Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I was so annoyed yesterday.  I wanted to go to zumba.  Chris knew I wanted to go to zumba.  Damian started basketball, he gets out of basketball at 5pm and is supposed to start gymnastics at 5pm, however, there is about 15 min of travel time between the two.  Zumba starts at 5:30pm.  I told Chris I would have to go to drop off D with him at gymnastics so he could get me to zumba on time, but then he didn't wait for me to get ready.  He didn't get home until 5:40, zumba closes the doors at 5:30 and there was no way I could have gotten there.  So instead I ate chinese food, which is yummy, but very high in calories.

I don't know if any one looks at my scale page, but I haven't updated it for awhile.  I guess I should.  I have stayed (very, very annoyingly) at the exact same weight.  160.  I did have a little gain this last Friday from all the Thanksgiving food, but I'm not worried about it.  However, I really should update the page.  I haven't "fallen off the wagon"  I am still running and doing zumba.  I think my eating has gotten worse, a little, but I am still counting calories, even when I'm over. 

Today we are going grocery shopping after I get off work.  We started this once a week shopping trip a month or so ago, and it is very nice.  We were going to the store almost every day, and now we only go once a week.  It's very nice.  I need to look at our bank statements and compare if we are actually saving money.  We spend more all at once, but I'm hoping we spend less monthly.  Anyway, shopping tonight means I don't have time to go running this evening. . . so I went during my lunch break.  4 miles in 37 min.  And it was good timing too, because I just went out and it has started raining.  It was perfect.  =)

Tomorrow we are going to Lynnwood to get our family pictures done.  I'm not too happy about having to go to Lynnwood, but oh well.  My sister has a Groupon account and she got a coupon for JCPenney portraits and gave it to us.  There is a JCPenney at the mall up here, but I didn't realize there isn't a portrait studio in that one.  The closest one is in Lynnwood, which is 45 min south of me.  Oh well, maybe we'll go see Santa and we're definitely having dinner with my sister, who lives in Lynnwood. 

This is the same Santa that all of Damian's Santa pictures are with (I'm sorry for the white baby face, I don't know the baby, I found the picture online and didn't want to use some random baby without permission).  He is at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood (we lived there for 6 years before moving to Mt. Vernon) and even after we moved I still took D down there, because I wanted all his pictures to be with the same Santa.  So now I am wondering if I should continue to take Maddox to the same Santa or go to one closer (in Mt. Vernon).  I love the idea of going to the same guy every year, and both D's and Maddox's Santa pictures would be the same, but I hate trying to find time to go to Lynnwood every year just for Santa pictures.  We didn't go last year, D is too old and didn't want to, and Maddox was only 6 months old, so it wasn't a big deal to me.  I guess I'll have to talk to Chris about it and see what he says. =)  He's not going to care, and is going to say to just go to one closer.  Maybe I'll ask my sister.  ; )

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When do you run?

I think I have decided that I need to run on my lunch break.  By the time I get home most days it's after 4pm (which is actually early compared to 5pm) but it's getting dark by 4:30 or earlier and I just am not sure yet about running in the dark.  What do other people do?  I don't know, I don't know any other runners.  =(  Anyway, before I got pregnant I was running (with a lot of walking) during my lunch break.  I was only going 2 miles, so I will have to figure out a couple routes that are longer.  That also means that I am going to be coming back to work really sweaty and gross, with no where to take a shower.  But I can sponge off in the bathroom . . .

Yesterday I had every intention of going for a run after I got home from work.  However, Damian started basketball yesterday so I had no one to watch Maddox.  I thought about taking Maddox with me (jogging stroller and all) but then I got home and he wasn't feeling very well.  He's had a runny nose and a small fever in the evenings since Friday.  I got home yesterday and he wouldn't let me put him down.  I decided it was probably a bad idea to take him out in the cold.  Then I remembered that I didn't really have time anyway because I had to pick up D at 5.  =/  Plus, I really, really didn't want to run in the dark. 

It's interesting because before it started getting dark so early, it was pretty common to see several people out running after work, but I didn't see one person yesterday.  When do they go run?  Do they give it up in the winter?  I can't imagine a runner being seasonal.  Maybe they do the same thing that I am thinking of and go during their lunch. . .

I decided to run during lunchtime yesterday evening.  I even packed my bag to be ready to take to work and then I was thinking about it, and realized that if I don't go to zumba tonight then I won't be able to go at all this week.  Tuesday and Thursday are the only days it's offered at 5:30 and Thursday we are going to get family pictures done.  Then I was looking at the weather for the rest of the week and today is supposed to be the last sunny day for the foreseeable future, so then I've been thinking maybe I should have brought my bag after all. . .

Well, yesterday was Friend Makin' Monday and I didn't post it.  So here it is, a day late, again.  =)

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Dear Santa: List at least ten things that you may or may not need that you’d love to find under your tree this year!
 1. A Kindle Fire

2. a new ring

3. shoes =)

You know what's special about the red soles?  Everyone knows that means they are Louboutin's, even people that don't really know shoes.  =)

4. towels, seriously, mine are only good for a rag bin.  =)

5. new sheets.  I only have one set for my bed and it's very annoying.

