Friday, December 23, 2016


Merry Christmas!  I know it's early, but this will be my last post before Christmas, so I thought I would wish everyone (the 2 of you) a Merry Christmas.  ; ) 

I have had a busy couple of weeks.  My weekends are full, and I don't feel like I sit down for 2 days.  Then I go to work, actually, I feel like work has been a break from the busyness of home.    This last weekend I ran 10 miles.  It was a good run and I didn't feel too tired at all.  I had to try a new fuel, Honey Stinger Waffles, because the gummies I usually get the running store didn't have.  I didn't really care for the waffles.  It was huge, and very dry.  I like the little gummies that I can shove 3 in my mouth and keep going.  The waffle I felt I had to stop, break it in half and it took several bites to eat even half of it, plus it was dry.

The other bad thing, is it's a one run thing, the gummies I think I got 2 runs out of one package.  So now I need to go find something for my long run tomorrow.  Maybe I'll buy some gummy bears, I used those a couple times. 
I am now using both my old Garmin, and Mapmyrun to track my runs.  The problem with my Garmin is that to stop and start the time, I have to push a button.  Mapmyrun has the option for an automatic stop if you're not moving for a few seconds.  When I ate the waffle I stopped the clock on my Garmin for a min, and then forgot to restart it.  I noticed after less than half a mile, but the damage was done.  Then I warred (is that a word, and if so, is that how you spell it?) with myself on whether or not I should run until my Garmin said 10 miles, or stop at a true 10 miles.  I decided to stop, although, Mapmyrun app is off, and gets more off the longer I run, so I went over what the app said to make sure I had  10 miles. 

I was in the shower after my run and my feet hurt and I kept thinking how nice a bath will sound later . . . and then I decided, why am I waiting to take a bath.  So I filled the tub, but I was hungry so I sent Damian to get Subway and I ate my Subway in the tub.  It was one of the best sandwiches I've had.  ; ) 

I haven't noticed an increase in my speed doing the MAF running that I talked about a few weeks ago.  I've been doing it a month, the recommendation is to do it for 12 weeks to see real results, and it's only been about 3 weeks, so I'll keep doing it.  It's sad to see the low speed for me, but really it isn't changing much about my running, other than I'm gone longer.  I feel like it's easier to run, and I'm often a little embarrassed to walk up hills, but it doesn't really impact much else so I'll keep doing it and see what happens long term. 

As I type this there are big, fat flakes of snowing falling outside my window.  It's really pretty, but I'm getting slightly concerned about the roads and the idiots that live in this area. 
We're headed to eastern Washington on Monday to see our families.  It's gonna be a short trip, we come back on Wednesday.  Neither Chris nor I have very much time off to take.  I don't know what happened, I used to take a full week off at Christmas, a full week for Spring Break and a full week in the summer.  I haven't been able to do that for several years now.  I hate it.
One thing about the snow today, if it continues, it'll be a snowy run this evening.  I'm kinda looking forward to it.  I've wanted to run in the snow for years, last year I was able to run on snowy ground at my parents' house, but never while it was snowing.  Hopefully I don't fall and kill myself . . . a waterproof jacket would sure be nice tonight.  I hope I get one on Sunday.
All this snow we're getting right now is supposed to be gone by tomorrow afternoon, so that's sad, but I'm happy that I get to enjoy how pretty it is now. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I'm cold!

This last weekend on my long run I realized that I've never really done serious running outside in the winter.  Last year I had just finished my marathon and cut way, way back on running, literally going from over 100 miles in September and October to 36 in November and 47 in December.  I ran 78 in January, but my long runs were 6 and 5 miles, with one 7 mile run at the end of the month.  The year before that I was dealing with plantar faciitis, running 4 miles in November, 30 in December, with most of those on the treadmill, and 40 in January.  In fact, that winter was the first time I ever ran in the dark.  I bought my treadmill specifically for the winter months, before 2 years ago, the majority of my winter/dark runs were done on the treadmill.  In December of 2013 I ran 80 miles and 100 in January, but I had a different job, and got off work at 4 or a little earlier, and only had a 5 min commute, so I was able to get a run in after work while it was still light outside.  I guess that could be argued that 2013/2014 winter was "serious" running in the winter, after all, I ran a lot. 

So maybe it's not that I have never done serious running in the winter, but that it's been 3 years since I did and I'm not used to it.  In my defense, though, it is true that I haven't run outside in the dark in the winter until this year, or at least not a ton.  It's cold outside!!  I need a waterproof jacket, I'm hoping I'll get one for Christmas.  I realize that my cold is actually pretty warm compared to the majority of people's cold, 30-40 degrees is far from freezing my butt off, but still, everyone is acclimated to their own climate.  (ha!)

I'll tell you one thing, I much prefer long runs in the summer months than the winter months.  (Again, the whole climate thing, my summers are not nearly as warm as most.) 

Anyway, this weekend I slacked off quite a bit on running.  I ran 8 miles on Saturday instead of 10, and none on Sunday.  I didn't want to run on Saturday, and it had snowed on Friday and even though it was gone, it was still cold.  Plus, I haven't gotten any energy gummies in forever, and generally  anything over 8 miles I need them.  Although, I did 9 miles a week ago and was okay.  I figured 8 miles was a compromise, and I'm okay with it.

Sunday I just didn't get going early enough.  We do our grocery shopping Sunday morning and then we went to Lynnwood, an hour away, to go get Christmas ornaments.  I had started a tradition with Damian when it was just him and I where I would get him an ornament of his choosing every year.  This was when I lived in Lynnwood, so going to the cool ornament store was easy, now it's a hassle and I hate it more every year.  But, it's tradition, so we went. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Speaking of gymrats....

People I see at the gym pretty much every day I go:

very skinny, tall Asian guy, but also very muscular
He's super skinny and tall, but I noticed recently that he has huge arm muscles.  He looks kinda mean, but he has started smiling when he sees me, so maybe he's just focused.

short older guy who is also very muscularly big
He's got striking blue eyes.  He often catches my eye and smiles, I'm pretty sure he's shorter than me and about 15 years older (maybe more).  For awhile I thought maybe he was a trainer there, which I'm still not sure he's not, but yesterday he looked like he was carrying around a notebook with his workouts in it.

really nice, but slightly strange stretching guy
He has actually talked to me.  The first time he talked to me it was a strange conversation and I walked away wondering if he was hitting on me, or just super lonely.  Now he says "hi lady" every time I see him (probably doesn't remember my name) and sometimes we chat for a moment, sometimes we don't.  I see him chatting with others as well, so he may just be super friendly. 

bigger Asian girl, who is super serious about weightlifting
She is serious about lifting.  She carries around her milk jug of water, and lifts very heavy.  She has recently started making eye contact with me as well, and smiles.  If I'm intimidated by anyone, it's her.  She looks like an everyday, slightly chubby girl, but she obviously knows what she's doing in the gym and is serious about it. 

cute 20-something couple
It took me awhile to realize they were a couple.  The girl has the perfect outfit, perfect hair, perfect makeup.  The guy is not as "perfect" but still goodlooking.  They often share their machines, but then will go separate ways.  The first couple times I saw them, I thought they were meeting for the first time and were flirting, but I think they come and leave together. Perfectly, of course.

