Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Treadmill vs. outside

Last Friday I had my very first physical therapy session for my foot.  Mostly it was just getting the history of why my foot hurts and when it started, she measured the strength in my legs and hips (my hips are very weak) and measured the flexibility (I think) of my ankles and feet.  She gave me minimal stretches and then an assistant did about 15 min of an ultrasound on my plantar faciitis.  I guess the ultrasound sends waves into the affected area and "tells" your body to send healing goodness to that area (at least that is what the assistant said).  I didn't feel anything.  They said it would be warm, I didn't notice any warmth.  They said it may ache a little, I didn't notice any ache. 

Last week was an extremely busy week.  After work every day except Monday we had something going on.  Tuesday we went tree shopping (which you read about here), Wednesday I had a hair appt and then we decorated the tree, Thursday we went south to Lynnwood to get our family pictures taken  (my sister, who lives in Lynnwood, has Groupon, and around this time of year they have decent picture deals, although this year wasn't nearly as good as last year's, not sure if it was the deal, or because last year was Sear's and this year was JC Penney), and then Friday was my physical therapy.  Because of the busy-ness of the week, I didn't run Tues-Thurs. 

Friday I ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill after my PT.  I seriously hate the treadmill now.  I can't believe I ever loved it.  I wonder if it's because I moved it inside and I liked the fresh air and watching the cars and people, or if it's because I moved it inside and it's now level and doesn't slope so I'm not perpetually running downhill even on an incline of 1?   I think it's both.  I've been debating about moving it back out to my carport, but making sure that I am running on at least an incline of a 2 so it isn't downhill. 

Saturday I ran outside for 5 and a half miles and it was very, very nice.  I can see why I never pushed myself running when I was going to the gym 4 or 5 years ago.  On a treadmill I'd say "I'm going to run for 30 min," I put it on a fairly easy pace and run, at the beginning I may have run 1 min, walk 5 min, but I never really pushed it farther than running for a full 30 min.  When I run outside, I want to push myself, I run for distance, never time.  I decide on how far I'm going to go and then I run it.  I run hills.  I run in the wind.  I run in the rain.  I run when it's hot.  I run when it's cold.  I hear my mapmyrun app tell me I'm running at a 9 and a half min/mile pace and I know that's too slow for me so I push myself to run faster.  I have options of where I want to go and I can cut the run short or I can go farther than I intended (I rarely cut my designated distance short).  If I get tired of one route, I can find another.  I'm not looking at the same walls, or TV all the time. 

Sunday I ran for 6 and a half miles.  Something with my mapmyrun app was screwed up and it didn't tell me miles, or split times, which I found annoying at first, but then decided to just run.  I went a little bit of a different way at the beginning, but I was going to end on my familiar route, so I knew where I needed to be in my mileage at the end to get to 6 miles (my intended distance).  I just had to look at my phone at the point where I knew I was a mile away from home to determine if I needed to tack on a little extra distance.  I didn't, I was ahead by half a mile, so that was nice. 

Even though it was annoying at first, after getting over not hearing the mileage and split times, I decided to just run comfortably.  I was happy to see that my "comfortable" pace is a 9 min/mile.  I'd like it be a little faster, but I guess I have to actually work on speed in order to speed up.  =)

At my PT appt on Friday my PT therapist asked how many miles I am currently running, I told her the week before I had run 18 miles and she said that I should not increase my mileage at this time.  However, my goal is to run 80 miles in Dec, and that really means I should be running 20 miles a week, so I may defy her and just do the 20 miles.  Last week, because I was so busy, I only ran 18.9 miles, so I now need to catch up with a little over 3 miles on top of the 37 I still need for the rest of the month.  It really is doable.  Today I'm going to run 4 on the treadmill (ugh!!)

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  1. I'm with you...outdoors is SOOO much better when running. Treadmills...blech. But necessary evil! :-)