6. a book shelf

7. eye lash extensions.  Seriously, I think that sounds really, really awesome. =)

8.  back massager, simple =)

9.  new nose ring

10.  A new car . . . ; )

11. a wine rack

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s question! Try to come up with at least ten things that you love, but feel free to share as many as you’d like! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend

My Thanksgiving went really well.  We ended up with 10 people (including my family of 4 and 2 babies) at my house.  We have never had that many people over at the same time before, especially for dinner, so it was an adventure.  =)  We almost ended up with 11, but that person (who was a last min addition) backed out even more last min.  So that was fine.  We did a lot of cooking and cleaning.  Our house is rather small and our dining room is attached to the living room so we moved the table into the living room in front of the couch and were able to fit everyone around it.  We even had a little extra space.  =)  Anyway, the whole dinner and everything went really well.  I did discover that if we are going to do this type of dinner often, we need some serving bowls and platters.  =)  And some pie things .

Last week at work was kinda crazy and I had very little time at my desk. One of my clients just had a baby, she had to have an emergency c-section and isn't allowed to drive, but because of the program she is in she has a lot of appts that she is not excused from.  She was excused for one week, but is expected to attend most of them.  We (my coworker and I) have tried to cut down on as many appts as we can, but because the program is so strict she still has to go to some.  Anyway, because she can't drive I have been playing taxi for her.  I feel badly because I know what she's going through, but I don't make the rules and I am trying to help her as much as I can.  Anyway, I put 150 miles on my car in 2 days. =/ Thankfully, it was really only this week, and it shouldn't be a recurring thing.

Chris worked Friday, but he got Saturday off so that we can go to his mom's house.  This is the first time that we have ever been invited to his mom's house for any type of holiday.  We have invited her to our house, but she never comes and Chris quit inviting her all together.  One of his brother's is in the Army and is being sent to California this Saturday, so Chris's mom decided to get her boys together before he left.  His other brother has a 3 year old boy, who he has full custody of.  I was the only significant other there, but at least Maddox had someone to play with.  =)  I think Chris had a good time.  I got a little bored because but overall it was a good day.
Chris and his brothers
My Mom gave me my Grandma's antique table awhile ago.  We've only extended it once or twice since having it and only for about 1 leaf or maybe 2.  Thanksgiving day since we had more people here than we've ever had before, we pulled it out farther.  Chris was pulling and pulling and suddenly something fell out of the bottom.  We were scare at first that we broke something and then looked down and noticed it had legs on the ends that come down when it gets pulled out so far.  =)  We looked and sure enough, there were legs on the other side too.  =)  We just laughed because we've had the table for 4 or so years now and never knew there were legs there.  =)  We only put 3 leaves in it, we think there's at least one more, but we couldn't find it, and if I remember right, it was warped when we got it.  I think, if we had more leaves, we could extend it quite far.  I really love the table, and I love it even more now that I know about the legs.  It is a really nice table but is kinda worn. I wish I could afford to have it restored, I would be afraid to do it myself and not have it done professionally.  I wish we had chairs.  =)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FMM ~ Thanksgiving edition

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  I'm looking forward to it.  I really enjoy family time, even if it is with friends that feel like family and not my actual family.  I love my family, my parents and my sisters and their families, so I really do miss them when I can't see them at Thanksgiving, but since moving to western WA I have not been to my parents' house more than once.  Once was PLENTY!  The traffic over the mountains to get to my parents' house is HORRID!  And that is putting it nicely.  So, I see them at Christmas time and we are happy with that.  =)

However, last year, for the first time, Chris's dad's family invited us to spend Thanksgiving at his house, and that is in eastern WA too.  So I think we are now going over the mountains at the busiest travel time of the year to see his family every other year. 

Chris was not close to his dad's family at all.  He was raised mostly by his mom until he was about 8, when she pretty much abandoned him, and then by his maternal grandparents.  I met him when he moved to his dad's house at age 15, and they did not have a good relationship at all.  His step-mom wasn't the nicest person to him, and his half-brother and sister (who is handicapped) were treated favorably compared to him.  Anyway, his maternal grandparents have both died, his grandpa died about 10 years ago and his grandma only 3 years ago, and they were more like his parents than his actual parents were.  They were the glue that held his maternal family together, so when his grandma died, the rest of the family have kinda forgot Chris.  =/  I get very, very mad at his Mom very, very often.  She only lives 45 min away from us, but never comes to visit and never invites us to her house.  If my Mom lived that close I wouldn't be able to get her away from me and my family.  =) 

Anyway, since Chris's dad divorced his step-mom, his dad has become a much more mellow person.  He is much more likable now and I actually don't mind spending time with him.  I really, REALLY like his extended paternal family (much more than his maternal side) but Chris was never part of that family, so I think he is a little out of place there.  He has always longed for a close family, and since we have known each other since we were 15, he has adopted my family and gets that closeness from them.  I think his paternal family is the type of family that he longs for, but he just wasn't part of it growing up.  It is all very sad to me. 

