Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 6

The female native has gotten restless.  It is obvious that the lack of running has really hampered her mood and made her hard to be around.  The males in the tribe circle her carefully.  The adult male often offers her a glass of wine but she resolutely turns it down.  The lack of wine may also be a factor in her mood swings.  However, she often stares at her foot and smiles, so this may be some comfort to her and she may be calmed down a little by just the sight of her new markings. 


Actually I am doing very well without running.  I miss it on cold, sunny days like yesterday and today, but it really helps to have a set ending time.  When my plantar faciitis prevented me from running I didn't know how long it would be before I could start running again, so I was in a foul mood pretty much from the beginning and it never really got better. 

I didn't ever start Insanity.  I was just lazy.  I am doing my planks, yesterday was a rest day but today is 3 min again.  I was just looking at the chart and on Saturday I add 15 sec.  That is going to be hard!!  After calculating it out, by the end of the month I will be up to 4 min.  Wow!  I may continue with this after November is over.  But without the chart and having people doing it with me, it may get put aside, but I am pretty proud of my 3 mins right now.  =)  (I have several friends on FB that are doing the planksgiving challenge with me and I post every day my times, it has sparked some good conversations.)

So my eating is going very good.  Every once in awhile I'll take a bite of Maddox's food without thinking about it (Tuesday I had eaten 3 bites of his top ramen {that kid loves noodles and he is so picky that we give him what he will eat, don't judge} before I had realized I wasn't supposed to be eating that.)  Chris cooked a chicken dish on Tuesday (he's been very supportive) but he made baked potatoes for everyone else.  I was feeling left out, so I decided it was time to try mashed cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes because I've heard lots of people say it's good.  Uh, yeah.  I think I got down 4 or 5 bites and then almost threw up.  I did not find it good at all!  And I like cooked cauliflower, so I was surprised.  I even added some butter (I know, I know), but yuck!  I did not like it at all.  I wished I had skipped the mashed part and just eaten the cooked cauliflower (with the butter).  I don't know what the difference was.  It's just cooked cauliflower mashed up, but it wasn't the texture I didn't like, it was the taste.  Weird, huh?

You know, it actually hasn't been that hard this time around.  I think it's the mind set.  I went into it this time thinking I would allow some cheats (coffee and creamer is the big one).  I have allowed some ranch with my salads and broccoli and cauliflower (I can eat cauliflower plain, but not broccoli) and like I mentioned above, some butter (actually margarine, which is worse) and some wine.  Okay, okay, I've gone a little over what I was going to allow on my wine intake.  Tuesday I had 2 glasses of white, and last night I had 3 glasses of red (I was trying to finish the bottle because I opened it on Saturday and didn't realize how much was left). 

However, even with these "extras" and no running, I am down 3.5 lbs from my Saturday weight.  It's still only 148.8, but it was 152.3 on Saturday (or Sunday, I can't remember). 

I was thinking about this earlier today, and even though Chris (and now Damian) is a big potato eater, I never have been.  While Chris and I were separated, I never made potatoes, and if I did it was the boxed mashed potatoes (yuck! although I did like them back then).  The only reason I eat them now is because Chris insists on having a starch with every meal.  I do love mashed potatoes, so we seem to have those more than baked, but I'm thinking I may just go back to my old ways (not boxed) and only have them once in awhile.  I think Chris will eat a lot more baked potatoes (his favorite).  The biggest adjustment is getting rid of bread, but I have been slowly cutting back on my bread for awhile now.  Oh, and those handfuls of candy that I get from the office candy lady. 

Today I'm taking the day off of the no carb/starch thing.  We are doing a small Thanksgiving dinner with some friends, so I'm going to eat some mashed potatoes and stuffing.  Oh, and I will drink some wine, and have a margarita. (I found this AWESOME harvest margarita a few years ago and Thanksgiving is the only time I make it.)  I'm okay with this, I will be good the rest of the week and weekend.  =) 

Sunday or Monday I get to run! I think Monday is my actual 10th day, but I'm going to see how my foot looks and feels on Sunday and go then if I can.  =)  It's definitely healing, it itches soooo badly.  Hopefully it'll heal quickly. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


