Monday, December 23, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

My life has been so busy the last week or so.  Work last week was fairly busy, and then I go home and am running around crazy all evening.  It just seems that there was less time this year to get ready for Christmas.  As of last Thursday I had 2 Christmas gifts bought . . . 2 . . . that's it.

We got our family pictures yesterday.  I put together these collages for facebook but there are so many other cute pictures, which I don't have on this computer.  The middle one in the bottom set of 3 is my favorite.  =)

Friday I was home with a sick child and I made fudge and then Friday evening grocery shopping.  Then Saturday I spent 7 hours Christmas shopping.  It was ridiculous.  I went out in the morning/afternoon with Damian and Maddox to get stuff for Chris, and then when Chris got home from work (about 10 min after the kids and I got home) Chris and I went shopping for Damian and Maddox.   Yesterday I spent the entire day making fudge and other things.  At one point I was baking a pecan pie, simmering chicken soup (for dinner), and stirring fudge . . . yeah, it was a lot and my back is killing me.

When I get home today I have to make an apple pie, peanut brittle, hopefully D will have made cookies like I asked him too, but then we have to decorate them, wrap presents, and hopefully take Maddox to see Santa.  I can't believe we have not taken him yet to see Santa.  I'm really disappointed that I've kept everything to the last minute.  In my defense, I have been crazy busy though.  =(

Thursday I went to my second physical therapy session.  She had me run on a treadmill while she recorded it so she could slow it down and watch it.  I have a mild heel strike stride, she said it's not bad, but since I'm having issues, I should work on changing it to a forefoot strike.  She gave me some "exercises" to do at home to teach my body how to run differently.  She also told me that my shoes are too rigid, really rigid shoes almost force your stride to be a heel strike one, and it doesn't strengthen your foot.  She's given me exercises to work on strengthening the arch of my foot as well.  She showed me how I should run, and told me that changing the way I run will work different muscles and I will have some very sore calves.

Friday we got our very first snow of the year.  It was supposed to warm up (and it did) but I expected it to be gone by the afternoon so I could go run.  When Damian got home at 2:30, it still looked like we had an inch or more of snow.  But I needed to go for a run.  Damian walks to and from school, and he said that sidewalks were pretty slick, so I thought I'd walk down to a trail where I thought there would be less foot traffic making it slick and also some tree coverage so less snow.  Ha!! The sidewalk was slick, but the trail was about 2 inches of slush.  It's a 2 mile (total) trail, but my road intersects it at one mile, so I run one way out and back and then the other way out and back, making 4 miles.  I don't know if you've ever run 4 miles in 2 inches of slush, but I would imagine it's a lot like running in a puddle, only colder, and nonstop.  My feet were FROZEN after about 5 steps.  I don't know how many times I thought about just doing the first 2 mile out and back and then heading home, but by the time I got back to my road my feet were numb used to it and I decided to go on.  Well, the other half of the trail has less trees (I forgot) so there was more slush, deeper slush and no breaks at all (because of no trees sheltering the path). 

It was the coldest, hardest run I've ever done.  I was trying to run on my forefeet, and really found it easier to run in the slush that way, but my legs got so tired.  Plus, by mile 3 my pants were soaked (not to mention my shoes and socks, which were actually soaked about 2 steps into my run) which added probably 10 lbs to my legs. 

Saturday I was going to run between shopping trips, but because Chris got off earlier than expected and Damian and I were longer than expected, I didn't have time to run.  Actually, I could have made the time, but I didn't want an angry husband while shopping, so I didn't even ask.

Yesterday the slush snow was gone, so I went for a run in the late morning.  I ran 6.5 miles, trying to run on my forefeet more often than not.  I found it's pretty easy in the beginning of the run when I'm fresh, but after about 3 miles, my calves started burning a little.  I didn't run as much on my forefoot at the end of the run, but I tried to as much as possible.  When I got home I stretched and rolled my foot (my physical therapist told me to do it right after running).  When I stood up to take a shower, I almost fell over my calves hurt so bad.  I've never been that sore so immediately after a run.  Thankfully they loosened up and didn't bother me much after my shower.  However, today they are very sore. 

One of the reasons shopping on Saturday took so long with Damian was because we wandered around quite a bit looking for Christmas ideas for ourselves.  =)  I took pictures of a few things I wanted so I wouldn't have to remember everything, and wouldn't you know it, several of my wish list items are running related. =)

 That's a fairly decent price for a Garmin, but it's also not the one I want.  I'm going to save up to get the one I do want, but if I get this one, it'll tide me over till I can afford the other.  =)
Just a super cute picture of Maddox and Chris laying with our cat.
Tomorrow is promising to be a very busy day.  We are having Christmas Eve dinner with a few friends, so we have to cook.  Plus, we have wrapping and stuff to do, so I doubt I will be on here again before Christmas.  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!! 

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  1. Merry Christmas! The family pictures are awesome!

    As for feeling as if you waited for the last minute....that seems to be the common theme with EVERYONE I've talked to this year!