Wow, that was a tangent.  =)

I did not go for a run yesterday.  It was windy and rainy again, so I went to my normal zumba class.  I went on Monday as well, and 2 days of zumba in a row has really made my shoulders sore.  I also feel my sides and arms a bit today.  =)  When I go to zumba I try really hard to be conscious of my muscles and I tighten my abs and try to do "strong arms" when it's called for.  I need to be better at tightening my butt muscles, especially during the squats, but I don't always think of it.  =) 

I don't know if I will get a run in today.  We need to do our weekly grocery shopping, which I'm not looking forward to.  We did all our Thanksgiving shopping last week and missed the crowds, but we still need to do our weekly shopping, so I know we're going to hit some horrible crowds.  *sigh* I really hate shopping during the holiday season.  =(

I missed Friend Makin' Monday on Monday and then didn't get back on last night to post it, so here it is today.  Sorry it's a little late.  =)

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Thanksgiving Edition

1. Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?  If so, please share them.  Not really, however, I think we are now going to be going to Chris's dad's every other year.  Now we just do a dinner with friends that don't have family.

2. List at least three dishes that are on your family’s table every year. Turkey (of course), stuffing, mashed potatoes.  We've started making a cheese ball (yum!!) and I started making pies last year, so we have pecan pie, apple and pumpkin (yumm!!!)

3. Do you prefer pumpkin pie or pecan pie?  I think I like pecan better, but pumpkin is a necessity at Thanksgiving, with cool whip of course!

4. Will you watch football on Thanksgiving Day? Chris probably will insist on it.  I'm a Seahawks fan and don't watch a ton of other teams, although I do like Baltimore . . . but I don't know if they play.

5. Do you plan to exercise Thursday?  I'm thinking about it.  I guess it depends on who is at my house and how I feel.  I like to go for walks after I eat large meals, so I probably will at least do that.  =)

6. Do you prefer ham or turkey?  I like ham better, but turkey is a necessity for Thanksgiving.  I only really eat it 2 times a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  (I like deli turkey sandwiches throughout the year.)

7. Will you shop on Black Friday?  If so, where will you go first?  Absolutely not!  I actually am really disgusted with Black Friday.  I think it's ridiculous and I've heard so much about the "sales" that aren't really sales.  I have heard that stores start increasing their prices in October so that by the time Black Friday comes, the prices are pretty close to what they were in Sept.  I think it used to be good deals, but not anymore.

8. Do you take a nap on Thanksgiving? I don't really like naps, so I don't know if I will or not. 

9. Share one dish that probably won’t be on anyone else’s table.  Anyone's table??  I have no idea.  But on my table . . . cranberry sauce, it's disgusting.  =)

10. What are you thankful for today?  I’m so thankful for everything.  I have such a fabulous family, great friends, and a pretty great life, there is nothing in my life I'm not thankful for.  =) 

Now it’s your turn to post the questions on your blog!  Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crazy Monday (after the fact)

*sigh*  I went right into old habits this weekend. . . I didn't post once.  =(  I thought about it a couple times, but didn't do it.  I didn't even run this weekend.  I don't know why.  I meant to.  On Saturday Damian had a friend over and almost as soon as they woke up they left the house.  It was raining and I didn't want to take Maddox in the stroller no, that's not an excuse and then when Damian got home I was in the "I'm lazy" mode.  Yesterday I meant to run, I really did.  I was going to run in the afternoon, and somehow time got away from me and before I knew it, it was dark outside.  (It gets dark so early!)  I baked pies for Thanksgiving instead.  I baked apple and pecan pies.

That seriously looks like the perfect apple pie.  =)
We are having a small storm here today, lots of rain and lots of wind, so I don't know what I'm going to do about running.  I took 2 days off, and then have Thanksgiving this week.  This may be a very low exercising week.  It's days like today when I really, really want a treadmill (even though I hate them so much).  I don't really have workout videos, but I could break out Just Dance, and play with that for awhile.  I just feel weird doing it in the living room (the only space to do it) with Chris and Damian around.  =/

I typed this up ^^ yesterday and then got really busy and didn't post it. 

I had to drive around a lot yesterday for work (seriously, I put 80 miles on my car) and it was pouring rain.  Not the little drizzle that is so common in western WA, but drenching, big drops, rain.  I was gearing myself up for running in it.  I was thinking about what route I was going to take, and what I was going to wear and started to actually look forward to it.