On Friday I got home and knew I had a little bit of time before my tattoo, so I went for a run (of course, what else would a runner do?).  I went for a fabulous 5 mile run, in the rain.  I loved it.  It felt awesome.  I knew it was going to be my last for 10 days, so I wanted it to be a good run, the only thing that would have made it better was having the sun out.  But I'm okay with rain.  Anyway, as I was headed home my phone dinged for an alarm.  I didn't think anything of it, but as I was walking in the door, I looked at it and it said that my tattoo was scheduled for 3 (I thought it was at 4), it was 2:55.  I was pretty frantic.  My heart was racing because of my run, and then I was worrying about what time my tattoo was.  I was running around trying to peel off (literally) soaking wet clothes, and find the phone number for the tattoo place.  I called and was told that, yes, my tattoo was scheduled for 3, not 4.  I let her know what was going on and she was really understanding.  She said as long as I got there before 3:30 I was okay.  I rushed around getting dressed and trying to untangle the knot of hair that had been my ponytail.  =)
Thankfully I made it.  =)

 She was amazing.  She talked to me quite a bit which really helped keep my mind off of the pain (and it was painful).  It only took about 45 min, so it wasn't too horrible.
 I LOVE it!!  It was totally worth it.  =)
 And here it is not as red.  I find myself staring at it.  I love it soooo much!

Saturday I decided to tackle Damian's closet, which I thought was full of boxes and pictures that we had stored there when we moved in.  I was wrong.  It was full (and I mean very, very full) with too small clothes, old toys, lots and lots of too small coats, and tons of garbage . . . oh and don't forget the sheets and towels that he didn't want to fold so he hid in there.  I pulled out about half the stuff and sorted the clothes and stuff into garbage and Goodwill.  I was really unhappy with Damian, I have been defending that closet for awhile from Chris who would get after D and I would say it was "our" stuff.  Anyway, I told D that the rest of it is his to do next weekend.

The mountains of stuff from his closet.

So much it spilled out to the hall.

I am still doing the Planksgiving challenge.  I am up to 3 min (today, which I haven't done yet).  It's amazing to me because everyday it's hard.  Some days very, very hard.  But, I don't ever feel like it's harder than the day before, even though the time keeps going up.  2:25 was really hard, but now I'm doing 2:55, and that was hard, but not too hard.  I am definitely getting stronger. 

Maddox decided to crawl under me and lay there the whole time last night.  I guess it's better than on top of me.  =)

Today marks day 4 of no running.  Only 6 more days.  =) 

I guess I should mention that my eating is going good.  I decided to allow coffee and maybe a glass of wine (probably tonight) but otherwise, I'm feeling great.  I'm feeling skinny.  I like how I feel when I don't eat a lot of carbs and sugar.  =)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Yearly mileage

Today I am getting a tattoo on my foot.  I am nervous and a little excited at the same time.  But mostly just dreading the pain of it.  Because of where I am getting the tattoo, I won't be able to wear any shoes or socks on the top of my foot, which means no running shoes, which means no running . . . for 10 days.  I am not happy about this at all, but I've wanted this tattoo for awhile, so I'm going to do it. 

Anyway, I was going to run yesterday and today because I won't be able to run for so long, but I totally got lazy yesterday.  Damian had parent/teacher conferences at school.  I don't know if you've ever been to the new type of parent/teacher conference, I guess it started when he went to jr. high, but the teachers are all in the gym or cafeteria and you have to wander around and find each teacher and talk to them for no more than 10 min.  The poor teachers are there from 2pm-8pm, with an hour break for dinner.  We got there about 4 and the dinner break was at 5. 

We were sitting at D's second to last teacher and they called out that there was 10 min before they were going to take their hour break, we only had one teacher left and I DID NOT want to wait or come back.  But the teacher we were talking to kept talking forever, it was very hard to just sit there and talk to her.  She was an important person to talk to though because Damian was having some issues with reading in her class (science class and Damian doesn't read well, you can read about it here).  We wanted to let her know about his IEP and struggles with reading (D doesn't have to stand up in class and read {which was the issue he told me about the other day} and he gets extra time on homework and tests).  It always bothers me when teachers don't know about his IEP, I understand that they have a lot of students, but maybe they should just glance through them all and see which students may need extra help or support (the teacher isn't required to do the help, they can have someone else come in).  Anyway, she kept talking and talking, finally we got out of there and practically ran to the last teacher who was still sitting there. 

He was great, he said he had seen D earlier and was kinda waiting for him.  His class was some sort of computer tech stuff, and he said D is very good, and often is bored in the class because he's so good at the stuff.  He told D that they were going to be learning how to make websites, and that would be really good for Damian.  I was glad that the last teacher we talked to had only good things to say, although, all the teachers had good things to say, he just has problems in some of his classes with the reading stuff.  (And even though he has problems reading in science, he still has an A.)