older couple
They are also a cute couple, but are older than the above couple, probably older than me.  I don't think I've ever seen them on the machines, they are usually spotting each other.  I don't see them every day, and sometimes I see them separately.

very tan and muscular girl
I never see her working out, but she obviously does.  She's is very built.  She seems very nice, she's very social and talks with all the other serious weight lifters there.  She is the epitome of the what girls say they don't want to look like so they don't lift weights so they don't get "big." 

girl with my hair
I don't know what she does at the gym, I only see her as I get there and she is in the locker room getting ready to leave, blow drying her hair and dressing.  She's got the exact purple streak her hair in the same spot as me, although her hair is longer.

cute girl with perfect hair and makeup
I see her on the step machine, and I used to see her in the lifting area, but haven't lately.  She is friendly with the bigger Asian girl.  I've seen them chatting while lifting weights. I see her in the locker room doing her hair and makeup.

redhaired guy
I see him, haven't formed much of an opinion.  He works out. That's about all I have seen.

I wonder what the others think of me.

in and out girl
She isn't serious, lifts lightly, bad form, and is only there 30 min or less.  She barely sweats and practically sprints out of the gym.  ; ) Her makeup isn't even screwed up most of the time.  She's always on her phone (in my defense, that's where I have my workout for the day, so I'm looking at my phone to see what I'm doing next). 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A new training

As I've said before, I read several different blogs.  It was how I stayed motivated when I first started running and it's how I learned (learn) new running things.  It's also probably the reason I started running races, and definitely the reason I ran my first half marathon and maybe why I ran a full marathon. 

Anyway, I follow Katie at, she was my first blog to follow.  She started talking about MAF (maximum aerobic functioning) running about a year ago while training to PR her 10k.  She's started talking about it again as a way to train. So I decided to try it out.

Here's a link (I found the comments most helpful) but it is basically finding your best heart rate for aerobic exercise.  That is 180-your age . . . and then there are other factors, such as injury, that will affect that number.  So for me it's 180-40=140, but then I am coming back from an injury, so subtract another 5 = 135 is the highest my heart rate should be.  So my MAF heart rate is 125-135. 

This technique is supposed to do a couple things, make you run faster, eventually, with the same heart rate, and help you burn fat more efficiently.  I decided to try it for awhile since I found my Garmin and can monitor my heart rate again.  I don't actually know if my goal is to become faster, although I suppose it is.  Burning fat more efficiently is a bonus, but honestly that isn't why I decided to try it, it is just something new. 

My times went up though.  I have not been running fast, not since my sprain, I was just finally getting under a 10 min/mile regularly.  However, in trying to keep my heart rate below 135, my miles per min have increased to 11 min/miles.  I have not been upset by this which is a little strange because  I've been about wanting to run faster.  Right now I haven't even been paying attention, during my run, to how fast I am going.  I have been focusing on my heart rate. Although, I do notice afterwards that I've been gone longer.

The biggest thing with this type of running, is that I run on hills every day.  There is nowhere, other than the high school track (that I hate), to run on in my area without at least one hill, gradual or steep.  So in order to keep my heart rate at 135 or lower, I am now walking up the hills, and that annoys me.  I can run up the hill.  I do it all the time.  And my head tells me that people are judging me for walking up the hill (silly, I know). 

According to what I've read about MAF training, is that your first mile should be your fastest if you are doing it right.  However, with my runs, my first mile is all up hill and then the rest is flat or down hill (especially on my short runs), so my first mile is my slowest.  My long run this weekend was all over the place.  My first mile was my slowest (all uphill) and mile 5 was my fastest (all downhill), my last mile, mile 9, was 7 seconds slower than my first (mostly flat, with slight increase at the end).

I guess we'll see how it goes.  I'm curious if it will help me get faster, and if it will help me lose some weight.  However, I have never done the MAF test (which was what that link above was to) so I'm thinking maybe I should do that this weekend on the track (which is about as exciting as running on a treadmill).

I don't think I mentioned it, but I got a standing desk at work.  It is pretty nice, although, after running 9 miles on Saturday and 3 miles on Sunday, my feet hurt quite a bit yesterday and I didn't stand a lot, even though I was wearing tennis shoes.  I need to go back to rolling my feet regularly.  I have gotten out of the habit, and I should start doing it more so that my plantar faciitis doesn't come back, especially if I'm going to stand more at work. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Just call me a gymrat

My last run was Sunday.  It's been awhile since I've skipped a run on purpose, where I didn't have a legitimate reason, but I did this week.  Well, I suppose my reason was legitimate, but not because I had other plans.

I worked out 11 days in a row.  I ran 4 days in a row, Thursday through Sunday, last week, which made 5 days of running last week, and went to the gym the other days.  Some days, I go to the gym and also run.  Anyway, yesterday was my first complete rest day, where I didn't run or go to the gym. And actually, I would have ran if I didn't have a hair appointment.

So the reason I skipped a run?  Well, I normally run on Tuesdays, and this Tuesday I didn't because I was so tired.  Maddox woke up at 3:20am complaining of an earache, and even though he dozed off and on for the rest of the night, I didn't get back to sleep until about 10 min before my alarm went off at 4:30am.  So by the time I got home on Tuesday, I was pretty exhausted.  Chris and Damian wanted to go out to eat, but I told them to go and I'd stay home with Maddox.  They went to a Chinese Buffet, and Maddox and I had Safeway Chinese food while watching "Good Dinosaur."  I think I got the better end of the deal.  It was a great movie, I thought.  (Maybe I was just tired though.)  And I went to bed by 8:30, I even skipped my bath, which is pretty rare for me.

I would have run Wednesday, but I had a hair appointment, and didn't even get home until 9, I ate a Luna bar (lemon, very good) and went to bed.  I do really enjoy my hair appointment days, my hairdresser is cool, and she drinks wine with me, but I often don't get dinner because I'm rushing home to go to the appointment and then get home late.  However, last night was later than normal because I got there later than normal and she did some extras on my hair, so it took longer.

The gym still scares me, especially the weights.  I am intimidated by them, but I go do them because that's my purpose for being there.  I probably don't push myself as hard as I could because I'm intimidated by them.  But it's not just the weights that intimidates me, it's the people.  Everyone I see there look like they know what they are doing.  I'm going on 3 months there, and I still feel like I have no idea.

And it's not just that they look like they know what they're doing, but it also feels like a fashion show with many of the females and a few of the males.  I have watched some of the women there stand in front of the mirror in the locker room and do their hair and touch up their makeup and then walk out and go work out.  Their outfits look like they came straight from Nike, or some other workout wear shop (I buy most of mine at Target and Walmart, so I don't know the fancy ones) and the women that are lifting weights are amazing looking.  They, for the most part, have amazing bodies, amazing butts, and just plain look good, not to mention I'd say most of them are younger than me, which may explain the amazing bodies, it's easier to get that way when you're young.

