Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Well, I think I've got the Halloween candy under control.  Last year we had a lot (for our neighborhood) of trick or treaters, so this year we bought enough candy for the same amount of people.  However, we only had about 8 kids come to the door.  Which means a lot of candy left over.  I went a little overboard Thursday night, Friday and Saturday morning (which might have been why I was really sick Sat. afternoon and evening).  However, after being sick, I haven't felt like eating much candy, so even though it sits there, staring at me every time I walk out my bedroom door (it's in my bedroom because otherwise my kids would have it gone in 2.2 seconds), I have avoided it.  =)

I was on Pinterest (follow me if you'd like) on the first of November and came across the Planksgiving Challenge.  I decided I was going to do it. 
I posted it on my personal Facebook page and my running FB page (again, follow me if you'd like).  On my personal page I had several friends say they would do it with me, but many of them thought a 20 second start was too short.  They decided to start with whatever level they were and add the recommended time each day.  Well, I decided that I would follow it to the letter, however, at day 3, I realized this wasn't challenging at all, and after all isn't it a planksgiving "challenge?" So I upped my time to one min and did 1 min 10 seconds on day 3.  A friend of mine told me I could easily do more than that now, but I think I will stick with that time and see where it takes me.  =)

Yesterday I went to my cycle/strength class and found out that the instructor hurt his back and is unable to teach the class.  So, since he was leaving in a week or so anyway, there is no more cycle/strength class.  There were two other people that had showed up for the class and they obviously knew each other.  They were talking about doing some sort of workout on the bikes since they were already there.  Since I was there they invited me and I said sure. 

I can't remember what program they were talking about, but they talked about this program where a guy only exercises 2x a week and relies on most of his weight loss (now maintenance) on clean eating.  The exercises he does do are short but at times difficult.  The workout they were going to do on the bikes was to put the tension so high that you can't move the pedals while sitting, you stand and pedal as hard as you can for 30 sec. and then rest for 2 min and repeat 5 times. 

I did this with them while they explained to me how normal forms of exercise are "dangerous" and "uneffective."  Running is bad for you.  Swimming is the "fat person's" workout.  I pretty much disagree with almost everything they said, except the eating part.  I do see how eating clean is good, although, some of those thoughts were kind of strange as well.  This guy doesn't believe in calorie counting, but right after they said that, they said that it's the quality of calories that count, and I agree with that.  1200 calories of soda, candy and other junk is much, much different than 1200 calories of fruits, veggies, lean meat and other healthy food. 

I did not feel much of a benefit from this 10 min "super" exercise.  I went home and decided to do this ab workout, which I started last week.  (I've only done it 3 times so far.)  However, while I was doing the first workout, I decided I really didn't want to (excuses) so I stopped.  I decided to see how long I could hold a plank.  I set my stopwatch app on my phone and tried to tune out what I was doing.  I did a 2 min plank, and honestly probably could have gone a little longer.  After that, I decided to see if I could do a handstand (I don't know why I thought of that).  And I was able to balance on my head and hands for a short amount of time  (I was close to a wall and so I could make sure I didn't fall).  I was very pleased with that since I have never been able to get my feet above my head without resting against a wall for any amount of time.

So . . . since I can do a 2 min plank, I decided once again to change my challenge up.  Today I was "supposed" to do a 1min 20 sec plank, but now am going to make it a 2 min 5 sec plank. 

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  1. I love that Plank Challenge! I may do it (starting today and ending 30 days or so from now....)