Anyway, because of the conferences I was going to have to run on the treadmill (which I hate now) but I just decided not to.  I've upped my mileage a little this week and just decided that running today would be okay.  I will probably regret that this weekend when I can't run, but it's too late now.  Wednesday I ran 4 miles on the treadmill, that puts me at 13 miles for this week so far (how sad is it that just a few short months ago I ran 13 miles all at once) and another 4 or 5 today, which is the farthest I've ran in a week since early Sept.  Of course, then next week my mileage will be 0.  *sigh*

My goal of 1200 miles for this year is completely shot.  But I can't beat myself up over it.  There is a new year coming and I think a goal of 1214 would be perfect.  It would be soooo easy for me to do it (as long as I don't get hurt!).  I have run a total of 870.7 miles so far for 2013.  With only a week left of Nov (that I will be able to run) and December, 1200 miles is not gonna happen.  I'm not even gonna make 1000 miles, but oh well.  Like I said, there's a new year coming up.  =)

I tend to have very little to say when I don't run, so next week I may have sparse posts.  I think I'm going to find the Insanity DVDs and do that again.  I haven't done them in months and I don't want to get lazy.  I will just have to do them barefoot (I hope I don't hurt myself).  =)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Running more

Well, as my short Friday post stated, I did not do the Fowl Fun run this weekend.  I wasn't very happy about the situation, but what could I do?  Nothing.  So instead I went for a 5 mile run on Friday (my longest since the half on Sept 8th).  I felt good during it, but on Saturday my foot ached for most of the day.  I did good things for it, iced, rested, supportive shoes, stretched. 

I decided to see if I could imitate some of the strength moves that I was getting in my cycle/strength class on Saturday.  So I spent 30 min doing that, plus some pushups and a 2 min 15 sec plank.  I can tell the planking is getting easier.  When I went from 2 min to 2 min 10 sec I thought I was going to die.  However, adding more time doesn't seem to make it harder, it basically just stays at the same hardness.

Sunday I decided I was going to try to do a "long" run.  (I remember when long runs were 10+ miles.)  I have been missing the routes that I take on my long runs.  They are very similar to my regular runs, I just add side streets or a trail here and there to try to make the distance go as high as I need.  So because I knew it wasn't going to be a very long long run, I decided I would add just part of my long run route. 

Of course, I started out too fast, and was thinking about mile 3 that it would just be a normal 4 or 5 mile run.  However, by the time I got to mile 4 I had slowed down and was feeling very comfortable.  I could turn one way and go 5 miles, or I could turn another and go 6 miles.  So I went 6.  It felt very comfortable and exactly what I needed. 

I was worried about my foot aching again like it did on Saturday after 5 miles, but yesterday it felt great.  So great in fact, that I went out for an easy 3 mile run.  I love the weekends, it gives me time to actually go outside and run.  I don't have to worry about getting home from work in time to beat the fast approaching sunset.  (I realize yesterday was Monday, but I took it off because of having no daycare due to the holiday.)

This coming Friday I am getting a tattoo on my foot.  I have wanted this tattoo for a long time, but have been scared of getting it because I've heard the foot hurts a lot.  Also, I have put it off because it would mean I wouldn't be able to run for a while.  I hurt my calf a year ago in the summer, and took a month off of running because of it.  However, I didn't think of getting the tattoo then until I was starting to run again, and I didn't want to take more time off (although looking back it wouldn't have hurt me, I ended up having calf pain for a couple months longer).  Anyway, I decided if I got hurt again and not be able to run, I would get the tattoo.  And then of course the injury I got was plantar fasciitis, which requires shoes to be worn.  Anyway, I decided I was just going to do it, so I scheduled it a few weeks ago.
What I am getting on my foot, with
much more flowy lettering.
This means that I have to take up to 10 days off of running.  I'm not supposed to wear shoes that cover it for 10 days.  I may break that rule, but I do want it to heal well, and not get infected.  This will also be different than an injury because most forms of exercise require some sort of shoe.  I may break out some videos (hello, Insanity?) and do them in my living room without shoes on.  (Hopefully I don't injure my foot more.)

Because of getting the tattoo and not being able to do much exercise, I've been thinking about tightening up my eating again.  I'm not going to call it a cleanse, it's not really that, I don't think.  But I'm going to eliminate carbs, sugar, and most fats.  Lean meat (chicken, because I don't like fish) and lots and lots of fruits and vegetables.  No breads, no candy, no potatoes, no pasta, very little dairy (I'm still thinking about drinking coffee, with the creamer I use {which has sugar}), and possibly no alcohol (maybe ONE glass of wine here or there).   I only lasted 3 days last time, but this time, I'm going for 10.  Ugh!