I'm there, in my running clothes, stumbling around the weights, telling myself that no one is watching, no one cares, and no one is judging me so it's just fine to go do a deadlift.  I won't look stupid, I'll look like I'm working out.  Sometimes I do it, sometimes I skip it, sometimes I leave it for last and force myself anyway (deadlifts, I finally did them this week).  Sometimes I leave it for last and walk to the locker room (bench press, I've never done one, I'm supposed to about once a week).

I also tell myself it's okay that I have makeup on, I came from work and am going back to work.  I don't have enough time to put all makeup back on afterwards.  I touch it up, comb my hair and leave, although, with the new style of my hair, it may be more time consuming.  Besides, most of the other girls have makeup on too, and perfect ponytails, and perfect bodies . . . ugh, I judge myself too harshly.

The frustrating thing about my 10+ lbs gain over the summer I from not running is that I figured it was all okay because once I started running, I'd lose it quickly.  I hovered around 145 for so long, I figured my body would want to go back to that again.  But it doesn't seem to be doing that, and I am working out more than I have before.  I'm not running the distances I ran a little over a year ago, but that is increasing, and I'm going to the gym 3-4 times a week.  Then I tell myself, well, maybe my fat is disappearing but my muscles are increasing, but I'm not noticing a difference in my pants.  I still can't get my size 6 pants on.

I'm sure it's my food.  I've never been good at monitoring, or restricting what I eat.  The last time I weighed 155 (two and a half years ago) I was going down, and was happy with it, now I'm annoyed that it won't go away.  So, is that peppermint white chocolate mocha worth it in the afternoon?  It wins more often than not.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Checking in

We had a pretty uneventful Thanksgiving.  We went to my sister's house for dinner and was there for several hours.  Don't tell anyone, but my sister, Nancy, is my favorite family member and I love spending holidays with just her and her family.  No worries about offending my other sister, or annoyances with my Mom, or hearing and witnessing the bickering between my parents.  And definitely no spending time and "making nice" with aunts or my cousin, who I don't like much.

Rereading that paragraph above, it just seems so ungrateful and spiteful.  Definitely not the attitude of the holiday season.  I'm sorry.

Anyway, Friday and today I spent doing stuff around the house.  I cleaned a closet that has never really been clean since we moved in.  I cleaned Maddox's room, and I don't even remember what else.  Tomorrow (Sunday) is most likely going to be another day of things to get done.  I'd like to pull Damian's old twin bed frame out of the shed, clean it and set it up for Maddox.  It would be nice to get him out of my bed.  Right now he's got his crib, which was changed into a toddler bed, in his room, but he's too big for that, and we've pretty much even pretended putting him to sleep in his room.  The problem is the tantrums that are going to happen making him sleep in his own bed.  =/

This last week was another week of doing something active every single day.  I ran Sunday, 3 miles (I had run 7 miles on Saturday).  On Monday I did weights and then my sister suggested going to a gym in a town that we haven't been to to try out a spin instructor, we were there and waiting for the instructor to show up when a guy came in and took the instructors bike.  We knew it wasn't the girl we were supposed to be checking out and Nancy recognized him, so we left before he started and did 30 min of elliptical instead.  I really liked their gym setup, but the location/parking lot was awful.  And Nancy complained nonstop about her traffic getting there, so we probably won't go back.

Tuesday I did weights again and then ran 3 miles after work.  I did weights again on Wednesday (I have to go 3 times in a week to make 12 times a month in order to get money back from my insurance).  Thanksgiving morning I did 4 miles, Friday 3 miles, and today 8.  That makes 21 miles this week, which is the most I've done in a long time.
Not sure why I took a gym selfie, but here I am.
I struggle with going for runs.  I don't know why.  When I can't run I want to run, and when I can run, I have to force myself to get out of the house.  Why is that?  Over the summer all I wanted to do was run, and when I did run, it was very short distances that made me yearn to do the longer distances of last summer.  Now that I can run, I dread my long runs.  There's got to be a happy medium, right?

I ran 8 miles with my shirt on backwards.  In
my defense, I had a jacket on over top of it.
I have more to talk about, but I'm falling asleep, so I think I'll quit while it is still somewhat legible.  =)
The stretch I do to help my IT Band, which complains often
on my right side.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I mowed that damn lawn

Damian is a Senior in high school.  I don't know if you all knew that, but he is.  I cannot even begin to tell you how strange and sad it is to me to have him be so old.  Tomorrow is the deadline for baby pictures in the school yearbook.  I have a million pictures that are stuck on a computer that doesn't work anymore.  Thank goodness for Facebook, because I can easily access those pictures.  And for Damian's first 2 years of life I took real, non-digital pictures and I have those.  So there's a time frame of 4 years or so that I don't have pictures handy.  =(  Anyway, I spent this morning going through Facebook pictures, and now I'm sad.

As you're living your life, you don't notice the changes so much.  But once you start looking through old pictures, you see how much time has gotten away from you.

I've mentioned it before, and it's in my "About Me" tab, but Chris and I were separated and divorced for several years.  During that time I was a single mom.  Damian was all I had.  Honestly, there were many, many times where I felt that Damian was the only thing that kept me going forward.  He was everything to me.  Maybe too much to put on a kid, but it's true.  Because of the 6 years that it was just Damian and me, we have a special bond.

There are still days, 9 years later, that I miss those days.  That time.  I sometimes even wish it was still him and I against the world.  It's probably not fair to Chris or Maddox to say that, but it's the truth.  Damian and I were a team and I miss that.

Today was supposed to be spin class day.  My sister and I are still looking for a new spin instructor that we like.  The problem is, everytime we plan to go to the only female instructor, who is on Thursdays, she has a substitute.  Today is no exception.  Nancy isn't feeling very well, so we decided to skip it.  Which means I need to go run.

Did I mention that we went to eastern Washington last weekend and went to a wine tasting?  Nancy, our older sister, Barbara, and I were going to go.  Barbara backed out at the last min, which we kinda expected, but Nancy and I went.  We had a lot of fun.  But we drank too much wine.  Like ridiculous amounts.  It was not good the next day.  It was awful.  The last time I had a hangover that bad was my brother-in-law's wedding 2 years ago, but that one was much, much worse.  We did take some fun drunk pictures.  (Don't tell Nancy I put these up, they were from Snapchat and she only allowed me to take them because Snapchat goes away.  I didn't tell her I saved a couple, well, most of them.)

Damian and Maddox went with us to the Tri-Cities (where the wine tasting was) and then hung out with their uncle (the one I mentioned I drank a lot at his wedding).  They don't see him very often so it was nice for them to spend some time with him.  Then Damian drove us home.

Before we went to the wine tasting I offered to mow my parents' lawn.  They have a very large yard and my dad has trouble keeping it up the older he gets.  The grass was really long, so I offered.  I spent 3 hours on the lawn mower and Damian finished it in another hour. 
Funny story, I decided to mow the lawn, so I went to ask my dad about it because I haven't used his lawn mower in 20 years (and honestly, it's probably a different one).  Anyway, he was laying down, so I enlisted Nancy's help to figure it out because she said she mowed it over the summer.  Well, for whatever reason, we couldn't get it to start, so we figured it was out of gas.  We decided to push it to the gas tank (they live on a farm, so they have their own pump, remind me to tell you of the first time I got gas at a station).  The stupid thing wouldn't roll backwards out of the garage, so we decided there was enough room to push it forward in a big uturn.  We were wrong.  It got wedged against a truck, so we had to figure out how to get it to go backwards.  The back wheels wouldn't turn, so we ended up picking up the back of the mower and swinging it around.