Well, for work I have to go to court every other week, so yesterday I was at court and when we came out, the rain had stopped and it was very, very windy.  I was so bummed.  I really, really do hate running in the wind.  So on my way home from work (I left at 4ish) I was thinking I'd call my friend and ask if I could use his crappy elliptical machine.  While I was leaving him a message, I realized that zumba started at 4:15 on Mondays and if I was really fast, I could make it.  So I did that instead.  =)

Monday's thankfulness:
"Today I am thankful I can go to zumba when it's rainy and windy instead of running. =)"

I also missed Friend Makin' Monday yesterday, so I will try to get on later and post FMM and my thankfulness for today.  =)

Thursday, November 15, 2012


"Today I'm thankful for Nancy. She has fabulously spearheaded the arrangements for our Disneyland trip at the end of Feb.  =)"

That's right . . . we're going to Disneyland in Feb.  One of my sister's and her husband, and my parents and my (immediate) family are all going.  My sister works for a government agency as a travel agent for all the scientists.  She went to travel agency school, but she isn't really a travel agent anymore. However, she knows more about it than the average joe.  So, she has been working with a AAA travel agent and is figuring out all the logistics of our trip.  Tomorrow we are all putting the deposit down for the trip, which makes it official.  =)  I'm so excited about it.
Today was zumba.  I took Damian again.  However, it was a different instructor today, and I wasn't thrilled about him.  It didn't seem like I got as good of a workout as I do with my other instructor.  I didn't notice the sweat until I was 45 min into the class, and I didn't drink very much water.  I usually drink an entire bottle of water and start sweating about 20 min into it. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just another day

"Today I'm thankful for having almost all my Christmas shopping done. =)"  Actually, it's more like half my Christmas shopping, but I'm still super happy about it.  =)

Today I spent my entire morning in the DSHS office (welfare office) with a client.  That is definitely not a place I enjoy going, especially since it takes at least 2 hours (3 today) to get anything done there.  The only redeeming quality of it was that I got to hang out with a 7 day old baby at the same time.  =)  I love babies. 

After work we were planning on going to go Christmas shopping for Damian and Maddox and then grocery shopping, so I knew that I wouldn't have time to go run.  I decided that I would go for a run at lunch time.  I went for a "short" 3.79 mile run and then scarfed down lunch.  After that I took another client to pay bills and get his meds.  So I think I spent an entire 15 min in my office today.  =)  Even though I hate going to DSHS, at least it gets me out of the office.  =)

We went to a couple second hand baby stores and bought 2 presents for Maddox and then to an outdoors store and bought a couple for Damian.  Which puts us at maybe one more gift for each and we're done.  That just means I need to buy gifts for Chris and extended family.  =)

Anyway, that's all I have to share with you tonight.  Sorry it wasn't long.  =)  Have a great night.

Monday, November 12, 2012

FMM ~ What's in your fridge?

"Today I'm thankful for the men and women (past and present) that sacrifice(d) for the freedoms I enjoy."

Yesterday I got so involved in my post about the Fowl Fun Run, I forgot about the rest of my day. . . well, evening.  I went to a play with a friend of mine Saturday night.  We saw Footloose.  It was put on by a local theater guild (they are pretty good).  I thought Footloose, however, was a little disappointing.  The actress that played Rusty (Sarah Jessica Parker's part in the movie) was a much, much better actress than the one that played Ariel.  The actor that played Ren (Kevin Bacon) was a lot dorky looking and definitely not that "cool" guy that Ren should be.  

I loved the actor that played Chuck (Ariel's bad boy boyfriend), but he couldn't sing at all.  Funny thing is, I know that actor.  He goes to my church. =)  Ariel's parents were pretty good, but most of the rest of the cast were very amateurish.  I realize that it's just a local play, but I've seen several plays performed by this guild before and I felt this one was the least professional of them all.  Of course, it may have been because I just saw Wicked, and that was FANTASTIC.
Well, it's Monday . . . and that means Friend Makin' Monday.  =)

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: All the Weigh so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

What’s in Your Fridge?
1. List a few common items that can always be found in your fridge.  eggs, spinach, almond milk, milk, cheese (Chris loves cheese), apples, chicken, hamburger

2. What kind of milk do you drink? I don't drink much milk.  I'm mildly lactose intolerant, I prefer 1% and that is what I buy, although I have started buying whole milk for Maddox, and I always have almond milk now.  I use the almond milk for creamer substitute (half creamer, half almond milk) and for my green drink

3. Do you prefer fresh or frozen vegetables?  Never, ever, ever canned. . . that's my only rule about veggies.  I eat mostly frozen ones, but fresh are better. =)

4. What do you currently have to drink in the fridge? water, diet pepsi, all of the milks I mentioned above, beer (Chris's, I can't stand it)

5. How often do you clean out your refrigerator? Not nearly often enough.  There's almost always a science experiment in the back.  I know . . . gross.

6. What’s the healthiest thing in it right now? spinach, apples . . .

7. What’s the most unhealthy thing in it right now? ice cream in the freezer

8. What do you wish you had in it that you don’t have now? I'm not sure.  We need to go shopping, we need whole milk (for Maddox)  =)

9. How often do you shop for groceries? We used to go almost daily, but we started a new thing a few weeks ago.  We now only go once a week, with our list . . . it is actually a very good thing that we're doing.  I hated going every day.