Today is a rest day.  I'm thinking of doing the strength exercises again and of course I have to do my plank.  I'm up to 2 min 25 sec.  =)

Friday, November 8, 2013

No race

Well, I just wanted to write a very quick post letting you know that I will not be running the Fowl Fun Run this weekend.  I don't have a babysitter.  =(  I will tell you, I'm dying to go for a long run.  I was looking forward to running this weekend, but Damian is going out of town with his church youth group, so I don't have anyone to look after Maddox.  =/  Well, maybe I can find a friend in the afternoon to watch him, but no one's available for the morning which means no race.

On a more positive note, I am up to 2 min and 10 seconds for my plank challenge.  It doesn't follow the chart, but as it is supposed to be a "challenge" I would assume it should be challenging.  =) 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fighting back the winter running blues (I know, it's not winter yet)

I have been pretty lazy this week. Or at least I feel like I have been. Tuesday I had every intention of working out, even though I didn't feel like it. I went to cycle/strength class, but it was cancelled, and didn't do anything afterwards. Then yesterday I had a hair appt and knew I wouldn't be able to run outside, so instead of running on the dreaded treadmill, I skipped it. I've been eating terrible (extra candy or goodies at work are killing me) (I beat the Halloween candy at home, but not the temptations at work). And, just in general, feel like a busted can of biscuits. =)
However, even though I feel like that, Chris commented yesterday on how skinny I looked and the scale has not gone up.  I was 150.4 (up from 148.4 Monday morning after my weekend sickness) on Wednesday, which is pretty much what I see almost daily now.

This weekend is the Fowl Fun Run, which I ran last year.  I remember before this race I hadn't run more than 5 miles.  I don't remember exactly how far my farthest run was at that point and don't have the time to go back through my blog to see if I wrote about it.  I was so nervous about doing this race and not knowing if I could run that far.  Now I think, it's just a 10k.  How much difference a year makes.  =)

Anyway, I find it interesting that I am again debating whether or not I should sign up for it this year.  This year it's for different reasons.  3 months ago, it was pretty much a no-brainer, I was going to do it.  Now with this foot issue, I've been wondering if I should.  And again . . . my longest run since my half 2 months ago is only 4 miles.  I don't doubt at all that I can run 6, but there's always that nagging in the back of my head.  I'd like to do it and compare the times, and it would be the only repeat race from last year. 

I think I've pretty much talked myself into it.  Thank you.  =)  (Now I just need to go sign up, I have to wait till tomorrow's paycheck, but the registration doesn't close till 1pm tomorrow, so I have time.)

I think winter is such a hard time of year to get really into running.  (Not that it's winter already, but it is dark early now.)  I hate running in the dark, and lately I've really been hating running on my treadmill.  (Remember last January when I loved it?)  I'm finding that my desire to run has been declining.  I want to run outside, but it's so dark after 430, so that means I have to run on the treadmill, and I hate it.  Today I was planning on running outside, but it's really stormy and windy, so it's the treadmill again.  I think I'm going to move it back outside (not tonight, however), at least while it was outside I got fresh air and could watch people and cars go by.  Inside, it's too warm and there's nothing to watch . . . well, TV, but that hasn't been diverting enough to keep me from thinking about how horrible the treadmill is. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Well, I think I've got the Halloween candy under control.  Last year we had a lot (for our neighborhood) of trick or treaters, so this year we bought enough candy for the same amount of people.  However, we only had about 8 kids come to the door.  Which means a lot of candy left over.  I went a little overboard Thursday night, Friday and Saturday morning (which might have been why I was really sick Sat. afternoon and evening).  However, after being sick, I haven't felt like eating much candy, so even though it sits there, staring at me every time I walk out my bedroom door (it's in my bedroom because otherwise my kids would have it gone in 2.2 seconds), I have avoided it.  =)

I was on Pinterest (follow me if you'd like) on the first of November and came across the Planksgiving Challenge.  I decided I was going to do it. 
I posted it on my personal Facebook page and my running FB page (again, follow me if you'd like).  On my personal page I had several friends say they would do it with me, but many of them thought a 20 second start was too short.  They decided to start with whatever level they were and add the recommended time each day.  Well, I decided that I would follow it to the letter, however, at day 3, I realized this wasn't challenging at all, and after all isn't it a planksgiving "challenge?" So I upped my time to one min and did 1 min 10 seconds on day 3.  A friend of mine told me I could easily do more than that now, but I think I will stick with that time and see where it takes me.  =)

Yesterday I went to my cycle/strength class and found out that the instructor hurt his back and is unable to teach the class.  So, since he was leaving in a week or so anyway, there is no more cycle/strength class.  There were two other people that had showed up for the class and they obviously knew each other.  They were talking about doing some sort of workout on the bikes since they were already there.  Since I was there they invited me and I said sure. 