We finally got it out of the garage and Nancy decided she should go get the keys to the gas tank (they had someone stealing gas for a while, so they locked up the pump handle).  Well, while she was inside I got the mower to start.  So I drove it over to the pump, and it died right as we got it there.  We start putting gas in it, and suddenly the gas isn't running.  So we figured the tank was out (it happens, rarely, but it does).  We looked for kinks in the hose, we tried different angles, wouldn't work.  We figured we got enough gas in it to get it back to the garage, but then the dumb thing wouldn't start again.  Finally we gave up.  We decided we'd just wait for my dad to get up and tell him we broke his lawn mower. 

When my dad got up I told him what was going on, so he went out to look at it and I followed.  (This where my sister and I start to look like fools.)  My dad started to put gas in it, it worked just fine.  He said it probably kinked up close to the handle, where we didn't look, or pay attention to.  Then he started it.  One turn. Started right up.  Apparently, riding lawn mowers have "chokes" and if you don't push that up, it won't turn on.  The one time I did get it to start I must have had it just barely up to start it, but I thought it was the speed, so when I got to the gas pump, I lowered it, and it died.  *sigh*

So my dad tells me that when he mows the lawn, and when it's as high as it was, he lowers the blades only one notch, and he shows me that (that was one thing I actually knew).  So I start to mow, but the grass isn't getting cut.  So I go back, lower the blades more, and start again.  Nope, still not cutting. *ugh*  Go look for my dad, but he's missing, so Nancy comes out, and Barbara's boyfriend . . . they're looking at the lawn mower and the boyfriend says "did you start the blades?"  No, I wasn't told I needed to do that. 

Finally my dad comes over and shows me the handle that starts the blades.  *sigh*  How was I supposed to know?  It took awhile to get started, but I mowed that damn lawn.  =)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just another post

Last week I did something fitness related every day.  In fact, if you look at my Map My Run calendar, I am on day 13 of doing something fitness related.  Since I started going to the gym, most of my rest days are days I go lift weights.  Monday has been a rest day for a long time, but now I'm going to the gym that day.  Wednesday has also been a day that I usually rest (well, Wednesday or Thursday) but now I'm going to spin classes on Wednesday.  Right now, my only true rest day has been Friday. 

Last week since I walked with Nancy on Thursday instead of spin class (we did Thursday because she had a hair appointment on Wed.) I decided to run on Friday.  Walking doesn't often feel like exercise to me, so I wanted to get a run in to replace the missed spin class.  This week Friday will be my rest day.

I don't actually see much difference in my body since I started doing this.  I've dropped a couple pounds, but nothing like I expected.  I expected once I started running again that the 10 pounds I gained over the summer would just fall off.  It hasn't happened that way, sadly. 

This weekend I'm going to eastern Washington.  I haven't been over there in a long time to just see my parents.  We went over in August for our vacation, but we didn't spend any time at my parents' house, although, we did see them when they came to the lake with us for a few days. 
Anyway, I'm going over with my sister, Nancy (and my kids) but we decided this weekend because of the Tri-Cities Wine festival that is on Saturday.  We're going to go with our other sister Barbara, who lives over there.  I'm hoping that it will be fun.  Nancy and I always have fun, but sometimes Barbara can be challenging.  I'm sure, though, with enough wine, it'll be a grand time.  ; )
Funny thing is, I'm the only one that really drinks wine.  Nancy does a little.  It's not her favorite thing, and I think she does with me because I like it so much.  I don't think Barbara does at all, but I don't hang out with her that much, so maybe she does now. 
Maddox brought home his school pictures this week.  He was so proud of them, it was the first thing he showed me when I picked him up from daycare.  I can't look at the picture without laughing.  It's so cute, and soooo Maddox.  =)
My parents' house is truly one of my favorite places in the world (not that I've been anywhere).  Being away from the city is soooo nice.  I can't even tell you how much I enjoy my time there.  I really should make more of an effort to go over more often.
How can that not be peaceful?  No noises except birds, the occasional, very distant, sound of a train, and in the summer sprinklers.

Monday, November 7, 2016

poorly written post about nothing

I will be happy when November 9th comes along.  I'm so sick of everything political, it's ridiculous.  I have tried to stay out of it on Facebook.  Too many really, really strong opinions about both presidential candidates.  You can't have an intelligent conversation with someone that is supporting the opposite candidate, in my experience it just deteriorates into idiocy. =)

Okay, I'm done with that.

Last week my sister had a hair appointment on Wednesday, our normal cycle days, so we were going to go on Thursday.  Well, on my way to the gym I looked at the app and it said it had a substitute teacher that day, someone we've had before and didn't like.  I called my sister and we decided to go for a walk instead. 

We went to a trail that we've done only 2 times, once when I still lived in Lynnwood and my nephew came over (when him and Damian were younger my nephew came over for a week every summer, now that they are older they are so different they don't care to hang out for that long anymore).  When we did that trail with them, they both got into some poison oak, it wasn't very bad, but was very irritating for them.  Nancy and I also walked that trail together a few years ago.  It is a little over a mile down hill to a beach, and then back up, making it 2 and a half miles total.  The hill is very, very steep and I remember when we did it with the boys it was difficult.  A few years ago when we did it, I didn't think it was too bad, difficult, but I was running by then and didn't have major issues.  Nancy, on the other hand, had problems. (I'm sorry that this is a horribly written paragraph, bad grammar, bad punctuation, just bad).

Nancy was hoping that the cycle classes would make the hill a bit easier, but she still had to stop at the top of the steepest part of the trail to catch her breath.  I always feel bad when she's obviously more winded than I am at things.  I don't know why.  I just feel like we should be the same. 
Steepest part of the trail, pictures don't do it
This weekend was pretty chill for me.  I did a lot of nothing.  I did do some running though.  Friday I was able to go for an earlier than normal run so I did 4 miles.  Saturday I ran 3 miles and Sunday was 7 miles. 

Sunday was not a great run.  I felt sluggish in the beginning, I had a pain (small, nothing serious) in my calf, and I just wasn't excited about it.  Here I've been complaining about all my short runs, and now that I'm getting into longer ones, I'm hating them too.  I will never win. 

I haven't really figured out a good time to go for a long run.  Maybe that's my problem.  I like to run in the morning, but I also like to sit and eat breakfast and drink some coffee and some water.  I wake up naturally between 6 and 7 most weekend mornings, and then I am pretty lazy.  Saturday and Sunday mornings are pretty much the only time I have without Maddox, and that's usually only an hour or less, depending on when I wake up (he's almost always up by 7:30).    The time I have been going is about 10am, but we've started doing our grocery shopping Sunday morning, and we usually go at 10am, so my runs have been pushed to 12 or so, and by that time I'm hungry again.  I've debated about moving my long runs to Saturday, but I haven't. 

