Monday, December 30, 2013

Last week in pictures

Christmas Eve morning we decorated cookies

 And ate cookies.
 And smeared frosting on noses.
 Christmas eve night we had friends over for dinner.  We opened gifts.

And we played Apples to Apples.
Christmas morning, Maddox and I were the first up.  Maddox got his Santa present.
And his candy.
We had to go wake up Damian, who finally found his popcorn maker from Santa.
We posed for pictures. . .
And the opening frenzy began.

Even Addie found a present she liked.
Then we went outside and let Maddox play on his new 4-wheeler.  =)
Saturday I went and got new shoes.  They are beautiful.  =)  They are a more minimalist style and I LOVED them. So of course I had to go for a run on Sunday.  They really helped with my calf soreness. 
 And then last night . . . well, Maddox woke up at 245am.  Then just as I was falling asleep at 330am, Addie decided to start playing with boxes and bags in my bedroom.  And then, as I was falling asleep at 4am, Pandora jumped on my face and scratched my nose really bad.  I had to bandaid it because it was bleeding and I fell back asleep.
Oh and I think I forgot to mention that I made my December goal!!  80.34 miles.  =)  Yay me!!


  1. Looks like a great holiday.... So I've been waiting to see if you continue to like the shoes?????????

    Happy New Year!

    1. I've only done the one run in them. My rest days for the last couple weeks have been Monday and Tuesday because I tend to run more on the weekends (I can run earlier when it's sunny) so I need a little extra time for my foot to feel better after that. I'll let you know though. =)