Friday, December 6, 2013

Random thoughts

I had a really bad day Wednesday.  I was extremely sad and depressed.  I don't exactly know why.  I had some sad dreams the night before and just couldn't seem to shake the feelings.  I cried several times for no reason at all.  Depression runs in my family so I was worried that for some reason I was going to be clinically depressed for awhile. 

When I was young, my Mom got very, very depressed, and I just remember her laying on the couch all day crying and watching TV, not moving at all.  I don't know how long it lasted, and I don't remember it very well, so I don't think it was very long.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling much better, thankfully.  I didn't run, but that was a planned rest day, although running may have helped my mood.  I don't know.  I'm just thankful it was a one day thing and I was back to normal yesterday.  Depression is nothing to joke about. 

You may have noticed a new thing on my blog.  I added a ticker at the top of my page showing my mileage.  I want to run 80 miles in December.  It's completely doable since I was running close to 100 a few months ago.  I figured with my foot issues and not having run a whole lot the last several months starting out slow is a good thing. 

I went to the doctor a month or so ago and got a referral for physical therapy for my foot.  However, my foot hasn't been too bad, so I haven't called them.  This week my foot has been bothering me more than in the past, so I decided to give them a call.  I have an appointment for next week.  I'm glad I called, it's a good idea to learn what I should be doing for it. 

Anyway, yesterday I wanted to get off early and go Christmas tree shopping.  However, Chris reminded me that Maddox has his speech therapy in the afternoon, so we were unable to go before dark.  I decided that I was still going to get off early though, but I was going to drink some coffee at Starbucks and read a book for an hour before going home. 

I was waiting for 3pm (the time I was going to leave) to roll around so I was wasting time reading some of my blogs (I got really, really behind last week) and then went and used the bathroom to leave.  As I was going back to my office space I suddenly thought about it and realized that I didn't want to waste all the good things I've put in my body the last 3 days for a splurge on Starbucks.  I'm not saying that I won't ever have Starbucks again, but not today.  I don't need it.  Maybe on a long run day where I have a little extra cushioning to eat something extra. 

This is one of the reasons I read so many blogs.  I started out reading mostly running blogs, some of those have changed into not really talking about running anymore, but that's okay.  I still have plenty of running blogs I read.  Recently I've added a couple that focus on healthy eating and that has really changed my focus on my eating habits.  These different blogs keep me very motivated and focused on what I am doing.  I honestly think that if I hadn't started this blog, or started reading so many others, my running would not be a serious thing.  I may (probably not) still be running after a year and 8 months, but I would never, ever have contemplated a half marathon (or any race) and I've now run 2 halfs and am thinking of running a full one next year. 

I wonder what 2014 holds in store for me.  Where will the healthy eating blogs take me?  I am so much "cleaner" than I was even 6 months ago.  Maybe reading these new-to-me blogs will motivate me even more to eat better. 

I'm pretty comfortable with my weight, but who doesn't want to lose more?  And I know I'm not as skinny as I could be.  I may not be able to get down to my low of 125 (from high school) but I'd love to get down to 140 or dare I say it? 135. 

I was just looking at my Scale Obsession page and noticed that this time last year I weighed 10 lbs heavier.  And I was having the same problem as I am now, getting rid of the 16- number, although now it's 15-. 

Yesterday I ran 4.43 miles.  I wish I had looked at the mileage before stopping, I hate stopping so close to 4 and a half miles.  Oh well, I only meant to go 4 miles.  =) 

It is getting COLD!!  Last winter was the first winter I ran and it wasn't that cold.  This week it's been in the 20's and 30's and often  by the time I am running it's around 25-27 degrees.  I realize there are other places that are colder but this girl is not used to such cold weather.  I think this winter is going to be really cold, and I'm going to need to buy some cold weather running gear. 

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  1. You've got the 80 miles! You can do it!!!

    Did not choosing the starbucks fill you with a sense of pride?? Pride in yourself that you did something good for your body???? :-)