What I saw on my run yesterday
This week is more of the same, gym and weights Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  We're going to go to cycle class on Wednesday, there's a new teacher that day that we haven't tried out. Cross your fingers that he's fun.  Running probably on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Well, this post has become a lot of nothing. I hope you all had a good weekend.  =)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Running in the dark

Well, it's already started.  Dark runs.  =/

Last week I went for a run when I got home, it was still light out when I left so I didn't think anything of it, but then mid-run I decided to change my 3 miles to 4 miles, and it was definitely dark by the time I got home.  Yesterday I went for 3 miles when I got home, and even though there was still some daylight when I left, I decided to put on my reflective vest thing and carry some pepper spray.  (I'm not sure why I only carry pepper spray when it's dark, but I do.)  I couldn't find the headlamp I used last year, I think it quit working, so I was without light.  I run on city streets, and for the most part they are lit up.  I just worry about cracks I can't see and tripping.  But my routes are very familiar to me, so I can usually avoid the worst of the cracks.

It makes me sad to run in the dark.  Just a few years ago, I refused to do it at all.  I even bought a treadmill ( I couldn't find the post about when I got my treadmill, so here's my post about when it lost it's luster, a whole 2 months after I bought it) to run in the dark on.  Now . . . well, it's buried in my garage under a ton of stuff.  It would take quite a while to dig it out. 

I only started running in the dark 2 years ago.  I guess I decided if I was going to outside and avoid my treadmill at all costs, that includes dark running.  I've even done a couple early morning runs in the dark now (just last year while training for my marathon and not having time in the evening).  Anyway,  just think how dark it will be next week after Daylight Savings time ends?  *Sigh* That means 3 month or so of running in the dark on the week days. 

This weekend I ran 6 miles on Sunday.  Sometimes I'm sad that I will most likely never say the words "my longest run ever" again.  I don't plan on being an ultra runner, someone who runs more than marathon distances, so it seems strange and a little sad that from now on I will always say "my longest run since . . ."  But 6 miles is my longest run since my sprained ankle.  I misjudged my distance when I went out, and ended up with a mile more to go before getting home.  I didn't really want to push it, so I asked Damian to come get me at my 6 mile point and he did.  I probably could have run 7 without consequence, but I was trying to be safe.  ; )

My weight has not been going down as quickly as I would have liked, but it is lower than it was 2 months ago, so that's good.

I continue to go to spin class with my sister.  However, our regular instructor got a new job and left and we haven't found another one that we like.  They are mostly men that are serious cyclists, so their idea of a good work out is to mumble into the mic "resistance up one notch" repeatedly, and then throwing in a random "we'll stay here for a minute (or 3 min)"  It's very boring lately.  I have loved hanging out with my sister once a week, even if we're just exercising and can't talk, but I don't know how much more of the boring spin classes we can take.  We may have to look at different options.

Oh, and have I mentioned I changed my hair?  I like it a lot. 
Halloween was . . . well, Halloween.  Maddox went as a Rubik's Cube, and was super cute.  He got a ton of candy and we got a ton of candy to "hand out" (not really, we don't get a lot of trick or treaters, we just wanted our favorite candies, I think I'll save some for Christmas). 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Half marathon

I have about 5 min to type this, so it's going to be short . . .

I was hoping to be running ready to train for the "Last Chance Marathon" here on December 31st.  I'm not, or wasn't ready to start in time, so I've been a little bummed.  I really want to work on getting my mileage back up because I like the longer runs vs. the shorter ones. 

Today I got an email from the Nookachamps winter Runs, which I've done the 5k 2 times now.  In 2014 I got 3rd place for my age group.  Well, I forgot they also do a 10k and a half marathon.  As soon as I saw that email I decided I'm doing the half.  Now I'm excited. =)

Monday, October 24, 2016

The elephant

I have been working at my current job for 1 year and 11 months.  It is a 50 min drive south every morning, sometimes less and sometimes more.  I mostly enjoy the drive, especially in the morning.  When I started this job, and commute, I noticed a guy running on a road that runs parallel with the freeway.  I saw him regularly, I don't know if he was there every morning, sometimes I get focused on other things, and forget to look, but I saw him often.  I loved seeing this guy running.  He was not the "typical" runner.  He looked heavier, he wore a big sweatshirt and sweatpants, but he was running. 

I also used to look at the scenery when I was driving.  Washington state is such a pretty place.  On my drive to work I see mountains, I see water, I see fields, I see trees.  It is gorgeous, especially at the right time of year when the sun is coming up on my drive, which is right now.  I would always think about how the people on the road with me are probably not paying any attention to the gorgeous sites as they drive down this very busy freeway.  I told myself I would not take my views for granted as long as I was driving them.

Well, of course I don't notice it everyday.  And living here, the reason it's so green, is because it rains so much of the year.  So in the winter, especially when it's still dark out, I don't notice what's going on around me so much while I drive.  Then spring comes and the sun starts rising again during my drive and I'm enthralled by it all again. 

I don't know when I quit noticing the guy on the side of the road running.  I don't know if he quit running, or if I just got distracted by other things.  Every once in awhile I'd see him and think about him running his road, but I didn't pay much attention to him.  He looks pretty similar to the first time I saw him, same heavy, oversized sweatshirt, same sweatpants. 

I am impressed by him.  I don't know if he quit running for awhile, I don't know if he's running different routes at times, I don't know if I just forgot to look for him.  But I know that I still see him sometimes, I saw him this morning, and he is still running.  That inspires me.  I often wish I could go to his road and run with him. Ask him how far he runs, how often.  Just talk.  Tell him that I see him and that I think his morning runs are amazing.  I can't, I won't, but good job guy on the side of the freeway. 

So there is an elephant in my blog.  My 40th year goal.  The goal I had to run a race a month before my 40th birthday.  I was going strong.  I was running, I was also getting age awards.  And then I sprained my ankle.  I decided I was going to finish my goal anyway, even with a sprained ankle I was still going to complete my goal.  Well, I ran in July, and then in July the race I had planned on doing (on the last weekend of the month) was canceled with no notice.  I ended up running with a friend and counted that as the race, since I had no control over it's cancelation.  But after that I didn't have much motivation to continue with the goal.  I did run in August, but I didn't actually care about it.  By this time I had run 7 5k's and I was pretty burned out with the 5k's, and the races.  So for September I skipped a race.  And I don't really care.  It hasn't bothered me at all.  Besides, if you count all my races between my 39th birthday (Oct. 6) and my 40th, I still did 12 races, but it was not a race a month.  I did 2 last October.

And what did I learn about this?  I don't care for 5k's.  I miss the long runs of last summer.  I am a long distance runner.  Oh, and running a race a month is expensive.  ; )

So I'm going to work on building up my runs again.  I am currently running 3-4 miles 3 times a week and 5 miles for my "long run."  I can't wait to get higher mileage long runs again.  I was so excited in May when I ran my first 9 miles in forever,  And now I'm back to small mileage.  It's okay, I'll get there.  =) 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Birthday weekend

My birthday weekend was nice.  We walked onto the ferry going to Friday Harbor, which is on San Juan Island, so we didn't have a car.  A lot of the things I would have liked to do required a car.  I enjoy going to the county park on San Juan Island and the light house, and there are two camps, the American Camp and English Camp (the San Juan Island chain was disputed territory for a long time and each side had a camp on opposite ends of San Juan Island).  Plus, there are hiking trails that I have enjoyed doing in the past, however, I don't know if I could have convinced Chris to go hiking anyway.  Anyway, all of those things weren't possible without a car.

