Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fighting back the winter running blues (I know, it's not winter yet)

I have been pretty lazy this week. Or at least I feel like I have been. Tuesday I had every intention of working out, even though I didn't feel like it. I went to cycle/strength class, but it was cancelled, and didn't do anything afterwards. Then yesterday I had a hair appt and knew I wouldn't be able to run outside, so instead of running on the dreaded treadmill, I skipped it. I've been eating terrible (extra candy or goodies at work are killing me) (I beat the Halloween candy at home, but not the temptations at work). And, just in general, feel like a busted can of biscuits. =)
However, even though I feel like that, Chris commented yesterday on how skinny I looked and the scale has not gone up.  I was 150.4 (up from 148.4 Monday morning after my weekend sickness) on Wednesday, which is pretty much what I see almost daily now.

This weekend is the Fowl Fun Run, which I ran last year.  I remember before this race I hadn't run more than 5 miles.  I don't remember exactly how far my farthest run was at that point and don't have the time to go back through my blog to see if I wrote about it.  I was so nervous about doing this race and not knowing if I could run that far.  Now I think, it's just a 10k.  How much difference a year makes.  =)

Anyway, I find it interesting that I am again debating whether or not I should sign up for it this year.  This year it's for different reasons.  3 months ago, it was pretty much a no-brainer, I was going to do it.  Now with this foot issue, I've been wondering if I should.  And again . . . my longest run since my half 2 months ago is only 4 miles.  I don't doubt at all that I can run 6, but there's always that nagging in the back of my head.  I'd like to do it and compare the times, and it would be the only repeat race from last year. 

I think I've pretty much talked myself into it.  Thank you.  =)  (Now I just need to go sign up, I have to wait till tomorrow's paycheck, but the registration doesn't close till 1pm tomorrow, so I have time.)

I think winter is such a hard time of year to get really into running.  (Not that it's winter already, but it is dark early now.)  I hate running in the dark, and lately I've really been hating running on my treadmill.  (Remember last January when I loved it?)  I'm finding that my desire to run has been declining.  I want to run outside, but it's so dark after 430, so that means I have to run on the treadmill, and I hate it.  Today I was planning on running outside, but it's really stormy and windy, so it's the treadmill again.  I think I'm going to move it back outside (not tonight, however), at least while it was outside I got fresh air and could watch people and cars go by.  Inside, it's too warm and there's nothing to watch . . . well, TV, but that hasn't been diverting enough to keep me from thinking about how horrible the treadmill is. 


  1. I hear you about the dark! I still can't believe it is dark at 5pm!

  2. Glad you talked yourself into the race....saved me the hassle! :)