Monday, December 9, 2013


My weekend was okay.  It was actually more restful that I originally thought it would be.  Damian is in gymnastics, and he competes in meets.  Since he started competing, the meets have started in January, however, this year we were told there was one in December, this last weekend, in fact.  Well, I have to drive him to all his meets, and they are usually an hour or more away.  I try to rope family members to go with me because it's a pain in the neck to go alone, and luckily my parents had been planning a visit to my sister's house in Lynnwood, so they said they would go with me.  (Lynnwood is about 45 min south of me and the meet was about 30-45 min past that.)  I was really dreading going because I would have to take Maddox, but I was looking forward to spending the day with my parents.

Well, Friday night, Chris went to pick up Damian from gymnastics and we were told that Damian wasn't competing in this meet.  This particular meet is for "newbies" and D is definitely not a newbie.  So I had a completely free day on Saturday instead.  You know what I choose to do?  Absolutely nothing.  I put on an audio book and listened to that most of the morning and early afternoon and then I took Damian coat shopping. (I'm a terrible mom, he had a nice Northface jacket that he's been wearing, but the temperatures have been 20-30 degrees and that jacket was way too thin for those temps.  Of course, now that he's got a nice wool coat, the temperatures are rising back to our customary 40 degrees this week.)

Friday I went for a 4 mile run.  I was planning on doing a longer run on Saturday, but my foot really bothered me, so I skipped it.  I did do a 6 mile run yesterday, which was really nice.  Even though it is really cold, it has been really sunny.  I guess that's how it is in the Pacific Northwest, it only gets super cold if there are no clouds.  I swear my bird bath has been frozen for a week or longer.  (I've been a little worried that it would crack, but it hasn't, knock on wood.) 

Running on cold, sunny days is not bad.  I just wish I had better cold gear, but for the most part, what I have used has been okay.  I'm cold at the beginning but I warm up.  Yesterday my legs were cold even after I had run for awhile, but I finished it okay.  My showers feel fabulous though.  =) 

Yesterday's cold weather running outfit.  =)
Maddox LOVES the movie Brave.   I don't exactly know why he loves it so much, but as soon as we put it on, he runs to the living room and sits down and watches it.  He used to sit through the whole thing and watch it, now he gets up any time there's a fight and "fights" with them.  We watch it a lot.  However, I draw the line at watching it twice in a row.  Yesterday we were at the end of the show on cable, and Maddox found the Brave DVD, took it out of the case and put it in the xbox to watch again, we hadn't even gotten to the credits yet on the cable.  I had to take a picture.  He must have pulled out Forgetting Sarah Marshal before finding Brave, cause that is under the Brave DVD, and you can see the actual DVD in the xbox behind him.  =)  (Don't mind the toilet paper, he was using that as a horse while watching Brave.)  =)

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  1. Yay to Saturday that was free and clear of all obligations!

    I have a pair of cuddle duds that I've worn under my workout clothes...that seems to do the trick with the cold temps.