Ferry crossing
When we got there our room was tiny, seriously, smallest hotel room I've ever seen.  However, we noticed that someone had punched (or something) the bathroom door.  We went to the lobby to let them know about it because we didn't want to be responsible for the damage, and they moved us to a different room, upgrading us about 150%.  Our new room was huge and very nice. 

damaged door
Good thing we got a bigger room, Saturday was a pretty rainy morning so we basically stayed in the room all morning.  I got sucked into a movie marathon on USA network, and ended up watching 2 and a half movies before finally leaving the room.  We walked the "main drag" of Friday Harbor.  We haven't been there for 3 years, and it seems like a lot of the touristy shops closed and became either restaurants or something else.  We went in a few of the stores, but there really didn't seem like there was very many.  Chris's "go-to" store, a hot sauce place, was closed, but he went to a jerky place.   The restaurant that we love to get drinks at, the Crabhouse, was closed for the season, so I didn't even get the San Juan Island Iced Tea that I love.   I had mentioned going to the Whale museum and/or a movie, but because I was lazy we didn't do either one. 
One side of our room
what I did Saturday morning . . .
I had a massage scheduled for the afternoon, and it was the best thing ever.  Have I ever mentioned that I've never had a massage?  At least not one from a professional before.  It was heavenly.  I think I need to go more often than once every 40 years.  ; ) 

Saturday evening we went out for drinks and dinner, and because I'm old now, back to the room fairly early.  We went to one place and really liked the bartender.  She said she was moving upstairs at dinnertime to a sushi place, but since we don't like sushi we went elsewhere for dinner.  Then we went to get a drink from the bartender we liked, but they were "foo-foo" drinks and I wasn't extremely impressed.  I actually liked the boring "dive bar" (if there is such a thing in a tourist town) that we went to Friday night better.  We did get in the hot tub afterwards, but I'm not crazy about really hot hot tubs, so I didn't stay very long.  Sunday was basically getting up, packing, and leaving the hotel.  We hung out at a restaurant waiting for the ferry home. 

It was a short trip, and it was nice to get away for a weekend, but maybe not exactly what I had planned when I asked for it a year ago. I would have preferred to have a car, but we decided to leave it for Damian in case of emergencies. 

I didn't take a ton of pictures, mostly because we didn't do a whole lot.  I did take a million pictures of the ferry crossing, but how boring is that.  =)  The highlight of the trip was the massage.  I need more of those in my life.

I have more things to talk about, not about my birthday weekend, but it will have to wait.  I'm running, and still going to the gym.  Although, last week I was really sick and skipped both more days than not.  I'm feeling better today, went to the gym at lunch and am going to run this evening.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Holy soreness!

I haven't been swimming very much, or at all, lately.  I've been going to the gym during my lunch and with swimming there is no getting around getting my hair wet. It's inevitable (go figure).  When I have to dry and style my hair, it takes me at least 45 min to get ready, so swimming for 30 min and getting ready for 45, that's a lot of time for "lunch."  And while I know there are others in my office that take long lunches, I don't think they are doing it 2-3 times a week.  I do enjoy swimming and I think it's a great exercise, but I don't feel like it's a good thing to be doing for my lunch break. 

I started weight training because I don't have to get my hair wet, which cuts my "get ready" time in half. However, I am super self-conscious about the weights, I don't really know what I'm doing.  Several years ago I joined a gym in Mount Vernon, it was right across from my office and I went right after work.  It had a separate, small room for women only I that was what I used.  It had very few weight machines, but I would do them all.  And I wasn't scared of people watching me and laughing at me.  My current gym does not have that.  All of the weights are right in the open and it's very intimidating.  There are  millions (or it feels like millions) of weight machines, none of which look like the ones I did 10 years ago.  So I googled "weight machine workout" and found a "12 week plan" none of which I am doing, other than the weighs. . .  and no machines, or only a few. 

I started at the end of the week 2 weeks ago with one bicep and back workout, and then waited 3 days before doing it again, so I just repeated that workout again, and then the next day I did triceps, shoulders and chest.  My upper body was a little sore, but not too bad.  Then two days later, last Thursday, I did legs and abs . . . holy cow, I was so sore on Friday. 

I might have been more sore because I ran on Thursday after leg day . . . 4 miles.  Funny thing that happened, I got new shoes, and on my run on Thursday I felt a rub spot in my shoes.  I was pretty annoyed because they are new and I didn't want to have to go buy another pair.  Well, I decided about a block from home to stop and check my shoe, and out fell a barrett.  =)  It had fallen in my shoe after I went to the gym.  That would have been one hell of a rub spot if I had ignored it!!

And then Saturday came, and I was even more sore.  I had problems with stairs, curbs, sitting, standing up, laying down, moving in general.  It is amazing how much you use your quad muscles.  I did not know how much I use them to stabilize myself.  Any time I would sway a little, I would almost fall over. 

I also ran on Saturday, 3 miles.  I figured on Sunday my legs would be okay enough to do a "long" run of 5 miles, which I did, but then yesterday evening my legs were almost as sore as Saturday. 

My long run was nice.  My first 5 miles since I sprained my ankle in May, that's 4 months, or 20 weeks . . . but who's counting?  ; )  So, how is my ankle doing?  Fine.  It has been a little sore here and there, but nothing that concerns me.  Friday was the most sore it's been in a while, and I think that was because of the way I was walking and just generally moving from my sore legs. 

What actually has concerned me the most is a pain I  have in my other heel.  It's on the back of my heel, not on the bottom (plantar faciitis is the bottom).  I've been stretching pretty regularly for the last 3 or more weeks, at least 2-3 times a week. 

This week will be more difficult to do the weights.  I was supposed to go today, but my work schedule didn't allow time.  Tomorrow I'll go, but I'm also doing a cycle class in the afternoon because my sister can't on Wednesday.  The only time I can go on Wednesday is after work, and that is one of the busiest times for the gym and I don't like a lot of people there when I do it.  I think I can go on Thursday, but it's my birthday and I was thinking of skipping.  Friday I have off.

We're going to San Juan Island Friday for the weekend for my birthday.  It's been planned for a year.  =)  Hopefully we'll have decent weather.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

time goes too quickly

Damian turned 18 two weeks ago.  I have an 18 year old child.  How is that possible?  I don't really know how this kid . . .

Turned into this kid . . .

Have I mentioned this is my most favorite marathon picture?

 I cannot tell you how proud I am of him.  He's an amazing kid.  This year is going to be full of tears.  He's my "mama's boy"  and that's okay. 

Oh, and for his birthday we are giving him a skydiving trip.  So this post is to be continued . . .