I can't remember what program they were talking about, but they talked about this program where a guy only exercises 2x a week and relies on most of his weight loss (now maintenance) on clean eating.  The exercises he does do are short but at times difficult.  The workout they were going to do on the bikes was to put the tension so high that you can't move the pedals while sitting, you stand and pedal as hard as you can for 30 sec. and then rest for 2 min and repeat 5 times. 

I did this with them while they explained to me how normal forms of exercise are "dangerous" and "uneffective."  Running is bad for you.  Swimming is the "fat person's" workout.  I pretty much disagree with almost everything they said, except the eating part.  I do see how eating clean is good, although, some of those thoughts were kind of strange as well.  This guy doesn't believe in calorie counting, but right after they said that, they said that it's the quality of calories that count, and I agree with that.  1200 calories of soda, candy and other junk is much, much different than 1200 calories of fruits, veggies, lean meat and other healthy food. 

I did not feel much of a benefit from this 10 min "super" exercise.  I went home and decided to do this ab workout, which I started last week.  (I've only done it 3 times so far.)  However, while I was doing the first workout, I decided I really didn't want to (excuses) so I stopped.  I decided to see how long I could hold a plank.  I set my stopwatch app on my phone and tried to tune out what I was doing.  I did a 2 min plank, and honestly probably could have gone a little longer.  After that, I decided to see if I could do a handstand (I don't know why I thought of that).  And I was able to balance on my head and hands for a short amount of time  (I was close to a wall and so I could make sure I didn't fall).  I was very pleased with that since I have never been able to get my feet above my head without resting against a wall for any amount of time.

So . . . since I can do a 2 min plank, I decided once again to change my challenge up.  Today I was "supposed" to do a 1min 20 sec plank, but now am going to make it a 2 min 5 sec plank. 

Monday, November 4, 2013


I've quite bad about writing here lately.  I don't exactly know why.  I only posted once last week, which I don't think I've ever done except when I was on vacation. 
This was the neatest leaf I saw on the ground while dropping Maddox off at daycare last week.  I thought it was so awesome I had to take a picture of it.  =)

Anyway, last week we had Halloween.  Maddox is only two so we just took him around the block to trick or treat.  My Mom had gotten us a costume for us, otherwise we probably wouldn't even have done that.  Damian stayed home and answered the door, however, we had very few trick or treaters this year.  We live on a very busy street, so never have many, but I think this year was the lowest number.
He wasn't too sure at first and was kinda grumpy.  Afterwards,
(bottom right) he found his costume and put it back on
and wouldn't take it off.
A couple years ago we started the tradition of letting Damian watch a scary movie on Halloween night.  We let him watch something we normally would say no to (which wasn't really my idea) but it has stuck.  This year we watched The Conjuring.  Yeah . . . that was a freaky movie.  It always ends up being a late night because D and I always have to stay up and watch something less scary so we can go to sleep and this year was one of the worst.  (I think the worst was the first Paranormal Activity movie.)

Because of Halloween, I didn't make it to my cycle/strength class on Thursday.  I was pretty bummed about that because I like that class a lot and it's going to end in a few weeks.  I decided I would run on Saturday though to make up for missing my class.

However, on Saturday I got sick, like really sick.  I think it had to be something I ate.  My stomach got progressively worse all day until I had to rush to the bathroom and I still missed the toilet (yes, TMI)(stupid child gate and doorknob child safety things).  I ended up not working out at all.  I felt better on Sunday, but was still feeling queasy, so didn't run. 

My foot is feeling so much better.  It still aches sometimes, but not nearly as often or as much as it used to.  Even the day after my runs it still doesn't hurt much.  In fact, not at all last week.  This morning it was a little achey.  I have gotten a little lazy with rolling it at night.  I don't always think of it when it doesn't hurt.  Last night I rolled it really well, and it popped several joints in my foot.  I love it when it pops, I don't know what it is, but it always feels better after it pops.  I don't exactly know where it pops, but it's a lot like cracking your knuckles, but just in the arch of my foot.  It feels fantastic.