Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving week post

I only blogged 8 times in November.  Hmmmmm, that's the lowest I've blogged since last December, which was only 6 times. 

Anyway, when I left you all almost 2 weeks ago, I hadn't run for 6 days because of my tattoo.  :-)  I ended that on Sunday the 24th (a day earlier than I was supposed to).  I went for a nice 4 mile run.  Then, because I was lazy, I didn't run on Monday and Tuesday we left for eastern WA for Thanksgiving.  I did go for a run at my parents' house on Wednesday.  It was COLD there!  I was cold here before we left with our 40 degree weather, but it was 20 degrees colder there.  Brrrr!  I didn't take my cold running pants (really, they're too big, but I probably could have figured it out).  In fact, I only took capri running pants, thinking I would only run on my parents' treadmill.  However, I didn't want to run on the treadmill, so I layered up and figured my shins would be warm enough once I got going.  (I was right).  I went to the flattest road my dad could think of in the area and went for a really, really nice 4 mile run.  It was so peaceful.  =)
 We had Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday evening at my parents' house and then Thursday morning went on to Chris's Dad's house. 

Thursday I didn't run, I just really didn't have time.  I wanted to go before we left my parents' house, but it was sooooo cold in the morning, I put it off and then Chris wanted to go RIGHT NOW.  When we got to his dad's, his family was already there, so there was no time to go then either.  I just decided to take another rest day (that made 3).  =/ 

We had a good dinner with his family.  It wasn't all his family this year, only one cousin, wife and kids included, his sister, who has cerebral palsy, and his grandparents.  If all of Chris's family (on his dad's side) get together, it's 32 people (or more).  It was nice to only have a small group this time, I talked to Chris's cousin's wife for the first time ever, even though I've met her many times.  It was very nice.

Most of Chris's dad's side of the family are hardcore conservatives, and some have even gotten into "prepping."  Chris's Dad is pretty serious about it.  He said he has 10 months worth of supplies for himself and is working on more.  Plus the guns . . . oh the guns.  They have a lot.  I won't go into the politics behind it all, but wow, I did not realize they had gotten sooo into it all.  It is interesting to listen to them, and I agree that it's safe to have supplies, but I don't think the world is going to come to an end just yet. 

Anyway, I was able to go for a 4 and a half mile run on Friday.  It was cold!  I think it was 27 degrees.  But it was (again) a very peaceful and quiet run. 
 And another 4 miles on Saturday.  However, it was the same 4 miles as on Friday, but the fog hung around all day, which made the day seem colder, even though it was a balmy 30 degrees.  The frost didn't really go away and it threatened to snow. 
 I really wished I had brought my nice warm "will run for wine" headband instead of my summery "will run for margaritas" one.  But at least I had that. 
 On Friday I had on Chris's hat (over my headband) and an underarmor type shirt.  I layered my leggings (that I wear to work) under my capris and had a wool long sleeved running shirt and my running jacket and new running gloves I hadn't tried out yet (they were nice!).  I was almost too warm so on Saturday I didn't put on Chris's hat or under shirt.  It was colder, but by the time I was done I didn't really feel it anymore.  =) 

Chris and Damian and Chris's dad pretty much played pool all weekend.  I found this picture on my phone this morning, and I don't remember taking it.  It must have been all the wine I was trying to drink to get rid of before we left on Sunday.  =)

We drove back home on Sunday, and hit some traffic over the mountains, which made for a very long drive. 

I only hit 52 miles in the month of November.  It's better than the 29 in October, but I did exercise more in October than I did in November.  In December of last year I only ran 55 miles, so this year I need to do better.  My foot still bothers me some, and I'm a little scared about upping my mileage, but I'm tired of such low numbers.  =/  December I'm going to slowly start upping my mileage.  52 miles is just too low for my liking. 

Oh . . . and to top it off, my size 8 pants are starting to feel too tight.  I haven't gained weight, but not running, I think, has made me not as slim.  =/ 

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Next up, Christmas!  =) 


  1. I think the 52 miles for November is absolutely awesome....especially considering you took time off to let your tattoo heal!! Good job!

    1. Thanks MaryFran. I was doing almost 100 miles every month until September, so this low mileage has really gotten me down.