Friday, September 23, 2016

Fragmented sentences

I have started running again.  Last week I ran 4 times.  They are slow, short runs, but they are still runs.  =)  I'm going about 3 miles and am running about 10 and a half min/mile or slower.  Sunday I ran 4 miles and it was a little faster because I did a flatter route.  I am still going to the gym as well.  Last week I skipped a swim because it was the day after I got my hair colored and my hair dresser thought it would be a good idea.  But I went and did 30 min of the elliptical machine.  I also skipped cycle class last week because of my hair appt but I went again this week. 

Tuesday I went did the elliptical machine and then went home and ran.  I was going to swim but I originally thought I was going during lunch and I had court (for work) and didn't want to do my hair completely again. But a meeting was moved and I didn't have time anyway.  Instead I went after court and then went straight home and ran. Wednesday I did the cycle class, and yesterday I did some weights. 

I haven't been sleeping very well and was so tired on Wednesday that I almost didn't do the cycle class, but my sister was going, so I forced myself to go.  Wednesday evening is kind of a blur because I was so tired, but I'm pretty sure I went home, ate, took a bath and went to bed.  Yesterday I woke up and felt awful.  Completely stuffed up with a sore throat.  But in order to get reimbursed for the gym I have to go 12 times in a month, that is 3 times a week, but I skipped a day last week so I had to go 4 times this week (well, I could have done 4 times next week, but wanted to get it over with).  So even though I felt awful I still went to the gym, but I did 20 min of weights. 

I think adding weight lifting to my routine would be a good thing.  I've thought that for a long time, but haven't had a gym membership.  Now that I have one, I've been pretty intimidated by it.  I don't know what I'm doing and can't afford a trainer.  So I've avoided it.  Yesterday I googled "weight machine workouts" and found a pretty decent website, so I did day one of that.  It's a 12 week plan, but I'm not really following it, just the weightlifting stuff.  We'll see how I do.  It was pretty weird doing the weights, and I felt like everyone there was watching me, but they probably weren't.  The next day on that schedule was supposed to be today, but I didn't go.  And it includes bench presses, and that really, really intimidates me.  I don't know if I'll be able to get over that one to do it.  I wish I had a work out partner.  My sister would never do it with me.  =/

My ankle is doing surprisingly well.  I haven't noticed any problems with my increase in running.  I ran both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, and it's holding up pretty well.  I wore heels 2 days in a row with no problems.  =)  Today was going to be a rest day, but I took one yesterday (if you don't count the weights) and would like to run, so I may go for a run today.

On Sunday and Tuesday Maddox ran around the block with me after I got back from my runs.  I think when he asks if he can go running with me,though, he's really just wanting to get in the jogging stroller and have me push him to the park.  But he's really getting too big for the stroller.  Or I'm too weak and don't want to push him up the gradual hill to the park.  ; )

A week and half ago I got Damian to run 3 miles with me.  We've been talking about him doing more exercise since he's not in sports right now, but wants to do track in the spring.  However, that day was the only day I got him to run.  It was fun, but I think he's faster than me, even in his out of shape-ness. 
I went to the gym 4 times this week, if I run tonight and tomorrow, that's only yesterday as a day off from cardio . . . I don't know, I should probably rest.  It does feel nice to be a little sore and to be active again.  I have missed it.

I've also noticed that I'm feeling less self-conscious about my body.  I haven't lost much weight (2lbs in 2 weeks) but being active makes me feel better about myself.  Of course it also helps to have someone tell me regularly he likes my body, but that's besides the point.  ; )

Anyway, it's late on Friday so I should finish this up.  Especially since I started it on Tuesday, which is probably why there's so many fragmented sentences and random thoughts.  =)

I didn't even talk about Damian's 18th birthday or my trip to Leavenworth with my sister.  I've been too over-consumed with myself.  =/

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ramblings of an obsessed person

February 2013, that was the last time I weighed as much as I do now.  Honestly, I'm not sure how I gained so much weight in 4 months.  So what do I need to do?  I'm not sure.  Cut out the crap in my diet and start running again.  When I think about it, I lost weight very slowly.  The first time I lost these 13 lbs it took me a year.  And to get to my lowest recorded weight of 141 (I actually got down to 139, but never on an official weigh day) it took me another year and 8 months.  That's 2 and a half years to lose the weight I gained in 4 months. 

I am swimming 2 days a week.  I am doing a cycle class every Wednesday.  And the last 2 weeks I've been running one day on the weekend, other than this week when I ran on Monday as well. 

As I told you last week, I joined LA Fitness.  Yesterday I had a meeting, well, I don't know what they called it.  I thought it was a free session with a trainer that you get with your membership, but then the guy said he wasn't actually a trainer.  He took my heart rate, and my body fat percentage, which is high.  Then put me through a few fitness "tests" to see how fit I was.  3 min of steps, 40 squats (super easy, he was looking at my form because he said at 40 you start to deteriorate squats, but he said I was still strong) as many pushups as I could (I got 20, which impressed me, I think that was above average), wall sits (only 38 seconds or so, which was average), a plank (1 min 12 sec, again impressive, and according to him was good). My resting heart rate was high (72).  I took my resting heart rate just now and it was 56, he said average was 60 and a fit person is 40.  My active heart rate was 124 after 3 min of steps, which he said was poor, but after the fitness "test" I did a cycle class and took my active heart rate again and it was 112. 

After the "test" he took me over to the weights and had me do some arm weights.  We didn't do very much because I wanted to get to the cycle class.  And it actually left me with more questions than anything else.  Of course the whole point of it is to get you to sign up with a trainer, which I'm actually thinking about.  It's rather expensive for me, but I wonder if I do 2 a month for a few months to kind of figure out what to do weight training wise, if that would help kick start my body into losing some weight.

I've been thinking that a gym membership is good.  I can cross train and I can do some weights, both of which I've never really done.  Once I start running regularly again, I may stop swimming and go to the gym during lunch to do weights instead, plus the Wednesday cycle class, which I really enjoy.  As long as I go to the gym 12 times in a month, I get part of my monthly membership fee reimbursed by my healthcare plan.  But to really learn the weights, or even the machines, I'm wondering if I should have a trainer.  I've always wanted one, but they are expensive. 

My ankle is feeling okay.  I think the fear of the pain, or of reinjuring it is worse than it actually is.  I'm going out of town this weekend with my sister.  We're going to Leavenworth for the Wine Walk, which we've been doing for the last 2 (this will be 3) years.  It's a blast, but I won't be able to run.  I will be doing a lot of walking . . . so I will definitely wear my brace. 

Next week I am thinking I may start running regularly again. I'd like to see how my ankle does, but I really don't want to make it linger any longer than it already is. 

Well, I've rambled enough today.  Maddox started Kindergarten this week.  He's such a cute kid.  =)  Damian started school last week. Funny that he wore the same shirt on his first day of school and on Maddox's first day of school.  I just noticed that in the pictures.  =)


Friday, August 26, 2016

People say . . .

People say don't compare yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself. . .  so I have obsessed over comparing myself to myself latetly, and it's not good.  I keep thinking "a year ago . . . "  A year ago, I was running my longest distances ever, and was feeling great about my body and myself.  I got down to a smaller size than I've ever been in my life (well, since I quit growing), and the lowest weight in my adult life.  I wasn't especially fast, but faster than I am now. 

