Friday, December 13, 2013

Let me tell you about my . . .

Christmas tree.

So, we went to get a Christmas tree on Tuesday. We have started going to a Tree Farm not very far away and went there again this year. I think that their selection is getting kinda thin, because we had a really hard time finding a tree this year. They plant new ones to replace the old, but I think that they are not growing as fast as they are selling. Anyway, Damian found a tree that we all were okay with (not the best, a little sparse on one side) but we cut it down. When they measured it, it was over 8 feet tall! We can cut it down once we get home, but when we tried to put it in the car . . . it didn't fit. (Biggest tree we've ever gotten.) Anyway, we had to call a friend with a bigger car to come bail us out, but Damian needed to get to gymnastics, so Chris left me with the tree at the farm while I waited for him. The place closes at 4:30 and I was getting very worried that they would close while I was standing there waiting. But they didn't. :-)

Anyway, we got it home and decided to put it up and decorate on Wednesday. Sooooo . . . Wednesday, we found our old Christmas tree stand (one of those metal ones, ours is about 15 years old) and Chris cut down the tree so it would fit in the house. We got it in the house, got it in the stand and as soon as I twisted it so the sparse side was not facing out, the tree promptly leaned to one side and almost fell over. So we rearranged the screw things and the tree about fell over.

We discovered that one of the tree screws in the stand wasn't working right, so Chris got some real screws and screwed the stand to the tree.  When that worked, he decided he was going to screw the stand to the floor. (I was unhappy about that, but I was so done with the tree by that time.)  However, the stupid thing still wouldn't stand, even with all the screws, it kept falling over. I'm not kidding when I say that we worked on that stupid tree from 6pm to 7:45 when I finally decided to run to Walmart to get a new stand.

I got home and we finally got the stupid tree standing. We decorated it and prayed the cat would leave it alone.

That brings us to yesterday morning. I woke up and found the tree still standing, however, the cat was batting at all sorts of ornaments. I swatted her a couple times and got ready. I was sitting down drinking my coffee and cuddling with Maddox and the cat is now climbing up the tree . . . I threw her, Damian locked her in my room, and I went back to coffee and cuddling.

And then the whole damn tree fell down.  I screamed at Chris to get up, told Damian to hold the tree up, and we tried to get it upright again. It wouldn't stay up. No matter what we did. So, Chris (who still hasn't had his coffee or morning poop {I swear he's like clockwork}) starts tying the tree to the curtain rods. And the stupid thing still leans and won't stay up. We finally got it finagled (how do you spell that?) and it is standing. I was late to work, Damian just barely made it to school on time (I had to drive him). And the cat is locked up in the room until New Year's. =)

Hopefully if you click on the
picture, you can see the (pink) rope
tying the tree to the curtain rod.
As of this morning, the tree is still standing.  There was one more broken ornament found (damn cat!). 

Merry Christmas.

P.S.  I'm the worst blogger ever, I should have gotten pictures of the the screws in the tree, the tree on the ground, how far it leaned, all the glass on the floor, and all of that, but you'll just have to make do with what I did get.

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