10. What’s the weirdest thing in your fridge right now? Whatever science experiment growing in the back.  ; ) 

Bonus: If you could choose one thing to put in the fridge and make it calorie-free what would it be?  Definitely cheesecake. =)

Now it’s your turn! Don’t forget to answer the questions and come back to post a link in the comments section!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fowl Fun Run 10K

"Today I am thankful for the families (wives, husbands, kids) that sacrifice their time with their loved one so that my family lives free. You are amazing people!"
So yesterday I ran the Fowl Fun Run.  Surprisingly I wasn't nervous at all.  The last run I did, the Have a Heart Run in May, I was really nervous.  I don't know if it was because it was my first race, or because I was going with my sister and she is a huge organizer and I'm not.  When I don't know what I'm doing and I'm with her, I get even more scattered and feel like I should know what I'm doing.  Anyway, once I decided I was going to do this run, I did a lot of self talk.  I decided I was going to get there early and look around.  Just hang out and see what was there.  I didn't do that at the Have a Heart Run.  I was there early, but didn't look around much, I was just nervous. 

I was kinda disappointed that there wasn't "more" there.  I don't know what I expected, but there wasn't anything going on beforehand.  It started at the Christian school here in Mt. Vernon, so I just sat in the gym and watched people.  I used the bathroom inside and was glad I did because there was quite a line for the port-a-potties.  There was no sign for the start, just the big inflatable "finish line", and I thought I had seen on their map that the start was in a different spot, so I wandered around a little looking for it, trying not to look like I was lost.  =)  Turns out the finish was the start.  lol! 

I was in the very back of the pack when it started.  In fact, I didn't hear anything, people just started running.  I heard some people saying the same thing, that they hadn't heard anything either.  Why is it that every run I do, I hate the first part.  I feel like I won't be able to make it.  When I run everyday at home, I don't always have a destination in mind, or an exact route.  So I do a lot of thinking about where I'm going to go.  I know a lot of distances from my house now, and I have different variations on each route I normally take, so I think about where I'm going to go, how far I actually want to go and so on.  Well, I noticed during the race that I couldn't think of those things.  I had no idea where I was going, and I had to follow the marked run.  I think it made it harder on me mentally.  I did a lot of looking around at the houses and the farmland I was running through.  That is of the biggest things I love about running outside, looking at the world around me (I wish I could listen to the world, but I can't, I have to have music in my ear). 
It was quite difficult to take a pic while running. =)
The first mile went by really, really fast.  I was surprised that I was already at the 1 mile mark.  However, the miles after that were not as quick.  I think the second and third mile were the longest.  However, the 6th mile was the hardest.  I had only run 5.5 miles up to this point, and that was once 2 weeks ago.  (I totally meant to do 6 last weekend but forgot.)  At about mile 5 I was done.  My legs were heavy and I was just ready to be done, I just kept thinking that I had done 5 miles and could do just one more.

I passed a lot of people at first and then fell in between two different couples.  One couple was 20-something year old females, tall and very, very thin, and the other was a female and male couple.  I ended up passing both couples and stayed ahead of them for most of the race.  Towards the end the girl/guy couple passed me and took off.  Then right at the finish line the 2 girls passed me.  I was upset, because I was ahead of them for most of the race and then they pass me at the very end.  But I was too pooped to try to get back in front of them. 

My time was great.  =)  It was very flat.  Seriously after looking at the route on MapMyFitness, there wasn't even a small incline or decline anywhere, it was completely flat.  I've never had a completely flat run before.  My app on my phone said I ran 6.39 miles at 57.42 min.  However, I turned it on a little early at the start, and forgot to turn it off until I was getting the chip cut off my shoe.  

Afterwards, I went back in the gym to see what was happening in there.  There was a lot of food and "goodies" but I really, really didn't feel like eating right at that moment.  I decided to get some water and then walk around outside a little.  I felt like I could use a good stretch.  I didn't do a "good" stretch, but stretched a little and then thought about going back in and having some pie.  But once again, I was out of my comfort zone and didn't want to sit there alone eating my pie.  So instead I just went home.  Besides, I had promised Damian teriyaki for watching Maddox, so I decided that would be my treat instead.  =)

Here are my official results:

I was 7th out of my age range.  I think that's great.  =)  And see my chip time . . . 56.51 min.  =)  I am super happy with that.  Since I've never run a 10K before, I got a PR! =)  lol 

I did see Kristin while I was running (she's a fast runner). I'm sure she didn't see me, or at least recognize me and I'm really not outgoing enough to say "hi" to people I don't know well. 

I spent quite a bit of time looking at the times of other people, trying to see if I recognized anyone.  There was one name that I thought looked familiar, but I don't know how I know the name.  I also recognized a girl from my Zumba class while I was running, but again, I was not comfortable saying hi. 

After studying the results for a crazy amount of time, I noticed something . . .