And I keep comparing myself to myself. It doesn't help that I've gained quite a bit of weight.  Three months is a long time to not exercise, and I haven't really changed my eating habits, have actually been a bit worse.  I keep telling myself to quit snacking, quit having that extra afternoon coffee (that one is the hardest), and I keep ignoring myself. 

(Oh and don't get me started on how much I miss my long hair.)

I also keep telling myself that it's only temporary.  My ankle will heal, I will be able to run again. I will train for another marathon, I will get back down to a smaller size and weight.  But going on 15 weeks of this injury, I feel this is not a "temporary" thing. 

Just in the last couple weeks, as I've mentioned, I've changed some things.  Vacation, while I didn't eat fantastically, was where I decided I was going to start exercising again.  And I did.  I swam almost everyday.  I came back and have been going to a gym, this week I've been twice and am going today after work.  I've been tracking all my food, and still am going over my allotted calories.  It's not running, and it's not as frequent, but it's something.  2 weeks, well, technically 3 counting vacation, of exercising, and I haven't lost a lb.  In fact, last week I was up.  It really goes to show that I need to quit eating.

More than once in my life I have wished I could be anorexic. Just enough to lose weight, then I'd go back to eating.  Isn't that a strange wish?  It sounds even stranger once I've written it.  But don't worry.  I can't.  Sadly I've actually tried, and I failed at it.  (It's for the best.)  I don't like being hungry (who does?) and I'm not unhappy with myself enough to force myself to be hungry. 

So, the gym. . . I really like the gym I'm going to.  I said before, but my sister got me a 2 week pass to her gym.  And I've been going as often as I can.  It's in Everett and I have been going after work. This week I did 2 cycle classes.  I really enjoyed the second, and not so much the first.  My ankle was feeling really good all week, I even wore heels on Tuesday.  Yesterday I rode the bus, so couldn't go to the gym, so I thought I might try running.  When I got home I mentioned it to Chris, and he got upset, saying that I've been gone all week in the evenings.  So I didn't go run.  (It's probably a good thing because my ankle is bothering me some today.)  But it makes me think about the resistance I would get if I mentioned that I want to join the gym for real.  At least for a little while.  They say you have to put yourself first, but how do you do that when you have a family?  What is the line?  Where is it acceptable to put yourself, and your health, first but still be home with your family? 

I feel that if the gym was in Mt. Vernon it would feel different to Chris.  Then I would go home, change and go to the gym.  But since it's not, I have to go right after work and don't go home first, it feels like I'm gone longer, when in reality I'm not.  I tried to say that to Chris yesterday, that it's the same as me going for a run, I just don't come home first or shower at home.  But I don't know if he really gets it. 

Next week will be a little trickier with the gym.  Damian starts school and can't watch Maddox.  (Maddox doesn't start until the 6th.)  Since we only have one car, going to the gym after work makes it hard to pick up Maddox at a reasonable hour.  I've been thinking about going to the gym during lunch to swim.  And then doing the cycle class on Wednesday only.  (Honestly, I liked the cycle class so much, I would go everyday, but they don't offer it every day, and it doesn't start till 5:30, Chris would really be unhappy about that.) 

Going to the gym at lunch time would also require the purchase of a hair dryer, which I haven't owned in a long time, and even when I did own one, I didn't use.  That would be the solution to joining a gym longterm.  Just going at lunch. 

So the best solution to joining a gym would be to just join one in Mt. Vernon.  But, there are only 2 with pools, the YMCA (which is a gross pool) and Riverside Health Club (the most expensive gym I've seen).   Both are more expensive than LA Fitness in Everett.  Riverside Health Club requires a year commitment, the Y doesn't, but you pay $10 a month more than if you had the year commitment.  LA Fitness doesn't require a year commitment, and it's still cheaper than the Y's price is with the year commitment. 

Sorry to ramble about this, it's been in my head for a week and I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do.  Plus, I'm frustrated today with my ankle.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Another week gone

Well, I'm back to work.  I've been back for a week now.  It was tough to come back, the weather got really nice the last half of the week and it made it a lot more difficult to leave.  The first half of the week I was swimming 2x a day for 30 min and then after the weather got nice, it got harder for me to go swim for exercise.  I don't know why it got harder.  I skipped Friday, and then only did one 30 min swim Thursday and one on Saturday. 
I asked Damian to take a couple
pictures, and this was the best one.
The last full day we were there (Sunday) we had to go to Chris's brother's wedding.  It was a very nice location, a ranch only 45 min from where we were staying, and a nice day (but a little too hot).  We were asked to be there an hour early, I thought for pictures, but then we just stood around and melted.  Then the wedding was 45 min late, and we continued to melt.  The reception was beer (cheap beer) and water, which was very sad for me as I don't drink beer.  We waited an hour for them to join the reception, and then after the dances were over (daughter/father, bride/groom, and groom/stepkids) they disappeared again and were gone for the rest of the reception. 

I took Maddox for a walk, and ended up with another little girl, who was 2.  She was really cute, but after 2 or 3 hours she

 started getting tired and didn't want to listen to me anymore.  I handed her back to her mom and dad.  It was a long day, and I got pretty bored.  I felt like it was a waste of my last day of vacation.  I got cheated out of one more day of floating in the lake.  Oh well.  I couldn't say I wasn't going to go.  =/

I got back last week with the intention of joining the YMCA.  I was going to swim and do a couple cycle classes.  Well, I was looking at they pool schedule and noticed that it said the pool will be closed from 8/20-8/29 for maintenance.  There goes those plans.  =/  So I started looking at other options.

My sister goes to LA Fitness, so I asked her about it, and she said she could get me a 2 week pass to go "try it out."  So I decided to do that.  There's one in Everett where I work, and I can go right after work.  They have cycle classes Monday and Wednesdays at 5:30, which is a little late, but doable. 

I decided to go for a run last Tuesday to test my ankle, which did nicely and then I went to the YMCA on Wednesday as a drop in to swim ($10 for a drop in, seems steep).  Then I started my 2 weeks at LA Fitness on Friday and swam for 30 min.  I thought swimming back and forth at the lake was hard, it's much harder in a pool.  I think that's because the laps are longer.  I have to stop and rest every half lap.  It's hard! 

I ran again yesterday, and again, my ankle seems to be doing okay.  It still is sore, tomorrow it'll be the most sore, but it's so much better than it was. 

If you know me, which no one that reads this really does, you know that I love shoes, specifically heels.  So not only does my ankle affect my running, but also my shoe choices.  I really, really miss my shoes.

Well, I probably could type more, since it's been 11 days since my last post, but I'll leave it at this for now.  Below are more pictures of my vacation.  ; )
I read a lot.  I didn't bring enough books, I ran
out at the end of the week.

Damian lost his shoe in the lake pulling the
boat up to the dock, and instead of floating
in, like we had been all week, it started floating
out, so he had to grab a raft and row himself to
get his shoe.  It was hilarious.
Waiting for the wedding, that is Damian's cousin, that we've
only met one other time.

The boys drinking . . . and waiting.

The kids waiting.

Maddox and the little girl I watched watching
the horses.