dad's tastes terrible.  I have a really, really hard time drinking it.  I definitely did not drink as much as I normally do. 

On Wednesday after visiting with Chris's sister we went back to Chris's Dad's house and I went for a 5 mile run.  I was going to repeat the runs I did at Thanksgiving while we were there (which is only a 4 mile loop), but it's planting season and the field I ran around in November was being planted.  There were a lot of vehicles on the road to the field and several planters (I don't know what they are called, I grew up on wheat farms and they were trackers pulling seeders, but these were completely different than what I grew up with) in the field.  When we came back from visiting Chris's sister, I asked him to drive down the road to see how many people were there, and there were a lot, so I was uncomfortable running down that way.  Instead I went down a paved road the opposite direction.  I didn't stop and take any pictures this time.  I wish I had, but I got a new phone and it barely fits in my armband thing and it can be a pain to take out and put in, so I decided not to. 

Anyway, when we got home on Thursday I weighed myself and was way, way up.  153.8 up.  It was in the evening after eating and I knew I would be up, but I wasn't expecting 153.  Ugh.  So I told myself not to worry, I'd be down in the morning.  However, it was only down to 152.8 (yes, one pound, but I was seeing 147 and 146 the week before).  So I told myself I'd be super good, and then I wasn't.  I ran intervals on the treadmill on Friday, the same as last week without the extra mile at the end, so I only ran 4 instead of 5.  But again, the wine pulled me in that evening, although not as much as during the week. Luckily I remembered I had a race in the morning and didn't drink a ton.

Saturday I had the Tulip Run, which I had almost forgot about.  I was up early enough to eat and drink some water.  I usually drink a couple cups of coffee, but I knew I needed some water in me before racing so I only had one and switched to water.  I went early to pick up my packet, in the past I've been able to pick it up at the running store, but this year it was only morning of the race pickup.  Anyway, I knew I would have to walk the shirt back to my car, so I went early enough that I wouldn't be late.  I ended up being there plenty early and it was cold!  I was shivering.  I was very glad I had worn my jacket and long pants rather than a long sleeved shirt and capri pants.  (My jacket is fairly new and I discovered a cool pocket in the arm to put my phone in with headphone holes on the inside, it was really nice, my only complaint was that I couldn't look at my phone at all, nor could I adjust anything without stopping, so I didn't adjust.)

I really felt I was running really slow at first.  I kept thinking I should speed up, but wasn't sure how fast I was going.  I was surprised when I hit one mile to be at 8.21 min/mile.  I kept what felt like the same slow speed for the second mile and my phone told me that split was 8.17 min/mile. 
Here are my splits:
I finished in 42.48.  I didn't wait around for the awards because there were over 300 people registered for the race and I'm not that fast.  That evening when I was looking at the results it looked like maybe I got first place for my age group.  I had to check and double check, multiple times. 

(I'm sorry for the bigness of that picture, if I make it smaller you can't see it.)

Anyway, I was very bummed that I didn't stick around for the awards, but it was cold and I was wet from sweat.  I thought that I had missed my chance to get the award, but then last night I was reading the website and it said that you can go to the running store and get them in person.  I went today, but they didn't have the medals yet.  (Yes, you read that right, I get a medal.  I was expecting a ribbon.)

Yesterday I did 8.75 miles.  It was so hard in the first 2 miles and then suddenly I got to the place where it was easy.  I love it when it's easy.  Miles 3-7 were a breeze, and even the last mile and 3/4ths seemed to go very nicely.  I did not eat the 1140 calories I earned on my run yesterday.  I had one drink and a tiny bit of ice cream, and that was it.  Usually I eat something extravagant to celebrate a run that long, but I decided I had already eaten extravagantly so I didn't.  This morning I woke up to 148.4, better.  I'm happy I'm down in the 140's again, I hope I get back down to 145, but I was only there for about a day.

I was hoping to go for a run today but we need to do some shopping and then Chris and I are going on a date.  We're going to a bar that sells only local beers and wine, and they have THE BEST nachos, so I'm going to splurge a little tonight.  I will keep it down and I guess accept the consequences if I'm up again tomorrow.  We haven't been out in forever, so I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March miles

Is always frustrating to write a post and the suddenly it's gone. I wrote most of a post this morning, hit a wrong button and it disappeared. I'm posting from my phone on my way to eastern WA. I haven't successfully posted from my phone in about 2 years, but I got a new phone so decided to attempt it.
We are on our way to visit Chris's family. His brother moved from Virginia a few weeks ago and I had the idea to take some time off and go over while Chris had time off during spring break. Then I realized that Damian had driver's ed and wouldn't be able to go with us. He's staying at home and at a friend's house.
I was able to reach 100 miles for March. Friday I did intervals on my treadmill. I did a full mile warm up (unlike last week which was only a half mile) then I did half a mile at 7.5mph and then a quarter mile at 5 mph four times, which is the same as last week.  Then I did another mile at my normal pace (6.7 mph) to complete 5 miles.
Saturday I went to Lynnwood to hang out with my sister. We got make overs, which was a lot of fun. I spent too much time there and didn't run.
When I got home I went to a movie with Chris. We saw Divergent which was good but not as good as the book.
Sunday I ran 6.4 miles.  I wanted to run 8 but was worried about my poor blistered toe.  It is feeling better but is still sore.  It didn't give me any new problems after my run Sunday, thankfully.
Yesterday I ran 5 which put me at 100.06 miles for March.  I also got new shoes, so I'm hoping my blister issues will go away now.
P.S. Well, I couldn't post from my phone and it didn't save the picture I had attached.  Sorry.  I probably won't post again until I get home because Chris's dad doesn't have internet.  I'm finishing this post while visiting with my mom.