Do you see it!?  Those two girls are the two that passed me right at the end.  And their chip time is more than my chip time by 6 seconds.  =)  They started ahead of me in the pack and even though they finished ahead of me, I caught up to them and finished right behind them.  =)  For some reason that made me super happy.  I beat them after all, even though they passed me right at the finish line (seriously, look at the gun time 0.7 seconds behind them) . . . and I'm more than 10 years older than them.  =)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just a note

"Today I am thankful for the ability to run 6.2 miles in under an hour.  57 min to be exact. :-)"

I'll tell you all about the 10K I ran today later . . . and the rest of my day . . . later.  =)

Have a great night.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Frozen morning

"Today I am thankful for getting off early on Fridays. =)"

I did it, I signed up for the 10K tomorrow.  I'm not sure how excited I am.  In fact, I don't think I am at all.  I just feel nervous.  I guess one thing that is positive about not having my sister go is that I won't feel like I have to know what is going on.  I don't have to entertain her and be nervous at the same time.  We are good friends, but she is a HUGE planner, and I am not, so I always feel like when I don't know what I am doing, she is judging me.  I doubt she is, but I feel that way.

My last rose.  I love the frozen droplet of water on it. 
You can see it better on the first picture.
Today was the second day in a row that we had frost outside.  It is really cold this morning.  But it is a beautiful day and I can't wait to go run in it.  =)  While I was registering for the Fowl Fun Run yesterday, I also picked up a reflective vest to wear running.  With how early it gets dark now, I will be running in the dark in a week or two.  Yesterday I went immediately after getting home and was able to beat the dark by 15 min or so, but that is not going to happen very much anymore. 

Because of the darkness in the evening, and the lightness in the morning I have thought about getting up and running early in the morning.  It looks so nice (and cold) outside, but that would mean I would have to get up almost an hour earlier than I currently do . . . so I don't think that is going to happen.  Plus, an hour earlier than my current wake up time (6:20am) is dark, so what's the point?  =)  (See how easy it was to talk myself out of that crazy idea.)

Damian went with me again yesterday, but Chris was home so we didn't have to push the stroller.  Damian is a sprinter, I realize that he doesn't run very far with me, he only goes half a mile and turns around to make it a full mile, so he doesn't know that you have to save your energy if your going to go for a longer run.  I kept having to yell at him (he wears his headphones too loud) to slow down a little. 

I did the same 4.5 mile run I did the other day when D went with me.  I ran it a min faster this time, but still walked up half the steep hill.  I wish there weren't so many hills in this area.  Oh well, I guess they are just making me stronger.  =/

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Very short

This whole posting something everyday has really drained my brain.  ; )  I don't have much to say, and since I took yesterday off as a rest day, I don't have any running stories to tell either.  We went grocery shopping. Yay!

"Today I am thankful for really beautiful days and the anticipation of a run. =)"

It is a beautiful day outside.  Now if only I didn't have to work until almost dark (I hate the time change), run home, and hurriedly (is that a word??) throw on running clothes and run. . . Oh and I have a stop to make before I get home.  =/

I did talk to a coworker today about doing the 10K this weekend.  No one else I've talked to has said anything.  You want to know what her words of wisdom were?  "If you go I'll feel shameful because I don't do anything."  lol!  We were walking out of her office and talking about it when another couple coworkers walked by and asked what we were talking about.  So I told them I was thinking of doing a 10K this weekend but don't know if I want to.  He didn't even let me get my (lame) excuses out before he said I should do it. . . .So I guess that means I'm going to go sign up after work today.  =)

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday.  Yay!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Curly hair?

With many of the people I follow doing a blog a day for November, I have a lot of catching up to do.  I am so behind in my reading. 

Anyway, I am soooo glad the election is over. I am not a very political person.  Honestly, I don't care much.  I'm sure there are people out there that would think I am a horrible person because I don't care, but I don't care.  =) 

The biggest (for me) result of the election was the gay marriage referendum in WA that passed.  I have come from a very conservative family and now work in a very liberal field.  For a couple years now I have waffled between my conservative side and my liberal side on whether or not gay marriage is right.  I have firmly landed on the side that says, why is it any of my business what others do?  Why do I have a say in saying whether or not two people who love each other can get married or not?  No one has a say if I want to marry someone, so why should I say no to someone who may like a different gender than me?? 

So, I am very happy that gay marriage is on it's way to being legal in WA state.  I think it's the right thing to do.  I think in 30 years, our kids will look back and think what was the big deal?  Kinda like how I look back and think what idiots made marrying interracially wrong. 

Anyway, that is the most political I will ever get on here.  =)  I promise.

"Today I am thankful the elections are over.  Can we now get on with our everyday lives...."

Zumba happens in my everyday life . . . well, not everyday, but once a week.  And yesterday was that day.  I freaking love zumba.  =)  Today is my rest day, we get to go grocery shopping (yippee) *_*

In other news, I found out today that the group I joined made it into the Hood to Coast relay next August!  I am so excited about it.  I am sure I have no idea what I just got myself into, but I will have several other people there to join me.  =)  Including my childhood friend who hooked me up and now has to start running.  =)

I am still debating the Fowl Fun Run.  I don't know why it's such a hard thing to decide for me.  I do need to decide because I have to register tomorrow at the latest.  I just wish my husband or my sister could go with me. That would make my decision much easier.  I need to just do it, and quit thinking about it so much.

