Tuesday, November 19, 2013


On Friday I got home and knew I had a little bit of time before my tattoo, so I went for a run (of course, what else would a runner do?).  I went for a fabulous 5 mile run, in the rain.  I loved it.  It felt awesome.  I knew it was going to be my last for 10 days, so I wanted it to be a good run, the only thing that would have made it better was having the sun out.  But I'm okay with rain.  Anyway, as I was headed home my phone dinged for an alarm.  I didn't think anything of it, but as I was walking in the door, I looked at it and it said that my tattoo was scheduled for 3 (I thought it was at 4), it was 2:55.  I was pretty frantic.  My heart was racing because of my run, and then I was worrying about what time my tattoo was.  I was running around trying to peel off (literally) soaking wet clothes, and find the phone number for the tattoo place.  I called and was told that, yes, my tattoo was scheduled for 3, not 4.  I let her know what was going on and she was really understanding.  She said as long as I got there before 3:30 I was okay.  I rushed around getting dressed and trying to untangle the knot of hair that had been my ponytail.  =)
Thankfully I made it.  =)

 She was amazing.  She talked to me quite a bit which really helped keep my mind off of the pain (and it was painful).  It only took about 45 min, so it wasn't too horrible.
 I LOVE it!!  It was totally worth it.  =)
 And here it is not as red.  I find myself staring at it.  I love it soooo much!

Saturday I decided to tackle Damian's closet, which I thought was full of boxes and pictures that we had stored there when we moved in.  I was wrong.  It was full (and I mean very, very full) with too small clothes, old toys, lots and lots of too small coats, and tons of garbage . . . oh and don't forget the sheets and towels that he didn't want to fold so he hid in there.  I pulled out about half the stuff and sorted the clothes and stuff into garbage and Goodwill.  I was really unhappy with Damian, I have been defending that closet for awhile from Chris who would get after D and I would say it was "our" stuff.  Anyway, I told D that the rest of it is his to do next weekend.

The mountains of stuff from his closet.

So much it spilled out to the hall.

I am still doing the Planksgiving challenge.  I am up to 3 min (today, which I haven't done yet).  It's amazing to me because everyday it's hard.  Some days very, very hard.  But, I don't ever feel like it's harder than the day before, even though the time keeps going up.  2:25 was really hard, but now I'm doing 2:55, and that was hard, but not too hard.  I am definitely getting stronger. 

Maddox decided to crawl under me and lay there the whole time last night.  I guess it's better than on top of me.  =)

Today marks day 4 of no running.  Only 6 more days.  =) 

I guess I should mention that my eating is going good.  I decided to allow coffee and maybe a glass of wine (probably tonight) but otherwise, I'm feeling great.  I'm feeling skinny.  I like how I feel when I don't eat a lot of carbs and sugar.  =)

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  1. Love the tattoo!!!

    Maddox is very trusting...makes you hold your plank stronger and longer doesn't it?????