Looking at the post I linked above I talked about the curly hair method as well in it.  Funny thing is, today is my 6th week of doing it.  And I should be done with it.  I honestly don't know if I like my hair.  It is super soft, but not much difference in the curliness of it.  I have noticed the last week or so that it seems to be even more frizzy than it was before.  I'm kinda bummed about that.  I have pictures of every week since I started, but they are not great pictures.  My son took the majority of them, and it's really hard to see it well and honestly, I think my hair looks exactly the same.  I will post them, but don't expect much.  =)

Sept 28

Oct. 5

Oct. 12
Oct. 19

Oct. 26

Nov. 2

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Active kid

I meant to post the FMM post yesterday evening, but my normal laziness prevented me from getting on my computer at home.  I even had it mostly typed up.  All I needed to do was get on and write my thankfulness for the day and hit post.  =/  Oh well, now you get 2 posts today instead of yesterday.

Damian is a very active boy.  I'm sure I've mentioned it, but he plays a lot of sports.  He's played baseball since he was 5 and soccer from 6 yrs old to 12.  (For some reason last year he decided to stop soccer, which is sad because I like it a lot better than baseball, but he loves baseball.)  He's been doing gymnastics for 4 years and last year he started basketball and wrestling.  He wanted to do football this year, but we didn't hear about the sign-ups in time, and he was visiting my parents in eastern WA for the first of the season.

He's in the blue.
Needless to say, he's very fit.  However, he hasn't been doing much cardio for months now.  Gymnastics is good for muscles, but there's not much endurance or cardio type stuff in it.  Basketball starts at the end of this month.  I played basketball too (it was my all time favorite sport to play when I was younger).  I also played volleyball in the fall, and I remember going from a lazy summer to having to sports in the fall and always being so out of shape.  The first few weeks of practices were horrible.  So in order to prevent some of that with Damian I told him he needed to start running with me a few times a week.

Yesterday I got home and we went for a run immediately.  (I really hate the time change, it was already getting dark by 4pm, I don't know what I'm going to do in a few weeks when it's full on dark at that time.)  Anyway, he only did a mile.  We had to take the jogging stroller because Chris wasn't home yet. He turned around when I told him we had reached half a mile and I made him take Maddox back to the house.  He had to run with the jogging stroller up the hill to get home (I planned that well).  =)  I continued down the trail and decided to go a different way.  I have to say, other than the horrible hill which I walked half of on that route, it was a pretty nice route.  After I got up the hill I was thinking how much I hated the run, but then I was thinking that the rest of the way was all downhill.  Then I thought "I bet when I get home I will love this route."  I always love the routes that take me downhill on the way home.  =)  It ended up being 4.5 miles, which is perfect for me right now.

 By the time I got home it was dark.  I was not wearing light clothes, I had on a purple shirt and black capri's.  I don't even own a light colored shirt.  So I think I need to go to the running store this week and get a reflector vest.  I am not looking forward to running in the dark.  I have the pepper spray I bought a while ago, but I didn't think it would be as dark as it was when I took off, so I didn't grab it.  I did stay on busy roads with street lights, other than the first mile which was on the bike trail, but it was still light out when I was on that part. 

"Today I'm thankful for Zumba!"

Yep, it's zumba night!  =)

I have never liked avocados, however, since Maddox was born and reading all the benefits of avocados, I have been feeding them to him.  And recently I started eating a few bites myself (only with a little salt).  Well, I'm starting to really like them.  Today there was half an avocado in the fridge from Maddox's snack yesterday, so I decided to give it to Maddox and eat some of it for breakfast.  For whatever reason, he wasn't interested much today (he usually loves them) so I ended up eating most of it.  Now I'm craving another one.  How strange is that?  I guess there are worse things to crave.  =)  Here are a few sites to review. =)

FMM - Ten Reasons to be Thankful

How funny!  Yesterday morning I posted that I was going to do FMM later and my thankfulness for the day, and FMM is all about reasons to be thankful this week.  Coincidence?  maybe ; )
Monday's thankfulness:
"Today I am thankful for successful clients.  Two people graduated from the program I work in. =)"

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: Kenlie's blog so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

Ten Reasons To Be Thankful

1.  I am thankful for my husband.  He is amazing, and I don't know what I would do without him.

2. I am thankful for Damian.  Damian really is the best teenager in the world.  He is such a wonderful kid, I can't believe how great he is. =)

3. I am thankful for Maddox.  He has made me much more appreciative of the little things.  He has a mind of his own, and is such a stubborn kid. =)

My kids make me smile everyday, I love them so much!

4. I am thankful for my kindle.  I have been on a reading binge, and I can't get enough books right now.  =)

5. I am thankful for running.  I LOVE running.

6. I am thankful for new shoes.  I got new boots in the mail this weekend and I love them.  =)

7. I am thankful for a job.  Seriously, I don't care to work, but without it we wouldn't be able to pay bills and we definitely wouldn't be able to save up to go to Disneyland in March.

8.  I am thankful for my friends.

9.  I am thankful for really comfy blankets and cool mornings. =)

10.  I am thankful for airborne. . . I think I might be getting sick.  =(

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s question!  Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments!  Happy Monday!

Monday, November 5, 2012

I love fall days

I'm really annoyed.  I typed up a post on Saturday and Sunday on my phone and "published" them, but yet, they didn't publish.  I don't know where they went.  They are just gone.  =(  I don't even remember what I wrote.  With the "thankfulness challenge" that I started on Facebook I thought I would also make sure and post everyday, even if they're short, to share what I was thankful for that day.  So now, 5 days into November and I've already screwed up.  But does it count if you actually wrote the post and published it, but it disappeared?  Oh well.


"Today I am thankful for fabulous visits with best friends."

I spent the day with my sister, we ate lunch, got pedicures, and then spent an hour chatting at Starbucks.  It was a really great day.  =)  I ended up not running, but I was okay with that.

Friday evening we had some friends over.  They stayed way too late and then Maddox woke up way too early.  I was really exhausted.  We have had friends over, I think, every day last week and multiple days the week before.  I told Chris that Saturday was a family day and no one was allowed to come over in the evening.  I already had plans with my sister, so she was coming. 

Well, a friend of ours is going through a break-up.  Her boyfriend ended up on my front step Saturday evening wanting to talk.  He ended up being there for 3 hours or so.  And then Damian asked if a friend of his could spend the night, and we forgot about the no people over thing and told him he could.  Ugh! 

So Sunday I posted on FB that no one was allowed to come over, and we finally got some quiet time.  =)


"Today I'm thankful for laughing babies."

It was a beautiful fall day yesterday.  No rain, and fairly warm. So Maddox and I decided to go for a walk.  We took Gizmo (our dog) and headed out.  I decided to go on a different street, one without sidewalks, but is not busy.  However, Maddox kept getting sidetracked by gravel.  He wanted to pick up lots of rocks.  And Gizmo had to go potty, so he was pulling one way and Maddox was pulling the other.  I finally gave up and went home.  We didn't even make it past 2 houses on that street.  =)  Instead we went to the backyard and I let Maddox wander around back there.  I think he had fun.  =) 

I decided to take Maddox on my run yesterday.  That was a big mistake.  I ended up pushing the jogging stroller in 30 mph gusts of wind.  Needless to say, I didn't go very far, only 2.5 miles.  And I walked a lot of it.  

Looking both ways on the trail I ran.
I thought it was really pretty.  =)
I do not understand why, when it's really windy, no matter what direction you are headed, you are going into the wind.  I am not kidding.  I went the bike path that I used to do all the time, because it's fairly flat.  So I started out going east, and the wind is in my face, I get to the end of the path and turn around, and guess what?? the wind was in my face.  I will admit, after I turned around it was blowing much harder in my face (going west).  So then, I get to my street and I turn up it (going south and uphill) and (I am not kidding!!) the wind was in my face.  How is that possible??  The only time I didn't have wind in my face was on the way down the hill (going north) to the trail.

I will post Friend Makin' Monday later today, along with my thankfulness for today.  I like to wait till the end of the day (or close to the end) so that they're not generic and can be about my day.  =)

Friday, November 2, 2012


There is a trend going around on Facebook right now.  30 days of thankfulness.  You post what you are thankful everyday.  I joined it last night.  I was thinking it was a cool idea, but didn't post anything.  I thought I would just do it here, but then I decided why not do it on FB, so I posted at 11:30pm as I was laying in bed.  =)  Yesterday's thankfulness post was

"Today I'm thankful for Chris.  He works hard for us and still goes walking with me...sometimes. =) He's a great guy and I don't know what I'd do without him."

Today I am thankful for a really great deal.  =)

Chris has a coworker that told him he could get Seahawks jersey's for $25.  These jersey's sell in the store for $250.  We ordered 3.  But he needed 10 orders and he only had 8.  So I told Chris that I would ask at work and then I also asked my family.  Wow!  What a response!  I got 11 orders from work and 4 from my family.  So we are ordering 17 jersey's at $25 a piece, that's $425.  If we got 17 jersey's from the store that would be $4250!!!  That is a great deal!  =)

I typed the beginning of this this morning, but hadn't posted it on facebook yet.  I ended up changing my thankfulness, which I'll talk about in a min.  =)

Yesterday Chris walked with me 1.9 miles and then I ran for 3.75 miles.  Today turned out to be really nice outside, so I went for a 4.5 mile run.  =)  It was nice.  I have noticed that I hate running and always think of stopping right at the beginning of the run.  Since I've noticed that, I just "will" my way till I hit my groove. 

During my run I was listening to my music that is on my phone.  The other day I accidentally hit "play all" instead of one of my running playlists.  I didn't mind too much so I didn't change it.  Well, today I was running and suddenly I hear a baby's voice in my ear.  I forgot that I had recorded Maddox making noises when he was first being vocal and it came on.  It was awesome.  I laughed and smiled through the very short (too short) baby talk audio. 

So my thankfulness that I actually put on FB was

"Today I am thankful baby noises.  =) Today while I was running a recording of Maddox's voice came on instead of a song. I had forgotten I recorded it. It definitely made me smile."